One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned over the last year is to listen to your body and not push too hard.. sometimes I am hungrier than usual or I get sleepy, and then feel guilty for eating more or sleeping more. It’s not weakness to take care of yourself- it’s the only way to keep moving and stay sane. I wanted to post this incase any of you were beating yourselves up for missing a workout or sleeping an hour later- go easy on yourself, were people not machines. Love yooou 💙

The Art Of Seduction (Lestrade X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Lestrade X Fem!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Sexual themes, Daddy kink, choking kink, flirting

Request: Lestrade arresting Moriarty’s partner and her only flirting without answering any questions? Him getting super sexy and frustrated :-)

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You had been partners with Moriarty for a long time, and for good reasons. You were very manipulative with the ability to escape from situations easily and changing your appearance and personality is easy for you. You could steal anything you wanted, but you had a keen eye for the jewels and riches and anything with a high price.

Moriarty had sent you a warning. A warning the police were coming for your arrest. Instead of fleeing, you decided you’d prepare. You got into a tight fitting flattering dress, stilettos, did your hair and your makeup. You made it look like you were about to go out. You applied your lipstick before you saw the flashing lights. You smirked, putting the lipstick in your bra. You crossed your legs and heard them bust open the door. “Hands up!” You did as told, and they handcuffed you and escorted you to the police van.

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Rescue (Final Rose)

The survivors weren’t sure what to expect when the doors of their shelter were forced open. Those who’d been able to reach the shelter in time had nevertheless seen their planet’s defences being completely overrun by the Reapers. So many of them had died just trying to get there, and of the thousand people who should be in the shelter, there were only two hundred.

When the doors opened, they braced themselves for the worst. Those with weapons positioned themselves up the front while the children and the elderly were moved to the back. There was nowhere else to go. They would fight - and die - here, but they wouldn’t make it easy. They could at least manage that much.

But they were greeted by a sight they did not expect.

Towering figures encased in exoskeletal armour stood at the doors. The armour itself was of a design they’d never seen. It suggested a combination of strength and speed, power and flexibility. The creatures inside the armour were obviously bipedal, and they had two arms. Most importantly of all, they did not look like anything the Reapers had ever deployed before.

“Who are you?” one of the men at the front shouted, brandishing a battered rifle.

The figure at the front moved forward ever so slightly. Like the others, its armour was mostly blue, white, and grey. A white snowflake on a blue field featured prominently. The faceplate on the helmet changed, going from opaque to clear, and it revealed a… a human face.

“I am Sergeant Quartz Stanton of the Arendelle Imperial Army.” The woman’s voice came through clearly, but her lips didn’t match the words she spoke. She was using some kind of translation device then, but why would a human have to use one when speaking to other humans? “My squad has secured your settlement, and our forces have destroyed the Reapers in orbit. We are currently in the process of… cleansing your world of any further Reaper forces.”

“They’re… they’re gone?” someone stuttered.

“Almost.” Quartz looked around. She noted the injured, the young, and the elderly. She also noted their numbers. “Are you all of the survivors? Is there another shelter?”

“No…” Someone sobbed. “We’re… we’re the only ones who made it down here in time. Is… is anyone…”

Quartz shook her head. “You are the only survivors we’ve encountered in this settlement.”

“Wait!” The man at the front, one of the few with any military training, asked, “You say you’re from the Arendelle Imperial Army. What is that? I’ve never heard of it before.”

“We’re not from around here,” Quartz replied with a grin. “Let’s just put it that way. Now… I can see you’ve got wounded. I’d like to escort you back to the surface where you can get treatment.” A low murmur of unease ran through the crowd, and she raised one hand. “Be at ease. The settlement is secure. The Reaper forces in this area have been obliterated. You’re safe now.”

At her declaration, many of the survivors began to openly weep and clutch at each other.

“Come on,” Quartz said almost gently. “We’ve cleared a space near the centre of the settlement and set up an outpost. We need to move.”

X     X     X

Kim clung to her mother as tightly as she could. On her mother’s other side was her father. He was bleeding from his side, and he walked with a limp. Her mother, meanwhile, had blood caked in her hair. Kim had been lucky enough to get to the shelter unharmed, but she was still scared.

