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✎ dancing ?? idk tbh x'D

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tbh i can definitely imagine Lord ordering Raskreia to learn how to dance bc… etiquette or smth idk lol I like the image of Raizel teaching her (but also if Raizel didn’t know how to dance) (Just them stepping on each other’s feet the entire time) (Gejutel is utterly confused by Lord’s intentions) (Lord seems pleased with himself because his daughter is forming closer bonds) (In reality Raskreia is 1000% disgruntled)

100% correct horororoscops
  • aries:cracks their back literally 17 times during tests
  • taurus:tried to rap to rap god once but it didn't really work
  • gemini:tried to start a rock collection but stopped after like 2 weeks because fuck rocks
  • cancer:always puts the usb cord in backwards
  • leo:tries to sing really loud in the car and accidentally sings the wrong lyrics always
  • virgo:always has their name mispelled at starbucks
  • libra:starts saying things ironically and literally cannot stop
  • scorpio:uses a fuckton of creamer in their coffee
  • sagittarius:tries to catch food in their mouth and usually misses but when they actually get one they shout "KOBE" really fuckin loud
  • capricorn:flexes their butt muscles to songs
  • aquarius:eats nutella straight from the jar with the same spoon and gets everyone sick
  • pisces:can paint both sets of fingernails really fuckin welll

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