Please help Jack

Meet Jack.

I rescued Jack along with his brothers when they were 4 weeks old. I bottle feed them until they were old enough to be rehomed. I kept Jack for myself because he is an amazing cat.

Jack is my buddy, he hangs out with me and calms me down when I’m upset. My parents have been taking care of Jack for me while I’m trying to find an apartment.

During the time I was away from Jack my parents got a dog. Recently one morning Jack was sunbathing and the dog was let out of the house to go to the bathroom. The dog went after Jack and broke Jack’s leg. Thankfully the dog did not kill Jack.

I took Jack into the vet and I found out his leg is broken on a joint, due to this the best option for Jack is to have his leg amputated. He is at the vet right now with the surgery scheduled for tomorrow. 

Unfortunately I have a high amount of student loans and most of my savings went to the emergency vet after he got attacked. In order for me to pick Jack up from the vet on Wednesday I need to have $3000 to pay for the surgery.

My parents have refused to help pay for the surgery saying “a 22 cent bullet is a lot cheaper than a $3000 surgery”. I have refused to let my parents kill my cat, but I do need help paying for the surgery. I have set up a Go Fund Me for donations to help Jack. Please donate if you can. If you are unable to give please share this so more people can see. Thank You!

Edit: Link to Donate


“We’re stronger than you think. Don’t listen to her. She’s one of the privileged. If they come down, she’ll have it good. How many of you can say the same? We can take care of ourselves. That wristband on your arm? It makes you a prisoner. We are not prisoners anymore! They say they’ll forgive your crimes. I say you’re not criminals! You’re fighters, survivors! The Grounders should worry about us!”


Alyss: It’s such a shame! Tea parties are so fun…

are you scared that you have no idea what to do with your life? yeah, me too.

i did a lil’ research and i compiled a list of quizzes you can take + resources n websites that can help lead you down a path you’re interested in:

i hope this helps?? it did help me to try and figure out at least a few options for the future :]

I am sorry to have had so little to post around here, lately- up until recently I’ve been nose-down at Hasbro working on secretive Play-Doh things that I wish to Thor I could post…alas! Not for a good long while…

I did make a Viking for an art-thing that didn’t quite work out (kind of a…Viking audition?) Still, it was SUPER fun and I’m very pleased with the final product- it felt good to make some beardy norse nonsense.

I am back at my personal studio, gearing up to take on new freelance contracts and make new (hopefully more share-able) art! Hooray! See you guys soon :)


[ What would you tell the 13 year old you? ] I remember feeling really insecure at 13. Like, part of my job was…I had to have a certain confidence, and a certain bravery, but inside I felt like a very normal insecure 13 year old. And I guess I would tell her to just take it easy on herself. That everything sorts itself out. And everything’s not such a big deal. And I guess I would be like “Just wait until you’re an adult - Wait until you’re an ADULT, if you think that’s a big deal!” And I’d give her a pat on the back, and say “Good job. Calm down!”

thebeginningof-eternity asked:

“If we got married, would I have to take your last name? Or could we just make up a new one?” Stiles maybe?

You were both sitting in the park, in the dead of night, swinging on the swings. You loved moments like this with Stiles; where you could be as childish and as silly as you wanted. You loved that; you loved him.

You were currently discussing what it would be like if Scott got married, “If I’m not his best man, I’ll kill him.” Stiles grumbled.

You rolled your eyes, “Of course you’ll be his best man.” You told him, “Just imagine the bachelor party… Oh god.”

Stiles grinned at you, “As future best man, I’m inviting you to Scott’s bachelor party.”

“Oh great.” You laughed before something hit you, “If we got married, would I have to take your last name?” You asked as you slowed the swing down, “Or could we just make up a new one?”

“You could take Stilinski if you wanted or keep your own name… Or we come become the Batmans’. Mr and Mrs Batman!” You laughed loudly at Stiles’ excitement before he realised where the conversation had gone, “Wait… You want to get married?” He asked with a small smile, “To me?”

You shrugged, “I’ve thought about it… But if we’re going to become the Batmans’ then I’m totally up for it.”