She was only a girl. Things were supposed to be good here. Her father had told her they were going to start a new life out on the frontier. There was good land here for people who were willing to work hard. The people here were farmers and miners. They were rough around the edges, but they were good people. Even Mr Jameson, the crotchety old man who lived down the street from them had tried to help them. He’d had a gun in his hand the last time she’d seen him, he’d been telling her father to run, to get them to the shelter. Her father hadn’t wanted to run, he’d wanted to stay, but Mr Jameson had told him to go, that there wasn’t anything else a wounded man with a family could do.

Mr Jameson hadn’t made it to the shelter before they’d been forced to close the doors. She didn’t think she’d ever see him again.

As they walked through the ruins of their town, she peeked at the armoured warriors who were escorting them. The Reapers were strong. Everybody knew that. She’d heard from everyone that they were all going to die. The Reapers were going to overrun them, and they’d all be harvested. But these people had driven them back.

“What is that?” Someone pointed up, and Kim followed the others in looking up.

A ship hung in the air in low orbit. It was big. It was bigger than any of the Reaper ships. It had to be five kilometres long.

“Is… is that your dreadnought?” one of the others asked the warriors in armour.

One of them chuckled. “Our dreadnought? That little thing. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a destroyer.”

“No way…”


“Come on,” Sergeant Quartz said. “The outpost is just up ahead.”

At the centre of town, Kim was treated to another incredible sight. There were robots scurrying around putting up buildings and other facilities in the middle of the devastated centre of the town. Other machines were obviously patrolling the perimeter while still other flew overhead. 

Amidst the activity was another figure in armour, one which was different from the people escorting them. And beside it was…

The whole group stilled. The massive creature in front of them was similar in size to a tank, and its entire body bristled with weapons and armour. It reminded them of some of the synthetic monstrosities the Reapers used.

“Hey, hey. Calm down!” Quartz gestured for calm before turning her attention to the other armoured figure. “Can you maybe show them what Professor Huggington looks like?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

There was a distortion in the air, and the armour and weapons vanished to reveal… a giant hamster.

Kim’s eyes widened. “It’s… a hamster.”

“Technically, he’s a war hamster.” The armoured figure beside the giant hamster changed his faceplate. He had red hair and what looked like fox ears, and his eyes were a vivid blue. “And his name is Professor Huggington. You can pat him if you’d like.”

Kim looked at her parents. They weren’t sure what to do. But… if these people were here to hurt them, they would have done it by now, right? Slowly, gingerly, Kim crept forward and put one hand on the hamster’s side. It was so soft, and it gave a low rumble before turning to nudge her with its head.

“He likes you.” The strange humanoid grinned. “The rest of you kids can pat him too if you want. We need to talk to the grownups.”

X     X     X

James watched his daughter, Kim, and the other children play with the hamster. Despite its enormous size, it was clearly very careful with them and very gentle. It must have played with children before. He shook his head. It was almost impossible to reconcile the image in front of him with the way the hamster had first appeared. 

And wasn’t it insane? These people - whoever they were - had turned hamsters into giant war machines.

As one of the people in armour tended to his wounds with a strange device that nevertheless seemed to heal his wounds almost instantaneously, he was questioned by Sergeant Quartz.

“What can you tell us about what happened here?”

He took a deep breath. He’d served some time in the military, but there was no point in keeping secrets now. They needed all the help they could get. “They came out of the Relay. We tried to hold them there, or so I heard, but they beat us back to the planet, and… yeah. By the time I got to the shelter, I heard most of our forces were space junk.” He swallowed thickly. “Just… who are you people?”

“I’ll be blunt, and I’ve been authorised to share this information. We’re not from this galaxy.”

James’s jaw dropped.

“We arrived to find the Reapers attacking your planet. After ascertaining what was going on we decided to intervene. What we would like to do is to establish contact with the Council or whoever happens to administers this region of space.

“You know about the Council? But you just said you’re from another galaxy…” He was still trying to wrap his mind around it. But it made sense. Their technology was seemingly far more advanced than anything he’d ever seen.

