Harley’s hallucination

I know a lot of people don’t like this scene because they think that Harley’s biggest desire is normalcy with the Joker, but i thought of it in a different way.
In the movie when they are all at the bar, Diablo opens up about his story and that he had a wife and two kids. When Harley hears this she gets pissed off and says that “people like us don’t get normal”. Like a normal life.
So what I thought this scene meant was that she wants to be married and have children with the joker, but the only way she could have that is if they were normal which they are not.
This is just what I got out of it, feel free to tell me your opinions and comments on this scene.

You see this!! This is how Haru looked at Makoto when Makoto made this expression after Haru just fainted and woke up. Throughout the movie Haru didn’t really have any expression but whenever Makoto was making a different expression besides his smiley lovely face, Haru would show some sort of expression on his face. It just shows how much impact Makoto has on Haru & I just need them to get married already and be happy together forever!! I can’t get enough of them!!

Reminiscing ~ Barry Allen

Request: A Barry imagine where the reader and Barry are married and they are cuddling in bed and reminiscing about major events in their relationship.

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of sex

Word Count: 2,244

Author’s Note: I’m really proud of this one. I think it’s cute. Never thought I’d be writing wedding vows that weren’t for my actual wedding though..

You and Barry are snuggled up in a blanket cocoon in bed. Your head is rested on his chest, with an arm securely wrapped around his middle. It’s late but neither of you are asleep yet. 

You both had just finished a movie, and are in a peaceful half asleep-like trance. “Can you believe we’ve been married for a year?” You ask, looking up to meet Barry’s eyes. 

“I still can’t believe you went out with me in the first place.” Barry replies, placing a kiss to the top of your head. 

“Well how could I say no? I literally fell for you.” You say, trying to contain your laugh. “To be fair, that was not entirely your fault.” Barry responds, his chest bouncing from laughing. 

You were the newest edition to the Central City Police Department as a detective. You had just transferred in, so you needed to prove yourself. That meant helping out in any way that you could. 

Picking up extra shifts for your coworkers, going on coffee runs, and currently hanging up the banner for a fundraiser. It was supposed to raise money to support the meta human task force. 

So, you found yourself on a ladder at the main entrance of the lobby. Enter Barry, with a stack of evidence boxes up to his face. The boxes were crowding his field of vision, so it really wasn’t his fault when he bumped into the ladder that was keeping you up. 

He effectively sent you tumbling down, but used his Flash reflexes to catch you before you got seriously hurt. 

You were kind of stunned by the whole ordeal to immediately respond. So, you might have just rested in his arms for a few seconds. “Are you okay?” Barry asks, feeling guilty. 

“Do you plan on incapacitating all of my deputies, Allen?” Singh yells, snapping you all out of your daze. “No, just the one apparently.” Barry replies. 

He sets you down lightly, making sure that you are solidly on your feet. “Nice catch, Barry. Didn’t know you were so fast on your feet.” You say, surprised. 

“My speed seems to surprise a lot of people. Sorry for knocking you down. I didn’t see you there.” Barry apologizes, with a hand rubbing his neck. 

“It’s totally fine. No harm, no foul.” You reply. “Except or all of your papers are scattered over the floor, here.” You reach down to pick them up. 

After the papers are all back in order, you bring them back up to Barry’s lab. “Thanks for your help, but if I can carry you, I think that I could have carried a few boxes.” Barry announces. 

“Maybe I wanted to spend some extra time with you. Get to know the local CSI.” You say. 

“In that case, would you mind to get to know me over dinner?” Barry asks, hopefully. “Only if it’s something greasy.” You answer. “That can be arranged.” Barry replies, with a smile. 

“So is that how you hit on all of the ladies before me?” You ask. “Pshh, as if there were so many women before you. If you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly a ladies’ man.” Barry replies. 

“You could have fooled me.” You say. 

“My only real girlfriend before you was Becky Cooper, and that was high school. Then there were some flings in college, that’s about it. Apparently I can’t read people.” Barry says. 

“You’re telling me! I practically had to hit you in the face with an ‘I want to have sex’ sign.” You state. “Not true.” Barry argues. 

You and Barry were both on the couch, watching some true crime show. As if you don’t get enough of that in your real lives. You weren’t really paying attention anyway. 

You were two months into your relationship with Barry and you still hadn’t slept together. There was kissing, a little groping, but nothing further. 

Not for lack of effort, on your part at least. You tried to drop subtle hints, but Barry wasn’t getting them.

He was too innocent for his own good. 

And there you were, doing something together, and you felt bad that the only thing you could focus on was Barry’s arm draped around you. His hand drifting over your rib cage, and what would happen if he would just reach a little lower. 

