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If Lauren is dating everyone I wish she would just date me. I would have some fun with her while using every spare minute to imply she should leave me for Camila. I care about the greater good guys that's how much I love y'all.

if i was her close friend or something more i would be like “so did you see your ex? damn she is hot, you should make a move” “so i heard your ex is looking for a new girlfriend 🌚 you should make a move”

This is what I’m talking about.


…. Artyom’d rather go after deer meat.  COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF VENISON.

Well guess what, I’m not going after that for you.  xD

All of two seconds pass.

There is now a dotted line where his gf should be.

Bitch left to Idek.

……. not a single tear shed.  :|

GFriend[Eunha]- Dating Profile

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  • Ideal Type:

Someone who could make her and other people around her smile and laugh and is caring

  • How they act around their crush:

Eunha would act like she usually acted but maybe a little more smiling and laughing

  • Confession:

You and Eunha were talking on the phone when you heard your doorbell ring you said bye to Eunha and answered the door. You arrived at the door to see it was Eunha with your favorite flowers in her hands”

“Y/n I like you and I hope you accept my confession and be my girlfriend”

“Eunha i would love to be your girlfriend”

  • First Date:

You and Eunha went to go get some dinner at both of your guys favorite restaurant and then got some ice cream and just act a little silly and to remember the moment by you guys decided to take some photos

*You are yerin*

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  • Regular Dates:

Movie dates, Cuddling dates, Going to get ice cream dates, Shopping dates, Being lazy and just staying at the dorms or your house dates

  • Next Steps:

Sex- 7 ½ months

Parents- 5 months

Moving In- 1 ½ years

Marriage- 2 year

  • PDA

Eunha would more towards the side that she likes it. Eunha would do but wouldn’t go over the top she would just to hold you hand and give you a kiss on the cheek or lips and a hug

  • Pet Names:

Honey, Baby, Babe

  • Who says ‘I love you’ first:

You and eunha just came back from the movies and we’re just talking while eating Ice cream. Eunha and you were messing around with each other when you both just kinda stopped you guys looked at each other and said I love at the same time but Eunha said that she said it a second earlier than you did

  • Anniversary/Birthday Gifts:
  • Often Gifts:
  • Behavior:

Around Others-

Would be happy and smiley. Would still hold your hand and kiss you and hug you


Would be very cuddly and be very caring and romantic and would always like to give you kisses

  • Pros: 

Whenever you need a cuddle or a kiss she will gladly give it to you, Wherever she travels she gets you something from that place, You guys always making the other one feel better


  • Cons: 

Sometimes with her traveling the timezones are different so you can’t talk to her all the time, Sometimes you guys have to cancel dates because she forgot or didn’t know she had a thing for gfriend that day


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I went through your twitter bc youre really funny and i am procrastinating my essay but anyways i was so happy to see all your posts about loving your girlfriend!! im genuinely very happy to see someone be in love and pleased about it and i hope your relationship continues to work well for both of you!!

oh omg thank you so much dude!!! this is honestly such a weirdly sweet ask holy shit bless ur fuckin heart

This week was going to be the one where I finally told her how I felt, which was: When I moved into your dorm in December, and you painted my nails, you held my fingers like sushi and I wanted to die. Which was: When you would get changed half-in-front-of-me, flinging vintage finds off your body like tossaway prayers, I was breaking up with my girlfriend in my head, I was holding a pillow against my chest like a door on top of a door. Which was: When I first saw you, my tongue became a rock and I swallowed it and now what I want to say lives at the bottom of my stomach, collecting moss, and your sexiness is a can-opener I swallowed which is of no use to the rock.
—  Shira Erlichman, from “In the Summer of Erica,” published in Winter Tangerine

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Honestly, I'm such a romantic. Can you talk more about your girlfriend? How did you meet? What does she look like? What is she like and stuff? I have a crush on this girl in school and I'm picturing what my relationship could be like vicariously through others while I work up the courage to ask her out. I know she's bi, but no one knows I am too. How is your relationship?

Don’t worry, I’m also a romantic so I feel that!

We met doing Legally Blonde. She played Elle and I was Emmett and I had a crush on her before we were even officially cast. I’m really bad at admitting those sorts of feelings so I kind of kept them to myself and told maybe one or two people, but apparently I’m not good at hiding it. She couldn’t tell but apparently it was really obvious to everyone else (so I’ve been told).

About two weeks before the show opened (so I’d known her around 3 months at this point) she and I were texting, and she occasionally would say to me “Just date me already” but it was usually a joke. So I replied “Pick a day and I’ll take you to the drive in like I promised. I’ll pay for everything.” (Granted I also worked at the drive in theatre so I knew admission would be free but wasn’t sure about the food and whatnot) so she picked the Tuesday of our tech week and we had a little awkward conversation of “Kay but I’m not kidding” “Yeah, neither am I.”

