Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face.
You told me how proud you were but I walked away.
If only I knew what I know today

To be a daughter isn’t always easy.
To be the daughter of a sheriff is hard enough.
But to be the daughter of the leader of a group of survivors, don’t let us start with this.
Your dad guards you like gold, especially after Lori died.

I would hold you in my arms, I would take the pain away.
Thank you for all you’ve done, forgive all your mistakes.
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to hear your voice again.
Sometimes I want to call you but I know you won’t be there.

His protective instinct became worse after the prison and the events in Terminus.
You don’t blame him for wanting to keep you safe.
You blame him for capturing you like a dangerous animal. Making you more than weak than you really are.
“I’m coming with you, dad.” You say decided and Rick shakes his head.
“I need you here in Alexandria.” Rick says, his voice doesn’t allow any back talk.
But you don’t listen and jump quickly in the RV on Maggie’s side.

Oh, I’m sorry for blaming you.
For everything I just couldn’t do.
And I’ve hurt myself by hurting you.

“I’m so sorry. So sorry, (Y/N).” Rick mumbles over and over again.
Slightly you shake your head, looking at him with a small smile.
“It’s not your fault, dad.” You say quietly. “I love you.”

Some days I feel broke inside but I won’t admit.
Sometimes I just want to hide ‘cause it’s you I miss.
And it’s so hard to say goodbye when it comes to this.

Rick’s face is buried in his hands. From time to time a single tears leaves his eye.
“Carl?” Rick asks broken. His voice sounds strange.
“Is upstairs with Maggie.” Michonne whispers soft, stroking over his back. “Don’t worry.”
Joyless Rick laughs and he presses himself tighter to Michonne.
“I miss her.”

Would you tell me I was wrong? Would you help me understand?
Are you looking down upon me? Are you proud of who I am?
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to have just one more chance.
To look into your eyes and see you looking back.

“You need to be honest.” Rick says a few days later and Michonne nods.
“Was I too strict with her?” He asks worried.
“Sometimes.” Michonne says. “But I know that deep in her heart she understood you.”
“I hope so.” Rick mumbles, looking to Carl who holds Judith.

Oh, I’m sorry for blaming you.
For everything I just couldn’t do.
And I’ve hurt myself.
If I had just one more day,
I would tell you how much that I’ve missed you.
Since you’ve been away.

Rick wakes up, bathed in sweat.
“(Y/N)?” He asks in the dark, closing disappointed his eyes as he gets no answer.
She pursued him in his dreams.
Blaming and screaming at him with her face full of blood and dead eyes.
Lively he sees his worst memories with her in his dreams.
Why does he never see the good moments?
And what did he wrong that never got the chance to tell her, how much he loves her and that he was, no, is proud to be her father?

Oh, it’s dangerous.
It’s so out of line.
To try to turn back time.
I’m sorry for blaming you.
For everything I just couldn’t do,
And I’ve hurt myself
By hurting you.

Panic rushes through you as you open your eyes and see nothing than darkness.
Your whole body feels strangely numb, but you try to sit up.
“Don’t.” Someone says you don’t know.
Hands presses you back in the sheets and you whimper quietly.
“Drink.” The person says and lifts up your head.
Cold water runs down your throat and you feel better. But it doesn’t tell help you to speak or to feel anything.
“I’ll get the boss.”
The boss?
A memory flooded through you.
From your dad, his pleading voice to take him instead of you. But you don’t understand what he meant.
You frown and suddenly you feel a sharp pain and all your memories are back.
You were chosen to be killed.
But you aren’t dead.
“See who’s fucking awake.”
You are with Negan.

Christina Aguilera - Hurt

Nothing Is Easy (Slexie)

It had proved incredibly difficult for Lexie to sit and relax each day since she had been home from the hospital. There were only so many magazines she could flip through and only so much trash she could watch on TV.

