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Name: Meg
Nicknames: Megatron, Megasaurus Rex, Meglodon, Megarsormr
Starsign: Aquarius
: Female
Height: 5′ 2″ (short as heck)
Relationship: Almost 7 years with a handsome dork. (Not married… yet.)
Average hours of sleep: 5-6
Last song I listened to: Exodus - M.I.A. & The Weeknd
What you’re reading: I don’t… read much… >_>;
Last movie you watched: OhshitIdon’trememberuhhhh I think it was the Count of Monte Christo?
Favorite quote: “And though she be but little, she is fierce.”
― Helena, from William Shakspeare’s “A Misummer Night’s Dream”
Last thing you googled: ^ That quote so I could make sure I had the phrasing correct. Lol.
Number of blankets: Like 6 or 7. ;u;
Favorite fictional character: UHHHHH, SHIT. Lara Croft?? There’s a LOT but she comes to mind first.
Favourite bands: That’s tough because I generally only like 3-4 tracks per artist and there are so many. Lately I’ve been feeling M.I.A., DOROTHY, Halsey (don’t judge >:/), PVRIS, Pendulum, The Black Keys, The Glitch Mob, Beats Antique… Also lots of game music and instrumental. I’m all over the board with music.
Job: Graphic designer for a national exterior signage provider. We handle exterior signs for lots of big name brands and I make them look pretty on building plans/photos to present to clients and the city for approval.
What are you wearing: Black t-shirt, skinny jeans, and my favorite new black hooded denim/sweatshirt jacket thing. Lots of black. :3
Current amount of followers: 273!?! (Thank you… ;u;)
What do you post about: FFXIV Original Character RP, FFXIV screenshots, FFXIV original art, FFXIV lore, FFXIV humor, and occasional aesthetic images. 
Any other blogs: Yes, but I literally haven’t been on it since I made this one. I had a REALLY cool one called @skulls-sand-feathers (can’t tag b/c sideblog) that I used to dump my edge-y aesthetic images into… in color order. Made scrolling through it kind of interesting. Might get back to that one day. It was fun.
What made you decide to get a tumblr: My original blog from 2012? Sigh. …The Homestuck fandom. (Please refrain from slapping me. I am/was a well-behaved reader. ;u;) This one? The FFXIV fandom.
Why did you choose your URL: Because my OC is a Xaela, bears a terrible curse, and swears a lot.
What are you doing tomorrow: Work, RP, and farming MGP.


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Chanyeol - 160518 Movie Weekly’s weibo update: “#直击#[所以……和黑粉结婚了]举办“明星VS黑粉擂台赛”发布会。“黑粉”袁姗姗现场设台打擂,与朴灿烈、姜潮、徐玄智斗力博,四人争夺“反黑王冠”。谈到为何出演这部影片时,“美颜”担当朴灿烈表示:接到剧本后看了原作漫画,觉得是一个可以挑战自己的角色,很期待、也很有趣。影片6月30日上映”

Translation: “#Live# [So……I Married an Anti Fan] had a ‘Celebrity VS Anti-fan match’ press conference. 'Anti-fan’ Yuan Shan Shan took challenges on stage, going against Park Chanyeol, Jiang Chao, Seo Juhyun in strength and knowledge; the four fought it out for the 'Crown of Anti Anti-fan’. When asked about the reason why they accepted the film Park Chanyeol, the 'Pretty face’, shared that after receiving the script he watched the original manga, and felt like this role was one in which he could challenge himself, [he is] highly anticipating and very interested. The movie will premiere on June 30th”

Credit: 看电影周刊.

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:seriously Steve makes out with Peggy's niece like the day of her funeral. And his whole relationship with Bucky. I understand straight guys can be close platonic friends but...all their fight scenes are clearly charged with sexual tension. Swapping old time stories like a married couple. "Until the end of the line."!?! I got nothing against agent blondie but it seems as if they dragged her back into this movie JUST so they could force this heterosexual love plot on us. And oh, how convenient she's related to Peggy...😑

when i was fifteen years old i went through this phase where i was just obsessed with matthew broderick like to the point where i created a fake matthew broderick facebook page just so i could change my relationship status to “married to matthew broderick,” i watched the producers or ferris bueller’s day off nearly every single day, i listened to nothing else but the film soundtrack for the producers. so a couple months into this my parents rented election. and they were like, “hey, guess what! we’re watching this matthew broderick CLASSIC for family movie night!” and i was, of course, so excited. so i’m settled in, excited to watch, and matthew’s character is just the most awful, garbage, deplorable misogynist, and i’m getting progressively more and more bummed out and disillusioned, and it was only later that i found out that my parents had orchestrated the whole thing in a highly successful last-ditch effort to nuke my matthew broderick phase.

