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       ↳ Changi Airport + Incheon Airport 150426

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tf2 is a largely community-driven free to play game has been going strong for nine (9) years now like what kind of immortal playerbase …… to this day im still finding new tf2 fan blogs and we all still waitin for the next comic and youtubers r uploading tf2-centric sfms and gmods everyday and the only money valve gets from the game is from the fuckign hats bought in the mann co store like what kind of loyalty, what kind of Anti Capitalism

Nothing special (had a little time today between meetings), just experimenting with doing all my art in Clip Paint Studio. I’ve been just sketching/inking in it and then coloring in photoshop, but after a little experimentation I think hat the only thing PS does better is coloring flats… and even then I think I could modify CPS’s paint bucket to do it better so…. Mission success! XD

Done in about an hour.


Felt and Feather Hat in Brown

This hat probably dates to the 1950s and shows how the use of feathers on felt in harmonizing colors can take a simple shape and turn it into a luxurious indulgence. Feathers can add a softening touch in this instance, or if stiffened (and they can be shellacked until they looked like pointy daggers), they can make a hat look dangerous. I am especially taken with the quiet, natural colors of these feathers. Today, probably because the biggest buyers of feathers are showgirls, it is much easier to find feathers dyed neon colors than those in natural colors. Now, if only we would all take to wearing more hats, then maybe suppliers would offer more ostrich feathers in cream instead of bright yellow.

I got to see this hat during my tour of the costume collection at Kansas State University with curator Marla Day. For more on the Department of Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design at the College of Human Ecology, go here:


I came in to work feeling kinda grumpy and unprepared for the day, only to get this ADORABLE box and the hat inside it.

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ok let me snatch up the last commentary then, technically its the same scene but from two dif side-b chapters: from ladies first “Ah, excuse me.” to “Point taken.” and from a mistake [...] “Ah, excuse me.” to “I only want the one.”. (i hat to get kiki's dangerous comment in there!)

Oh my goodness, I’m so pumped to compare POVs

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A fave Finn moment of mine that comes to mind is when he sings his song "Melons" in the episode "Another Way". It brought back the auto-tune voice and it was just... So beautiful

I loved how he took his hat in there too, not only cause of his hair, but he also seems to do that (especially in Tom’s episodes) to symbolize he is more true to himself/more vulnerable than usual


Hi everyone! I have two hairs for you all today–edits to my Lily Hair, as a result of two separate anon requests!  I hope you all like them! :)

Note: Only the Liliana Hair (one ponytail) is hat compatible–I tried my best to make the Lilli Hair (pigtails) hat compatible but I was not happy with the result and it was tricky to even get it to where it was. Since I could not make it hat compatible, I decided to disable it for random so you that won’t have townies wearing the hair with hats and looking weird! Sorry about that!

It comes in EA’s 18 colors
It’s for females and can be found for males under the feminine tag, teen-elders!
It is BGC!

Liliana Hair: [Dropbox] [SimFileShare]
Lilli Hair: [Dropbox] [SimFileShare]

Credit to EA for the meshes and textures.
Made with Sims4 Studio.

TOU: Please do not reupload my mesh and claim it as your own. Please feel free to recolor, just don’t include the mesh. And if you want to tag me if you use it I would love to see your beautiful sims!

And if you have any issues please let me know!

I got an ask like I wish I knew you better and I was like, oh

This is Gin! 

I really like fashion! But i have a terrible sense of it on myself, wardrobe majorly consisting in blue, brown, mustard and black..! 

I own a lot of flowery hairpins my classmates make fun of (listen, one is 21 only in her identity docs) and an overwhelming amount of hats i never wear 

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Some Good SBR AUs
  • Everything is the same but they all ride bears
  • Everything is the same but they all use the toy horse stick for racing
  • Whenever Magenta Magenta talks it is obscured by the song “Down With the Sickness” (Weird Al cover optional) playing loudly.
  • Valentine’s hair is replaced with spaghetti noodles but no one notices
  • Diego turns into a cat and has to say at least one cat pun in every sentence or he will die.
  • Each time Mountain Tim appears his hat gets slightly larger.  The only one to comment on it is Gyro.  He hates the hat in all sizes.
  • Archie and Ted from nintendogs commentate the race.
  • Instead of shooting his nails Johnny flips the bird to attack.
  • Hot Pants is 40 years old.
  • Gyro’s accent in English is from Jersey
  • Johnny and Diego cannot understand anything the other says.
  • Marco races to give Gyro amnesty

tfw your family doesn’t believe you can lift your entire body weight onto a single hand so u gotta show them

Little Dove Boy

wearing his tears like jewels to be displayed 
finding words & therefore he worships them
he who speaks of forbidden romances & long lost lovers who
threw themselves into the river 
a veiled woman who kissed her lover’s temple & fired the
trembling gun 
the bloodied thing ungodly in his fingers
still soaking in the lies he’s sung with his
god-like lyre

 the one with the calloused hands & the name sounding like a bird
something coming out only from a tall magician’s hat

Little Dove Boy

—  Demi Ev. / little dove boy

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Hody is in his room and searched his hat. It isn't on the same place like yesterday evening. It comes an idea to his mind. Hunter is the only one in the noah besides him,, Hunter do you have seen my hat?"

Hunter looked back at him, her head turned to the side. “No. I didn’t even know you had one.” She stated confused.