“We work fast. In any case, we’d like to make contact. We’ve been broadcasting on your communications channels, but we’ve yet to get a response. Presumably, the Reapers are attacking other areas, so we’d like to offer a hand.”

“Why?” James asked. “I mean… the Reapers… they’re…” He was going to say invincible, but the fact he was still alive showed they were not.

“In our galaxy… we have something similar to the Reapers. We have fought them for thousands of years, and we have gotten very, very good at it. The Reapers… we don’t like things like that. We kill things like that.” Quartz nodded at his daughter and the other children. “It’s unfortunate we weren’t able to get here sooner. There should be more survivors.”

“I… we’re glad you got here at all. Otherwise…” Tears welled up in his eyes. “Thank you.”

She patted him on the shoulder, her armoured hand gentle. “Go back to the others. You must have some sort of leadership for this settlement. I want to speak to them and see if I can organise a meeting with other officials for this planet. My superiors are keen to establish diplomatic channels.”

“Wait!” James said. “Earlier… one of you said that ship is a destroyer. Is it really?”

“Oh, that’s right. Your ships appear to be much smaller than ours. Yes, that is a destroyer.” Quartz chuckled. “As for our dreadnoughts. Well, you’ll know them when you see them.“

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I like imagining Dash and Harv hanging out far from any medical help when suddenly a lingering part of an old incubation makes itself known- Dash collapses, screaming in agony, his stomach jumping with movement. And Harv preforming emergency surgery with only his poker knife tool. Then trying to keep Dash alive afterwards until he can figure out how to get him to a hospital


Seriously though “lack of access to proper medical tech” is such a good trope. Would be especially juicy if Dash were HIDING symptoms from Harvey because “hey, we’re on a camping trip or w/e, Harvey deserves to take it easy without any of the usual BS, and- oh wow okay my stomach hurts a SHIT ton, and is it hot in here or is it….. just… me….” *ptfo*

Gahhhh need this fic so bad jdaksjaks.

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Truth or truth, Saitou-san. When Chizuru asks you if her male disguise is that bed (when Sen saw right through it), what were you REALLY thinking?

“Nothing in particular,” responds Saito, although his faint smile says otherwise. “Only that innocence as profound as Yukimura’s cannot be easily hidden, even when she makes an effort at behaving differently. Though she assumes she merely has poor acting skills and becomes embarrassed every time someone guesses her true gender, it’s a testament to her honest nature that it is so easy to see through any attempt at disguise.”

Who would have believed that the perfect Wikipedia photo caption could have been improved on? (Alan Ferrier on twitter)

I love this as an example of Gricean humour. Grice’s Maxims say to only say things that are relevant (i.e. interpret everything someone says as if it adds relevant information to the conversation). In this case, the caption is “improved” by adding (right) after the name of the bagpiper. In many photo captions, (left) or (right) is used to tell us which of several similar-looking people the caption is about. If there were several bagpipers or even humans, (right) would be a neutral, informative information. 

But here, the only entities in the photo are Piper Kerr and the indifferent penguin. It’s very easy to tell the difference between them. So adding (right) brings with it the absurd interpretation that (right) is relevant information, i.e. that the piper and the penguin are hard to tell apart. 

Storm In The Room certainly was an emotional roller coaster, but not in the way most of us were expecting. You have to know whenever you see one of the rooms of the temple appear, we’re going to be in for emotional whiplash.

Doubly so for Rose Quart’s room.

The one thing we have a tendency to forget is that the room seems to have one purpose: to show whoever possesses the Rose Quartz gem (aka Steven at this point) whatever it thinks they want. 

The room can only work with the information Steven already knows. Steven knows this. He says it several times. But given the circumstances, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and forget that. And the room? Just keeps on doing what it was designed to do. Steven wants to meet his mom?

Steven gets to meet his mom. 

Steven wants to play games with his mom? Steven gets to play games with his mom.

Steven needs reassurance? He’s told he’s wonderful the way he is and that his mother has been with him the whole time.

And it’s beautiful.

But it’s empty. 

Rose’s room holds no answers for him. It can’t tell him anything he doesn’t already know. The sudden reminder that his mother isn’t actually there is jarring. 