“Okay, that’s it!” You yell, louder than you intended to be. This startles Barry out of his television trance. “What? What’s going on?” Barry asks. 

“Nothing, and that’s the problem. I am a lady, and I have been trying so hard to be one, but screw it. I can’t take it anymore. You, me, sex now.” You say, getting up. 

“Wow, okay. I can definitely do that.” Barry replies, pulling his shirt over his head. “Finally.” You whisper, to yourself.  

“Now that I think about it, I’m not too smooth.” Barry says. You let out a small laugh. “Nor are you subtle. Remember when you told me you were the Flash?” You ask. 

“Don’t even remind me.” Barry replies. 

You sighed, paying the bill at the restaurant, and heading home. This was the third date that Barry had missed, and to top it off, he had neglected to call. You knew he hasn’t at work because you work with him, so he had to be avoiding you for some reason.

You tried not to come off as the clingy girlfriend, but at this point you were over it. The constantly being late, or not coming at all, the never calling, all of it. 

“Hey Barry, it’s me again. Just calling to make sure you’re not in some ditch God knows where, because that’s the only acceptable reason as to why you didn’t show up again. Call me back.” You say, and hang up. 

There were so many theories swirling around in your head as to why he does this all the time. The one that is most evident, is that he is cheating on you. You didn’t want to think that, but what else were you supposed to think?

You heard a knock at your door, and there stood Barry Allen with a bouquet of roses. He had an apologetic smile plastered on his face. One that could make your heart melt. 

Before he could get a word in of defense, you bluntly ask, “Are you cheating on me?”     

His smile fell instantly. “What? No. Why would you think that?” Barry asks, stepping inside. “Oh, I don’t know Barry, how about the always coming in at all hours of the night, the zero phone calls?” You reply, shoving your phone in his face. 

“I’m not cheating on you. I’m the Flash.” Barry says. 

“You’re that what?” You ask, dropping your phone is surprise. Usually it would fall on the hardwood and shatter all over the place. But Barry used his super speed to catch it before that happened. 

“I’m the Flash.” Barry restates, doing some form of jazz hands. He was careful not to drop your phone while trying to ease some of the tension. 

“I could have eased into that a little more.” Barry says. “You think? Oh, by the way, I’m the Flash.” You reply, in a mocking tone.

“I blame you for messing up my engagement plans.” Barry announces. “You were the dumbass who shopped at that store. I blame you.” You state. 

There had been a robbery at the mall. Someone had robbed a clothing store a few days back and you had went back to get their final statements. It was an open and shut case. The suspects were caught on tape. 

As you were exiting the clothing store, you spotted your boyfriend. He was shopping even though he never mentioned coming here. The real kicker was the store Barry was in. 

Barry Allen was in a jewelry store. 

You had assumed that he was getting something for Iris because her birthday was coming up, so you went in to say hi. When you walked in, you saw that he wasn’t looking at necklaces or bracelets at all. 

He was looking at engagement rings. 

“How may I help you miss?” The man asks, making Barry turn around. His eyes go wide at the sight of you. “I’m with him.” You say, pointing at Barry. 

“Helping him pick a ring out for his girl? She must be something special if he needs a second opinion.” He says. “I’m sure.” You reply. He walks into the back to find other rings.

You refuse to get excited until you hear the words come from Barry’s mouth. 

You walk up to the aforementioned shell of surprise. “Whatcha doing, Barry?” You ask, a slight smirk on your face. The question seems to reanimate him. 

“Oh me? Nothing. Just uh, shopping for, uh friendship rings, for Cisco and I.” Barry says, trying to play it off. He was never good at lying. 

“Diamond friendship rings?” You question, tilting your head to the side. “He means that much to me?” Barry answers, as more a question. 

“You’re not gonna jump ship with that lie, are you?” You ask, giggling slightly. Barry sighs and hangs his head in defeat. 

“Yes.” You say. 

Barry head perks up. “What?” Barry asks. “Yes, I will marry you, idiot.” You state, shaking your head at him. 

“Really?” Barry asks. “Yes! Now do you want it in writing?” You ask. 

Barry picks you up and then smashes his lips against yours. When you break away you’re both grinning from ear to ear. 

“Now all you have to do is pick out a ring.” You say. “You’ve got it, Mrs. Allen.” Barry replies. 

“I had a whole big romantic gesture planned, and then you had to walk in and-” Barry starts. “Save you the trouble of even asking. Yeah, I’m that good of a wife.” You finish, for him. 

Barry just chuckles. “I have no complaints about our wedding.” You say. “Our wedding was great.” Barry agrees. 

