The new kid that’s just been cast as Spider-man is gonna get so much hate I can literally hear parts of tumblr already preparing to rip him to shreds.

Let’s remember that he did not cast himself and any comments you feel you need to make should be directed at Marvel.


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actual real life study tips

Okay, so I see a lot of “how to make cute note” etc. etc. tips on here and while aesthetically appealing notes totally help some people, there’s way more to being studious and productive than spending hours writing or rewriting your notes! Personally, I get by just as well on functional notes as those that I’ve doodled, dotted, and dashed into oblivion– in terms of decoration, it’s best that you do you. I used to be a pretty awful student, and note taking guides did jack squat to help me. So my 4.0 and messy notes are here to give the advice that they can–  here are some study tips absent of frills and squiggly lines– how shit gets done. 

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Time flows
Nobody knows
The years go by
Where we go 
Alone from here

Night falls
Strange-colored walls
My eyes deceive
What is wrong
With me?

Deep in the night you think everything’s right
Tell it to yourself. Say it’s just a nightmare
Something is telling you nothing can change where you are 

Why should it matter, your dreams of a child?
Innocence is gone. Only fear to play with
Faces are changing, but nothing is changing the pain
Too late


That’s two Eddies, just in case//

Trying this face idea i have for one of my potential new sylv. I really like the feline vibe the in-game face i tried out gave so i pushed it further for now ! I have no idea about the shape of the leaves on their head though, i don’t know what im looking for :,^) 
The markings on their cheeks would be carvings they made on their own, but im also unsure about the shape they would take !


you: best buy
me: the best bi

a quick note to those of you living in the u.s.—

yes, it’s terrifying that it looks like he may very well win the primary and become the actual republican candidate. yes, it says extremely disquieting things about our country that he could get so far while spewing so many openly xenophobic, islamophobic, sexist lies.

in times like these, we need to remember two things:

1. for the love of god don’t get complacent. come election day, we can’t stay home and assume he will be torpedoed by his own inherent loathsomeness. he is a horrid wad of living puke but his supporters are angry and they are mobilized. if you don’t want this sweaty goosefart of a man to be our president—and i assume you don’t, i extend you that courtesy, friend—we need to get our boots on the ground and into the voting booths. 

sweet jesus, please swear to me that regardless of who you’re backing now, when november rolls around you will throw your full support behind whoever wins the democratic primary. the stakes, they are high.

2. don’t despair. yes, election season will be an even queasier spectacle than usual, a tragically clownish display to top every bullshit-circus we have seen in our lifetimes. it will be ugly. that morally bankrupt living pimple will get airtime, and people overseas will watch it and think less of us as a nation.

but. we can do this. as a country, we’re better than this. we are. we elected obama over mccain. we elected obama over romney. if we work hard, we can make this happen. let’s not just defeat him. let’s make it a landslide. 

you know all those infuriating op-eds about how millennials are ruining the country with our apathy and our smartphones and our low cereal consumption or what-the-fuck-ever? they think we’re shallow and uninformed. here is our chance to prove them wrong. let’s turn out in droves. let’s break records. let’s make this shit historic.

and it won’t just be good for america. it won’t just be good for the world.

it will be hilarious.

imagine the results coming in, imagine him getting fucking trounced by either of the current democratic hopefuls. imagine how that will make him feel. imagine his fragile, gassy ego, so bruised. imagine his punchable privileged arrogant face, lowered sobbing into his tiny, tiny little hands.

we can do this. we can do this. we can save our country, and as a bonus, hurt that fetid cheeto gremlin’s feelings.

god bless democracy and god bless america.


For the anon who asked about my ONS collection. 

This is what i currently have in Japan, not including my massive collection of key chains/phone charms. I have the English versions of the manga and Japanese LN volumes 1+2 back in America. And yes, that is Guren perfume you see in the first picture lol.

Side note: I beat crazy odds (1 in 49) and won 3 of the tapestries at the cafe, scaring the poor worker with my mad luck. 1 Mika and Yuu one already has a home, so I have those 2 left. They’re like 1 meter long lol. The reason I don’t have pictures of the posters from the 1st+2nd DVD sets is because they were prizes in my giveaway from a while back. I’ll keep Guren, but probably won’t want the Ferid/Mika+Yuu one in the end haha.

 I will likely want to sell give away some of this. Especially most of the stuff from the cafe, considering its limited edition and I really don’t need all of that lol (all those cup coasterrrrrs). So if you guys would like first dibs when it comes time for me to to get some of this off my hands, let me know, and I can start on Tumblr and give you guys the first chance at it.

Do you love the feel of books in your hands, the smell of a new book and the sound of pages turning? If the answer is yes, then the Bookworm Network is the place for you! 

The bookworm network is a place where you can talk about books, get reading recommendations and just talk about anything! 

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good luck to everyone! if you have any questions, feel free to message me!

Us being 15&16 in San Diego 2010 and 21&22 in Portland 2015 ☺️

Note to all: Don’t ever give up on the people you love and the ones you know in your heart are worth fighting for

You’ve been worth every second and bump along the way love 💘