• Leo: So, Mikey, how was school today?
  • Mikey: This guy pushed me down.
  • Leo: Did you push him back?
  • Mikey: No, he’s bigger than me.
  • Leo: Uh huh. Raph?
  • Raph: I’m on it.
Chance-Part 3

A/N:There’s more part coming!!

Word count:1.45K

Pairings: Liam Dunbar X Reader,Theo Raeken X Reader

Part 4

*next morning*

I barely got any sleep last night,I don’t understand why I feel nervous around Theo.Even few days ago all I could think all day was about Liam and how much I missed him.But ever since that trip to the woods,I feel something towards him.I can’t seem to point a finger as to what this new feeling is but it’s good in a way that atleast I’m not thinking about Liam all the damn time.I guess I feel somewhat sympathy for him,or it’s just the process of me giving him a chance to be friends?Whatever it is I shrugged the thought and got ready for school.I feel today’s gonna be a long day.

Once I got ready,I heard Theo’s car beep outside.I grabbed my bag and rushed downstairs.My mom went to see my grandma for few days so I was home alone.I locked the door and proceeded towards Theo’s car.Theo being the gentleman he was, hopped out and ran over to my side and opened the door for me.

“Good Morning,“he said.

“Morning,"I smiled.

The car ride was peaceful and we made small talk.We arrived at the school,I checked my watch and noticed we’ve still got twenty minutes for the classes to start.

"Do you have any free period today?"Theo asked as we began to walk towards my locker.

"Umm…oh yea,I’ve my third period free”,I replied.

“What a coincidence!I’m free then too!!"Theo said excitedly.

Damn he looked so adorable.

I chuckled and replied,"we can hangout then,seems like.”

“Yea,I would like that.”

“Me too”.

I glanced across the other side of my locker and saw Liam,Hayden,Mason and Corey standing in front of Hayden’s locker.Corey looked confused,Hayden’s expression was like as if she couldn’t care less.Mason looked slightly shocked and Liam was glaring at Theo.Why are they like this?I asked myself.The first bell rang.

“Uhh,I can walk you to your class…if you like?“Theo said somewhat nervously.

"Okay."I replied smiling.

I reached my class and thanked Theo,also promising to meet at the bleachers in our free period.I took my usual seat which was between Mason and Liam.The teacher didn’t come to class yet so everyone was talking.Liam entered the class and walked towards me quickly.

"What’s up with you and Theo”,he asked.

"Well,hello to you too Liam”,I replied sarcastically.

“Cut it and answer me,he’s dangerous and you know it Y/N”,Liam sighed.

“He’s changed,okay?"I said defensively.

"Oh yea?Just few days ago you still believed he’s evil,what made you change your mind,huh?"Liam asked losing his patience.

"I got to know him”,I shrugged.

"What,within one freaking day?"Liam questioned.

I ignored him,he got a point but something about Theo feels right.

"Listen,Y/N,whatever you do,just be careful,okay?"Mason said calmly.

Whenever Liam and I bicker Mason always makes everything better.He’s the sensible,mature one in our friendship.”

Okay I will”,I smiled at my other best friend.

The teacher came and started the class,I sighed in relief.

*Free period*

“There you are!“I said to Theo as I reached the lacrosse field.

"I almost thought you won’t show up”,Theo said.

“And why would you think that?”

“I don’t,ahh just forget it”,he smiled.

“Damnit it’s so cold outside”,I shivered and we walked to take a seat in one of the bleachers.

“Aw,you can take my coat?"He offered.

"No thanks,I’ll manage,"I replied.

He insisted several times but at last my stubbornness won and he just shook his head.

"You’re so stubborn,"he chuckled.

"Oh Raeken,I have my fair of different sides”,I smirked.

"Is it?What else side do you have?"He asked curiously.

"Well I don’t like to show off you know”,I smiled,“anyway why did you want to hangout here?”

"Well there’s no practice today,so it’s peaceful and we can talk and get to know each other better?”

“That’s a nice thought”,I replied and looked in front of the field.

Few students were roaming around and some sat in the bleachers listening to music and stuff.

“You know how people say,hell is dark and terrifying?Well it’s worse,much much much worser”,he said after being silent for few moments.

"Hey,you’re out of the phase now,okay?Please don’t think about it”,I placed my hand over his hand.

He intertwined our hands and nodded.

“Every night it haunts me,you know I deserved it,but now I got my second chance,I will be a better person,well I’ll try,there’s not dread doctors now to threaten me,"he said.

"Yea that’s what will count”,I encouraged him.

“It felt great to finally tell all the things that I kept inside me all these months,thank you for listening,"he said with a small smile.

"Anytime,you can tell me anything and everything that bothers you,I’ll be here to listen,"I said.

"Thankyou,thankyou so much,"he said and placed a kiss in my cheek.

I immediately blushed at the gesture.He stood up and held his hand for me to stand up as well.Then we walked to our respective classes.

*at the cafeteria*

"HE WHAT?"Kira said somewhat loudly and excitedely,it caught everyone’s attention at the cafeteria,she then took her seat and smiled awkwardly.

