Hamza didn’t feel comfortable going in the hot tub, so Gigi got bored and went home, while he stayed and swapped dubious school rumours with Milo.

Hamza: Thanks for sticking up for me, man. I know she’s your girlfriend and she’s probably pissed now…
Milo: *laughs* Yeah, she is. You like what you like though, you don’t have to make excuses for it. I’ve lost count of the amount of Barbie movies that Heather and Amber have made me watch and I’d be lying if I said that I hated all of them!
Hamza: Barbie movies…
Milo: *laughs* Hey, I had your back!

yo so i totally just saw THIS post about this and I am game for it. 

okay but like Sana and Isak working on biology in the living room of Sana’s house, minding their own businesses, getting into idk mitosis or whatever theyre learning about and then all the sudden, they hear laughter in the hallways and Sana drops her head to the table and groans loudly (but genuinely thinks about asking Isak if her make-up is smeared because where there is loudness and laughter, there is usually Yousef fuck) but then the boys sweep into the house and Sana yells at them to shut up. Which ofcourse means they all converge on the living room.

And Isak is like- whoa hey guys hahaha and they all give Isak nods and make loud noises and Elias kind of stares from Isak to Sana in a like ‘yo what the fuck are you doing with my sister’ kind of way and Sana snorts loudly and slaps him upside the head. So Isak is fist bumping everyone and then the last of the boys looks weirdly familiar? So he kind of cocks his head and is like sorry have we met before? And the floppy haired Mikael shrugs and is like ‘have I slept with your girlfriend at one point?’ and Isak laughs and shakes his head. And the Mikael is like ‘oh, how about boyfriend?’

And then Isak just- starts because he remembers. Best buddy Mikael. Fuck. So Isak looks away really fast and kind of laughs because Even hasn’t really mentioned him since that one text message conversation, but would it be weird to not bring up that Isak knows him?

And then Miakel kind of laughs and before Isak can even think of it, ‘You know my boyfriend escapes his mouth. And Mikael just raises an eyebrow and is like, ‘Do i?’

And then Sana cuts in uneasily, clearing her throat and almost scooting herself in between the two boys, “Mikael this is Isak He’s uh- Even’s boyfriend.”

And then there is complete silence in the room.

I never asked about your girlfriends because they didn’t worry me.
Breakups bring closure, you button them up like old shirts and stow them away. I was interested in the girls you never dated, never broke up with. The ones who came with loose ends and what-ifs. The ones with mystery and unfinished endings, stories that could write back into yours, into ours. Stories that could write me out. I called them the Almosts.

The Almosts have a way of hanging around, like loose shirts draped over chairs or stuffed in the backs of drawers. Just because they aren’t part of your everyday routine doesn’t mean they couldn’t be.

So as sad as I am that we are parting ways, I can only hope that this is temporary, that we will be written back into each other’s lives at a different time. Maybe I am just another almost, but at least that means that I haven’t been packed away for good. Maybe I’m just a shirt that still fits, but just got lost under the bed. Maybe you’ll realize you still love me when you try me on again in a few years.

Its a lot easier to grab a shirt draped over a chair than one that’s been packed away. But then again, you were never very tidy.

I’m sure you have shirts lying everywhere.

—  Almosts // Mt

OP: Yoongi-ya I love Yoongi very very much ㅠㅠ
YG: No, I love you more…


Q: What do you think when noona fans call you “Taehyung-oppa”?
Taehyung: I really like it.


Older (or) Younger, which one do you like? (this means if JK likes older or younger girls) then Jungkook ticked 연상 (older)


Q: What age are you going to have a girlfriend? (Can’t I be (your girlfriend)? ㅎㅎ)
Yoongi: Well…


Q: Yoongi-hyung’s birthday is soon, what gift will Jimin-oppa give (to Yoongi)?
 JM: I will not give (him a gift) 


Q: the word that encourages oppa the best when he hears it is?
HS: You are doing well, Hoseok-ah!