I left my dishes in the dorm kitchen because there was another guy using the sink and when I went back my dishes had been washed and dried and the guy was nowhere to be found 

Some Kind of Hero

 Author’s Note: A small Obauri drabble/fic. I wrote this in like 30 mins, its unbeta’d and kinda lame, but I love lame so bare with me.

Fandom: Yuri!! On Ice

Words: 621

Ship: Otabek/Yurio

Summary: Yakov’s summer camp is a great way to meet fellow skaters, not.

“Hey! Are you just going to leave?!” An angry voice echoed through the dark halls. It was past sunset and Otabek had stayed behind to practice, especially now that he had to prove his worth after being demoted to the novice class.  “Excuse me?” Otabek said in broken Russian. The figure moved closer to him, walking in a brisk pace. The hallways were dark, since it was well after the sun set, except for some light that were shining through the large, glass windows.

“Georgi, you promised to take me home. I told you that I’d tell Yakov that you’ve been playing with your girlfriend again instead of practicing, if you broke your promise. So why are you trying to lea…..Hey! You’re not Georgi.” The figure entered one of the rays of light from the window and Otabek recognized him. Yuri Plisetsky was in his novice class, but they had never really spoken before, rather neither of them really spoke to anyone. Otabek just looked at the younger boy blankly, not really responding since he trying to figure out what is say, and more accurately how to say it in the bits and pieces of Russian that he did know. Before he really had the chance to say something, Yuri already started to walk past him while grumbling.

Otabek watched the young blonde disappear through the dark hallway, his mind going into a slight daydream. The sound of rumbling thunder in the distance, broke Otabek’s line of concentration. “I should go home before the storm rolls in,” he muttered to himself, staring at the lights of St. Petersberg though the large windows.


A loud sneeze brought his attention to the shivering figure in front of him. Once again, Yuri Plisetsky was standing before him, but this time the boy didn’t talk to him. Otabek just walked passed the boy towards the bicycle stands. He unlocked his bicycle, a present from his father for this summer’s camp, and was about to get on it when he looked towards the doors of the building once more. Yuri was sitting on the steps by himself, as if he was waiting for someone, and Otabek recalled the one named Georgi had left with a girl earlier on. Otabek couldn’t really explain why he did what he did. It was possible that it might have been that he felt similar to Yuri when it came to the ice, or it might have been the strong flash of lightning, but whatever it was wasn’t important.

“Yuri, get on” Otabek said, hand held out with an extra helmet towards the ten-year-old. The blonde boy looked at Otabek and said, “What do you think you are? Some hero? I don’t need help from wierdos like you.”

“Come on it’ll rain soon, where do you need to go?” Otabek said, eyes never waving as he stared into Yuri’s eyes, almost like a battle of willpower.

Strong, like a soldier, Otabek thought to himself.

Otabek wasn’t sure how long Yuri was going to continue rejecting his offer, but the sound of thunder once more rumbled through the skies as Yuri’s determination wavered for a moment. “Near the train station.” Yuri mumbled as he forcefully yanked the helmet from Otabek’s hand.

A small smile graced his lips as Otabek patted the back of his bicycle. Yuri got on the back in one swift motion, and held the sides of the bars next to him. “Hold tight,” Otabek said grabbing Yuri’s arms and wrapping them around his waist. “T-t-thank you,” Yuri said, with a small smile and red ear tips while Otabek felt a small tug on his heart, returned the smile am started pedaling, feeling the warmth of Yuri on his back.  

Katja: Anyways, what about that night at the party?
Stacie: ..What about it?
Katja: I was hoping that… you know.. it wouldn’t be just a one night stand.
Stacie: Oh, you wanna repeat it? I’m down for that anytime.
Katja: Well, not only repeat it, but maybe make you my girlfriend too?
Stacie: I… what? You want me to be your girlfriend? Me? I, uh… I don’t know… I highly doubt I’d make a good one…

buzzycohen  asked:

I used to listen to Call Your Girlfriend a lot back in 2012 but I hadn't heard it in years. Then it played in that scene and I could not get over how perfect it was, especially from Isak's pov abt Even. and when they were locking eyes and I??? Iconic

Right??? When I first saw it I was completely completely blown away. It might sound weird but even after the kissed, hugs and the sex scene I STILL think the dancing scene is my favourite! The chemistry was just so apparent ahh!!