“Mark….” She whined. He had refused to bring her any files from work because he was worried she would over due herself. Lexie knew she wouldn’t, but she was too run down to battle with him.

First days of college were never easy, especially for Chanyeol. He only got into the most prestigious school in Korea because of a football scholarship, so academics were never really on his side. He sighs as he strides against the concrete, thinking about how everyone here must believe that they’re geniuses and are probably just snobby rich kids, as the cliche’s call it.

The sounds of instruments fill his ears all of a sudden so he decides to head in the direction of the noise unintentionally, his curiosity taking over his being. Chanyeol finds a band performing on stage, and even though he just arrived to the scene, his eyes get lost in the main singer instantly, as if spellbound by him.

The man is short compared to Chanyeol’s skyscraper self, he has dazzling chestnut eyes, shiny brown hair that looks as soft as silk, and a smile so brilliant that it rings with euphoria and eternal light. He pours out all of his emotions into the lyrics, fisting his hand slightly as he hits the perfect high note, and Chanyeol’s jaw falls agape. How can someone produce such an entrancing melody through their vocal cords? Chanyeol is immersed into this amazing man that he doesn’t notice how fast his heart is racing inside of his chest.

The sensation finally gets to him when the music stops and the crowd applauds the band, and it feels like his heart is training for a marathon as he watches the man wave and send kisses to the crowd, his smile gracing the angelic features on his face naturally.

Chanyeol’s eyes follow the man even when he gets off of the stage, and he finds himself walking after him before he could lose him without even getting to know him first. However, the backstage is empty when he reaches it, and he is left to frown at how unlucky he was.

The next few weeks go by and there is still no sign of the man with the beautiful soul. The fact that the man seemed to be too good to be true is pretty accurate right now. Maybe Chanyeol was actually just seeing an angel and everything else around him was an illusion–

As he ponders more and more within himself, Chanyeol fails to keep his focus on the path he’s walking on and ends up bumping into the person in front of him. The man doesn’t fall down, but he does turn around to look at Chanyeol with shock coating his expression from the abrupt push.

“I’m sorr–” Chanyeol tries to apologize, but as soon as his eyes land on the man’s face, he freezes and doesn’t even manage to finish his sentence.

“It’s alright, you just gave me a scare.” The man says, and his voice is just as angelic even when he’s not singing. Chanyeol isn’t aware, but he gulps hard as he falls into the trance of the other’s sparkling eyes.

They don’t talk from the absence of Chanyeol’s train of thought, so the man assumes that he should just take his leave right now, but Chanyeol comes back to his senses when he realizes that the man is walking away.

“W-Wait!” He catches him before the man can get too far away. Chanyeol approaches him and tries to muster his confidence to at least have a conversation with the man. “I… Your the singer from that band right?”

The brunette nods his head, “Yep, that’s me. It’s Baekhyun by the way.” He says, introducing himself.

Baekhyun. Why does his name itself even sound beautiful?

All these sensations bombarding his chest suddenly become too boisterous to handle, and he finds himself saying: “I think your really beautiful.” This catches Baekhyun by surprise and he doesn’t say anything from the abruptness of it all.

Chanyeol notices that he said the wrong thing at the wrong time, so his cheeks flush immediately as he scratches the back of his neck with a sheepish smile. “Uh, not that I-I stalk you or anything, I’ve just, um, well, I’ve seen you around and, uh, I wanted t-to say hi and all b-but–” Baekhyun promptly places his finger onto Chanyeol’s mouth and sends him a simpler.

“You don’t need to explain yourself.” He says, and gently removes his finger away from the other’s lips. He then licks his own mouth and clamps his hands together as if shy to say something. “I’ve actually been meaning to approach you myself ever since I first saw you, but… I didn’t have the guts to.” He admits with a small embarrassed smile, avoiding Chanyeol’s eyes and readying himself to say: “I think your beautiful too.

—  In which Baekhyun and Chanyeol fall for one another at the same time, but don’t realize the feelings that each of them share until later.

