• aquaman:i'm gonna kick batman's ass
  • everyone who knows batman, including family and allies:oh no [they get up] aquaman has gone mad [gather behind him] and is taking over the justice league [they sit down comfortably] i guess we'll now have to do what he wants and kick batman's ass too
  • bruce, on the opposite side of the room:it's called disrespect for one,

The ending of “Beach City Drift” was so…soothing. This show doesn’t exist to tell powerful people that vulnerable people can come out on top; it exists to tell vulnerable people ‘you have permission to be happy, even if you can’t solve the problems or change the people that are bringing you down on your own.’ 

As a kid I always thought, “Why don’t I ever win like in stories? I’m trying hard and I don’t want to hurt anyone. Why won’t they ever admit I’m right?” And the answer is because I lived in a world that was pervaded with the belief that people like me weren’t worth listening to. There are steps I can take to try to change that world, but pouring all my anger and effort into petty daily battles has little impact in most cases–that energy is better spent elsewhere. It took me so long to realize that. Instead I thought, maybe I am wrong, because I don’t win. Maybe I’m not the hero here. It didn’t occur to me that I was playing against cheaters.

But maybe if I’d had stories telling me that heroes don’t always win, that it’s okay to not win and still be happy, that it’s okay to pick your battles, that sometimes it’s even more effective…I don’t know. It would’ve been reassuring. It’s reassuring now. I’m happy kids get to grow up with that.


We’re halfway through the year and school’s taking a toll on us (or is starting to, depending on where you live). We’re all striving to get all the A1s and A+s in our report books/slips to indicate that our effort wasn’t all for nothing. However, in the journey to pursue these As, we’ve still got to take care of our mental health and start to focus on taking care of ourselves for a while, instead of on our studies. I’ve seen masterposts where a lot of methods to destress have been repeated, therefore I’ve taken the effort to think of more unique ways. Here are some ways I’ve been coming up with for the past few weeks which we can relax and just take a break.


Get a piece of paper (any fancy paper or rough paper will do) and start drawing your future home. You could do a top view down, or one side of the paper for each room you’re going to have. Draw your furniture and layout out and label each furniture with its name (eg. sofa/desk/television) and state some details about it (eg. white leather sofa, three-seater) based on your aesthetic. 

+ Some time ago, I was talking about my aesthetic with my friend who shares a similar taste. We were talking about our future homes, about what colours our walls would be in, about what type and colour of furniture we would get, and it made us so happy, and that’s where I got this idea from! (btw we own another studyblr with another bunch of friends called @/sleepstudycryrepeat on Instagram!


We’ve all gotten very familiar with our desk layout. Why not upgrade it a little bit more? Change up the way you arrange your items on your desk. Move that stack of post-it notes from the left of your desk to your right. Throw away last night’s crumpled-up paper and sweet wrappers you’ve left forgotten. I promise you’re going to feel so much better after clearing, cleaning, and rearranging your study area. Furthermore, it counts as something productive because you’re one step closer to cleaning your room like your mum told you to do.


Pinterest’s something I’ve been loving for quite a while now because it has tons of resources as well as motivating pictures of well-arranged study spaces. But who cares about studying when you’re trying to de-stress? Look up on other pictures that suit your aesthetic and pin them onto a fresh, new board based on your aesthetic. After you’re done pinning, scroll through the whole board and then proceed to melt into a puddle of happiness.


I see that you’ve not been picking up your TBR books for a while now. You haven’t been drawing like you’ve used to. Put those books in your hand down at this very moment, and give yourself a little love by doing the things that you loved to do and re-discover the reason why you loved them in the first place. If you’re trying out a new hobby, please do not, do not, do not fret about not being good at that hobby. Everyone has their firsts and they’re not so pretty either. To make you feel better, you can always request to see my before & after pictures when I first practised brush lettering/typography/calligraphy. However, make sure you don’t spend too much time on your hobby! (And it’s best if you make your hobby making notes)


Whip out your bullet journal and look past the unchecked boxes. Turn to a fresh page, take your prettiest pen, and write “THINGS THAT I LOVE”. The rest’s pretty self-explanatory. But, you can always switch it to a different thing such as “THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY” and so on. Make it colourful if you want to, as well. Don’t focus too much on making it pretty though, it ruins the fun (but if that makes you happy, go ahead).


If you didn’t like the previous step or want to take it up a notch, you can always start a biography of yourself. Write your name in a pretty font and a pretty colour, list down things about yourself (nicknames, date of birth, likes, dislikes, best friends, hobbies, basically anything).

+ I remember back in primary school, almost every girl had a notebook full of different people’s biographies. We would exchange our books with each other to write and read other people’s. And I also remember that I always bought uniball signo’s metallic and angel packs just for these biographies. In retrospect, it was silly and stupid (and an excessive waste of money) but the experience was worth having to reminisce on. 

