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So I came out to my algebra class today like this group of people were poking fun and going "oh yeah I'm p gay" (they weren't really doing harm just kinda w/e) and I just come up and say "oh you think YOU'RE gay bc I'M very gay" and they just turn to me and I say "girls are v hot js" and all the guys go "samE" so now I'm out to my algebra class which is fun


Personification of Fifth.

Fifth period is magic. Fifth wants so badly to learn and you want so badly to teach and the combination is just.. magic. Whereas others seem to wiggle fingers and drag the energy unwillingly right out from underneath you, there is no mistaking the symbiotic pool of energy that becomes tangible the moment Fifth steps into the room.

Fifth is always as happy to see you as you are to see Fifth, and always exclaims how quickly times flies and you reference fun and Fifth emphatically agrees. It hits you straight in the senses. You hear it in the laughter, in the silence and sounds of pencils scratching on paper. You see it in the smiles, in the eyes that follow you around the room, in the joyful willingness to collaborate with peers. You feel it in your gut.

Your relationship with Fifth is the kind that you will remember for always, that you will try to explain why to others and all that really comes out is, I don’t really know, we just click..

Staring ??

Okayyy so this basically happened a while back and it isn’t that big but I still wanted to share! So anyways, I was at school and it was at the end of HOPE class and people were already leaving for lunch. After my friend and me changed, she needed to go back inside the classroom to grab something and so (being the hella good friend I am) I decided to wait for her. Being that class was already dismissed, some of the kids from next door (sophomores) were hanging around the classroom (I’m a freshman).

And now there’s this Asian dude who’s probably standing like a foot away from me and I glanced at him once before gazing back at the door. HOMEBOI WAS LOOKING FINE. I’ve actually seen him around before being that there’s not many kids that attend my school so you’ve probably seen everyone at least once. Anyways, this boy was straight up just STARING at me! Like I could feel him watching me and every time I looked back at him, we would lock eyes. And he would smile at me and I kind of awkwardly smiled back at him because I legit felt pretty uncomfortable. But I also was kind of really happy because he was fine and he actually took notice in me! It wasn’t really that much of a deal, my friend rejoined me a few moments after and then we left (of course I told her about how homeboy couldn’t keep his eyes to himself!). So yeah that’s it, wasn’t really much lol but I’ve been seeing him around lately and I always catch him looking at me. It’s like he got something to say but can’t say it!! Like damn just hit me up already lol

Sometimes I look at Facebook. There’s a group that is my high school class. I’ve only stayed in direct contact with a few people after all these years.

Over 600 people were in my graduating class. One of them posted recently on the class page that a guy had died (no cause listed). I didn’t recognize the name. Perhaps he was a year ahead or behind? Curiosity got to me and I dug out a yearbook. He was from my class. I’m sure we didn’t know each other in high school.

I spent a little time looking at things people had posted to the class page and I followed a lot of links to people I used to know.

A few cliquey groups still meet for drinks or golf now and then.

Somebody twisted his torso just ever so to get that Mercedes star to appear in the background, but not too far in the background, of a selfie. Who stands like that? We get it dude, you have a Benz.

We’re at the age now when I see a picture of a classmate with a young kid I wonder whether it’s a child or grandchild. I’m not aware of anyone who had a kid during high school. Some had them right after graduation. Their kids are now old enough to have their own kids but there are some classmates who could have become parents in their early 40s.

I’m glad I had my kids when I did (at 28 and 30 years of age).

Personification of Seventh.

To be perfectly honest: you’re never really happy to see Seventh, but it’s not [entirely] Seventh’s fault. By the time you see Seventh, you’re just exhausted; it’s the end of your longest stretch with no breaks and you feel it. Seventh feels it too.

You think if you just had ten minutes to sit and be silent and have no one ask you any questions, you and Seventh would be much better off. But you don’t, so it’s always a deep breath or two or five and then time to go.

And boy does Seventh go. For example, Seventh goes to the bathroom every chance it gets. Seventh also goes on tangents, every time your co takes the bait. Indeed, Seventh often goes to an extreme to not learn. You banter and joke and strike bargains, but Seventh just wears you out, no matter how much you tell yourself you’re going to be enthusiastic that day.