"Speak quietly,Kira!"Malia rolled her eyes.

"Before the boys come,tell us more as to what happened,"Lydia said excitedely.

"Well that’s pretty much it,"I said.

"I’m so happy for ya girl”,Malia said.

“And he’s changed you can tell,"Kira chimed in.

Lydia and I nodded.The boys entered and I waved quickly at Theo.He sat beside me and we began to make a small talk.

"Y/N and Theo,are they a thing now?"I heard Stiles ask Malia.

Malia pinched him and asked him to stop talking about it,and I was glad she did that.Mason and Corey sat beside Lydia.Everyone started talking and eating.

"Liam,hey!"Scott said.

I looked and saw him with his lunch,only this time he was alone and not with his girlfriend.

"Where’s Hayden?"asked Corey.

"She’s at her soccer practice”,he said,he looked briefly towards me then took a seat beside Kira.

"This sandwhich is really good,Y/N you want a bite?"Theo asked me.

I nodded and he fed me,I was blushing furiously now.

"Yea,it’s good”,I replied.

Liam’s POV

Everyone was busy eating and chatting,however I saw that little encounter between Theo and Y/N.I felt annoyed.I mean Y/N’s my best friend and we always do everything together,we sat at lunch together,we had playful bickers and we teased and pulled prank on Mason all the time.I miss those good old days.

“Liam,are you even listening?"I was snapped out of my thought by Stiles.

"I’m sorry,what?"I asked confused.

"I said,when’s the next lacrosse practice,I missed few of them I don’t wanna miss anymore”,Stiles asked.

“Oh right,it’s on tomorrow”,I replied and shoved some pasta in my mouth.

Once the lunch was over,we all began to head towards our next class,my next class is with Y/N.I’ll try to talk with her gently now.


“So see ya after school then”,Theo said once we reached my last class.

“Okay,can we please grab some coffee on our way home”,I asked.

“Ofcourse!"he said and then left for his own class.

I sighed.I wish we were in the same class.Why he gotta be two years older than me?Whatever atleast we have free periods together.

I took my seat which was beside Liam,I didn’t feel like arguing with him so I just ignored him.

“Psst..Y/N..”,Liam whispered.

“What?’I mumbled,not looking at him.

“Listen,I’m sorry,okay?I just want to make sure my best friend is safe and happy”,he sighed.

“I get it,and I am happy,thanks anyway”,I replied smiling.

He gave me an odd look and then looked in front of the board beginning to concentrate in class.But I know he isn’t really paying attention.

*after school*

I got outside the parking lot and saw Theo waiting for me.I waved at him and walked towards him.

“Ready for the coffee date?”He winked.

“It’s not a date,just two friends hanging around”,I replied shaking my head.

“Whatever you want to say”,Theo smirked.

Theo stopped the car at a small cafe and we ordered our coffee.I sipped at the coffee looking outside the window.

"So,I have this Chemistry test and I totally suck at the topic”,I sighed.

“I can help you,so which topic are you stuck in?”He offered.

“Chemical Equilibrium”,I replied taking a sip from my coffee.

“Oh that’s easy!I can help you”,he smiled.

“Really?Oh thank you Theo,please save my ass from this effing topic”,I sighed.

"So,tomorrow at the library?Or you can come to my house?”Theo offered.

“I think library sounds fine”,I smiled.

“Okay then,tomorrow in our free period”,he promised.

Theo drived me back home.I closed the door and let out a contended sign.It was a great day.

Can we just talk about how there is so much pure-comedy dialogue David Alleyne could have that is being missed? Dude literally went to school with the fucking X-Men as his professors could learn everything they knew. Imagine he teammates just being like “how tf do you know that?” with just the weirdest response:

“Uh.. David… Where’d you learn to build a pipe bomb?” 

“American History and Government”

“David- Where’d you learn to fight like that.”

“Introduction to Business Math.”

“Where’d you learn to speak French?”

“Uh…. French class? …Come on guys.” 

Bradley James Q&A at college

Unfortunately I didn’t get to ask any of the questions you lovelies suggested - there were a lot of folks with questions…

However here’s a few questions that did get answered: (I’m gonna paraphrase here, not quote, because god knows my memory isn’t that good)


💬How did you get into acting?

He was jealous of some kids in school getting to miss lessons to go to drama club, so he joined too so he could skip class. He also attended Drama Centre (a drama school) as a kid but didn’t realise what acting was until college, where he did an a-level in drama and was told about professional drama schools as an alternative to university.

💬How did you get to where you are today?

In drama school he was messing about in the foyer during a school play, which was when an agent spotted him and wanted him to audition for a role in an American film. He didn’t get the role, but did get an agent (the same woman) who encouraged him to finish drama school before she would get him some work.

💬What was your favourite role to play?

He said it was Damien because it was an interesting character.

💬What was your favourite project?

Merlin because he could have a laugh with his co-stars, unlike in Damien where it was very serious.

💬Did you have any training other than drama school?

No, aside from learning skills, such as horse riding, for specific roles. However in drama school his class was forced to learn ballet and singing alongside acting. He was terrible at both but it did teach him to adapt and do things outside his comfort zone.

