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RFA+V & Saeran. How is their first sexy time with MC? What ends let to the sexy time?

Okay~ Nsfw below


  • Tbh it was super awkward, and it all started with an innocent little kiss
  • … That turned into a make out, which turned into them taking off there clothes and  laying on the bed
  • Yoosung was on the bottom, but he had no idea what was happening
  • MC didn’t know either though, so it was like “Does this go here?” “I thimk so..!” “Does that feel good???” “Ow OW OW”
  • Eventually they got the hang of it… But Yoosung forgot the condoms so they had to stop


  • It all started with walking in on MC changing…
  • *BEAST MODE UNLOCKED* But not really
  • He was so scared he was going to hurt her, he had to keep the beast on chains
  • When he heard her moan tho
  • Beast had to be contained, or that condom would break in 2 seconds


  • Four words: 
  • Punishment
  • Ass plowing
  • No mercy
  • OWWW
  • That is all


  • Strap ons all over the place Jesus Christ
  • MC wanted to relieve her of her stress from cat projects
  • Jaehee had some experience with men, but not a lot with women, so she didn’t really know what to do
  • She got the hang of it eventually


  • It was a sexual joke that became serious lol
  • He was a little scared, but then started to tease MC
  • She was all blushy AND moany and Seven liked that
  • He also forgot the condom, but he wanted to keep going, so he did anal instead


  • He was a blushing mess
  • She was a blushing mess
  • It was horrible
  • He was so nervous he lasted literally 2 minutes
  • It started with him accidentally touching MC’s boobs
  • Then they were on a bed


  • It started because he wanted it to lolol
  • He was so fucking aggressive it wasn’t even funny
  • He bit her, scratched her, gave her hickeys
  • It hurt a lot
  • She didn’t really like it like that but he didn’t care
100% correct horororoscops
  • aries: cracks their back literally 17 times during tests
  • taurus: tried to rap to rap god once but it didn't really work
  • gemini: tried to start a rock collection but stopped after like 2 weeks because fuck rocks
  • cancer: always puts the usb cord in backwards
  • leo: tries to sing really loud in the car and accidentally sings the wrong lyrics always
  • virgo: always has their name mispelled at starbucks
  • libra: starts saying things ironically and literally cannot stop
  • scorpio: uses a fuckton of creamer in their coffee
  • sagittarius: tries to catch food in their mouth and usually misses but when they actually get one they shout "KOBE" really fuckin loud
  • capricorn: flexes their butt muscles to songs
  • aquarius: eats nutella straight from the jar with the same spoon and gets everyone sick
  • pisces: can paint both sets of fingernails really fuckin welll

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