i Finally watched ca:cw. still haven’t seen ant-man or AoU, but i understood everything. anyways: 

  • sam/steve/bucky is real
  • T’Challa is #right
  • i still hate scarjo but her black widow is still excellent which Annoys Me
  • tony as usual can Die in a fire
  • people referring to wanda as “a kid” when she’s obviously 55 y/o stressed me out like??? no offense but she can’t pass for anyone younger than 27 Ever
  • vision is So Boring??? i hate him
  • the “you could at least remember me” line had me yelling and buckynat owns this ass always and forever amen 
  • when are we getting that rhodey movie???
  • the stevenat conflict and T’Challa’s arc in general were the most moving parts of the movie
  • i am Marrying aunt may and adopting Peter as my son

that is All.

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(same anon) like im so happy we get a female lead but lucasfilms and many other big franchises seem to think that white woman lead + moc are progressive and completely ignore, exclude women of color. like just watch as how we get our first woc lead in a star wars movie (kelly marie tran), but watch the fandom completely ignore kelly while constantly fawning over daisy and jyn :/

i was gonna say….. characters of color are usually treated really terribly by their fandoms… e.g. finn and rey could get married and have five children and fandom would still be like idk!!!!! i just don’t see finn as a romantic character for whatever reason ://///

plus the fact that white people don’t know how to write characters of color without accidentally being racist??? or that they’re probably just going to call kelly, like, “korean” or “chinese” because a) she looks vaguely east asian and b) in their minds ‘asia’ is limited to about three countries???? 

it’s amazing that we get southeast asian representation especially a woman in a leading role of a gigantic and high-profile franchise,, when i think about it i still get a really excited feeling in my chest cause it doesn’t seem Really Real but….. fandom

so uh no i am not looking forward to the fandom reaction to kelly,, but i will defend her w/ my life

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Ok, but it's so funny that the MCU fandom thinks that they keep all of their superheroes in character while the DCEU doesn't. Did they forget about Nazi-apologist Wendy and Peter Maximoff, Clint "I'm not deaf anymore and I am married with kids plus I'm super boring" Barton, "I'm not a Latina anymore" Maria Hill, The Ancient "White" One, Natasha "my personality changes each movie" Romanoff, "Ultra Boy Scout who doesn't like potty mouths" Steve Rogers? I have more, I could go on.

If youre offering to go on PLEASE go on. but yeah like none of the characters are like their comic book counterparts but batman uses a gun in a dream sequence and all hell breaks loose. chill children.

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But captain America is a canon bisexual. He's not straight. It's just marvel movies that make it seem like he is.

If you could give me a source for that I would love to see it. (this isn’t sarcastic I’m serious) also If cap is bi why’d they have to make tony a girl for them to get married?

[ yes ] john shaw - 12 rounds Lockdown


John Shaw is your ex. After he got injured, he got distant… In a last ditch effort to fix things,he asked you to marry him, but you were scared to death to marry a cop because your father died in the line of duty. Things had been awkward between you two since you broke up, you kept your distance as best as you could which was hard because you loved him.

You realize just how little it matters, his job, when you turn on the 10 pm news and you see John’s precinct on the news and find out it’s been under lockdown for about two hours. All you can think of is that you love him and you just can’t stay away anymore.

This, of course, leads you to do something about how you feel. Fluff ensues.

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“Hey, Y/N… Ain’t your ex old man’s name John Shaw?” one of the girls at the salon you worked in asked over the usual loud gossip and the radio and the noise of the hair dryers. You looked up from the manicure you’d been giving and called out, “Yeah, why?”

“He’s on tv girl.”

The erratic hammering of your heart started and your stomach churned nervously, the woman who was getting a manicure asked quietly, “Are you alright, dear?”

“Give me one second.” you answered as you got out of your seat and walked closer to the television, turning it up. There were swat vehicles, news crews and nearly everyone John worked with at the station was outside in front of the station. You could hear the faint and faraway sounds of gunfire.


“If you still love him, girl, why the hell did you break it off?”

“It’s a… It’s a long story, Roxie… What did they say about him?” you asked your coworker and she filled you in on what had been said ending with, “They said he’s still in there..That he might have snapped, shot a lot of people..”

He was supposed to start work again tonight. That’s what his neighbor told you when you’d went by on your own way into work, you’ been wanting to catch John at home because you just needed to see him… He dominated your thoughts, your dreams at night.

