“since day one, there’s been something about Athelstan. He’s been more honest with Athelstan than anybody. There’s no one he can be as honest with. His wives, he has problems with. They’re about other stuff. His son’s not mature enough yet to be able to talk to. He tries to talk to his son about certain stuff, and sometimes he feels like it’s just pointless, talking to his son. But Athelstan’s always been there, always been knowledgable. That’s the thing too; you grow up being a Viking and spend your whole life there, it’s hard to learn from people who have done exactly the same thing as you, lived the same lifestyle. You can learn so much more from somebody who grew up differently.” Travis Fimmel


So I’m late for no shame day, but I didn’t even know it was a thing. I don’t have many pictures of me in my wheelchair because I’ve struggled with not being ashamed of it. I’ve been getting a lot better with that since this is going to be my reality. So here are pictures of me over the past year oldest to most recent. I wish I had some story to share with you guys, but the reality is I don’t even know my own story yet. My problems all started 3 years ago when I started getting excruciating pain in my left hip and 3 years later the pain has spread throughout my whole pelvic bone, my femurs and my lower spine. I experience numbness in my legs and temporary paralysis, it’s honestly terrifying. I’ve been to so many doctors who have either refused to see me or saw me once and sent me off to another doctor. In 3 years the only tests they’ve done on me is 2 x-rays and one MRI. Thats it. SickKids were supposed to call me over 2 weeks ago after they refused to see me during one of my appointments and I’m still waiting. And I guess thats my story so far.

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What Troy did wasn't wrong but it wasn't necessarily right either. Yes he had the right to defend himself but do people even realize that not even 15 minutes later HE apologized to her? He felt so bad he apologized. People are bashing him for saying something that wasn't right but do people even realize that girl completely discredited all of his hard work, and everything he's done multiple times before he finally answered? Yet who was the one who apologized? Who was the bigger person? Troye.

and by the way people should learn NOT to press shipping on celebrities who obviously don’t like it. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU PURPOSEFULLY MAKE ONE OF YOUR SHIPS UNCOMFORTABLE AND ATTACK THEM LIKE THAT?!

I’ve been trying to not really press my opinion on this too much but recently a comment was made by a fan that was a bit rude and over the top.

Everyone has been saying that Troye should have thought about what he was doing when he sent that tweet; but no one is saying that about the girl??? No one is going to tell her that she should have thought about what she said before she sent not just one, but multiple hurtful tweets regarding shipping. People were encouraging her rude tweets that were made for nothing more than a laugh.

No one has pointed out to any of these fans sending celebrities rude tweets about shipping that these are real human beings. No one has told them that we need to stop acting like they’re some untouchable force that isn’t allowed to have a bad day, or get offended by a hurtful tweet, or feel the need to defend themselves.

Everyone is so focused on the fact that he said it; and not on why he even felt the need to say that. Like I said, it may have been over the top but it wasn’t uncalled for. And he apologized. There’s nothing more that he can say or do at this point.

The industry has played with Riley Montana so much like tell me how she booked the Givenchy SS14 campaign but she never walked for one of Riccardo’s show? Tell me how Olivier Rousteing has booked her for 3 consecutive seasons for Balmain and had her open the SS15 show but has not landed a campaign (yet). Not to mention how her first magazine cover was for W magazine and not only was she used for the token black girl of the cover but she wasn’t even featured in the editorial with the rest of the models on the cover. Like the industry has done my girl Riley so wrong because she’s walking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back with them!


Target 5SOS Prank: a summary (insp.)