We went and saw Sausage Party and Ghostbusters. I put a bunch of blankets and pillows in the back of my car and we cuddled for all of Ghostbusters and a little bit of Sausage Party (we’d been eating during most of that one).

Then things kind of kept going from there! She’s a natural redhead but she dyes her hair blonde (honestly both colours look great on her though), she’s about the same height as me, and she had these gorgeous kind of blueish-grey eyes. We did have a bit of a bump in the road a couple weeks ago, but we got through it and it ultimately kind of ended the honeymoon stage of our relationship, but now it’s kind of the easier part in my opinion.

I really hope things go over well for you and this girl, anon! I think they definitely could if you talk to her a bit! I bet she’s lovely!! :)

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How did you come out to your older sister?

I basically just told her because my girlfriend at the time broke up with me and I was really upset, and i just felt like she should know. She was a dancer and was around gay boys all the time so she didn’t care at all and pretty much saw it coming lol

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Hey Sans. How much do you know about your brother's girlfriend?



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SuP MY DUDE caN you please do the cancer crews reaction/what they would do after a verbal fight with their girlfriend?? LOVE ALL YOUR WORK BTW X


Ian: Ian will constantly check his phone hoping for a text. He’ll realise how stupid you two were for fighting over something so small. He’ll call you a couple of times and when you don’t answer he’ll think the worse. To take his mind off things he’ll catch up on editing some videos, he hasn’t posted one in a while. When he finally gets an answer from you he’ll stop whatever he’s doing and reply to you. When you come home he’ll hug you and say sorry. You’ll cry and tell him how sorry you are as well.

Joji: Joji will put himself down. Telling him the fight was all fault even if it definitely wasn’t. Joji will call you and text you once or twice. When you don’t reply he’ll respect your decision and wait until you’re ready. He’ll probably get high and try to sleep. When he wakes up you’ll be in his arms snoring softly. He’ll grin and pull you so close to him.

Max: Max will get really quiet which is unsettling because he is usually so loud and upbeat. He’ll sit on his couch waiting for you to reply to his numerous calls and texts. He feels horrible for picking a fight over something stupid. He misses you and wants you home asap. He pets his cat and drinks while watching tv. When he hears the keys scrape the inside of the lock he jumps up straight away and meets you at the door. He jumps into your arms and saying he was sorry and that he loves you and hopes you forgive him.

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“Samuel, I need to tell you something,” LC said one night after rugby practice had ended. Samuel Knope Wyatt sat down on the bench next to his best friend Leslie Christopher. 

“You can tell me anything, LC,” Samuel said, “Or we could make out or something.”



“Listen, Sam, I need to tell you something. I’m in love with Wendy.” LC finished and looked at the wall of the locker room, frowning.

“Is that a problem? Being in love with your girlfriend?”

“I’m also in love with someone else.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Stephanie,” LC said wistfully. Samuel rolled his eyes.

“Do you think, maybe, it’s just because they look alike, you think you also like Steph?”

“No, man, it’s not because they’re twins.”

“They’re not twins, they’re triplets with me,” Samuel muttered under his breath.

“Wendy is this amazing, intelligent human encyclopedia, but she’s so funny and Stephanie is also brilliant, but in a different way and she’s so passionate and sweet.”

“Yeah, yeah, they’re both great,” Samuel said with a scowl.

“And they’re both crazy hot,” LC added. Samuel picked up the rugby ball that rested next to his foot and threw it at the wall of lockers, leaving a dent in one of the doors.

“I don’t know, man, that’s tough. Maybe you should dump Wendy and go out with Stephanie, or don’t go out with either of them, human sexuality is a spectrum.”

“So, you don’t think dating both of them would work?”

“No, dude, that would make you a huge asshole. Why not date Dawn too while you’re at it?”

“Gross, I hate Swanson.”

“I do not get you at all, LC.”

I’m in love with your voice
I’m in love with your personality
I’m in love with your face
I’m in love with your smile
I’m in love with your lips
I’m in love with your nose
I’m in love with your eyes
I’m in love with your freckles
I’m in love with your cheeks
I’m in love with your teeth
I’m in love with your tongue
I’m in love with your eyebrows
I’m in love with your hair
I’m in love with each individual eyelash
I’m in love with your body
I’m in love with your legs
I’m in love with your feet
I’m in love with your thighs
I’m in love with your waist
I’m in love with your back
I’m in love with your hips
I’m in love with your spine
I’m in love with your ribs
I’m in love with your chest
I’m in love with the veins in your neck
I’m in love with the marks on your skin
I’m in love with your birthmark
I’m in love with the way you sing to me
I’m in love with the way you bite your lip
I’m in love with your cute bum
I’m in love with how you make me laugh
I’m in love with your skin
I’m in love with your bones
I’m in love with the way you smell
I’m in love with the way you look at me
I’m in love with your laugh
I’m in love with your dorky quirks
I’m in love with the twilight in your eyes
I’m in love with the moonlight against your skin
But most of all
I’m in love with you.
—  Ivvicus (40 things I love about you)