And the room, struggling to keep up with the sudden shift in Steven’s thoughts makes Rose dark, threatening and distant. She doesn’t answer any of Steven questions about Bismuth, Pink Diamond, the rebellion or her plans because the room simply doesn’t have the information to do so with.

Maybe they didn’t matter to you as much as hiding from the mess you made. And that’s why I’m here, isn’t it? Did you make me just so you wouldn’t have to deal with all your mistakes?

Steven is smart. Steven is perceptive. He was born into a situation that no one, let alone a child, should have to deal with. He’s strong, he’s capable, but in so many ways he has no one who truly understands what he’s going through. He’s human and gem, and while this gives him the strengths of both, it also makes him totally unique and new. He has an amazing support system, people who would do anything in this universe to help him. But in some ways he will always be alone. 

He’s never met Rose Quartz, the one individual that was the catalyst for the rebellion and its aftermath. Steven is going from the bedtime story/ fairy tale Rose Quartz presented to him from Greg and the gems to the reality behind the legend- something decisively less fairy tale like. That’s something that happens to a lot of us growing up, but in Steven’s situation it’s so much worse.

He never knew the Rose Quartz everyone idolized, but grew up knowing that everyone expected him to be just like her.  But as he learns more about her, he finds that there was so much more to her. She wasn’t necessarily the kind, generous, wise, strategic genius warrior she was painted as. She lied. She didn’t think things through. She made mistakes. She ran from those mistakes.

Everyone around him expects him to grow up to be just like Rose, and he’s not even sure he likes her. Turning into her is both his dream and his worst nightmare. 

We don’t know all the reasoning behind why Rose decided to become/create Steven. I have no doubt that it was definitely a strategic move on her part. She knew that Steven would be capable of doing things she never could, that in whatever was coming from Homeworld, she herself would not be able to do what was needed to save both Earth and whatever gems would come their way.

But I also have no doubt that it was a labor of love, that she absolutely would want Steven to exist without having to deal with her problems, IF that was possible. Steven had watched the tape his mom made for him, so the room? It knew what Steven needed to be reminded of.

I get it. I know you didn’t want me to deal with your problems. But you’re a part of me now. I have to deal with what you left behind. 

Whether Steven’s creation was a strategic move on Rose’s part or not is a moot point. He’s here and he has to handle the problems she left in her wake. He’s growing up and he needs answers. And as he’s coming to find, those answers aren’t necessarily easy to deal with. 

But, when it comes down it, Steven isn’t alone. Maybe his support system isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t have to be. They love him, they love each other, and they’ll get through this together.

Sometimes what’s let behind isn’t so bad after all. 

Okay. This comic is great because it shows a lot of ups and downs for various characters, but naturally I’m going to hone in on McCree:

(Not to ignore Sombra being there; I’m fucking thrilled Reaper’s new star student is tailing his old one).

But. Let’s just talk about Jesse. Obviously we’re getting the most hamfisted visual cue imaginable that McCree is sad. The dude’s alone in a bar on Christmas, black-out drunk. Not generally how people spend their holiday.

Fanon has collectively painted McCree as an easy-going doofus, but if you think about it he has to be one of the most miserable, down-trodden heroes in the Overwatch setting. By the age of eighteen all of his major life choices were decided for him. From his conscription to just a few years before Overwatch collapsed his entire existence was Blackwatch. In ten+ years he didn’t venture beyond that. Being a Blackwatch agent was all he ever amounted to, and it was the only good he’d ever accomplished. It was his home and his family. It was the cornerstone of his entire identity. Through it, he thought he’d made up for the mistakes of his adolescence.

Turns out that even his “redemption” was rotten. Anything positive he ever did was washed under the tidal wave of public condemnation for all the wrongs, the manipulations, and the secrets. He can’t even look back on the years he spent atoning with Overwatch and feel proud of it, because everywhere he goes the debate still is whether or not the U.N.’s peacekeeping force was ever anything but a means for the corrupt to hold power. If they’re right, what is Jesse McCree but a man who’s never done anything but fire his gun for the bad guys?