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I think I may be gay and that freaks the hell out of me. I don't know what to do and I don't know who who I should tell. Idk I guess I just need advice.

Sit down, take a deep breath. 

Think about all the good things that have happened in your life. Think about all the amazing times you’ve had with your friends or your family or by yourself, watching your favorite tv show or singing along with your favorite song. Think about the feeling of leaving school for the holidays, knowing you won’t have to worry about it for several weeks. Think about the times you were so excited for something, you couldn’t sleep. Imagine biting into your favorite pizza at your favorite restaurant, after being hungry for ages. Think about tucking yourself into bed after a long, exhausting but exciting day. 

I promise you, this won’t change. These feelings won’t change. It doesn’t matter who you love. Because being gay would just be a tiny aspect of your life. It can be huge, that’s called love. But there’s so much more to life. There’s so much more to you.

Take your time to figure it out. When you have and you feel ready, tell the person you feel closest to. It will be alright.


Listen, Monday and Mother Nature totally won yesterday. Around 4:30 it started to storm and the ONLY exit to our parking lot was flooded by the time we went to leave. A few people drove through it and a few smaller cars and my co workers decided to wait. I don’t really have that much experience with the roads flooding so I too waited…for like an hour. So that took away Zumba. And then I became hangry. And worried I was going to have to sit in the parking lot all night. It drained a little but was still high but we all took a chance and thankfully made it out. The first route I tried to take home was flooded so I had to turn around and I FINALLY made it home. Kevin was off work so it was nice that he was there. It kinda took a lot out of me so I got in bed around 8 and played on my phone, looked at wedding venues and let my anxiety go down before I went to sleep.

Today’s a new day right?? I’m still giving the rain the side eye but I parked in the front parking lot (I was in the employee one last night) which has multiple exits in case a storm shows up again.

Despite my Monday going 0% like I expected I still got up today, had my breakfast bowl and packed my lunch for today. I’m currently eating some pineapple and getting ready to start my day with a hug in a mug aka coffee.

Today will be better!! It HAS to be!


if you could only see the beast you’ve made of me
i held it in but now it seems you’ve set it  r u n n i n g  f r e e
the saints can’t help me now, the ropes have been unbound
i hunt for you with  b l o o d y  f e e t  across the hallow’d ground

The Protectors have been played by Pitch too many times. With Jack taken and turned into Pitch’s deadliest weapon, the Protectors are down one member and down morale, leading to a lack of desire to find him. Rapunzel, infuriated with the decision, takes matters into her own hands and sets out to get Jack back.

Imagine telling Owen you’re pregnant

Originally posted by haveigonetoofar

Imagine… Owen was pacing back and forth your dimly-lit hotel room. He had been stressed out ever since the incident last night at the park, and been grieving the loss of Echo, Delta and Charlie. You knew you could help his stressing, but how where you going to approach this problem? Your day was being spent laying in bed, contemplating how to tell him you were pregnant, and the only logical way seemed to be to just straight up tell him.

“Owen…” you said, standing up. Anxiety begun invading your body, and sweat ran down your neck like a waterfall. Ew. “I uh…”

“What is it?” He asked, bitterly. 

“I kind of have something really important to tell you.” You voice became shaky. He spun on his heels, finally looking at you for the first time today. He looked exhausted and angry. Oh boy.

“I’m not in a good position to accept bad news right now, (Y/N), can it be at any other time”

“No” you say, standing up straight. “And it’s not bad.” You opened your mouth to say the words, but nothing came out. You felt a lump form in your throat, blocking the news from escaping. 

“Cat got your tongue or what? Spit it out,” he commanded. 

Moments later you thought: Wait this is our fucking child, he will be ecstatic about it. The lump in your throat cleared and a smile creeped onto your face. “I’m pregnant” you cheered.

You excepted a positive reaction from him, but instead his face grew cold. OwEN WhaT tEh FuCk. Your heart sank like an anchor, and you could’ve sworn you shrank two feet, because Owen was not towering over you.

“You let yourself run around in the woods, being chased by dinosaurs when you knew you were carrying my baby? Our baby?”