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The 'you're only what your father is' isdefinitely a sexist thing. In a society that women was always seen as an inferior being, it's easy to assume that they don't really think that her race and culture, in a marriage, were any important for the life of the kids. And this is probably still said and seen as true in some places (or for some people), even if they don't realize how sexist this really is.

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Is aku and pyro gay?

((Well, by the looks of the Skylanders!Aku Aku he’s got the tattoos on his eyebrows that looks a lot like Pyro’s, and an  invincible form where nothing at all can harm him, they might be a thing. But I can’t say for sure.))

((I’ve actually shipped these two before they showed Skylanders Aku Aku and Crash.))

((Only because I came up with a headcanon that after the Elementals were defeated, Aku Aku decides to try to bring them to their side that way Uka Uka can’t use them for evil again. He didn’t just visit Pyro though he visit all of them to gain their trust. Pyro wasn’t too easy to become friends with though at first. It took him a while to get him to speak more. After MANY years of visiting them though, Pyro finally tells him the reason why he wanted to turn the world into their own creation. (That’s a story I’m saving for later though) Aku Aku then feels the need to show him what the world is really like and continues to visit him until the Ancients allow him and his brothers to be free. Didn’t take too long for that to happen. Pyro decides to stay with him and the bandicoots to get to know the whole family better and soon ends up having feelings for Aku Aku. And he feels the same way.))

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the anon urged me to google it and white slavery was real and it happened around the same time as black slavery, but it didn’t happen in america. it happened in southern europe/northern africa. but the difference was that white slaves weren’t taken for their skin colour or for their percieved intelligence (or lack thereof), they were taken because they made “easy” targets for the north african pirates who parolled the mediterranean sea. also the white slaves never had “anti-white” laws like the ones you pointed out. basically, white slavery was real but it never had the major political and cultural issues that caused black slavery and is still affecting blacks and other poc in america (and many other places)

so all the little things are really easy/cheap fixes. the water damage is directly caused by roof runoff under the front deck and a fairly easy fix, though we are going to try to ask for a gutter as well as a dirt fill against the affected cinder blocks. only other problem was a couple shingles have slid down under a skylight and a couple were bulging at one point. dishwasher caused a small leak that we were able to isolate and it just needs a new valve. a couple other small things with windows and such but good to go other than that.

they have to pump the septic for us and it will be visually inspected at that time. well and termite inspection at some point and then the appraisal and then that’s kinda it. we’ll do a final walk through after repairs right before we close.

I’ve been so happy with our agent though, she just really knows her shit and is very nice and helpful and has been an amazing advocate for us. definitely made the right choice with her.

AND we got videos of the inside and outside so I’ll see if I can get those on youtube. I know some people (ahem kate and heb) are curious about the outside and trees and stuff so I walked the whole open space and took a few pictures of what was easy to see.

Some opinions on the new SU episode...

the only thing i really have against that new steven universe episode is that solving problems with that method usually isn’t that easy or that fast. that’s probably less the fault of the episode and more the run time but they could have done a better job portraying that the method they suggest doesn’t fix the problem instantaneously, especially in Steven’s case where he’s probably going to need much more time to jump those hurdles.

also i got this air that they didn’t consider the problems as legitimate because they were so small? that’s probably just me but that felt like a little kick in the knee considering I believe, no matter the scale, every problem is a legitimate one that needs time, patience, and effort to be solved.

but yeah that’s just my overall feeling, still love the episode, but i will admit it that, to me, there are a few problems that prevent it from being perfect. 9/10 for sure though.

I think it’s really important that butterflies were used as imagery for the thoughts.

Butterflies are normally seen as beautiful and fragile. When we see the visual it’s easy to think “why are they getting so upset over something so small and harmless?” And I think that’s the point.

No one’s saying the situations they’re in don’t matter. But the thoughts themselves are nothing to be afraid of.