💬Is it embarrassing watching your own acting?

Yes, and actors have to develop some ego to be able to be proud of their work without looking bigheaded.

💬Have you ever had any weird requests for your trailers?

No, except from asking the costume department to throw his costume on the floor if his character is generally untidy or rough.

💬Do you ship merthur?

He said no.

💬Do you think the show would be better if merthur was canon?

He didn’t agree.

Goal - Yuta

Request: yo fam can u write something about my boy yuta playing soccer? and like after the win he asks u out or something idk 

~omg this is really cute i like it a lot ahahaha


You glance down at your phone as it buzzes on your lap, and smile at the name on your screen. Yuta. You quickly turn on your phone and check your text.

‘Hey,’ it reads, ‘I’m playing today.  You should definitely come watch.’

‘Of course,’ you text back, ‘wouldn’t miss it!’

And that’s the truth.  You have been close friends with Yuta since the beginning of the school year, mainly because of your shared interest in soccer.  You and Yuta could talk endlessly about soccer games, and you have wanted to watch him play since the start of the season.  But because of small reasons here and there, you haven’t been able to go and watch him play, until today, at the championship game.

“[y/n]!” [y/f/n] calls out. You look at your friend as you stand up, and smile broadly.

“[y/f/n], plans have changed for tonight.  We have somewhere to be!”


You sit down on the bleachers at your school’s soccer field, your friend by your side. You scan the field of practicing players, and quickly pick Yuta out.

“There he is,” you say, pointing to your friend.

“Ohhh, he’s good looking!” [y/f/n] calls out loudly, and you blush.

“I know, right?”

The referee blows the whistle, and the players walk out onto the field, shaking hands with each other before the match starts.  Yuta glances up at the bleachers, scanning the crowd.

Maybe he’s looking for me, you think happily.  

You stand up and wave your arm in his direction.  He sees you immediately and smiles, waving back.  

“He likes you!” your friend shouts, and you shush her, sitting back down.

The game begins, and the your team scores quickly.  Yuta has the assist, and you and your friend cheer loudly, just like the other people in the stands.  

Yuta is subbed out later in the half, and the opposing school scores a goal. You and your friend groan.

“It’s because Yuta was subbed out, that’s why,” you complain.

Your friend laughs. “You’re so in love with him!”

You don’t pay attention to [y/f/n], and stare critically out at the field. “They are good, we might not be able to score against their defense.”

You were right about that.  Yuta is subbed back in during the second half, and has two failed attempts on goal.  You are getting nervous, and keep glancing from the field to the score-board.

“Only one minute left,” you say to your friend, who nods. “I really hope we win!”

The striker of the other team dashes forward, attempting a shot on goal, but the goalie of your team catches the ball easily. 45 seconds left. He punts it across the field, and the ball rolls to Yuta’s feet.  You and [y/f/n] cheer loudly as he begins to dribble the ball up the field.  30 seconds left.  

Yuta crosses the ball to another one of the strikers and runs up the field towards the goal.  The other player looks around for someone to pass to, and Yuta raises his hand, calling out for a pass. 20 seconds left.

“PASS!” you scream, and somehow, it works.  

Yuta is passed the ball and runs closer to the goal. 10 seconds left.  

He shoots the ball just as the goalie runs closer to him, and it looks like there is no way he will make the goal.  But somehow, the impossible shot works.  Yuta calculated it perfectly: the goalie was too close to save a wide shot.  His shot soars through the air and lands cleanly in the top left corner of the goal.

You and [y/f/n] go crazy, screaming and jumping up and down, shaking each other’s arms.  You can see Yuta on the field getting swarmed by other players, all jumping and yelling too. We won the Championship!


You and [y/f/n] walk down the bleachers and stand on the edge of the field where the players are standing.  You stand on your tiptoes, looking around for Yuta.

“Where is he…”

“How was it?”

You whirl around when you hear Yuta’s voice behind you.  You hardly notice your friend smile and slip away into the crowd.

“Hey, that was amazing!” You smile at Yuta, who runs his hand through his hair.

“Yeah, I didn’t think it was going to go in!”

“You looked so cool,” you blurt out, then realize what you said. Oh my God…

“You think so?” Yuta laughs, and steps closer to you. “Want to go out with me, then?”

You can’t breathe.  He’s so close to you, and you want to scream and jump around in circles.  He’s asking me out? Now? ME?

“Y-yes!” you stammer, and Yuta smiles again.

“I’m going to hug you now.  Sorry, I’m kind of sweaty and everything…” He wraps his arms around your shoulders, pulling you into his chest.  He smells like grass and sunshine, and you can feel his heart pounding, maybe from the game, maybe because of you.  


ahhhhh soccer…


Okay, so I just came back from Manila and this is how I’m feeling right now:

The day when I return back to school is the day when I fly back home, marking my first excused absence.

By the time I return home, the wound on my big toe, in which I got it from a manicure before leaving for vacation, began spurting out a shit ton of blood as I took off my shoe and it was fucking painful.

Thus making another reason why I should be absent again today!