The worst part is McCree is stuck in purgatory. Responsibly, he can’t answer Winston’s recall. This new incarnation of Overwatch is going to have a hard enough time overcoming global criticism and the failures of their predecessors – failings like those of McCree himself. If they want to win back public support then they can’t afford to be taking in wanted fugitives, least of all the former protege of Gabriel Reyes. The best thing McCree can do for them is stay the fuck away. In the meantime he’s got nothing going on save for thwarting occasional robberies and the odd train rescue here and there. He’s got no one he can count on without dragging them into his troubles with the law. There’s nowhere for him to rest his head. He doesn’t even have an identity beyond a “not good, not bad” mercenary who’s simply adrift. 

So here we have one Jesse McCree, drinking himself stupid on Christmas because he’s fucking lonely and he can’t go home. 

Sherlock and John,

I’m so, so sorry about what happened to you.

I know you couldn’t control it - someone else has got the keys to 221B for a while, as they’re so utterly fond of saying - and you were merely props in a game of privileged boyhood whimsy.

You deserve better than that.

This series we could barely recognise you at times and only saw glimpses of you in others. Your relationship, your friendship, your love for each other was dimmed in favour of rugs too quickly set up beneath our feet before being pulled in fits of righteous self-indulgence. The depths of you, prodded so gently before, were left to sour in service to thin plotting and tonal missteps, of rushed redemption arcs and easy jokes rather than clever growth.

You deserve better than that.

Luckily, you’ve gotten better too.

We have been here - and we still are here - to right these wrongs. We have done and we will do; we will celebrate your love: talk about it, write about it, sing about it, draw it, investigate it, confirm it, champion it.

And someday, if we’re very very lucky, fund it.

But for now, all we can do is point out where others have gone wrong. Point out the injustices done to storytelling, the injustices done to those who’ve loved you these many years, and the injustices done to the little seeds of truth embedded in the parchment that first captured who you both Really Are over 130 years ago.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, we will find you again beneath our fingers. See you at the tips of our pens.


Your Fans

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And to think last week I was surprised it’s Sunday already. Where was I for the last few months?

I’m guessing last week you were all too busy with Thanksgiving and all that since we had only five (I think) top recipes. But you really compensated this week, so - long post ahead! 😅

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I believe the reason Camila could leave Syco and Epic records and the other members of Fifth Harmony can’t is because of one simple fact. Money. Think about it. Fifth Harmony were spending way more money than they were making, putting them in an increasing amount of debt to the record label and binding them further to their contracts .

Meanwhile Camila was releasing Hit singles outside of Fifth Harmony that were racking in the dollars, giving her enough money to leave the contract without any more obligations. After all they only said Camila was no longer “contractually bound to Fifth Harmony” which is incredibly strange considering they supposedly had a five album contract. So why was Camila allowed to leave? That’s an easy one, it’s because Camila Cabello was able to buy herself out. The rest of the girls were not able to that and are therefore still bound to their contracts. Do you really think they would re-sign them contracts again? No way. They knew the situation and had multiple discussions (like Camila said) on the tour away from management, where they could just be the Lylas and decide what was best for them and I believe they all 100% agreed that if only Camila could go it would be better than the five of them staying and being treated like “slaves”.

Well surely by releasing two singles Camila would have found herself in more debt and unable to leave, right? Wrong. Camila never needed to promote her singles. We did that for her. The idea of Camila releasing solo music apart from a Fifth Harmony and causing a potential break up was enough to get people talking and buying. Meaning they never actually had to spend a dime. As well as this, Camila’s first single was a collaboration with Shawn Mendes who already had a pre-existing fan-base and a completely separate record label - Island records - to split the costs with, therefore increasing her profits, whilst 5H sank deeper into their debts.

I believe Camila was planning on leaving for a long time (just like she said) and was given help from several different people outside of Fifth Harmony and their management on how to escape her contract. 

I believe she was aided by someone who knows the Industry inside and out, someone who knows how to make a profit, someone who has more than enough connections to network with other artists and get Camila several more collaborations. I believe this someone was Taylor Swift.