What happened happened. It’s done. They can’t go back and undo their actions, but bottling up the emotions and not thinking about it is only going to cause more harm. 

Take a moment. Breathe.
The simple thought alone will make you “fall apart”; you can let it in.
“And it was just a thought.”
“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

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please tell me more about your beautiful check please hockey nerd family of multiple children what are there names ages what sports do they play what do they like at school who is there favourite parent, I NEED TO KNOW


SO OKAY okay okay, starting at the beginning I guess??

Josué was the first one Jack and Bitty adopted, when he was around 1 year old, and they were 29 and 25 respectively. He’s 12 in Like breathing was easy. He was born with congenital amputation, and doesn’t have any legs. So he’s a sledge hockey player!! Their entire family plays hockey (except for Karim competitively), and all of the children loves skating, but Josué is the only one to take it up professionally. He 100% wins a Paralympic gold medal to the US. Jack is both proud and distraught, because he 110% played for Canada while he was still playing, and I haven’t decided if he ever won an Olympic medal or not. He’s also a linguistics nerd. He’s the only one except from Chris who actually grew up bilingual (because Jack also 110% speaks French with his children), and by the time he’s in his late teens he speaks like 6 languages.

Ananta was adopted two years later, when they were 5, which means they’re 15 in LBWE. They’re non-binary!! But they keep the feminine coded name Ananta, because fuck gender norms. (And Shitty would rather die than admit it, but they’re secretly his favorite nibling.) They’re the Art Kid™, and they’re into everything from music to theater to literature to painting. But they’re also a wunderkind in sports, they’re really hecking good at hockey, and along with Min they make the deadliest junior hockey duo on the east coast, and they also play some soccer and volleyball. But speaking of Min!! Together they’re referred to as “the twins” by the rest of the family, because even though they aren’t biological siblings, they were literally born within just a little over 24 hours of each other. And even though Ana’s really athletic, they decide not to pursue any of it, and follows their aunt Lardo’s footsteps to become a world famous painter and sculptor instead. Sssssh, you can’t tell me that Lardo’s not gonna break it big, let me live my dream.

And not even a year after Ana was adopted, Jack and Bitty adopted Karim, 10 at the time, which means he’s 19 in LBWE and also the oldest one of them all. He is indeed an elite gymnast, and he’ll make it to the Olympics and he’ll eventually become an Olympic champion and he’ll live happily ever after. He also did cheer leading in high school! He’s the Big Brother™ of the bunch. Like, he has such a strong protective instinct, and he takes the smaller ones under his wings so naturally. And he almost beats himself up harder than Jack whenever he has to miss one of his sibling’s games or recitals. But he was also raised in the system for quite some time, and learned to never get too attached to people, so when he first comes to the Bittle’s, who’s all so eager to love him he’s kind of like??? But he gets over it eventually and he’s just… Such a Big Bro™.

And two years after that, Becky was adopted at the age of 3, making her 10 in LBWE. She suffers from chronic depression, and Jack would also rather kill himself than admit it, but he has a special soft spot for her. And she has a pretty rough childhood, with a lot of downs, but she’s also Jack’s daughter, and she eventually learns how to best live with her illness and to not let it best her. She’s a swimmer, and at Karim’s last Olympic’s, he’s not the only Bittle competing. She’s also really into cinematography, can always be found with a camera in hand, and probably almost definitely becomes an indie filmmaker after her professional swimming career.

And later the same year as they adopted Becky, they also adopted Min, 8 at the time and the same age as Ana, which means she’s also 15 in LBWE. She’s a literal little bundle of sunshine, always full of optimism and cheerfulness. She’s also really good at hockey, but she has vowed to become the most successful baseball player in all of history, and she’s never one to break a promise. She’s another history nerd, and Bitty swears that he can’t bring her and Jack to anywhere near any historical landmark, or they’ll never get out of there. She also adores kids, and she’ll become a kindergarten teacher after she’s retired from her professional baseball career.