Aside from the fact that the flight was delayed and I arrived back home at 1:30, and I overslept.

Then I realized that I missed a shit ton of work, especially today is a laboratory schedule for me.

Midterms are coming too..




Don’t worry, guys. I’ll be back to school tomorrow and I really need to catch up. I just hope that my wound won’t be spilling a waterfall of blood tomorrow. I could’ve sworn it was okay, though. I guess it’s because I was wearing slippers when it was perfectly fine.

Fun Girl’s expressions in the new update pretty sums up my story for today and yesterday. I love her so much!

also in retrospect I have like, specific gay memories about most of my teachers:

 - kindergarten: miss hill, I would have drawn blood to be Line Leader to the restroom, got to hold her hand the whole way, could still identify her perfume today if I smelled it

- second grade: miss tenney, I already told you the boing story

- third grade: that time ms shiflett probably. lightweight assaulted me and I liked it

- third grade: miss corbasero said I looked SHARP one day

- third grade: miss white took off her shoes during spelling bees

(third grade was A LOT)

- elementary school music teacher: MISS GOODEN, OH GOD, IDEK, I MADE HER SOME KIND OF POP-UP CARD when I thought she was leaving, but then she was back the next year, I wanted to D.I.E.

- fourth grade: I was legit in love with Miss Mahoney, I don’t want to talk about it, she introduced me to caddie woodlawn and let me steal a lot of travel books from the school, and forced me to read my writing aloud to the class when I didn’t want to but she thought it was good and like. IT WAS LOVE

- fourth grade: Miss Meredith for science, and I loved her too, but she was younger and I was too much in love with Miss Mahoney, isn’t that always the way,

- fourth grade: Miss Nicolson, the thing about Miss Nicolson is I never had her for class. But she was a serious hot older lady of the Harriet Walter variety ykwim. I remember WANTING to have class with Miss Nicolson. God I am so fucking gay.

- sixth grade: miss shelastovich (??) I got so honestly butthurt when she announced she got engaged

- sixth grade: miss lowery, boss ass bitch in charge of spelling bees, good god she had this way of lowering her voice to a whisper when kids dared to misbehave, I knew that shit was hot

- eighth grade: mrs elavsky, I WAS LEGIT IN LOVE WITH MISS ELAVSKY, I wrote her basically a love letter at the end of the year I don’t want to talk about it, she told me she saved my papers for when she was disheartened by everyone else’s papers, she could go to mine and have her faith restored it’s fine

- middle school “project excel” (groan): MRS MONRO, I’M NOT READY TO TALK ABOUT IT

- high school history: miss faulkner, she coached cheerleaders and was a raging feminist and told me to go after my dreams and also told me I wrote too many journal entries about ice skating


we can’t even talk about college right now. we can’t. I’m already forgetting some fucking serious ladies I am sure,

Experiments (Leo Valdez Fluff)

Summary ~ Confess your feelings then get jealous, you confuse me?