But he’d pushed you away after being shot, even more so after you told him you weren’t ready to get married… Roxie’s words hit you then and you sat down in an empty stylist chair, floored by what she said they’d listed in the report on television.

There was no way in hell the man you loved would do something like this. He was by the book, no gray, only black and white, wrong and right. Yeah, he’d had a harder time coping, you probably hadn’t made it easy either, turning down his proposal.

But he would not do this, shoot his fellow officers.

“Do you need to go, Y/N?” your boss asked you in concern. You could only manage to nod and you told her that first, you’d finish up the manicure you’d been doing. After apologizing profusely to the woman you’d been giving a manicure to, you finished her manicure and you rushed out of the salon.

You flipped through radio stations, hoping to find some news or some kind of an update and you tried to keep yourself calm. By the time you’d pulled into the station parking lot, the ambulances were there, the whole thing was over and you saw him, limping out, pained look in his eyes.

He was talking to the Commissioner and being looked over by the EMTs on scene. Once the Commissioner left him alone, you made your way over.

When he saw you, he looked shocked, like he didn’t think you’d care enough to be here. Seeing him only proved to you how much you loved him and how stupid you’d been to break things off. You felt horrible.

You pushed your way through a throng of people and you were stopped by one of the rookies on the force, who told you that unless you were family, you needed to get back behind the tape. You glared at the man and then nodded to John.

“He’s my fiance. Please, I just… I need to see him and make sure he’s okay.”

The man eyed you, and a woman John knew on the force saw you and called your name, rushing over to you. “John said you guys broke up.”

“I never should’ve…”

“He’s a hero… Took down Burke and his accomplices by himself.”

You smiled and nodded, somehow you’d convinced yourself on the drive to the station that was what happened. It only made you feel proud.

“I knew it. On the report I saw earlier, they were saying he’d snapped, started just shooting other officers…” you told the other woman. You heard John swearing and growling at the EMTs who were trying to get his wounds taken care of.

“Go on, Y/N, go over there.”

You made your way to John finally, heart beating a thousand beats a second, it was pounding against your sternum so loudly that you almost couldn’t hear any of the other noises or people around you. You were standing in front of him now.

“You’re the last person I thought I’d see when I..” John growled at one of the EMT’s as they were working on closing up a gun wound in his bicep. “Came outta there. Why are you here? I mean you pretty much cut all…” his words went unfinished because you pulled him closer to you by the collar of the dark gray shirt he wore, conquering his lips in a hungry kiss. “I was an idiot, okay? And I was afraid… Like everything I tried to do to bring you back out of that dark place after Ray…” you breathed against his lips as his unwounded arm snaked around your hips and he pulled you much closer.

“Go on?” he mumbled, nipping at your lips. You finished pouring it all out, and when you were done, you added quietly, “I love you, John Shaw. I never should have panicked.. If you hate me now, I won’t blame you.”

“If I hated you, Y/N, I wouldn’t have kept trying to call ya. So, I overheard you when you came up… That guy asked you if you were family…” he fixed those calming blue eyes on you and you bit your lower lip as you said quietly, “I want to marry you. I can’t… This whole month has been hell for me..” you admitted as you looked at him, nodding to his arm and his abdomen, sucking in a breath.

“It’s just a scratch, babe. If you can’t handle all of this.” he gestured to the commotion going on in the precinct in the background and then said quietly, “ because this is me. This is who I am.”

“And it makes me love you more…” you trailed off, eying him as you thought about it. You couldn’t live without him, you’d tried for a month now and it had been sheer hell on Earth. You sucked in a breath and then answered quietly, “I’m always going to be afraid and worried about you, John.. But I can’t live without you. And I want to be the one who takes care of you when you’re hurt or going through something.”

He pulled you into another kiss, growling when the pain ripped through his abdomen. A medic cleared his throat and John held up his middle finger, continuing the kiss. “I never should’ve pushed you out.”

“No, you shouldn’t.” you mumbled against his lips as his fingers tangled in your hair. “So… will you marry me, Y/N?”

“Yes.” you muttered as the kiss broke.

Zimbits Proposal Ficlet

Okay I am slightly rusty at writing, but what better way to warm up than my children???? 

Jack had been preparing for this night for the better part of the last two years. Most of this planning had gone into the journal he’d written for Bitty. Lardo had been a big help, designing the cover for him, and helping with the layout of the pictures Jack had taken during their relationship. He’d taken a calligraphy class in secret, just so he could perfectly write out “reasons why I want to marry you” on the cover.