And after Min, Jack and Bitty had actually decided that that was enough, like 5 children were already more than they could have hoped for, and that they were satisfied with that. But then Christope, or Chris, came into the picture. He was the only one that they adopted directly from the birth mother, and there is a story here that I am going to try and write down one day, and he is The Baby of the family. He’s 5 in LBWE. He’s also the only one that Coach gets into playing football! And he’s so excited to finally have one of his kids get into the NFL, before Chris turns an 180 and starts playing rugby instead in high school. Coach is momentarily devastated, and Bitty is secretly ecstatic but he eventually gets over it, because rugby is hardcore y’all. 

But after Chris, Jack and Bitty put their foot down, they were not going to adopt any more babies, 6 were more than enough, and they swore that the Bittermann babies set was complete, okay, this was it.

…and then a year later they ran into Danielle, or Martin as she went under by then, and they couldn’t help themselves. She’s a trans girl, and was adopted at 8, and is the same age as Josué, also making her 12 in LBWE. She’s another casual genius, and she’s just one of those kids who cannot make up her mind of what she wants to do when she grows up. And it all ranges from heart surgeon to professional cat lady. She also dabbles in a little bit of all sports, hockey obviously, but also gymnastics, soccer, volleyball (aunt Cait is a huge inspiration for all of the Bittle kids, okay?), canoe, tennis, and just… Not even Jack and Bitty can keep track of it all.

But at the magical number of 7, the Bittermann babies set was finally complete.

Although I’m like 75% certain that after most of them have moved away from home, Jack and Bitty will sign up for becoming foster parents, and they will low-key adopt all of their foster kids too. Jack and Bitty just wants to adopt all the kids, cut them some slack.

AND SPEAKING OF FAVORITE PARENTS, you know, they’d also never admit it, because they all love both of them a crazy lot. But Josúe, Ananta and especially Becky shares Jack’s more… “Modest” personality, and understands him a little better, while Karim, Min and Danielle gravitate a little more towards Bitty. And Chris is the literal second incarnation of Chowder, and just loves everyone so much.

And this got out of hand and was probably not at all what you asked for, but I also love all my kids so much.

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Mycroft at what age did you identify as Asexual?

I never did suddenly identify with asexuality, it’s an absence of feelings as opposed to noticing feelings which is less easy to categorise. I never became interested in sex the way others were. Even after dabbling with different men and women there was still nothing. If I didn’t care for sex with anyone then asexuality was the only option left.

I noticed as a young teenager. I had it confirmed in my late teenaged years.

- M.H.

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like dude while ezria had crap in season 5 and 6, haleb and spoby were together and having cute scenes, the only ship that deserves to complain is EMISON. the other ships had it easy comparing to emison why the pll fandom is so toxic now.

i get what you mean, emison had it the tougher out of all the ships and im not fighting with you there. 

The key to being found after being lost was to stay right where you are until you are retrieved. Not exactly very easy when staying where you were placed you in the danger of a shoe crushing your three inch tall body into the sidewalk. 

So when Byakuya found himself having slipped out of the safety of his sister’s schoolbag and onto the hard and busy sidewalk, he had to resort to the next best thing by seeking shelter under one of the tables of a nearby cafe. From there he could only sit and watch as the feet of various shoppers and office workers passed him by, squint his eyes to even slightly improve the chance that his poor vision could spot his sister’s familiar pair of shoes in the crowd. ..But even then, he reminded himself as he tucked his knees under the fabric of the much too large doll hoodie he used as a shirt, spotting her and being loud enough to show he was here was another matter entirely…

But any thought he could have placed into that is suddenly interrupted by the sound of two large thuds, as his eyes look up to find that his face is mere “inches” away from the leather toe of a shoe.