Words ~ 1174

Request ~ Yes

I sat in the science labs after school, looking from the test tube to the book. I was suppose to have this experiment done for today, but with me being the procrastinator I am I didn’t. Luckily Mrs. Dodds said I could stay behind after school and finish it. I sighed knowing I was missing one chemical. I went to the back of the classroom opening the chemical press trying to find some hydrochloric acids. I picked up the bottle making my way back to my desk looking down at the label until I walked into what felt like a wall. I looked up to see my best friend Leo.
“Hey Leo” I said instantly smiling.
“Hey Gorgeous” He said sitting beside me. My stomach fluttered at his nickname and at the same time I felt a knife go through my heart. This crush was getting out of hand at first I could control the butterflies, the smiling, the blushing constantly, the almost fainting when the hugged, cuddled and kissed my cheek, but I am losing control more and more everyday.
“Hello Y/N, are you listening to me?” I snapped out of my daydream and looked over to see Leo raising an eyebrow at me.
“Sorry what did you say?” I asked.
“I said are you going to Nico’s party tonight?” He laughed.
“If I can finish this experiment in time to go home and get ready in time, I will be defiantly be there” I said pouring out some of the hydrochloric acid on to different rocks.
“I’ll stop distracting you” He laughed and sat on the desk behind me looking at his phone. After 20 minutes he was already bored so he decided to annoy me.
“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Y/N” He kept poking me.
“Leo if you don’t stop I will pour this acid over your head” I warned. “Just go back to looking at your phone”
“But you are distracting me from my phone” He whined.
“How am I distracting you?” I said turning around.
“Dat ass” He laughed. “I mean could you drop a pencil and pick it up” He kept laughing at his stupidity.
“Shut up” I said shoving him but he caught my hand and pulled me close.
“Haha very funny Leo, come on let me go” I said even though I was loving the closeness and the smell of his cologne. He didn’t release me, he just moved his hands and wrapped them around my lower back.
“Come on Leo, if I don’t finish the experiment I can’t go to the party” I said looking down, I didn’t dare look at his face because God knows what I would do.
“Y/N” He whispered.
“Look up”
“I could look at you if you let me go” I laughed. He moved one hand to my chin keeping the other one on the small of my back. He tilted my chin up so I was looking into his eyes.
“I want to try this experiment” He smiled before pressing his lips to mine. I was shocked but I made sure that I was kissing back. If he decided he didn’t like this ‘experiment’ I was going to make sure that I remembered this kiss. He pulled away slowly placing his forehead to mine.
“I think these two chemicals have a lot of chemistry” He smiled.
“I concur” I laughed.
“I like you Y/N a lot. I have for a while and I didn’t want to risk the friendship, but I decided that a kiss with you was worth it even if you don’t like me back”
“Leo I have been falling for you for 3 months, if I never get to kiss you again I will cry”
“Well I don’t want to see you sad” He smiled pressing his lips back to mine.
“Be. My. Girlfriend” He whispered between kisses.
“Of. Coarse” I whispered back. He pulled away from the kiss and wrapped his arms around me hugging me tight.
“How about we blow off the science and go help Nico set up for his party” Leo suggested.
“Sounds good” I laughed grabbing my school bag.
Leo dropped me home and told me to meet him at Nico’s when I was ready. I took a shower and got changed into some party clothes which wasn’t mush different to my normal clothes, maybe a bit more fancy.  http://www.polyvore.com/chill_hunter/set?id=148690191
I walked to Nico’s house and let myself in.
“Nico where you at?” I yelled. He came out of the kitchen with a smirk on his face.
“Hey Y/N” He said wiggling his eyebrows.
“What?” I questioned.
“You banging my bed friend” He winked.
“What? All we did was kiss”
“Yeah but I can see into the future and your getting the D” He joked.
“Shut up Nico I came to help you set up for the party”
“Okay sorry go turn on some music” I walked over and pressed play on his ipod and immediately 'Wiggle’ came on.
“OH YEAH BABY” I heard Nico scream from the kitchen as he ran into the sitting room, which he had moved all the furniture out of for the party.
“Come on Y/N, you know what to do” He said pulling me over to him as we started dancing.
When the song finished I gave Nico a hug laughing, I looked over his shoulder to see Leo frowning in the doorway. I ran over to him.
“Hey Boyfriend” I smiled.
“Hey” He said walking into the kitchen. I followed him confused.
“Leo what’s wrong”
“Nothing” He said opening the fridge to get a drink.
“You’re not regretting kissing me are you” I said almost on the brink of tears.
“What” He said shocked..
“It’s okay I should have seen it coming, you’re you, I’m me, it wouldn’t have worked” I said turning and running to the bathroom. I started taking deep breaths, as much as this was like a knife to the heart I didn’t want to ruin my make up and leave here looking like a raccoon. I heard someone knocking on the door.
“Occupied” I yelled slightly. But the knocking continued.
“I said, someone is in here” I said opening the door slightly. There stood Leo frowning, he pushed me into the bathroom kicking the door closed behind him. He pinned my against the wall smashing his lips against mine.
“I would never regret this, you are everything I want and I finally have you. I just got a little jealous of you and Nico, but I know now that, that was stupid because he may be allowed dance with you, but he can’t kiss you or hold you like this because you are mine” He smirked.
“Say that again” I whispered as leaned back down.
“You. Are. Mine.” He said in between pecks.
“You better not be having sex in my bath tub” I heard Nico shout through the door.
“Shut up Nico” We shouted at the same time, before looking at each other and laughing.

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Last Movie I watched: Hidden Figures! (11/10 would recommend)

Last Song I Listened to: Suffocating by The Word Alive, or Blame it on Me by George Ezra, I can’t remember

Last Book I Read: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Last Thing I ate: I had an english muffin with cream cheese for lunch!

If You Could Be Anywhere Right Now, Where Would You Be?: I’m itching to get back to school. My school posted a picture of the campus today and I miss the campus and all of the people there! I also really want to be with the guy I like right now tbh

Where Would You Like To Time Travel To? I’d love to visit the Renaissance or be a part of the beginning of NASA’s history, so any of the Mercury, Gemini, or Apollo missions 

Fictional Character You Would Want To Hang Out With For A Day? Highkey the Percy Jackson gang or reboot Star Trek squad

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School Blues (bluemorezone)

“ Lets skip.” Honey said while she leaves Burger Kingdom with Alice and Betty. Betty blinked a few times and opened her mouth. She shuts it and looked to Alice. “ Come one we really don’t need these classes.”

“No. “ Alice said. Honey sighed. Honey crossed her arms. “ Besides do you really want to be a wandering warrior. Or do you not want to work in a decent agency. Tech would stop giving you jobs if you don’t finish high school.”

“ I have history today. If they talk about The New Turn Era one more time I’m going burst.” Honey noticed that Betty was missing her bag. “ Hey Betty where’s your bag?”

Betty blinked and noticed her bag was missing. “ Oh I forgotten it.” Betty was going inside until Honey stopped her.

“ I’ll get it. You go to school.” Honey goes back into the restaurant before Betty could stop her. Honey see people by where they were sitting, “ Hey do you see a black bag around there?”

While You Were Sleeping - Ronan & Luke -- Luke’s first ‘kiss’.

