So… I took a bit of an ‘unannounced vacation’ for a few weeks while I tried to regain my sanity but everything’s cool now and I’m going to get back to drawing responses.

As I write this it is almost 2am. I have places to be and things to do on Sunday/today, and yet I’m sat here writing Psychology notes. Moral of the story: don’t take A-Levels, children.

I can’t believe I’m here again… you guys are all wonderful. Truly. I can’t thank you enough for all this support I never expected to get. Y’all made this Mess of a girl very happy these past few months.  ❤

This idea was suggested by an anon a few days ago - if you weren’t so dam creative where would I be honestly:

Y’all can send me a message (non-anon, pls) with a sentence + a pairing, and I’ll write the next 5!

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actual real life study tips

Okay, so I see a lot of “how to make cute note” etc. etc. tips on here and while aesthetically appealing notes totally help some people, there’s way more to being studious and productive than spending hours writing or rewriting your notes! Personally, I get by just as well on functional notes as those that I’ve doodled, dotted, and dashed into oblivion– in terms of decoration, it’s best that you do you. I used to be a pretty awful student, and note taking guides did jack squat to help me. So my 4.0 and messy notes are here to give the advice that they can–  here are some study tips absent of frills and squiggly lines– how shit gets done. 

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Angry - Alec Lightwood

REQUESTED: No,I kinda came up with this based on a personal experience with a friend of mine. (I say friend, I actually really like this guy lmao) 

WARNINGS: Implied smut? Idk that’s kinda closer to the end tho

SUMMARY: Alec comes back from a mission trying to protect Clary from getting into yet another mishap, and he’s stressed and pissed off.


Secondly, the story of how this came about is because the guy mentioned was annoyed after he was unfairly treated for something he didn’t do. (Well, this guy who’s one of the populars tried throwing a few punches at my friend because apparently he was being a d-bag, and he pushed him away and then walked away. Then one of the PE teachers tried to say, “This did happen, I saw it” without a justified claim (because he wasn’t there) and the Head of PE said to my friend, “Seeing as you are a student and he is a member of staff, I will believe him over you”. No lie. So my friend is unfairly punished for something he didn’t do and ugh I just want to punch the popular guy in the face myself and kick him in the balls oops) He came back into my drama lesson, slammed a chair down and then just stormed out of the room through the fire exit, so he seemed pretty pissed. AND I FOUND IT ATTRACTIVE OH MY GOD HE WAS SO HOT WHEN HE WAS PISSED OFF HJHFEHR;GJIOUOGEKBKGFRBU

Ahem. Anyways, let’s get on with the imagine, shall we?

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The new kid that’s just been cast as Spider-man is gonna get so much hate I can literally hear parts of tumblr already preparing to rip him to shreds.

Let’s remember that he did not cast himself and any comments you feel you need to make should be directed at Marvel.

a small note

I’m not going to go on and on because I really don’t want this to be a Discourse Thing™ or come across as aggressive or angry
But it’s very important

Please be kind to Amy
Please respect Mark’s relationship with Amy

Mark and Amy are real people.
Please respect that and think before posting/commenting.

You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure.
Just, please be kind and respectful.
If you see someone attacking Amy or Mark when they post things (like the adorable cheek kiss pic) and you want to correct them please do so kindly with explanation as many of those who react poorly to this sort of thing are quite young. It’s not necessary or helpful to be aggressive.

Thank you for your consideration, loves ❤

I just realized where the tons of notes that I wasn’t getting notified about came from. That explains everything. Still silly that I can’t see them.

I’m glad everyone’s enjoying the shenanigans of my cat tho <3


For those wondering; yes her name is Busan and yes she’s from Sweden. She and her brother turns 15 this year. They’re old farts <3

Edit: Have a link to that other post, Here (link)

Us being 15&16 in San Diego 2010 and 21&22 in Portland 2015 ☺️

Note to all: Don’t ever give up on the people you love and the ones you know in your heart are worth fighting for

You’ve been worth every second and bump along the way love 💘

Okay I made this in the notes on my phone with my pointer finger. Yes I know it’s sloppy and all but people I am lying on this cot with a frying pan over my chest trying to sleep after hearing a noise that sounded like someone trying to get in our housing and I need some moral support and backup so Leonard Horatio McCoy is going to be it because he would grab a big old heavy frying pan too

if anyone can improve upon perfection, it’s ignis. i’m convinced.
where is my thread of ignis lending his aid ( weight ) to his strength training?

on that note, i was musing over a thread where gladio helps a blind ignis train to help him get back into proper ( or at least decent ) fighting form. that is, after ignis gets a grip on walking without falling as frequently. but even then, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, so long as you get back up, yes? – that push would be most appreciated.


Ezio Auditore x Reader

On the second day of Edmas, Captain Kenway gave to me…

A warm hand on the small of your back was guiding you through the darkness, your vision blocked by a red sash.

“Just a bit further, amore mio.” His smooth voice spoke from behind you, the sound as beautiful as the gentlest of music.

“It would be easier if you took the blindfold off.” You laughed, blindly following Ezio’s guiding hand.

“Perhaps, but not as fun.” Ezio teased, his hot breath ghosting along the back of your neck.

You shivered, a combination of his closeness and the cold, winter air. Lights were dancing beneath your eyelids, the soft tune of a sweet song echoing into the night air. You could practically feel Ezio’s smile behind you, his pace quickening as you drew closer to whatever surprise he had in store.