It’s actually easy to move on. It’s just hard to forgive; to forgive how stupid you were, to forgive how you thought you were right all along, to forgive how it was. Because honestly, you wish it didn’t even happen in the first place. You would’ve stayed as the strong person you once were, not having to pick up the broken pieces only to find yourself desperately trying to align the crooked parts back together. Maybe that’s why people mistake it for the difficulty of moving on. It’s just tough to get back to how you were before you jumped into the unknown thinking it would be wonderful. Yes, it might have been great on some notes. But, the truth is, that’s not the memories you hold on to. You end up remembering what was bitter than what was sweet. That’s when you find it hard to forgive yourself for not realising that every single thing, right from the beginning was a huge mistake you never thought you made.

114. Bianca often made little braids in Nico’s hair whenever they were just sitting together. Eventually she started teaching Nico how to do it. Not only the easy braids but the complicated ones as well. So whenever Will was resting on Nico’s lap, the son of Hades subconsciously started braiding his hair. Because of that, the Aphrodite cabin found out that Nico could braid, so whenever there was a party or special occasion or someone needed their hair braided, Nico had to do it. He really likes doing it as well, because it reminds him a lot of the relaxing times with his sister.


Once Upon A Time Hiatus MemeRomantic Ships — Rumbelle
“Rumplestiltskin, this thing we have… it’s never been easy. I’ve lost you so many times. I lost you to darkness, to weakness, and finally, to death. But now I realize, I realize that I have not spent my life losing you. I’ve spent my life finding you.” “Belle, when we met, I wasn’t just unloved and unloving. I was an enemy of love. Love had only brought me pain. My walls were up. But you brought them down. You brought me home. You brought light into my life and chased away all the darkness. And I vow to you, I will never forget the distance between what I was and what I am. I owe more to you than I can ever say. How you can see the man behind the monster… I will never know.” “But that monster’s gone. The man beneath him may be flawed, but we all are. And I love you for it. Sometimes the best book has the dustiest jacket. And sometimes the best teacup is chipped.


I don’t care if this is old and out-dated but I found this adorable. 

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why would the war pups let Furiosa up? Any analysis on that?

I think it shows that Furiosa commands a level of respect and loyalty at the Citadel, and not just respect based on fear. If she were only feared, it would be easy to leave her on the ground, but the pups take an active role, releasing the lift brake in direct opposition to what the brakeman just did. The Citadel is a very hierarchical place; if pups are doing something in contradiction to a higher-ranking person, an adult, there must be a good reason for it.

We know Furiosa did some work on the Rig herself. (“Kill switches. I set the sequence myself.”) Maybe a lot of work, even though as an Imperator she could certainly have a subordinate do that for her if she wanted. It’s not clear exactly how much the other Imperators were around the pups, but if Furiosa spent a bunch of time in the garage she might have been around them a lot. While we know she can be violent, she doesn’t strike me as someone who’s cruel, in the sense of being deliberately abusive to those weaker than her or of lower rank. Given the culture of the Citadel, I’d bet a lot of Imperators do treat people under their command, or anyone younger/lower-ranked/half-life, like shit, and in the Citadel’s environment of might-makes-right, that’s just seen as the natural order of things.

We’ve also seen how good Furiosa is at getting people to be her allies when she needs them. I can’t really imagine Furiosa being cuddly with the pups, but if she has a reputation for being fair and a smart and competent leader, that probably sticks out a lot in a place like the Citadel. Plus, y’know, she is so chrome that she’s literally part machine.

All the dialogue when they arrive back at the Citadel is about Furiosa. (War pups saying “It’s Furiosa! She’s back!” and, “Let’s do it, let’s let her up!”) It’s not about the Wives, who could be seen to outrank her in the Citadel’s presumed hierarchy. The pups don’t know anything about them, have maybe never even seen them or only seen them from a distance, and don’t acknowledge them in dialogue. But they know Furiosa.

This is why, from a plot point of view, Furiosa has to survive. She’s the link between the worlds–the old world of the Citadel, its hierarchies and systems of violence, and the new world led by women that could be built in its stead.