So few people could say they knew an angel, but Ronan could so easily. His best friend was an angel, and this angel was asleep beside him. They had been trying to stay awake to greet Luke’s 16th birthday at midnight but only Ronan had managed to do it. As unsurprising as it is, Ronan finds himself at a loss. What the fuck is he supposed to do? He settles closer, resting half on Luke’s chest and feeling kind arms adjust lazily around him. Instead of counting sheep he decides to think about the events of the day.

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dear s, 

happy belated birthday!

i know it was just two days ago and i know we haven’t talked in over three years now but i miss you. 

i guess it’s because we ended up going our own ways to different schools we just slowly lost contact. after our last summer together we went on with our lives. but you’ve been popping up in my mind lately and i thought writing this would help.

i don’t know what you’re up to today now. you could be the top student in your class and on a million different sports teams. or you could’ve joined music programs and become someone totally different from who i’d known. 

i’m still playing clarinet and i’ve been in the school’s marching band for the last three years. i’m taking a keyboarding class this trimester and surpisingly it’s coming to me pretty quickly. music’s my life (although i can sing for the life of me). i even have the weirdest music taste with genres ranging from k-pop (btw shinee are the kings) and theatre to hardcore and emo stuff. i’m still dancing too and seven hours a week gets tiring but it’s fun. i was also on the dance team for the school’s production of seussical last year and hopefully i’ll be on it again this year for les mis.

you obviously don’t know this but i got accepted to the aerospace engineering program at syracuse university. i’m really excited because they have a huge marching band there too. i’m wondering what school you’re going to and what you’re gonna study. are you still going with your veterinary path?

i still have your number on my phone but i’m too terrified to text you. hell i don’t even know if you still use that number. maybe one day i might contact you. i just wanna know how you’re doing you know. i really do miss you, and i wish our contact with each other never tapered off without any reason.

i hope i can see you again someday. i really miss our friendship.

- h

January Week One Update

So we’re not even a whole week in on 2017 and I’m already late with my first weekly update. I meant to do this yesterday but just didn’t get there.

So after actually dragging myself from under a comfy blanket and down to my Weight Watchers meeting on Tuesday I discovered that I was up in my weight over the holidays, but only by .1 which is sooo much better than it could have been. So I have my starting weight for 2017-

Current weight: 225.8

So this week has been an interesting one. It’s back to school after the holiday break on Tuesday, then we had an ice storm Wednesday, and returned back to school again today. Boy talk about a week with two Mondays… And Elementary School students like Mondays about as much as anyone…

My Little Miss Peanut Brittle is struggling with first grade and I am struggling with communicating with her teacher as the teacher tries to put me off… So frustrating as I think part of the problem being that she’s bored…

My plans for this weekend include more house cleaning and laundry worked in around Little Miss’ dance class and church. Maybe some reading and planning for DnD coming up. (PS I am a self proclaimed 🤓) We shall see.

Good luck to everyone this week!

~Abby 💕


Journal Entry 9: A New Routine & A Day at the Lab

Saturday, September 3, Sim Year 2005

My days settled into a routine and before I knew it several months had passed.  I worked at the college every weekday, 2 evenings a week I stayed for class, and the rest of my free time was spent studying, taking care of my house, and occasionally getting together with my friends.  But although my life was going well and I was happy to be independent, there was a part of me that couldn’t help feeling like something was missing from my life.   

I had been very busy with school, and even though it was Saturday, Synergy and I decided to meet up at the college to get ahead on our final projects.  

She needed to do research in the library, and I was putting together a collection of element samples and still needed work in the lab and isolate a few more.

I suggested that if we could finish our work today, we should go to the club tomorrow for a day at the pool.  

I told her I could invite some of my other friends as well if she didn’t mind, she was eager to meet everyone else.

The lab was empty, except for one other student.  We didn’t talk much, each of us was so engrossed in our own project. 

I was determined to earn myself a day of fun at the pool, so I made sure to stay in the lab as long as it took for me to finish my task.   I was not able to leave until the sun had long since set and the moon and stars were high in the night sky, but I was finished.  

I was exhausted, but happy that I had accomplished my goal.

What I heard when working in a primary school today.
  • Child A: Miss.... Child B just said that boys can marry boys, that's wrong isn't it?
  • Child B: No, my mum says that they can!
  • Me: Child B is right, boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls if they want to.
  • Child A: really? Well that's really cool actually. Like you wouldn't have to worry about that big frilly dress and could get like matching suits and have a batman cake.
Doubts - Liam Dunbar

Request: Could you do a liam dunbar smut where him and y/n are both taken liam and Hayden and y/n and isaac ?
Warnings: swearing and smut (duh)
“Enjoy your class and don’t get distracted. See you after school”, my boyfriend Isaac dropped me off to my science class that I missed for 2 days because I wasn’t feeling that well.
“Welcome back (Y/N), I assigned new partners for today’s lap. You’ll be working with Liam. So have a seat there please”, the teacher said.
“How are you feeling?”, Liam asked as I sat beside him.
“Better. Thanks for asking crazy head”, I teasingly hit him and we laughed.
The teacher gave us interactions and we began working.
“Okay. I have no idea wtf is happening. I hate missing classes gosh”, I couldn’t stop complaining.
“Geez (Y/N), relax. I can help you if you want”.
“Wait really? You will?”.
“Yes. We can stay in the library after school, Hayden and I will be there. or you can come over to my place. I will give you all the notes you missed and help you with this project”, he offered.
“I can’t after school because I have to go somewhere with Isaac but I will come by at 6 if that’s okay?”.
“Yeah that’s alright with me”, he smiled.
I was so happy that we were working together because Liam and I knew each other and he was always so helpful. Not to mention, funny, cute, and amazing.