“I…” Shit that does sound insane. “I’m sorry I just thought-”

“Like hell you were thinking!” He sat down on the bed and buried his hands in his face. “Oh my God”

“Well nothing happened to me so not like it matters anyways”

“No, (Y/N) if anything hit your stomach hard enough it could’ve hurt the baby!”

“Owen the baby is barley a month old its spinal cord is just barley developing”

“Something still could’ve happened!”

You begin to tear up, wishing you hadn’t told him. All you wanted to do was relieve some stress and make it easier for him, but your plan backfired. “I thought you’d want to know. Sorry I told you” you said, approaching the door.

“Don’t. Fucking. Leave” he said. You froze, afraid to move. “Come here” he sighed. You finally gained the courage to move and sat down next to him on the uncomfortable hotel bed. Owen rapped his arm around you and pushed you into him (that was awful describing, so like he pulled her closer but like only her torso so now she’s leaning on him). “Of course, I’m happy. I’ve been wanting to start a family with you for a long time, but figured it’d be best to wait until we were married. He paused to kiss your temple. All the tension and stress you’d been feeling had been wiped away effortlessly, and an indescribable feeling washed over you. “I love you, and I love our child who will be named after one of the girls”

You smile and tear up once again, this time of joy.

there-is-meaning-in-everything asked:

Clumsy Olicity :) almost as if they were cursed or something because of the amount of times they are tripping, slipping, falling and dropping things. Everyone is noticing it as well.

—Broken Dishes—

“Okay, that’s it,” Lyla said, standing up and guiding Felicity toward the table. “Would you sit down?”

“I’m fine, I swear. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today.”

“You’re just nervous because you’re trying to be such a perfect hostess,” Diggle said reassuringly. “We’re fine, Felicity. You know you don’t have to impress any of us.”

“Yeah, this has been a perfect Thanksgiving,” Thea chimed in pleasantly before taking a bite of pumpkin pie, nudging Roy.

“Hmm? Oh, yeah,” Roy cottoned on. “It really has been. And the food was amazing.”

“I can’t believe I’ve broken five dishes,” Felicity groaned. She reached for her glass of wine, and Lyla’s hand shot out to steady it before Felicity could actually knock it over. “I’m never this clumsy.”

“I know just how you feel,” Lyla chuckled. “When I got pregnant, I must have broken my entire set of coffee mugs. And I kept bumping my hip on the counter. Drove me absolutely nuts.”

Felicity stared, a look of shock on her face as she was clearly doing a mental calculation.

“Wait…did you just say…” Roy started slowly, looking between Lyla and Felicity in confusion.

Lyla frowned. “Well she’s obviously knocked up. Didn’t anyone else know that?”

There was a sudden thud and  a sound of glass shattering. They all looked up to see a stunned Oliver, who had just entered the room, standing over a slice of pecan pie forever lost to their carpet along with yet another broken dish.

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Josh taking care of Jen when she's sick

Thank you so much for the prompt, anon! Hope you like it! :)


Not Fair…

I groan into the the pillow, scrunching it to my face from under me, not lifting my head nor opening my eyes. It’s bright; too bright, even through my eyelids. And my head feels like lead, and something bashes down on it from the outside, something hard and invisible, but ringing a pulse with each hit.

I roll over, with effort, and still refuse to open my eyes. I’m so tired. I’m never leaving the wondrous cocoon of blankets, ever. I shiver, and pull them to my chin, burrowing in tighter, my eyes growing heavier again and I welcome the depths of the darkness that pulls me under.

When I wake again, it hits me. I can’t breathe. My face hurts, my eyes reduced to slits. When I go to sit up, my arms feel as though they are merely feathers, collapsing under my weight, and my throat burns like I’m on my fortieth shot of straight, cheap, paint stripping vodka.

I’m sick. No no no no no no no. I can’t be sick!

I moan again, though I’m not sure if it’s from annoyance that of course I would be ill now, or from how shitty I actually feel. I’ve had the flu before, I’m pretty sure it’s on par with that, and that was pretty fucking terrible.

“Finally awake are you?”

