I just wanted to wear my DAMN SHIRT and live in peace! But instead every where I went today I was asked by (I swear) every person over the age of 40 to ask me the same question….“what’s derping mean?” and while I tried to explain it to each and every person they would continue to interrupt and say that they don’t get it. (This is when I realized I could use my new adult seeking power for good) I realized that it kept happening and so decide to answer with a promo that went as such
“I don’t know you should just check them out, they just had a new song and music video come out called “She’s Kinda Hot” it’s really good and they’re really talented.“ I even had this one lady that was probably in her mid 50’s take a picture of my shirt so she could remember the band name. It was actually really fun. 5sos-official better be god damn happy that I love their music so much.