After school, I went with Isaac to grab some food, then I came home to shower and then go to Liam’s.
Isaac dropped me off because my car wasn’t working and he left and said he’d come to pick me up when I was done.
“I’m here”, I said with enthusiasm when I knocked on Liam’s door.
“You won’t be this excited when I tell you about all the work you missed and have to memorize”, he laughed.
“Shut up. Don’t disappoint me”, I rolled my eyes at him.
We walked up stairs to his room which was messy but cute as well.
“Nice room”.
“None of the girls that I brought up here said that”.
“Damn. How many had been here?”, I smirked.
“You’re the second”, he laughed.
“Ew loser”, I laughed back.
I took off my jacket and jumped on his bed and got out my note book and pen.
“Okay Mr.Dunbar. Teach me science”, I said with a little girl’s voice.
“Gladly baby girl”.
We’d always make jokes and flirt sometimes and it was so funny.
He came and sat with me and began teaching me all the things I missed and giving me the notes.
But at this point I wasn’t really paying attention at what he was saying.
I was staring at how hot he looked in his baggy shirt and sweets and his messy hair. And I felt so bad because we were both taken. Him by Hayden and me by Isaac.
“O-oh I- I’m sorry I just…”, I ran my fingers through my hair and was embarrassed a little.
“Are you okay?”, he looked worried.
I didn’t answer.
“(Y/N)?”, he grabbed my hand and I got the chills.
“Fuck this”, pushing all the papers off of the bed, I grabbed his face and kissed him.
I was expecting him to pull back but he actually didn’t, he kissed me back.
After a minute or so of kissing. I stopped.
“I’m so sorry”, I stood up quickly and got my jacket, wanting to leave.
“Don’t”, he grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the be and our lips met again and we began making out passionately now and I got excited knowing that he wanted me too.
His right hand was grabbing my face and his left was exploring my upper body.
“Wait! But, are you sure you want to do this?”, Liam broke the kiss.
“I know how horrible this is but all I want right now is you”.
I removed his shirt, exposing his perfectly toned torso and I stared at him with hunger, bit my lips, and removed my shirt too.
“Fuck”, he gasped and pulled me close into him where our naked torsos touched and his passionate kisses began.
His lips now moved to my ear, nibbling on it, then to my neck, kissing it, sucking on it, making my head fall back and feel so shaky.
Every single touch of his felt so amazing. Something I haven’t experienced in quite a bit.
“I want you”, I moaned as my hand reached to his hard.
He pushed me and my hand off of him and removed my pants quickly.
I laid on my back and he got on top of me. He started kissing my chest, moving to my stomach, and finally to my area.
“I want you to want me more”, his voice was cocky but sexy.
Now his face was in between my thighs and I was dripping wet.
His warm tongue licked my slit and I tugged my fingers into his hair tightly.
Parting the lips with his fingers, his tongue started flicking around my clit, lightly at first, then faster as he inserted two fingers in me and I let out moans.
He was so, so good.
I wanted to show him my abilities as well.
“Liam, my turn”.
he lifted his head and smiled.
The he stood up and I removed his sweatpants and boxer and my pupils dilated when I looked at how big he was.
“Oh my god!”, I bit my lips as I made eye contact with him.
Wrapping my small hand around his big, hard, cock, I swirled my tongue around his tip and sucked lightly.
I placed my free hand on his hip and thrusted his member in my mouth while his hand reached to the back of my neck and fingers tugged into my messy hair now.
I started sucking him without blinking once. Tasting him and feeling him. Until it was all the way down my throat. I was gagging and sucking. “Fuck (Y/N), you’re so fucking good”, Liam let out.
I didn’t want the fun to finish so I stopped. “Fuck me please”, I begged.
“Gladly”, his smile was so freaking hot.
He turned me over so my back was facing him and without any warning, he thrusted himself in me and I moaned so loudly.
His right hand grabbed my face and tilted it so he was able to kiss me and his left was wrapped around my waist.
“Don’t say a word”, he breathed against my skin which gave me the shivers.
“Okay”, I nodded softly.
He began moving in and out of me, faster each time as I cried out in pleasure.
He really wasn’t what I expected him to be. That cute little Liam in my science class could fuck better than my own boyfriend.
“L-Liam!”, I stuttered.
“Shh”, he spanked my ass and then pulled himself out of me.
He laid on his back and put me on top.
I smirked knowing that he wanted to give me he chance to show him how good I was.
“Fine”, I leaned down to pat his lips with a kiss followed by a lower lip bite.
I grabbed his hard and inserted it in me and started riding him, sinking down his cock.
I was pouncing up and down and he was grabbing my tits really hard and twisting my nipples.
I leaned down a bit and set a pace to my movement as I began riding faster.
“You’re amazing babe”, he moaned and it made me so happy and I went faster than before.
“(Y/N), I- I’m about”, he growled.
“Me too”, I breathed heavily as I felt my walls tighten around his member.
Seconds later, we both came and dissolved into pleasure.
“Fuck”, I moaned one last time before I fell next to Liam on bed.
“You’re perfect”, Liam kissed my lips.
“So are you. You think you know people, then they surprise you”, I giggled.
“You doubted me?”, he raised an eyebrow.
“I mean yeah. I never pictured you as a rough and passionate one in bed.”
“I’m glad I proved you wrong.”, his voice was husky.
As I was about to place my head on his chest and cuddle up. We heard a car horn and I jumped up in fear.
“FUCK IT’S ISAAC”, I got my phone and saw 5 missed calls and 2 texts from him.
“Babe, are you done? Should I come pick you up?” Said the first text.
“(Y/N), why aren’t you answering my call? Is everything okay?”, the second one.
“Oh my goodness. What have I done?”, I grabbed my cloths quickly and put them on and tried to get the papers I threw on the floor.
“Hey relax. It’s not your fault. We’re in this together.”, he pulled me close to him and gave my forehead a soft kiss to calm me down.
“W-we cheated, Liam!”.
“It won’t happen again if you don’t want to”, his hands were locked in mine now.
“That’s the thing. I WANT it to happen again and again. That’s why i feel like shit right now”.
The door bell rang.
“Put your cloths on fast”, I whispered to Liam.
He did and we went downstairs to open the door.
“(Y/N)!, I got so worried about you”, Isaac grabbed me and kissed me.
“Yeah me too. I called you a couple of times Liam and you didn’t pick up”, Hayden was there too. Isaac must’ve called her too since I didn’t pick up my phone and neither did Liam. I honestly couldn’t look them in the eye.
“Ah I- we- our phones were on silent and we also had music on that’s why we didn’t hear them”, Liam said awkwardly.
I was dying from embarrassment and I just wanted to leave ASAP.
“Thank you for tutoring me Liam. I appreciate it. See ya tomorrow”, i made a half a second eye contact with him while In reality, I wanted to thank him for the best sex I’ve ever had in my entire life.
“Anytime”, he smiled.
I got into the car and Isaac started driving.
“I didn’t get the chance to tell you this but you’re the best in bed and your man is so lucky to have you.”, it was a text from Liam. Just reading it made my insides melt.
Tonight was one of the riskiest yet most amazing nights of my life but the guilt was killing me a bit as Isaac began questioning.