Josh laughs as he comes into the bedroom at my squinting at him from behind the quilt. He’s only in his shorts, his tee bunched in his fist, half a bottle of water in hand and his hair sweaty from his run.

“H…” My voice dies before it passes my lips, already lost to the raspy wheeze I have instead. I cough, but it only burns more, and causes another twenty seconds of spluttering and barking. Even then, my voice is barely above a whisper. “Hey.”

His eyes soften and his mouth gapes a little, before he sits on the bed, sliding closer to me. His hand reaches my forehead just as I am stuffing the bed covers back around me with a shiver, having been nudged out of place slightly from his weight. “Jesus, Jen,” he presses his palm gently to my head, his face concerned. “Your burning up, bad.”

“I’m fine,” I mumble, my voice sounding like a forty year old chain smoking man wearing a peg on his nose.

Josh scoffs as he rises. “Sure you are. You look like death warmed up, it’s a fucking wonder I can make you out from the sheets you’re that pale! I’m getting you some Tylenol and you’re staying in bed until I run you a bath.”

He’s out the door before I can protest again, and just as well, because there’s no way I’d win a fight to leave this bed; I’m losing it to my own body right now anyway.

I’m fine, I tell myself as he bangs around downstairs. I’m fine, I tell myself as a wave of nausea crashes over me. I’m fine, I tell myself as I throw back the medicine Josh has brought me. I’m…. I’m asleep.

When I wake, I feel even worse than before, as if that was possible. Beside me on the nightstand, Josh has left some water, some tissues and handful of crackers. Even they make my stomach flip.

“Hey, I’ve ran you a bath if you want it?”

Josh leans on the doorway, eyes scanning me over.

I swallow thickly, grimacing as my saliva burns like acid. With hunks of glass in it. I nod and feebly lift the covers from me, swinging my legs out to the floor. I pause, take a ragged breath, and push up on shaking arms.

The room spins and I feel lightheaded, but there is nothing for me to hold on to. I sway on unsteady feet, my arm reaching out to grasp the air, too cool on my skin. I’m getting dizzy and I close my eyes lightly. Then his arm slips around my waist.

“I’m okay.” I croak.

“I know,” he says, and I’ve never been more thankful for his arm on me.

I wobble into the bath, filled with bubbles and scented oils that I can’t smell, but I can, at least, feel on my clammy body. Josh perches on the toilet seat, not trusting me to be alone. Fainting while sick is one of my regular acts, and I guess we’d both rather it wasn’t in a tub full of soapy water.

“How long was I out of it?”

Josh grins and checks his watch. “Well it’s nearly six now…”

“But that’s nearly all day!” My voice fades to nothing as my exclamation builds, but he hears me.

“You needed it,” he shrugs. “You think you can eat something?”

I nod, pulling the plug and standing, quickly reaching for my towel, the air on my wet skin giving me instant goosebumps. “I’ll try. I’m not really hungry though.”

I’m dressed back into some warm pajamas, woolly socks and three blankets, my hair knotted high on top of my head when Josh walks back in with a bowl and two mugs balanced in his hands. He sets the steaming mugs down on his nightstand and places the food between us.

“Mac n’ cheese,” he smiles proudly. I once told him mac n’ cheese was the most comforting of all the comfort foods, forget chicken soup and grapes, cheese and pasta is what you need. He produces two forks from the pocket of his hoodie along with some more medicine for me. “You need it,” he looks at me sternly pressing the box into my hands. I don’t even argue as I break his gaze to pop two into my mouth and chug quickly on some water.

As I do, Josh punches some buttons on the remote for the TV, scrolling through listings. I place the glass back to the unit and when I turn back, the titles for The Breakfast Club are on the screen.

“It was this or Journey,” he laughs, wrapping an arm over my shoulders. I don’t even have the energy or the brain power to come up with a retort, instead just settling into his embrace and warily picking up a fork.

“This is fine,” I sigh.

I only manage a few mouthfuls of the pasta before I admit defeat and toss my fork back into the bowl. I feel Josh’s eyes on me, and see his mouth press together in a thin, worried line, before he reaches beside him and passes me a mug.

“Hot chocolate. Help your throat and y’know, keep your sugars up.”

