SEVENTEEN as Quotes from my Psychology Class
  • S.Coups:"His spirit animal is Dad."
  • Jeonghan:"Are you an angel, cause you just stole my bike."
  • Joshua:"Make room for Jesus!"
  • Jun:"We're like the same person, but I'm better."
  • Hoshi:"Believe it or not, I'm quite sexy on the dance floor."
  • Wonwoo:"'What subject do you teach?' Death."
  • Woozi:"It was less of a hit. It was more of a violent tap."
  • DK:"I like golden stars because you can put them on your shirt and then you get happy."
  • Mingyu:"I was so tired that I ate a whole pizza."
  • Minghao:"*picks up a butterfly* Meow."
  • Seungkwan:"I am finally a princess. Princess goals."
  • Vernon:"I trust Buzzfeed more than my parents."
  • Dino:"What the heckity jeebers is that?!"
  • Bonus!
  • Pledis:"Can we get loan sharks to pay that debt off?"
Personification of Fifth.

Fifth period is magic. Fifth wants so badly to learn and you want so badly to teach and the combination is just.. magic. Whereas others seem to wiggle fingers and drag the energy unwillingly right out from underneath you, there is no mistaking the symbiotic pool of energy that becomes tangible the moment Fifth steps into the room.

Fifth is always as happy to see you as you are to see Fifth, and always exclaims how quickly times flies and you reference fun and Fifth emphatically agrees. It hits you straight in the senses. You hear it in the laughter, in the silence and sounds of pencils scratching on paper. You see it in the smiles, in the eyes that follow you around the room, in the joyful willingness to collaborate with peers. You feel it in your gut.

Your relationship with Fifth is the kind that you will remember for always, that you will try to explain why to others and all that really comes out is, I don’t really know, we just click..


I’m still obsessed with the “We’re Here Because We’re Here” memorial that I reblogged a few days ago and reading a little bit more about it, I’m more and more in love with it.

Here is the video with the creatives behind the project talking about how and why did they make this modern memorial to come alive. It’s quite long (40 minutes) but totally worth it.

Also, you should check out the website with photos and videos from the different locations and information about the project and the Battle of the Somme: https://becausewearehere.co.uk/

As well, take a look at the 14-18 NOW, the big creative group that is bringing back the WWI to the 21st century with a series of art commissions in the form of powerful and emotional memorials (remember the Dazzel Ships? They’re behind that and many other memorials since 2014): https://www.1418now.org.uk/

Also, if you have time and some tears to shed with an unpleasant feeling in the gut, take a look at the Shot at Dawn photography series by Chloe Dewe Mathews, who shot the places where the Belgian, British and French troops were executed for cowardice and desertion during the First World War. If you watched Downton Abbey, suddenly makes Thomas’ war experience and doubtfulness even more relatable and sad. Really chilling and beautiful: http://shotatdawn.photography/

To any PoGo players exploring alone.

If you aren’t already, I -highly- suggest bringing something to protect yourself with, and if you are playing at night be sure to park near a street lamp or just somewhere well lit. I know most of this is common sense, but just please remember to be careful. I was playing PoGo with a friend at my college campus and minutes after he left I was approached by another player who was being very forward and asking extremely alarming questions- where I lived, if I was dating someone, when my classes were. A lot of other people were around and available for help if needed, but this interaction tonight reinforced to me how important it is to keep yourself protected and have a way to get out.
Please be safe out there, guys.

Personification of Seventh.

To be perfectly honest: you’re never really happy to see Seventh, but it’s not [entirely] Seventh’s fault. By the time you see Seventh, you’re just exhausted; it’s the end of your longest stretch with no breaks and you feel it. Seventh feels it too.

You think if you just had ten minutes to sit and be silent and have no one ask you any questions, you and Seventh would be much better off. But you don’t, so it’s always a deep breath or two or five and then time to go.

And boy does Seventh go. For example, Seventh goes to the bathroom every chance it gets. Seventh also goes on tangents, every time your co takes the bait. Indeed, Seventh often goes to an extreme to not learn. You banter and joke and strike bargains, but Seventh just wears you out, no matter how much you tell yourself you’re going to be enthusiastic that day.

[Because it’s extremely tiring being enthusiastic for twenty-four souls at once.]

Personification of First.

You’re not always sure how you feel about First. Sometimes you’re convinced it’s you; First just doesn’t like you. But other days – most days, in fact – you realize it’s not about you at all, but rather about the designated time that First is forced to spend with you. First is tired and, let’s face it, grumpy. First would rather not spend time with you, not then, but you keep following First around. (So, in that sense, it is about you.)

You worry you’re letting First down, that you’re not giving it your best, because every day with First is an adventure. Every day, you travel to places you’ve never been together and everybody knows that traveling into the unknown is difficult even in the best of circumstances. And First is tired and grumpy and tired and sometimes your First “best” isn’t your best at all and sometimes you’re convinced that First knows it.

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I once watched a movie in Literature class and it was about The Globe exposing pedophiles in the Catholic Church. The thing that pissed me off was when people in my class were discussing it and saying 'oh, if we all take oedophiles to this program and show it how it affects children they'll stop.' Uhhhh,,, pedophiles know what they're doing is wrong, they just don't give a shit. A lot of pedos have been abused themselves so it's not a matter of willful ignorance. This is an extreme turn but...