And there you have it, my first ever masterpost and six fun ways which you can employ to destress and have fun. Enjoy your mental-health-is-priority days!

adam and ronan at school though? i mean sometimes i remember that there is a lot of time between trk and the epilogue when adam goes to college, and it fucks me up bc

  • lazy kisses against the lockers between classes!!!
  • ronan walking adam to his classes bc they are Dorks in Love and it’s not like ronan is in any hurry to get to his own classes anyway
  • when they share classes ronan always takes the seat next to adam and glares down anyone who might have come before until they move
  • he also spends all of class staring at adam, who is Aware and Flustered
  • “discreetly” playing footsie under the table thinking the teachers have no idea but they do 
  • or actually, ronan getting adam lunch bc he knows adam is too busy to eat after school 
  • doing homework together (or: adam doing homework while ronan lounges nearby, making paper airplanes out of his notebooks, leaning against adam’s back)
  • makeout sessions behind buildings or in little cozy spots where they keep getting interrupted bc honestly everyone knows these spots and uses them for making out sessions
  • “GOD DAMMIT GET A ROOM” shouts jiang more than once
  • “please please act like adults” pleads gansey
  • “psst i know a great spot ;) ;) ;)” this is henry ofc
  • studying together omg adam helping ronan study by giving him certain incentives (”no kissing till you get question 15 right” “fuck you parrish” but adam stands firm on this so ronan has no choice but to study)
  • surprise surprise ronan actually begins passing the rest of his classes with respectable grades, which is ironic bc he doesn’t plan on finishing school


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Main actors in a terrible play AU for Jerza please

“Oh, my scarlet haired queen! It pains me to inform you but… but I have a fianceé!” screamed the side character as fake tears streamed down his face.

Backstage, the two main actors – about to take the stage one last time – eyed each other with knowing expressions. They both knew the words were a lie, and that in the end the love interests would be reunited in a dramatic, over-the top declaration of their undying love while they, the true stars of the show, were doomed to die a tragic on-stage death.

“Gosh, I’m so glad that the contract runs out after this performance,” Erza whispered, and Jellal chuckled as he nodded, and then proceeded to adjust his cheap crown.

“Talk about unrealistic,” he agreed, “’I have a fianceé’? Really, who writes this crap?”

Back to School Tips

I do not begin classes until August 22, but I know a lot of people start back like the first week of August. I wanted to upload some tips for y’all that would hopefully help you throughout the year! 

These tips are what have helped me throughout high school, so I am just sharing with you what has helped me.


  • Do not spend ALL of your time studying. It is good to have some time to hang out with friends or go see a sports game. 
  • Take breaks. Do not sit down and try to study for six hours straight. It’s unhealthy, and your brain will probably get exhausted. Try studying for twenty to thirty minutes and taking a small ten to fifteen minute break. [
  • Spend less time on subjects you excel in and more time on the subjects you struggle with. It is sometimes hard to study all of your classes in one day. Spend, for example, twenty minutes on a subject you do well in (like for me, it’s English), and forty minutes to an hour on a subject you struggle with (my struggle subject is math).
  • Make flashcards. I know flashcards do not help everyone, but if they help you, make them. I sometimes make flashcards just to write the information down so that I can remember it.
  • Write it down AFTER class. It is unrealistic for me to write down all of my class notes; however, I do write down equations, vocabulary, and things I found important in each class. If I have an upcoming test, I like to write the information out simply because that helps me remember it.


  • Don’t stress yourself out. You do not know what the test is like unless your teachers tell you, but that is no reason to freak out. Most teachers usually have a format that they generally put EVERY test in. Figure out that format so that you’re familiar with the test set-up at least. This will take a lot of the stress off of you.
  • Breathe. Do not get too anxious about a test and start (again) stressing yourself out. One bad grade will not ruin your high school career.


  • Use a planner. If you can remember all of your due dates, kudos to you. However, if you’re like me, you sometimes forget because the teacher does not remind you every day that you have a paper due in two weeks. This helps to keep track of long-term assignments and study schedules.
  • Do not be pressured to make an A+ on every paper. This is unrealistic. I have felt this pressure to do this for a while, but honestly, it isn’t worth it to throw away my mental health for an A+. I constantly have to remind myself that it is okay to not make an A+ or even an A sometimes.
  • Focus on yourself a few times throughout the day. This can be just a five minute reflection on your mental health and stress levels, etc. You do not have to spend hours focusing on yourself, just as least five minutes occasionally throughout the day.
  • Make a study schedule. This makes studying so much easier. I do this each week, focusing mainly on one or two classes a day and putting smaller time slots in for other classes that are going to be my main focus another day. I will upload my study schedule in August to show you what I do when I am planning my study schedule.