I smile gratefully, the cup warming my hands and then my body as I take a sip and let the smooth, richness melt through me. “Thank you.”

I’m tired again, and after finishing my cup, I snuggle in closer to Josh, tucking my head on to his shoulder with a sniff.

“You shouldn’t be this close to me; you’re gonna get sick too,” I tell him, though I make no effort to move. My body is both a dead weight and floating like a feather, and all I do is take a handful of his shirt in my hand to anchor myself to him.

“So you admit that you’re sick?” He’s smirking, I can hear it in his voice.

“You’re happy about the fact that I’m not well. Gee, thanks Joshy.” My voice is soft, feeble almost, but I smile too and he can tell I’m playing. “I feel like shit. Dammit, it’s so typical! It’s your birthday tomorrow!” I’m whining pathetically at the injustice of it, though it’s no one’s fault. “It’s just not fair!” I cough loudly, turning my head away from him and sitting halfway up. When I stop, I let out a wavering breath, deflating.

“Well as long as you’re here I don’t mind if we just do this again. But I get to pick the movie.”

I shake my head, with a laugh and wriggle myself back into him. I’m too drained to protest that technically he picked this one. “Deal,” I murmur into his chest, my head on his shoulder and my hand lying over where his stomach meets his breast bone, eyes closing heavily with a sigh as I succumb to sleep once more.

Imagine Sam and Dean reacting to you going on a hunt with Cas...

Requested by thinkwritexpress. Hope you enjoy it! XOXO

“What happened? Are you okay? Where the hell have you guys been?” Sam rushed toward you as Cas helped you down the steps.

“I’m fine!” you assured him, your voice sounding weaker than you wanted it to. “I just need to sleep it off.”

You flinched away as Sam pushed your hair out of your face, taking in the cut above your eye. Dean was assessing your injuries too, you could tell, but you were grateful that he kept his distance. You hated being the center of so much attention.

“Heal her, Cas! Why didn’t you already?”

“She does not wish me to heal her injuries. I won’t do it unless I have permission.”

“I don’t need all the fuss. I just need to get to my room,” you insisted. It was a silly fear, but you had always been a little leery of Cas’ healing powers. It just wasn’t natural. What if it did more than heal you? What if it changed you? You much preferred to heal on your own. Besides, a couple of sore ribs and a shallow cut above your eye was nothing to worry about.

A few minutes later, you were in your own bed, Sam dabbing warm water on your forehead to clean the cut. You were very glad when he determined that it didn’t need stitches, and you fell into a deep sleep the minute Sam left you alone.

Deep, warm voices swam in your head. You weren’t sure at first if you were dreaming, but when you realized you were swimming toward consciousness you rebelled, wanting to stay under for as long as possible. You refused to move, knowing that would wake you completely, and tried to tune out the voices lest they pull you out of your sleep.

Even though you tried not to, you caught a few sentences of the conversation.

“…should have known better, Cas. She isn’t trained, she could have been killed!”

“It was a simple case. I thought she knew enough, and I needed the help.”

“Well, from now on, call one of us. Even if we’re on our own case, she is not available to help you, got it?”

“Yes, Sam.”

There was silence after that, but you never got the feeling that you were alone. It didn’t stop you from dropping back into that deep slumber.

You caught a few more snippets of conversation sometime later, still not ready to open your eyes.

“Remember that night with the whiskey?” Sam sounded tired.

“Of course,” Dean’s gravelly voice answered.

“She was hilarious that night…remember when she danced to that awful 80s song?”

“Yep, and how she stole my piece of pie.”

“After you passed out, she and I talked for hours. I had never heard her talk so much. She told me all about her family and why she wanted to work with us. I’ve never seen her be so open.”

“Alcohol will do that. Get some sleep, Sammy.”

Finally, your eyes popped open. Your head no longer swam with the need for more sleep, your body was rested and ready to wake up. You sat up, wincing at the slight ache in your ribs, to find Sam sitting in a chair by your bed, slumped over and snoring softly. You grinned at the sight of his face slack with sleep, unburdened and innocent, and leaned over to brush the long hair falling across his eyes.

