Roses || Grayson Dolan

SUMMARY - The same boy, the same flower shop, the same bouquet, every Monday. 

WARNING - Dark themes, possibly triggering, read with caution 

AUTHOR’S NOTE - i tried to use old lady names for the old ladies working there, srry if u have the same name lol. srry its so short. srry if it’s lame, i tried my best.


His shoes softly hit the pavement as he nears the small floral shop on the corner. He admires the bunches in the stand out front, a weak grin placed on his face. A gust of wind blows by him, making him pull his hoodie over his freshly combed hair. 

A small lady walks out in an apron, carrying new bouquets to place on display. She smiles at him before organizing the stand in front of her. Assuming he’s lost, she faces him.

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Ra Ra Rasputin except it’s Chuuya

There lived a certain man in Yohama long ago
He was smol and angrily strong, in his eyes a flaming blue

His enemy looked at him with terror and with fear

But to Fan chicks he was such a lovely dear

He could shadow Dazai like a lover
Full of passion and care

But he also was the kind of father
Women would desire

Chu Chu Chuuya
Lover of the demon prodigy 
There was a hat that really was gone

Chu Chu Chuuya
Lover of the demon prodigy
It was no shame how gay he was 

Inseparable relationship


Rush hour traffic was REALLY boring today so I decided to be a little bit scandalousss (but baby don’t let them see it)👀👀


i got quite a bit of interest in my offer to do a quick tutorial/column on the way i draw hands! a lot of what i do is just based on the simple shapes and lengths in the first pic–it’s a matter of practice to get it all down by heart of course. also i’ve never taken a class or anything so this is all just personal explanation pls don’t take it as gospel im constantly improving lol

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Request: Can you do a one shot where the reader has a crush on Peter and all of the lost boys know except Peter cause he’s oblivious and Felix is like a big brother to her so he gives her advice on how to go for it because he knows Peter likes her too?

The fire you’ve been tending to grows strong, making you smirk with a small satisfaction. It’s your turn to make breakfast for the Boys. “Well done” a voice says behind you. You turn and look into Pan’s emerald green eyes. This tiny compliment makes you blush. “Thanks.” You reply stupidly. You’ve had a crush on Peter for a while now. You’ve thought about telling him, but you know he won’t feel the same way. You ponder on what to say for a moment before another voice saves you from embarrassing yourself even further. “(Y/N), come help me with this! Someone else can make breakfast.” You give Peter a little smile before turning towards the voice. Felix leans on a tree with a smirk on his face. He nods his head towards the woods and sets off. You quickly follow behind him. “What do you need help with?” “Oh, nothing” He says with a smile. “Alright, help me set traps and then we’ll gather wood.” He adds when you give him an annoyed look. After setting a couple of traps for animals, you two take a break by the lake. “So you and Pan.” Felix says casually. “What about me and Pan?” You ask, your face growing red. Felix has always been like a brother to you, always teasing you and giving you advice. You can feel an awkward big brother talk coming on. “Oh come on, everyone knows.” “Felix!” You groan. “Listen,” he says softly “Pan really likes you, I know it. But boy is he oblivious. I’ve told him to tell you, but he swears you don’t have the same feelings for him.” You bite your lip. So Pan does like you. “You do feel the same way, don’t you?” “Of course I do.” You put your face in your hands. “I just didn’t think he did.” “You and him both.” Felix says, rolling his eyes. “Now what?” “Now you tell him.” You must have made a face, because he continues with a chuckle “Just tell him how you feel. It’ll come naturally, trust me.” “And you know this how?” You tease. “Experience.” “No way.” You feign a look of shock, and giggle when he sticks his tongue out at you. Felix gets up and pulls you to your feet. “Go get ‘em.” He says. You hug him quickly, and can’t help but run back to camp. You never make it, though. Halfway back to camp you knock right into Peter Pan. He grabs your arms to keep you from falling. “Peter!” You gasp. You try to catch your breath from running. “Is everything alright? Where’s-” He stops mid-sentence when you kiss him. He seems surprised at first, but quickly eases into the kiss. His hands reach up to cup your face and you tangle your finger in his hair. He pulls away with a smile. “Sorry- I was planning on telling you before I-” You stumble for words as your face grows warm. He tilts your chin up and kisses you again. “It’s alright, love. I like this way, too.” He puts his arm around your shoulder and you walk back to camp together.