Yeah lol it’s not like pedophiles think “oh boy I’m really helping out these kids, guiding them towards a brighter tomorrow”. They know damn well they’re sickos they just roll with it.

Personification of Second.

Second is a mixed-bag; a certified case of split personality. As a result, you are split as well. You feel happy for the side that struggles, that Second has been given a room in which to find challenge and a bar to rise to. But you feel cheated for the other half, that as a result of scheduling and tracking and ZPD, this side of Second is benefiting others at a detriment to itself. As the year carries on, you see the divide more clearly and begin to plan accordingly: there are two target audiences and they both deserve to be addressed.

You’ve also noticed you see the most a.) interest, b.) effort, c.) investment, d.) all of the above out of Second when you give your most, which makes it doubly-important to shake off the lingering feelings First gives you. But shake you must, because Second wants to be there when you want to be there, so in turn: you must always want to be there.

And you do, genuinely so, because the holding of two entirely different levels of expectation, and presenting them both as high, is the biggest challenge of your day. You’ve always loved a good challenge.

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top 5 embarrassing moments

gurl idk if u ready for this
1. In 6th grade legit everyone in my class like 300 some people were walking to their next class and I fell smack dab on my face in the middle of the hallway and no one nO ONE helped me up!!!!! LMAOOO HAHAHA
2. When I was in Walmart I needed a cart because I had like a bunch of stuff in my hands and I noticed this cart had been by itself for a while and all it had in it was grapes so I was like ok yeah I will take this. So I started pushing it away and this guy came up behind me and was like ‘ummm that’s mine’ like so rude and sassy and I just walked away.
3. ok idk if you know the term 'butt sweat’ but we all deal with it ok. You’re wearing some tight jeans or in my case tights and you sit on a plastic chair and condensation happens ok don’t lie u know what I’m talking about. And in this one particular case me and some friends were sitting around this table hangin out on plastic chairs lemme tell u and then when we had to go we were putting all the chairs away and this guy (who I of course had a crush on at the time) was like 'hey I’ll take your chair for you’ and I was like 'ok sure thanks’ so I stand up and there on the navy blue plastic…..the condensation.
4. 5 words: Drivers license test, parallel parking
5. In like 3rd grade I was rocking this new denim skirt and I was like so proud of that denim skirt and I was hanging out with these girls that I thoOUGHT were my friends and then one of them starts laughing and goes 'haha ur barn door is open’ and lil old me had no idea was the fuCK that meant and so I was like 'what??’ And they just kept talking about barn doors and then the pointed at my skirt and I look down and there open to the world my skirt zipper it was broken so for the rest of the day my 3rd grade ass had to walk around with her damn barn door open

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Okay so I just went to my first pole dancing class(it was super fun!) And my partner(there were too many people for everyone to have their own pole) was looking kind of down so one of the other people weren't over to her and said "hey not being (1/2)

(2/2) creepy or anything but you look really pretty today.“ And they just made new really happy, especially bcus I thought they would all judge me and think I’m too young but they were all super nice and i just wanted to say that! :)

yo that’s awesome!! :]

thinkin bout how out of my entire senior class of 600 people, me and my two BFFs were the only ones to dress up for the senior class trip to the renaissance festival. also we made the costumes ourselves at 4 am the night before.

this is rlly dumb and cheesy but I miss 5th grade so much. And number one bc my teacher was cool as fucking heck and cook as heck people like @alienairport and @alonelydaydream were in my class and it was lit (besides Julian FUK u my dude) but like. I remember having a group of inseparable friends. And we sat at the table together and made really dumb, weeby, and most likely offensive jokes and called ourselves the sisterhood and swore against boys and just loved each other a lot and don’t get me wrong there was hella drama but we were always friends at the end of the day (or week sometimes lmao) and I’d play mine craft and shit and have a good time ( @alienairport when Ecin FUCKED US OVER anyway). But I really distinctly remember doing the play and I was never any good but they’d make us go to different classes for different after school activities and I remember we’d all sit in a giant circle on the carpet and we’d put our legs on top of each other and make really dumb inappropriate jokes about walker (the only guy in our group) and when Genevieve and I were told to get papers and we weren’t super close yet so we made up a bunch of stories on the way, and we saw the janitor and made up a completely ridiculous story about how the railings were snakes and the janitors vacuum was a dinosaur and we made that joke for the whole year and harassed the poor guy(he just laughed though lol) and I remember leaving practice for the play and we all bent over and hooked our arms together so that we were the same height as Genevieve and we blocked the whole hallway and I think everyone hated us but I was happy and I laughed a lot and I didn’t cry as often and I remember in the last song in our play walker and I were the tallest and we had to walk towards each other in these huge lines and we couldn’t stop laughing bc it was absolutely ridiculous and we all hated the lead and I just miss being that happy so thanks guys , and when I here Nine in the Afternoon I think of that room and that little circle we made and the fact that like none of us had similar interests and we were still friends and it was great. And things did fall apart later that year but it was fun while it lasted,,

The black students in medicine group at my school wanted to hold a white coat for black lives matter and it got cancelled because of “controversy” and people complaining about the school getting involved in political matters. 

I personally know that several people in my class were involved in it being canceled and complained about. 

I’m so fucking disappointed in my peers 

edit: event was not canceled and the black students in medicine interest group is holding a discussion after about their experiences :) 

Still disappointed in a lot of my class though, let’s see who turns out tomorrow