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"Am I wasting time with you?" Chris asked Resi

Resi knew that this time would come when Chris would finally wanted her to even confess her feelings for him or tell him that she had no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with him and as usual Resi didn’t know what to say or do - the prospect of admitting that she’s not ready for a romantic relationship and allowing him to find someone else who was interested but part of her still cared for him and didn’t want anyone else to have him. She looks up at him with a solemn  look upon her face deep in thought.

“I knew this day would come. You want to know whether I am in for the long haul as your girlfriend?” She tells him, unsure on what to do or whether the feelings she had for him were romantic ones or rather lustful ones. 

9 years have passed since you asked me to be your girlfriend. I remember you were driving me home from a date and you were holding my hand in yours. After I said yes, you pulled my hand up to your lips and kissed it so sweetly. I’ll never forget that moment. Thank you for giving me a life full of love and adventure.

Now it’s only a matter of days until we get to hold you in our arms. ❤️

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Hi, I love your prompts. I was wondering if you could write some Polyamory prompts.

1) It took about three minutes and an exchanged glance to know that they would really like to keep this one. 

2) They made a beautiful couple, dancing. Laughing, lit by the shine of the chandelier. She rubbed her hands over her knees, feeling a little self-conscious. She’d never been a good dancer - she tended to trip over her feet. A second later, a hand caught hers and dragged her into the fray. 

3) He tugged a hand through his hair, unable to believe this was happening to him. “I think I fancy your girlfriend,” he told his boyfriend, cheeks red.

4) “So who’s the third wheel?”
“Jimmy. Isn’t he cute? And then the fourth is Melissa over there.”

5) They had a good thing going. They were happy. And then they began being picked off one by one by a dark secret from the past.


Her lips were as soft as petals on his and it took all of his restraint to pull away from her and not push her up against a locker. As they broke apart Journey regained some of her cognitive skills “So does that mean I’m your girlfriend?” Journey asked with a smile of her face. She was beyond happy the hot bad boy really did like her and cared for her, it was a good thing he didn’t think things over as much as she did.

Tyler laughed. “If you want to be. I want you to be mine, and only mine. I don’t share.”

“Well it’s a good thing I don’t want to be shared.” Journey said.

“How about we skip today’s classes?” Tyler said. Journey just nodded, this would be her first time skipping but she had a feeling she would be having a lot of firsts with Tyler. “Let’s hit the road then, I hear the new Lord of the Sim Dead came out and I want to catch the matinee show” Tyler said before taking Journey’s hand in his and walking out the school doors he had just entered a few minutes ago.

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"Mister J im putting my foot down!! You can't just grope me whenever you want and talk to me anyway you want, I'm your children's nanny not your girlfriend" I say trying and failing to sound firm about it, the only reason he does it cause remind him of Harley since she passed away

So..me tapping you on the shoulder so you can finally turn the fuck around to look at me counts as uh..g r o p i n g?  Hm?? Don’t make me make you pack up your shit and fire you…

(omg Harley passing away??? noooo…she isn’t dead..i hope you only meant she ran away or something?;) ) 

I’m in love with your voice
I’m in love with your personality
I’m in love with your face
I’m in love with your smile
I’m in love with your lips
I’m in love with your nose
I’m in love with your eyes
I’m in love with your freckles
I’m in love with your cheeks
I’m in love with your teeth
I’m in love with your tongue
I’m in love with your eyebrows
I’m in love with your hair
I’m in love with each individual eyelash
I’m in love with your body
I’m in love with your legs
I’m in love with your feet
I’m in love with your thighs
I’m in love with your waist
I’m in love with your back
I’m in love with your hips
I’m in love with your spine
I’m in love with your ribs
I’m in love with your chest
I’m in love with the veins in your neck
I’m in love with the marks on your skin
I’m in love with your birthmark
I’m in love with the way you sing to me
I’m in love with the way you bite your lip
I’m in love with your cute bum
I’m in love with how you make me laugh
I’m in love with your skin
I’m in love with your bones
I’m in love with the way you smell
I’m in love with the way you look at me
I’m in love with your laugh
I’m in love with your dorky quirks
I’m in love with the twilight in your eyes
I’m in love with the moonlight against your skin
But most of all
I’m in love with you.
—  Ivvicus (40 things I love about you)