He awakened at your touch.

“Y/N? You okay?”

“I told you last night, I just needed to sleep. I’m fine, really.”

“Cas told me what happened. I can’t believe you went with him on a hunt. You have to promise me you won’t put yourself in danger again. I couldn’t handle it if…” His voice trailed off, and he wrapped a large, warm hand around one of yours.

Staring into his worried hazel eyes, a warmth spread through you. He worried about you the way you silently worried about him. It was a nice feeling, to know that he cared that much.

“Hey, champ!” Dean called from the doorway. He was carrying a tray with what appeared to be a full breakfast. “Thought you’d be hungry.” He set the tray down in your lap, then sprawled out next to you on your bed. “Cas told me you kicked ass last night! I wish I could have seen you,” he grinned.

You couldn’t help your blush. “I did okay, I guess.”

Dean wanted all the details, high-fiving you like a child at your success. Meanwhile, Sam watched you intently the whole time, his eyes never leaving you, as if constantly reassuring himself that you were safe and mostly unharmed.

For the first time since you’d met the Winchesters, you didn’t mind being the center of attention.

Quarter Mile hand injury update:

So, yes, as you can see the second chapter still isn’t out yet. I wanna apologize for that but it really isn’t my fault. *attempts to shakes off guilt*

This past weekend I came down with a fever which may very well be related to my injury, and at this point I’ve lost close to all feeling in my entire left hand. I called the hospital yesterday and they seemed really worried, but I didn’t get an appointment till tomorrow morning.

I’m no doctor so I honestly don’t know what’s wrong or how they’ll be able to fix it, but as of right now I have a hard time concentrating on anything at all, which I really hope you can understand. I can’t sleep, I can’t write, I can’t cook, I can’t take care of my dog. I’m doing everything I can to not get down right depressed but it’s hard.

Anyway, I just needed to let my readers know because thinking about updating Quarter Mile right now is stressing me out. I’ll get back on it as soon as I’m feeling better, I promise.

Follow Suggestions for Taylor #2

hey taylorswift! so recently I posted asking if anyone would be interested in being on a follow list for you and a bunch of people. so, I had everybody reblog a post if they were interested, and these are the people that would be beyond ecstatic if you followed them! I hope you’ll take a look (I know there are a lot) have a good day!









































hey guys! if you’re tagged in this, reblog it and tag Taylor for a better chance that she might notice it! even if you’re not on the list or if you have a Taylor follow, it would be great if you reblogged it, too! thanks guys! good luck!

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kill yourself, fatty

Speaking from a family that has dealt with suicide and speaking as someone who considered suicide. I would seriously urge you to never send that message to anyone ever again. Luckily you sent it to me, who is not in the position to actually take those words seriously and co sider ending my life. But someone out there is and I hop to God that people like you get what’s coming to them. You are disgusting, pathetic and without a doubt sad. So sad that you need to bring others down while you hide away in your room behind your keyboard. Do you feel better now honey? I hope you do, I hope you got happiness from sending me that because I know you must have been in such a depressed terrible state to even send that to someone. Maybe your parents didn’t love you enough, idk. But I know for a fact they didn’t intend to raise such a horrible human being as their son/daughter. I pray for you. I pray that you find peace and don’t feel the need to participate in trying to end someone’s life. It makes you an accomplice in someone’s suicide. In someone’s murder. Just because I don’t know who you are doesn’t give you the right to tell me to kill myself. Have a good day now.

Take a Risk- A Nate Maloley Imagine (Requested)


“Y/N, Nate’s coming over in a few can you let him in, I have to finish something.” My brother yelled from upstairs.

“Fine!” I yelled back. Truth was I loved when Nate came over, he was my brothers best friend and my secret crush. I always had hope that deep down Nate felt the same about me. I swore that each time I saw Nate he flirted with me. My friends told me that I was probably imagining it, but I truthfully believed he had some feelings for me at least.

I quickly looked in the mirror at fixed my hair and outfit. Whenever I knew Nate was coming over I had to look good. As I fixed my eyeliner, I heard the doorbell ring. I quickly walked to the front door to let Nate in.