Didn’t Camila first write and collaborate with Shawn Mendes at a Taylor Swift concert? Didn’t all this drama and tension within the fandom start in 2015 as Camila grew closer to Taylor?  I’m not saying Taylor is at fault for any of this, BUT I do think she played a very important role in getting Camila free of her contract.

Then along came Roger Gold. Camila’s new manager, who boosted her into the stratosphere, whilst shaping her image to fit the ‘girl next-door’ persona. Soon enough came Machine Gun Kelly out of nowhere with his new single “Bad things” that he so desperately wanted Camila to collaborate on with him, despite the fact of never mentioning the girls name or showing any hint of recognition towards her or Fifth Harmony before hand. So where did THIS collaboration come from? The answer is Roger Gold.

It’s no secret that Camila, Sinu and Roger have been working incredibly closely together for the past year and no-one officially knew why and to what end they were trying to meet. This end was to find Camila enough financial security and media coverage to leave the group whilst appearing to be the vitcim in all of this. And that’s no fault of her own. Since the very beginning Camila has been portrayed as America’s sweetheart, Earning her everyone’s love and affection. After all who could hate Camila? OT4 stans. Yep I said it. Our very own fandom turned their back on Camila. But this was perfect and just what they needed. Camila was beginning to receive so much hate (That actually equated to the same amount that Lauren received in 2014 or Normani received in 2016) that we began to feel sorry for her and believe she was being isolated by the other members of Fifth Harmony, which is apparently not the case. 

This brings me to the very root of the problems - Management. It’s not secret that when an artist does something a large record label disagrees with their name will be blackballed. This is what I believe is currently happening to Camila, as a result of her leaving, she is now being punished in ‘oh so subtle ways’ that most wouldn’t even bat an eye lid. I mean she deserves it right? She left her girls, who encourage nothing but unity among women, for a chance in the spotlight right? Wrong, Camila left because the girls are being so ill-fully mistreated and abused by the higher powers who dictate everything in their lives. This includes how they interact among social media. They are making it seem as though the girls don’t like each other, when that is far from the case. 

Dinah Jane (Godbless her soul) made sure we knew that. She documented every moment up until and including their last performance on her snapchat. She made sure we saw her hugging and comforting Normani, to show harmonizers they still cared and was just as hurt by the situation as we were going to be. Dinah Jane made sure she showed nothing but love and positivity towards Camila days before her exit on both Instagram and Snapchat so we knew there was no bad blood. There never was. These five girls loved each other to the bone and they still do. But with he limited freedom they have at the moment they are making their muted voices heard through the masses. Through leaked audio clips of cried desperation and exhaustion (on both parts),  by joining our social media movements such as #unfollow5H. It may not seem like much, but it’s the best they can do at this point in time. So we HAVE to stand by their sides - Make our voices heard when theirs are silenced. Hold them together when they are being pulled apart. Take a stand when we’re being pushed down.

This goes for every member of Fifth Harmony. Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Camila Cabello, Lauren Jauregui & Normani kordei 

Fifth Harmony gave us a voice, now let’s give them theirs!


    “Soon, Eric and Dylan would kill themselves in the library, denying any of us the chance to question them. I’d never be able to sit down across from the guy I used to throw snowballs at in elementary school and ask him why he had wanted to kill all those people who had done him no wrong whatsoever.

    The hell that Eric and Dylan would create at my high school that day would go on to haunt their families, the families of the victims, and parents and students throughout our community and the world. It would destroy my life, as comments from the sheriff would lead to accusations that I was somehow involved in the plot. 

    Worst of all, it left me struggling with the knowledge that not only were my classmates dead, they had been murdered by one friend I’d known since childhood —– and another who had let me walk away only a few minutes beforehand. And I would never be able to ask them why.”

- No Easy Answers by Brooks Brown

Creepiest Ardyn line in the game and I didn’t know it existed until tonight. Saw a reblogged post and naturally had to see/hear for myself. It was not easy to get! He very rarely says it (or only does in 1.0?). Turned off music to really freak you out. I absolutely love Ardyn as a villain- he is just so sinister and hellbent on vengeance. I always wondered why he hadn’t considered killing Noct’s friends or turning them into demons, but apparently he did consider it!! My guess is that he didn’t because Noct would have nothing left to fight for if they were gone. He definitely tortures Noct every chance he gets towards the second half of the game, from Luna to Prompto to the final battle when he asks, “Does it hurt? It’s proof that you’re mortal!”