“Okay, caro,” he breathed, wrapping his arms around your waist and leaning in close. His chest was pressed tight to your back, his soft hair tickling your shoulder. “You can take it off.”

You smiled at the enthusiasm in his voice, your fingertips gliding along the silky texture of the sash. You peeled it away slowly, your eyelashes fluttering open. A light misting of rain drops ran down on the two of you, Ezio’s heat keeping you warm. Dozens of flickering lights met your gaze, the darkness of night lost in the beauty of the atmosphere. The candles formed a path, red petals littering the ground between each radiant light.

“Ezio,” you murmured, grinning like an idiot. He mirrored your expression, the curve of his lips pressed against your neck.

“Keep walking.” He insisted, disentangling his arms from around you. A shiver ran through your body at the loss of his warmth, his fingers interlacing with your own instead. A new wave of heat spread through you, his contact alone warming your heart.

“Are you bringing me out here to murder me?” You joked lightly, bringing his arm around your shoulders and nuzzling against him.

“You better watch out, dolce cuore,” he warned jokingly, a laugh on the tip of his tongue. The candles, still shining bright, were beginning to burn out, light puffs of smoke breezing through the air. The forest surrounding the both of you was eery, strange noises and rustling branches following the two of you like a creature hunting prey. Ezio’s brown gaze watched you from above, his soft, pink lips curved up in a smile.

“Here,” he signalled, stopping you in the middle of a clearing. The moon shone down upon the both of you, the lights of stars twinkling up above. The gentle bite of wind and light showers no longer bothered you, your eyes focused on the sky.

“It’s beautiful.” You breathed, the stars reflecting in your eyes. So many hopes and so many dreams could be seen in their soft twinkle, the sky like a sea of aspiration. A thousand untold stories were hidden in their sweet sparkle, your hand unconsciously reaching out to trace some of the more visible constellations.

“Yes, you are.” Ezio whispered, his lips against your ear. A delightful shiver ran down your spine, a tingle left where Ezio’s lips had been against your bare skin.

“Ezio.” You groaned playfully, faintly shoving his shoulder. He chuckled, a smooth and soft baritone to your ears.

“I speak only the truth, mia bella.” Your heart warmed at his rich tone, your body automatically seeking out more contact with him. He happily obliged, his head resting atop yours and his hands rubbing patterns up and down your back.

“I hate you.” You muttered, smiling despite yourself. A twitch of his lips brought on his own smile, his palms temporarily pushing you closer into him. He smelled of the fresh rain and roses with a deep undertone of lemony thyme. Your hands tightened around his neck at the familiar scent, your eyes falling shut at the intimacy.

“You wound me.” His voice was barely audible above the pounding of his heart by your ear, his steady breathing bringing it back to normal.

Your lips, pressed tightly against his chest, curved up in a smile when he cuddled closer, seeming to be almost feeding off your contact. He was like this often, reveling in every minute that he got to spend in your arms. Which, sadly, wasn’t nearly enough for you. He’d brought you out here as an apology, of sorts, for not being able to devote every minute with you. Of course, you understood why, but he seemed adamant about making it up to you.

A short burst of wind rustled your clothing, a large exhale passing through his lungs.

“It’s getting colder.” Ezio noted, his tone wistful. “Perhaps we should journey back.”

The thought of having to endure the strange and wild roads for another few days had you gripping onto his back tightly, your body practically being held up by his arms.

“A few minutes longer?” You pleaded, opening your eyes and batting your eyelashes a few times for good measure. At his look of protest, you stuck your bottom lip out, giving him your best impersonation of a needy dog. He broke almost immediately, nodding and pulling you back into an embrace.

“Only a few minutes.” He mumbled, running a hand through your (Y/H/C) locks.

The tug of his skillful fingers had you cuddling even closer to him, your head wedged in between his head and shoulder. You breathed him in, your own fingers dancing along the curve of his spine. Muscles flexed and relaxed beneath your touch, his entire demeanour shifting to something more comfortable and familiar at the feel of your hand on his body.

“Io ti amo.” He said, the ghost of a smile on his lips. There was no desperation or anger or sadness in his tone, just a sweet, honest declaration of love. You smiled, your cheeks almost aching at how wide you’d spread them.

“I love you too.” You replied, the cloth of his robes soft beneath your fingertips.

Something decidedly colder landed on the crown of your head, your body tensing beneath it. Ezio breathed out a laugh, his fingers swiping the offending item from your head. He presented it to you with childish glee, a sole, white snowflake melting on his fingertip.

“It’s snowing.” You giggled, watching the flakes with awe.

They were beautiful, each unique in their own way. You were so lost in your observation of the snowflakes, you failed to see the way Ezio’s eyes lit up with your smile, or the way he fell even more in love with each sweet word that slipped through your lips. He could tell you how he felt over and over again, he could even show you how he felt, but for the moment, he’d rather just watch and fall even further in love with your smile, with your laugh, with you.


you: best buy
me: the best bi

Trying this face idea i have for one of my potential new sylv. I really like the feline vibe the in-game face i tried out gave so i pushed it further for now ! I have no idea about the shape of the leaves on their head though, i don’t know what im looking for :,^) 
The markings on their cheeks would be carvings they made on their own, but im also unsure about the shape they would take !


Pictures from the 6th volume of the light novel.

Note: Characters belong to Takaya Kagami and art to Yamamoto Yamato.

These are my pictures however, so please NO RE-POSTING.

Also: Yes to canon of Shinya (and Goshi) in suits.  No to poor Guren literally getting stepped on in the second pic.