“Hey Y/N!” Nate said with a smile as I let him in.

“Hey Nate, Ryan’s finishing something upstairs. You can go up there if you want.” I said.

“Nah, I’d rather hang with you for a little.” Nate smirked as we walked to the living room.

“Oh thanks, I feel honored.” I joked.

“You look nice today, I mean you look nice every time I see you, but I don’t know what it is about today that has you looking extra beautiful.” Nate said as his cheeks flushed.

“Thanks.” I said as I blushed.

“Uh so would you wanna hang out sometime, like just the two of us?” Nate asked as he fidgeted with his fingers.

“Like as a date?” I asked, my heart practically stopping in the process.

“Yeah, if that’s good with you?” Nate asked nervously.

Before I could answer, my brother stormed into the room.

“No, that’s not good with me.” Ryan said giving Nate a nasty look.

“Who even asked you? If I want to date Nate I’m sure as hell going to.” I said standing up getting in Ryan’s face.

“Y/N, Nate’s been my best friend for like years. I know how he treats girls, I’m just looking out for you.” Ryan said,

“Bro, let me show you that I’ve changed. Come on.” Nate pleaded.

“No, and plus mom and dad wouldn’t let this happen. They would never approve of you guys.” Ryan said.

“Whatever, I’m over this.” I said as tears filled my eyes. I stormed up to my bedroom and locked myself in there. Of course Nate would actual feel things for me, and my stupid brother had to go and fuck it up.

I laid in bed for hours, until my phone went off… It was Nate.

“Hello?” I asked nervously thinking it was my brother trying to be a dick.

“Hey Y/N, wanna take me up on that offer from earlier? We can grab something to eat.” Nate suggested.

“Ryan’s gonna kill me.” I sighed.

“He went to that party downtown, he’ll never know.” Nate said.

“Already such a bad influence.” I said sarcastically as I put on shoes.

“Come on, take a risk.” Nate replied.

“You don’t have to ask me twice.” I said as I hung up the phone and left my house to see Nate waiting out front in his Nissan.

My heart began beating erratically, I knew this was wrong going behind my brothers back, but it felt so right to be with Nate in such a secretive way.

Drinking alone on the street playing “little wing” by Stevie Ray Vaughan on my phone wearing glitter heels n a shirt u can see my titties comin under up out of when I get drunk I feel like a queen n when I come down I feel like a sad little girl which one is real

Or in the end am I just someone who can’t grow up on a long freedom chase n the only reason why is cuz I always have to get a new guy cuz I always got my hands on the wheel of a car that’s not mine cuz it takes the weight of the world to make me cry cuz I
Am a city girl with smalltown eyes I win I always leave first I win I cannot get hurt I win my eyeshadow smeared across ur pillowcase like icing on a cupcake I win my pussy in your face I win your arms around my waist mistake god’s grace duct tape long face fast pace sweat taste say my fuckin name I win
I win
I win

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So im 17, me and my boyfriend had sex and i was on top and we used a condom but after his ejaculation i didn't get off for a while. He grew soft and when i finally did get off the condom came off his penis and stayed inside me. I pulled it out and looked down and saw that there was a ton of cum on his stomach and i started freaking out thinking that some got inside of me and that i would get pregnant. I checked the condom, filled it with water and it didn't break. But im still freaking out.

I HIGHLY recommend you take an emergency contraceptive ASAP! It definitely sounds like you may have had sperm come into contact with your vagina. You can take plan be up to 5 days after having unprotected sex (it’s better to take it within the first 72hours, but it can still work.) Plan B can be a bit expensive so try looking up a local sexual health clinic, they should be able to sell you this product for much cheaper! Also, if by chance you don’t live by a sexual health clinic, here’s a coupon for Plan B.

If you are above 176lbs, have a higher BMI than is recommended, or nearing the 5 day mark, you may want to try Ella, but you will need a prescription for it. [x] But don’t worry, prescriptions for Ella are offered online! Please make sure to keep an eye out for your period, if you are still worried or end up missing your period, check out this guide on how and when to test for a pregnancy, okay? I’ll be hoping for the best for you!