It was a small gathering. Not many people were invited, and you liked it that way. It was more intimate.

The wedding consisted of your parents, Joe, Iris, Caitlin, Cisco, and Harry. Henry had come back to Central City for it. Also the officiator, but that is obvious.

You were obviously wearing white, and Barry was wearing a suit, but you insisted that he wear a red tie. For you it was to signify the fact that you were marrying both aspects of him, not just accepting only the one.

The wedding was outside, and everything felt perfect under the warm Central City sun. His dad was Barry’s best man, and Caitlin was your maid of honor. 

The moment you walked down the aisle, you were confident you were making the right decision. You didn’t understand the second thoughts that every bride had. You were marrying Barry for crying out loud. 

The second you looked in his eyes you knew he was as sure as you. 

The ceremony started, and the excitement was at an all time high. Then came time for the vows. You were to go first. 

“I’m not the best with words. I’m snarky, and I like to find the humor in situations, even if I shouldn’t. I’m a pretty damn good detective if I should say so myself, but I’m not marrying me. I’m marrying you. So, it’s not about me anymore, it’s about us.” You pause, taking a breath. 

“We are a pretty odd combination, but we make it work, very well. We have an understanding that most couples could only dream of. We’re Y/F/N Y/L/N and Barry Allen. And I’m sure we’re going to have a wonderful life together.” You say. 

“Well thanks for giving me that to follow. You suck.” Barry says. The crowd erupts in laughter. “Aw, I love you too.” You reply, not able to stop smiling. 

“For my entire life, I’ve been running. Whether it was from something or to it. I’ve always had a need for speed, to go as fast as I can. That was, until I met you.” Barry starts. 

“You make me want to slow down. You make me want to enjoy moments like these with you, not rush through them. I’d be grateful to live the rest of our lives together in slow motion.” Barry finishes.

The I do’s are said, and you both slide the rings on each other’s fingers. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” The minister says. 

Barry then does exactly what you told him not to. You didn’t want to be cliche, and you think that’s why he does it anyway. He dips you down and kisses you. 

“Still satisfied with slow motion?” You ask. Barry’s grip tightens around you. “Are you kidding? I’ve traveled faster than mock two, I could use the break.” Barry says. 

“I love you.” You say. “I love you more.” Barry counters. 

“Not possible.” You argue. 

“Very possible. Now I’m going to get some sleep. You can do the same, or wait till I’m asleep and creepily stare at me.” Barry replies, closing his eyes. 

“That was once!” You state. “Keep telling yourself that.” Barry responds, kissing the top of your head. 

At this point you’re too tired to argue with him, even if it’s playful. Turns out, you’ve been going through these memories for hours. It’s now 3 a.m. You just close your eyes, and snuggle yourself deeper into Barry’s chest. 

You know how ppl who are anti tjlc argue that if tjlc is real, why did they include Mary at all? Why not just not include her in the story?

I was thinking about how I like to imagine reversions of tropey movies, or just AUs, with my various OTPs and how in doing that, you write around the obstacles that the originals present. You could just skip those obstacles that would get in the way of your ship, sure, but the fun in this kind of writing is working out how to overcome them.

So when Moftiss were sitting down trying to work out how John and Sherlock were going to get together, they didn’t just say ‘let’s not have John get married’, they must have said 'so how do we get around Mary Watson?’ Because it is fun to perform these literary gymnastics! It’s a fun challenge to set yourself to get out of the corners you write yourself into.

And they did something pretty cool with that character that paves the way for their OTP to flourish regardless. They made her an assassin! Who shot Sherlock! They did something clever, to play with what they had and move all the pieces around into a path that leads… To johnlock.


anonymous asked:

Please what nonsense! Like you said, why in heavens name would they have to fake it? They're already very famous and succesful in their own right and as TLSP. I'm seeing plenty of negative reactions on YT by ppl who think they shouldn't act so "gay". So why risk losing existing fans in favour of giving fan-service? They just don't care. And like they could act staring & giggling at each other during shows & interviews like they're completely entranced. If anything, they ARE secretly married!;)

Yeah, exactly. I’m not saying I’m right about everything but attracting people to go their concert like that just doesn’t make sense to me, as if someone would go, “Hey lets spend a lot of money on tickets, hotels and travelling just to go see these two dudes hugging and stuff”??? Queer baiting only makes sense to me if it’s on a tv show, maybe even movies, but in a band, a concert, where the focus is completely on the music, it doesn’t seem like a necessary thing.

Hahaha as far as we know they could be :D

I do too

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bQ2HCy

by Dibsanddabs

“You’ve been having an affair?” Bucky asked, putting on mock offense.