The main thing is to make sure that YOU are happy with what is happening with your studying and grades. The only person that can define what is good and what is not is you. Do not make yourself sick worrying about school. Set aside some “me time” where you’re not studying or flipping through a textbook or anything school related.


The rain tapered off but heavy drops here and there warned us constantly: it’s not all over yet! There was so little left of the cheerful afternoon of minutes ago on the streets of Cluj… Leaden light was drawing now hard shadows on the wet pavement, mirroring in cold puddles a formless sky. It takes a brave one to step through this and well I’m not so brave: I decided to seek cover and have a beer, or two, until the weather is hopefully calming down. What I got was this Nemțeana, a craft Romanian helles lager true to the German spirit - smooth and thick, with well baked bread crust and fine hops (a bit more than usual on those). Lovely. Still when I got out, the wall of rain was doing its same thing thus the lights on the Opera House looked at us so dim, so wet, so afraid…

BTS reaction when their girlfriend passed out.

Rap Monster: *Rap Monster will not say things like: I told you or fight you, he’ll just wait you come home to take care of you*

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Jin: *you started feel bad for passed out* “No, no, jagi, come here so I can take care of you”.

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Suga: “Baby… Tell me Who told you wear it so I can scream with someone…” 

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J-Hope: *after you pass out a friend call him*

Y/N: Hobi… are you crying?

J-Hope: Of course I am!

Y/N: I’m fine now, please don’t cry…

J-Hope: Never do that to me again and neither with you!

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Jimin: “No, I don’t care if you have a presentation on a week, the only thing you will do now is lie down and rest!” *upset and worried Jiminnie*

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Taehyung: *same as RM, TaeTae will not fight you because he knows you love what you do and happen this kind of thing is part, he will just tell you to be more careful because you are too precious to him*

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Jungkook: “Look, Y/N, I know this is your job, I understand better than anyone, really, but you have to know that your health is more important than your work and please, can you just ask to change this thing that you have to wear? If you want I can talk to someone and-”

Y/N: ok I got it, daddy!

Jungkook: Yeah, I’m trying to be serious here!

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I’m sorry for the delay, thank you for the question, you are always welcome and I hope you enjoy~ bye bye <3

What do you do to relax? Any chance I have just to be at my house, I take it. I’m never at home, I’m always travelling. I never work in LA. Being home is really a vacation for me and my wife. Music is our obsession. I fell in love with my wife at a music festival. We have concerts inside our living room. Whenever we’re in town, we track down artists playing in Los Angeles and just reach out to their tour manager and see if they’d like to play our living room.

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There are times when you want to draw, but you can not (for whatever reason). How do you cope with that? Do you have any tips for beginners creators?

Different reason, different way to cope.

If it’s because too tired to draw, I will write down the idea and draw it when I feel better.

If I don’t have any idea can draw, I will watch movie, animation, read a story, listen music, play game, to chat with my friends, take a walk or think something to find some ideas.

If I’m too busy to draw, try to remember the idea and write down the idea in free time, then draw it.

If those can’t help you, well… for beginners creators you can practice some basis with reference, like how to draw hands, how to color etc.

Or just lie down, take a rest XD

Hope those cope can help you :3


Your eyes break down my walls
Your kiss sets me on fire
But your mind is what I love
Your words are what take me higher
So smart, sexy, and fun
I’m entranced by your actions
So strong, intense, and courageous
I can only hope to match your passion
I could stare at you all day long
But that would be a waste
Cause you are so much more
Than just a beautiful face
You care so deep
And love so fierce
You beam with confidence
Like you have no fears
You’re the best of friends
And the greatest of lovers
I’m stung by your tail
And lost in your covers


The spa animations have to be one of the best parts of the game. :P

Anyway, sometimes, when I take photos of these two together, there are almost always more photos of Kaidan in them…[I just can’t help it, he looks so good XD]…but to be fair, the game animations can do some weird ass, freaky looking poses to John’s face.

[And that second to last photo has made me realize that I might need to dial down the muscle slider a *little* lol]

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I found the same version as your old tablet for $60 on Amazon fyi

YEAH I knowww it’s just. I’m debating whether or not to get a new/different kind?? (any suggestions??) but tysm for pointing it out anon, it’s very nice of you to mention!! :)

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So I'm hella freaking out. What is this about the creators and the lying and the "johnlock just isn't the direction the show is taking." I know they lie. But, idk. It feels like religion. I'm not religious because I have a hard time with the concept of faith. I've shipped johnlock FAR before the conspiracy but it's hard to believe sometimes when people are pushing the doubt down your throat. I'm just nervous that maybe they're not lying this time. Any advise?

Hey Nonny!