hi everybody!! i hope you’re all doing well!! 🌺

i was really nervous to post this but i really wanted to share with you guys how far i’ve been able to come. the photos on the right are of me at my lowest point, emaciated and in the hospital six months ago (feat a lovely therapy dog) and the photos on the right are of me today. 

last october i was hospitalized because i was pretty much unable to eat anything due to my gi conditions, i was vomiting, i couldn’t sleep, my hair was falling out, i could barely walk, I was in constant pain, and i had lost a dangerous amount of weight. i was 89 pounds and honestly felt worse than I ever had before. i missed months of school, and was forced to partially drop out, and had a complete emotional breakdown.

after being on an nj feeding tube for 4 months, going on and off a dozen different medications in order to find ones that work for me, and finding a great team of doctors, I am finally at a healthy weight that I have been able to maintain without a feeding tube and i am in significantly less pain! im still struggling a lot but for the first time in a very long time i actually feel good about myself. 

Wonwoo's Diary

Dear diary,
Today I was feeling very deep and dark. My heart cried out for the nostalgic feeling of happiness as I listened to the best album of all time, The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. I wore my t-shirt of Gerard Way sunbaenim in honor of his birth. On my way to school today a button fell off my coat. It was so beautiful that I cried. How could a simple button just leave me like that? It was truly symbolic of the day. Just how My Chemical Romance sunbaenims left the music scene. Oh, button, how I miss you. I feel like today I was spiritually awakened by the beauty of this all. I painted my world black with my soul and heart. Joshua noticed my missing button when I came home and asked what happened. I didn’t respond. Why should I try? The only thing worth living for is My Chemical Romance sunbaenims. I just went straight to my room to go run my tumblr fan account/Welcome to my Dark Mind blog. Later that night, I overheard the hyung line saying that “I was just going through a phase.” They don’t understand my dark heart. It’s not just a phase. It’s my life. It’s who I am. The only people who will ever understand me are My Chemical Romance sunbaenims and that button. 90% emotion and 10% water streams down my face. I’m a broken soul traveling down this long and hard road alone. To quote Green Day sunbaenims it’s a boulevard of broken dreams. *cries* *sobs* this is the most poetic thing I’ve heard. *cries self to sleep*. How I wish to one day be like Gerard Way sunbaenim….