“Not that I knew about,” Steve said. “But Tony seems convinced.”

“How could you?” Bucky said, shaking his head. “You’re a married man.”


The Avengers find out that Steve and Bucky are married, well, as much as they could be during the war. Tony decides to help out with making that a bit more official.

And this time their honey moon benefits from some internet shopping.

(Sequel to I do, but can be read alone)

Words: 4183, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of I do

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bQ2HCy

Seeing how Doug Jung isn’t a professional actor, I’m not sure if we’ll see him in any position of prominence in the next Star Trek movie (I could see like another crowd sequence, like he’s there to see Hikaru off before the Enterprise-A heads out or something - you know, an official recognition of ‘yes Sulu is still married and still married to a man,’ it’d be nice to get an actual on screen and filmed kiss this time…). MAYBE a line or two, but I really don’t think that he’d get any kind of major involvement.

But I DO want to hear Sulu referring to his husband in dialogue. Not in a constant stream of ‘my husband says [x], my husband would like [y], have I mentioned my husband lately?’ but just a few remarks about his husband in dialogue, in the same way that straight people get to talk about their boyfriend/girlfriend whatever.

Hell, have him and Uhura talking about relationships together, since they’ve made this big deal of the Spock/Uhura relationship in these movies. We always see Spock talking to Kirk and McCoy about the relationship, let’s see the flip side, where Uhura talks to someone who is ALSO in a committed relationship and see them talking and discussing things.


  • they are all so fucking young oh my god. i’m never gonna be over it. i’m gonna say most of them are like a handful of years older than me and they’re all??? saving so many lives??? they’re all so incredibly smart and ingenuitive? your fave (me) could never
  • that scene where uhura recognized krall’s voice is probably the most underrated scene of the whole film she’s absolutely incredible (marry me, nyota uhura)
  • wow y’know i still can’t believe that the sabotage scene gave me an extra ten years of life!! unbidden by mental illness!! (i get chills every single time and i don’t wanna be dramatic but it’s probably my fave scene out of every single movie i’ve ever watched in my life combined)
  • y’all. bones modified something that was meant to kill (a weapon) and used it to create something meant to heal. :))))) **** my ***! i wanna kiss him on the mouth hard
  • the way his eyes go all soft whenever jim or spock share something personal about themselves. :)))) again. he loves them so much……
  • jaylah is so brilliant and so kind and so strong i just!!! she’s gonna be right at home in starfleet tbh (i cried again at her expression when they got into space lmao)
  • other scenes where i cried: all of them. especially when spock cried. don’t watch this movie when you’re sensitive and hormonal.
  • jim looked so tired and it hurt me so deeply but! at the end! he got his hope back! and his love!
  • i’ve said it before but i’ll say it again: this movie is the best found family, crew-centric fic i’ve ever seen
  • yeah anyway star trek beyond (2016) will forever own this ass

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Okay, so I saw a photo of Bill Weasley and I thought that he was CHARLIE Weasley and then I realized they only over showed Charlie's face in the photo when his father won some sort of promotion and it was all over the daily prophet so could I explain who Bill is and who Charlie is because I'm hella confused

hahahaha ok, deraie here we go… 

this is Bill Weasley

he’s the oldest of the Weasleys, he worked at Gringotts, is… sort of a werewolf, he married Fleur and they had three kids

Then there’s Charlie Weasley, second oldest and works in Romania with dragons (how cool is he?) now, Charlie was not in the movies, except, as you said, on the photo when Mr. Weasley wins the trip to Egypt… now, on the picture Charlie is the one behind Ron but that’s his ENTIRE appearance in the movies! 

now here’s what gets me…  Bill and Charlie are two of the COOLEST characters in the entire series and, even if Bill is in the movies a little more than Charlie, they still don’t make justice for either one of them! is more like this

and that’s pretty much it… so bottom line, that was Bill and Charlie apparently doesn’t exists in the movies… :(

quitethepirategal  asked:

He could marry a rich girl he pretends to like idk? Maybe the 60s bring him some good luck and he gets a job as an agent or something with technology? And sorry for the bombardment of questions. I recently rewatched the movie and remembered how much i loved Kent \o/. You do an excellent portrayal of him!

Aw thank you! I definitely appreciate the questions by the way! It has me thinking about where I could take Kent’s character. He could possibly become an agent for a private organization… Because he does have the skills to be one (part of why he hates working at the B.U.P.– he doesn’t get to use said skills)! But still, I’ll have to do some more thinking. 