[Because it’s extremely tiring being enthusiastic for twenty-four souls at once.]

I went to my first GSA (gay straight alliance) meeting today at school & it was amazing. I was nervous at first because I’m in the closet (except to my sister) and there were a few people from my classes there. Overall there were only 12 people there, including me. But it turned out to be extremely fun, everyone there is so happy and accepting. We sat in a circle and played the name game to introduce ourselves. It’s where you say your name and then a word that starts with the same letter that you either like (like “cats”) or describes you (like “creative”). It was so fun we ended up doing our first, middle, and last names. I laughed so much and had a lot of fun. When it got to my last last name, which starts with a “B” I said my last name, then “Bisexual! That’s me!” they all clapped and we all laughed and it feels so amazing knowing that I now have somewhere to be myself with great people! If your school has a GSA club, I would definitely recommend giving it a try, or starting one up yourself!

{This is so great, more schools should start GSAs for their students!}

gather round yall cuz boy do i have a story about my poetry class today 

my prof was showing us the music video for the perfect drug by nine inch nails cuz he thought it fit the poe theme were goin with rn 

but he was yahoo searching which was the first issue so like the vid he clicked on wasnt great quality and cut off a bit before the end 

so then he goes to find another one (still yahoo searching) 

and one of the top results was. a twilight amv type thing to the song. 

so he clicks on it and were all like Uh. but everyones laughing including the prof so we keep watching and then it was just like ALL THE SEX PARTS from breaking dawn and we were all like OH MY GOD and the prof finally closed the vid and was just like  ….anyway 

Personification of First.

You’re not always sure how you feel about First. Sometimes you’re convinced it’s you; First just doesn’t like you. But other days – most days, in fact – you realize it’s not about you at all, but rather about the designated time that First is forced to spend with you. First is tired and, let’s face it, grumpy. First would rather not spend time with you, not then, but you keep following First around. (So, in that sense, it is about you.)

You worry you’re letting First down, that you’re not giving it your best, because every day with First is an adventure. Every day, you travel to places you’ve never been together and everybody knows that traveling into the unknown is difficult even in the best of circumstances. And First is tired and grumpy and tired and sometimes your First “best” isn’t your best at all and sometimes you’re convinced that First knows it.

Dear Charlie,

I cried in my philosophy class today.

We were discussing the attacks in Paris,
and some people said they were glad it did happened in our country.
Plus, somehow we talked about suicide.
I heard some said that suicidal people are fools who waste their life
without even considering the reasons of one’s suicide attempt.
To me, I don’t want to die, I want to live, but sometimes, I just don’t know how.
My classmates’ ignorance and lack of empathy devastate me.

Personification of Second.

Second is a mixed-bag; a certified case of split personality. As a result, you are split as well. You feel happy for the side that struggles, that Second has been given a room in which to find challenge and a bar to rise to. But you feel cheated for the other half, that as a result of scheduling and tracking and ZPD, this side of Second is benefiting others at a detriment to itself. As the year carries on, you see the divide more clearly and begin to plan accordingly: there are two target audiences and they both deserve to be addressed.

You’ve also noticed you see the most a.) interest, b.) effort, c.) investment, d.) all of the above out of Second when you give your most, which makes it doubly-important to shake off the lingering feelings First gives you. But shake you must, because Second wants to be there when you want to be there, so in turn: you must always want to be there.

And you do, genuinely so, because the holding of two entirely different levels of expectation, and presenting them both as high, is the biggest challenge of your day. You’ve always loved a good challenge.

