Day 12: Grammys

*Taylor’s Pov*

It was the night of the grammy, my first grammy together with Adam, the love of my life. I had been exited for this evening for a long time. I bought the dress when I was in Australia to preform and end my tour. I had some free time one of the days and then, I found the perfect dress. It was a strapless dress and I just knew it would be perfect for this evening.

”Can I come in honey?” Adam asked and knocked on my door. I made it clear that I wanted to fix myself in on room and then meet him when I had my hair, dress and makeup on. ”Yeah, I’m done. You can come in now” I said. He walk in and all I could say was ”Wow”. He wore a black suit and he looked so good. ”You look amazing. You are so beautiful, like always” he said and kissed me. ”You too” I said after responding to his kiss.

There we sat in the car, just about to go out and do something I have never done before, go on the red carpet with a boyfriend. I love him with my life so I thought why not. We never did it last year, he really wanted us to on the Billboard award, but I wanted to go with my friends from my Bad Blood video, because it was the evening I realized the music video. So now when we have known each other for 355 days I thought it was time for it. Something different and something new is good sometimes.

We walked on the red carpet together and got lots of questions, people screamed things from everywhere. When we were at the end of the carpet I saw Kanye starts walking out from a car and start making his way out on the carpet. Damn I thought to myself. After everything last week this wasn’t what I wanted to see, he wasn’t who I wanted to meet, not so soon anyway. Adam saw that I looked at Kanye and grabbed my hand and then kissed me on my lips, which made everyone turn their faces and cameras to us. And I didn’t care, I kind of liked how Kanye walked out and the photographer cared more about me and Adam. Like I sometimes say, karma is only a bitch if you are. We stood there and kissed until I needed to breath, so I then pulled away, still holding his hand. I looked over at Kanye and he looked pissed. I kissed Adam on his cheek and then we walked in to the show.

We walked to our seats and then I kissed him goodbye for the moment. I was opening up the grammy so I needed to go and change. I sang and had a really great time, danced like no one was watching and smiled towards Adam a lot of times. When I was done with my number I changed clothes again, and fixed my makeup a bit. I know I didn’t need to look good in front of Adam, he had seen me without makeup a lot of times, but I wanted to look good for him. Of course it was good for my brant too, but I looked like I liked, and didn’t care much what other thinks. First now I can say that and mean it, the most of the times. Everyone thinks that I have the best confidence, just because I’m famous. But that’s not true.

I walked back to Adam and he kissed me, now we could kiss how much we wanted to, even though it was lots of cameras everywhere, they already had the pictures from the red carpet.

The evening was great! I won lots of awards, danced and hugged/kissed Adam every time they called out my name. I had fun together with my friends who also was sitting with us, but when I was with Adam it was like we were the only one who existed.

We were just about to go to the after party when we met Kanye in the hallway. ”Just ignore him” I whispered in Adams ear. ”You know you are the worst dancer right, like hey I’m swift and I’m singing and dancing like I’m the queen of the world” Kanye said and started to laugh. ”What did you just say?” Adam asked, I could her that he started to be angry. ”Adam” I said. I didn’t want it to be a big thing. We already took over the social medias last Friday, you know the whole thing about his song text. I didn’t expect this, I kind of expected an apology.

”And now you can’t speak, cuz your giiirrll, isn’t that what you call her *laugh* bosses over you. I will be able to write awesome song lyrics in the further about the bad dancer Taylor. Cuz you know what Calvin? She has the power over you and she’s such a good girl, so you can’t say something to me. You are such a loser Taylor, you suck. You didn’t even say what you thought about my lyrics. Tell me, I wanna hear it” Kanye said. Adam got red in his face and I could tell he was about to do something stupid.

From nowhere Adam beat down Kanye and said ”You said what?” I was really surprised. I never thought he would do this for me, beat someone down for me, in order to protect me. Even though Kanyes nose started to bleed, this was cute. That he did this because he love me.

”Just so you know. My girlfriend doesn’t have sex with you, that’s just in your wildest dreams. And you didn’t made her famous. She has always been so much better than you and what do you say about her first albums? They are amazing, but maybe you don’t know what country music is? And she can dance, seeing her dance makes my whole world so much brighter and every time she shakes something off with a dance move I know I wanna spend the rest of my life together with her. She’s kind of the queen of the world, and you are kind of the opposite. Drugs and stuff like that is not a good way to be a role model. And I speak whenever I want to. Taylor just knew this was stupid and I kind of knows that too now, but it was worth it. Because you hurt her, and if you hurt her, then you hurt me too. She is my other half and you just have to deal with it. Okay? No wait, I don’t care if you think it’s okay. I don’t want your promise. I’m gonna marry this girl one day. And what will you write about then, when you already today don’t have something to write about? I know my music will be a bit different because of the love, but at least I know what love is.” Adam said and grabbed my hand. We walked away and I couldn’t help to smile big. I looked back and Kanye stood up, so he was okay, but I was better than okay. Adam wanted to marry me too.

The rest of the evening was wonderful, because I knew he was the one, for real. He would be there for me, no matter what. He was the closest thing to perfect, I knew. I love him, today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life. And now I know I’m not the only one feeling this way.