Discussion about Suspian

So now guys i am bored again which is why i decided to post another discussion.
( Also i think this could be a brand new tag of it’s own )
This time i want to hear your opinion on the relationship between Susan and Caspian in the Prince Caspian movie better know as ,,Suspian “.
So i personally hate it, without doubt.
I mean i was already disappointed in the character development of Peter Pevensie and Susan Pevensie and when that kiss came i was shocked af.
It made the whole movie look cheaper and i think that it was very useless since Susan had to leave Narnia and Caspian had to find a woman to marry.

What do you think about it??

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So, I have no idea if this is unpopular or not, but I really ship Neville and Luna. Like, I felt like there was chemistry between them, and sure they didn't end up together, but I still wanna know if they ever went out. They're kind of my unsung OTP...

i think this is actually a pretty common opinion, especially thanks to the movies! neville and luna get along so well and are just so cute that it totally makes sense! i could see them dating, but maybe not getting married if we want to stick to canon (because lbr neville x hannah is pretty cute too)

Wtf just happened

As I have watched and read bleach through all these years basically living for this fandom daily Tite decides he is going to give his manga a cliche Naruto ending?!

Why though.

Am I the only one upset about this?
I thought we could at least agree that his characters deserved better than an ending like this…

I know there is this whole you grow up get married have kids thing but for some reason I didn’t feel like it was required for Bleach I would have been so much happier having the ending as it is and maybe a movie or 3.


Because I could not stop for Death, he kindly stopped for me.

Watch below the first trailer for Terence Davies’ A Quiet Passion, starring  Cynthia Nixon as Emily Dickinson, who wrote over a thousand poems in her lifetime but witnessed only seven published before her premature death in 1886: she never married, and as she got older became more and more reclusive. For Emily, the family was the universe, the universe her family.

Those incredibly profound relationships are explored in the movie, where her sharp wit and observation give us a unique insight into her life and obsessions: love and mortality. Emily Dickinson’s poetry and life was one of quiet dignity, all the terror and beauty of the world distilled down to the quintessence of meaning and expression. Today, Emily Dickinson is regarded as one of the world’s greatest poets.

Keep reading

Honestly, I’m seeing nerds complain about Zendaya and claim it’s not about racism (riiiight), and like

we’ve had a redhead Mary Jane before. And it was the worst fucking miscarriage of character assasination I have ever seen. Honest to god, as a little kid I HATED Raimi movies because Mary Jane was nothing like the one I knew from the comics and cartoons.

Mary Jane isn’t meek. Mary Jane isn’t a fucking doormat. Mary Jane isn’t a damsel in distress. For fuck’s sake, she has actually fought (with varying results) against supervillains on her own, and usually carries a gun and knows how to use it, which is probably the single most sensible thing someone who married a superhero could do.

It doesn’t fucking matter if she’s a redhead, what matters is getting an actress who will be able to accurately portray her personality.

I was tagged by @rhyme-with-me-noiz (thank you !! <33)

Countries I’ve lived in: I’ve only ever lived in England !!

Languages you speak: English and Spanish (i could survive in spain only speaking spanish, but i’m not amazing at it)

Favourite film of 2015: Ummm….. I don’t remember what films there were in 2015, but my fave movie ever was the pokemon movie with darkrai !!!

Last article you read: tht sarcastic one abt the asian woman who married the white guy who spoke really bad chinese (it was a point abt asian culture fetishisation!!)

Shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here:

Love Song - Sara Bareilles
The End Of All Things - Panic! At The Disco
Genghis Khan - Miike Snow

Last thing you bought online: Pizza ;)

Any phobias or fears? Bugs, literally all bugs i am absolutely terrified of, walking around in the dark, asking people for things, talking on the phone, loud noises, people talking about me behind my back

How would your friends describe you: A furry :3c

How would your enemies describe you: A backstabbing bitch, really fucking rude, manipulative

Who would you take a bullet for: my mutuals

If you had money to spare what would you buy first: CLOTHES!! and a nice phone + laptop !!

Rules: tag ten people you’d like to get to know better

I tag @tanukichii @pikachulovesyouu @smoochz @smoobss @lazurites @outcastisland @officialkarl @quuiin @irl-jasonpetertodd @jellyfishjeans + anyone who wants to can say i tagged you !!!!

Also @ people i tagged, you dont have to if you dont want to !!!

A legit conversation that I had

Brother: I bet I could guess your favorite movie.

Me: Go for it.

Brother: The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga.

Me: …Wat.

Brother: Yeah, that’s the Pokemon thing where Jessie and James get married.

Me: That’s not a movie.

Brother: Yes it is.

Me: No, that’s a manga.

Brother: …

Me: It’s a comic.

Brother: Oh…