A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC / A GATHERING OF SHADOWS by v. e. schwab sentence meme.

  • ❛  I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still.  ❜
  • ❛  After all, you can kill people, but you cannot kill magic. Not truly.  ❜
  • ❛  Impossible. What a useless word, in a world with magic.  ❜
  • ❛  Everyone thinks I have a death wish, you know? But I don’t want to die – dying is easy. No, I want to live, but getting close to death is the only way to feel alive. And once you do, it makes you realize that everything you were actually doing before wasn’t actually living. It was just making do. Call me crazy, but I think we do the best living when the stakes are high.  ❜
  • ❛  You have two faces. One you wear for the world at large, and the one you wear for those you love.  ❜
  • ❛  Everyone’s immortal until they’re not.  ❜
  • ❛  It is as it is. It cannot be undone. So please, be grateful, and be done with it.  ❜
  • ❛  The thing about freedom? It doesn’t come naturally. Almost no one has it handed to them. I’m free because I fought for it.  ❜
  • ❛  I know you can do this. I know you can hear me. Stay with me. Listen to my voice.  ❜
  • ❛  Maybe you just got a taste of what it really means to be alive. You almost died. So now you know what it feels like to live. To fear for that life. To fight for it. And once you know, well, there’s no going back.  ❜
  • ❛  You made a mistake. Everybody makes them. Even me. I’ve made many. It’s only fair that you made one.  ❜
  • ❛  I did only what I had to do. If I could have given my life for yours, I would have.  ❜
  • ❛  A kiss for luck. Not that I need it.  ❜
  • ❛  I know. I know what and who you are. What will you do? Kill me?  ❜
  • ❛  Why am I the only one in this fucking world to be held accountable for my actions?  ❜
  • ❛  Aren’t you afraid of dying?  ❜
  • ❛  I’m sorry. For whatever happened to you. For whoever hurt you so deeply that you see things like friends and fondness as weapons instead of shields.  ❜
  • ❛  You know so little of war. Battles may be fought from the outside in, but wars are won from the inside out.  ❜
  • ❛  Between the two of us, we’ll tear the whole world down.  ❜
  • ❛  I am going to cut that smile off your face.  ❜
  • ❛  It hurts. More than dying ever did. There are days when I feel like I deserve this.  ❜
  • ❛  Death doesn’t scare me. Not nearly as much as the idea of wasting a perfectly good life in fear of it.  ❜
  • ❛ You’re always so eager to slash and stab, why couldn’t you have stabbed him.  ❜
  • ❛  Which is it, huh? You’re angry at me, or worried about me, or happy to see me? Because I can’t keep up.  ❜
  • ❛  Wouldn’t it be amazing, if we got away with it?  ❜

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they took the hair on our legs and decided it was a shameful, disgusting thing

they said nothing about their own leg hair

they took our genitals and decided it was an ugly, disgusting and shameful thing, only good enough for them to use for their pleasure

they praised their own genitals and drew them on every corner of this planet

they took our bodies and decided they have to be fragile, small and easy to objectify, or we aren’t worth as human beings anymore

they keep their human value no matter what they look like

they took our periods, neglecting they were all born from them, and decided they were gross and shameful thing, not even to be mentioned in their presence

all pain they have to go through is over-dramatized and talked about constantly

they took our clothes and made it uncomfortable, see through, impractical, revealing, objectifying

then they accused us of distracting them when we wear it, accused us of asking for unwanted touch and abuse when they feel entitled to our bodies

they set us up in a trap then laughed at us for suffering inside of it

they never intended to acknowledge our pain

what’s been done to us is “life”, according to them

what they do to each other is “our fault”, according to them

we’ve been used as scapegoats for their own faults

we’ve been used as toys for their pleasure and satisfaction

we’ve been used as trophies for them to show off their importance

it was enough

I had enough.


Who is She and how do I get ME: Andromeda to release sooner

(I tried to make her match with this drawing)

I drew a Keith (^__^) And I love his hair!