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oooh i have a story about sigils, i had a bunch drawn on my hand and my substitute for that class called me a devil worshipper, which then caused everyone to ask what the drawings were luckily they looked simple enough to say they were for xbox etc

That must have been a stressful situation. I’ve always just told people they were just doodles. My notes in class were always covered in doodles so it wasn’t hard for them to believe.

biggest school related pet peeve: students who think theyre the only one in class so they dont let other students get a chance to answer questions by calling out and talking to the teacher for a really long time even though all the other students need to talk to the teacher too

today in one of my classes straight people were raising their hands to say that heterosexuality can be a choice. this one girl was even like “yeah i have a really intimate relationship with my best friend but i chose not to pursue it romantically; i chose to be heterosexual instead” and here are my thoughts on uh…that…

1) very yikes

2) actually sad; i genuinely feel bad for the heteros because they don’t even realize that heterosexuality is so much bigger and more powerful than ~personal choice~

3) pretty sure that one girl is going to have her bi or gay awakening any day now

answer 10 questions & tag 10 wonderful people

i was tagged by @griffinkillscars​ my lovely secret monty van fam ♡

1. What was the last movie you saw?
today my professor made a joke about this girl’s lost father and the instant regret his face was all the entertainment i need

2. What was the last song you listened to?
the entire high school musical soundtrack about 10,000 times 

(my sister sings in the shower)

3. What was the last show you watched?
The 100

4. What was the last book you read?
The Bassoon King by Rainn Wilson and Dwight Shrute

5. What was the last thing you ate?
ramen noodles a healthy meal!

6. If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?
wherever daisy ridley is I’m sure its very nice there

7. If you could pick a decade to travel back to in time, what would it be?
The 90s… the 1690s

8. If you won the lotto & millions in cash, what would be the first thing you would do?
fulfill aforementioned travel plans and buy an ostrich for Mary ( @montygreenery )

9. Which fictional character would you like to hang out with for a day?
Raven Reyes, my friend said she can have his lacrosse gear as protective armor after watching the season 3 trailer

10. What was the last fandom you joined?
Jessica Jones i think? It’s been a while

tagging: all my monty mutuals ofc (I don’t talk to some of you but hmu sometime) @montygreenery@ailaikmonti@sassymontys@ofmonty@minty-jpg​ (love your url) and soph tagged @montysass@montygreen@montyscake

plus: my best friend @kyungseol (she made me write that) and all my followers that want to

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My brother was in the boys home in Boone and they told us to drive 'out to the boonies' and we thought those directions were vague but it was pretty spot on I guess

most of iowa is the boonies/middle of nowhere.

we had to drive 40 miles to grocery shopping.  k-12 was in one building.  there were 52 people in my graduating class and 16 people in my middle school class.  

i don’t miss it.

I have been (mostly) successfully adulting this week and it’s great!!! I just have to work on the areas I have issues with: sleep :coughlikenowcough:, eating/making meals/making balanced meals, and time management in terms of class work/getting to work/ answering emails.

But I’m not doing too bad!!

And!!!!! I got to see the baby panda!!#! :DDDDD I am in love, Bei Bei was soooo precious!!!!!

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Today in one of my classes completely able bodied people were asking how deaf blind people think and how they communicate. Like please, it's 2016, go do some research you ableist little ****

i know you sent this like forever ago and i typed up this super long reply but i forgot to actually publish it and! i didn’t save it so :))) i’m sorry

but yeah honestly there’s this line that able bodied people need to not cross and i swear until they’re explicitly exposed to it and told that they’re in the wrong, like 9 outta 10 of them will cross it because they just don’t get it. 

i think i know the question they mean to ask–“how do your thoughts exist in your head?”–because they’re used to that “voice” in your head OR they think in images, and for them to think of a d/Deafblind person, they get confused. i find that a lot of able bodied people have trouble conceptualizing people perceiving the world differently from them, which is just a longwinded way of me saying they can’t imagine experiences outside of their own. and that’s fine, it’s normal, but when they go to try to understand, they’re so ignorant and oblivious to how to NOT be an asshole about it. 

Story time

here’s a story bc im very funny. in english class last week the teacher had this power point presentation about alaska (she’s lived there) and when she was done she took a large bone (about 50 cm) out of her bag. she told us it was a walrus bone and passed it around so that everyone could touch it. she even told us kissing it would bring us good luck. some did. when she got it back she was like “so which part of the walrus do u think this is?”

ill give u a hint. it was the penis.