Lovely, they do this every single convention; they’re not going to spoil the “surprise” of the show. Just like any panel, no one is going to tell you the BIG PLOT SECRET. They have been lying their asses off for 6 years and this isn’t any different. Just sit back, take everything they say with a grain of salt, and just enjoy any of the marketing material we get with these cons (trailers, promo photos, episode titles). I know it’s hard, especially if you’re new to the fandom and don’t understand subtext yet, but read between the lines. 

Moffat  said Too Much™ yesterday and now that Mark is here, he is backpedalling. Steven is SO excited about the new series that he just can’t help himself. Mark loves to KEEP secrets. Don’t worry none, Lovely <3

Check out this tag here to see just how much they lie about everything.

Jason Iscariot will be gone August 8th

Another less-important announcement

After the Bandcamp release of So Far, I’ll be taking down the old Jason Iscariot Bandcamp and most of the media with it.

The two albums will be bundled and archived.

I plan to rework most of the songs from my old project, and I’d rather give them proper treatment and care before I let them see the light of day again.

If you still want to grab We Mars and Trying Too Hard, you have until August 8th.

I know a lot of you have been around since I started releasing music, and I hope a lot of you understand why I want to move on. Those two albums were a tremendous help for me back when I needed to get through college, and I cannot thank you guys enough for that incredible support I never expected. I hope you like what I have coming up.

What is my perfect crime? I break into Tiffany’s at midnight. Do I go for the vault? No. I go for the chandelier. It’s priceless. As I’m taking it down, a woman catches me. She tells me to stop. It’s her father’s business. She’s Tiffany. I say no. We make love all night. In the morning, the cops come and I escape in one of their uniforms. I tell her to meet me in Mexico, but I go to Canada. I don’t trust her. Besides, I like the cold. Thirty years later, I get a postcard. I have a son, and he’s the chief of police. This is where the story gets interesting. I tell Tiffany to meet me in Paris by the Trocadéro. She’s been waiting for me all these years. She’s never taken another lover. I don’t care. I don’t show up. I go to berlin. That’s where I stashed the chandelier.

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Walking in on Dyl masturbating thinking of you and offering to help, and you end up blowing him after jerking him off a little? ;)

One afternoon, you drive to Dylan’s house. They two of you have been friends for a long time, and you’ve gotten used to just walking into each other’s houses. You only see his car in the driveway, so he’s probably up in his room taking a nap or something. You go inside and get yourself a drink out of the fridge, taking a sip. You put it down and decide to go upstairs to find Dylan. His door is propped open slightly and you walk in without warning, “Hey, Dyl- oh!” You stand there with wide eyes as he gasps, quickly pulling a blanket over his lap. ”Y/n!” he blurts out. “I-I’m sorry, I should have knocked, o-oh my god,” you stammer. He swallows, panting as he quickly stuffs the picture he was holding under his pillow.

You raise your eyebrows when you catch a glimpse of it, taking a step inside the room. “What picture is that?” you ask softly. You could have sworn you’ve seen it before. “Nothing. What?’ he says quickly. “Dylan,” you say firmly, reaching under his pillow. “No!” he cries out. You pull out the picture that your mom took of the two of you last summer at the beach. You’re in your bikini and Dylan has his arm around you, grinning. “Dylan,” you say softly, sitting on the bed next to him. He’s staring at the ground, bright red. You lean in and kiss his cheek, making him look at you with surprise and confusion. He searches your eyes for any explanation, widening his eyes as you lean in to kiss him.

He kisses back, resting a hand on your back as you move a little closer. You slowly run your hand down his chest and he shivers under your touch, gasping as you slip your hand under the blanket. You push it aside and take him in your hand, starting to tug slowly. He becomes a whimpering mess, pressing closer as he kisses you hungrily. “Do you want more?” you whisper over his lips. He moans in response and you bend down, taking him in your mouth. Dylan bucks his hips up at the sensation, not lasting very long. He comes without warning, apologizing profusely as you pull back and cough a couple times. You smile as you kiss him again, silencing him. He pulls away to look at you in amazement. You lightly rest a hand on his chest and Dylan puts his hand over yours, murmuring, “Y/n, I’ve liked you for… a really long time.” You widen your eyes and start to smile. “Really?” you whisper. He nods, watching you nervously. You lean in to kiss him again and you both start grinning and laughing in disbelief. “Me, too,” you mumble, closing your eyes as Dylan keeps kissing you.

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What was arima's goal? Eto's was to give hope to ghouls. What about arima?

It doesn’t really say much of Arima’s goal as it’s from Eto’s point of view but my personal ‘headcanon’ is that Arima wants to take down V for the Garden Children. To stop any more of those Children being born into a world where they will have to go through the same as him, slowly deteriorating to an early death.

I seems like around the age he was in the flashback was similar to when Arima was shown with Hairu in the Sunlit Garden. I wonder if seeing her and the other children was when he started to think he’d like to change things.