It had taken ages to finish, each page filled with the smallest things Bitty did that Jack adored. Scattered through the book were pictures he’d taken of Bitty. Bitty smiling, Bitty laughing, Bitty baking, Bitty crying at Disney movies. A lot of pictures. And now, today was the day.

His ring was like a weight in his pocket as he escorted Bitty to the spot he’d painstakingly picked out. He’d found it while jogging near their new home, about a mile away from their house. They lived right in the middle of nowhere, in a wooded area that Bitty had fallen in love with the moment he’d seen it. Jack had run the road dozens of times before he noticed a small trail, leading through the trees. He was leading Bitty through it now, palms sweating with nervousness as he looked over the trees he’d strung with paper lanterns, and then to Bitty who so far seemed to be loving it. Ten minutes of walking brought them to the small clearing Jack had found all that time ago, normally empty save for the wildflowers, but not today.

He’d decorated it with the help Of Shitty, Ransom, and Holster earlier that day, and if the expression on Bitty’s face was any indication, he’d done a good job. There were more paper lanterns handing from the trees, a small table and two chairs sitting at the base of two large trees. He’d gone a little crazy with the candles, and he was glad for it now since it was just starting to get dark and it made everything light up. On the table was the journal he’d worked on so long, and a dinner he’d made (and had Shitty set out). Hopefully it was good enough for his master chef boyfriend. A soundtrack he’d made of all the songs Bitty loved, and all the ones that had meaning to them, was playing from Jack’s computer hidden under the tablecloth, and overall it was perfect. Bitty had to be surprised, because now was the first time he’d spoken since Jack started them on the trail.

“Honey, what’s all this?” he asked, eyes wide and voice soft, and Jack wished he had his camera. Jack smiled and walked towards the table, handing Bitty the journal.

He watched as Bitty read the title, lip trembling, and he watched as he turned through the pages, eyes growing wetter with every passing page. Jack’s heart was practically beating out of his chest, palms still clammy as he waited. Bitty closed the book after a few minutes, and Jack hoped he was just planning on reading the rest of it later, and it wasn’t a dismissal.

“You want to marry me?” he asked softly, and Jack nodded, stepping closer to Bitty, cupping his face with his hand.

“I love you so much. I can’t even begin to tell you how much Eric. You changed my life the day you came to Samwell, and you changed me. You stayed by my side while I was closeted, and I know that was hard, god it was hard for me too. But you supported me the whole time. I’ve known you for seven years, and I’ve had the honor of being with you for five of those years. I want more. I want eighty more years, and thousands of mornings waking up to you. I want to have a family with you, and always come home to you. I want you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?” by the time he was finished, Bitty was crying in earnest, and it was so sweet considering he’d never been good at talking about his feelings, this time included.

“Of course!” he sobbed out, wrapping his arms around Jack’s neck and kissing him breathless. Jack leaned down a bit more so Bitty wasn’t so far on his tiptoes and even though he could taste the saltiness from his tears, and Bitty’s tears, it was the best kiss they’d ever had.

It took a long time for Jack to actually fit the ring on his finger, but it was the perfect fit.

TOS Spones Challenge

To elaborating on yesterday’s post, I would be interested in setting up and running a TOS Spones event. It would be a very low key simple challenge without a whole lot of commitment or work really for anyone, but I thought it could be fun.

The event could be either generally TOS Spones or more specifically Spones work taking place after the five year mission, so TMP and onward (model on the Old Married Spirk Challenge.) 

I do love original movie era Spones (it’s my favorite) but we could go more general than that. Since Spones shippers are a small community and TOS Spones shippers an even smaller one more general might be better. We could do a TOS Spone challenge that then had a general theme people could interpret anyway they wanted to. If we decide to do that I would be willing to set up a poll with some theme ideas and see what people liked best.  

What do people think?  Would folks be interested in this kind of challenge? Should it be more original movie era specific or more generally TOS Spones? Should there be a theme or no theme?

So I’ve been informed I’m going to hell, mainly because I walked out of my place of work. He didn’t seem to interested in having a nice conversation about all the other hell worthy activity’s I partake in, and I was so hopping he would be able to give me some tips on how to not end up in this fictional place. 

I was thinking, if I movie to some small shitty town, dye my hair back blonde, and then marry some guy ten years older then me. Oh, and pop out a couple a spawn, well attending Church everyday. But that sounds so boring when I could be getting a nice tan on a hot hell beach or maybe making snow men in hell. I don’t know is hell hot or cold I’ve heard it both ways?

Okay so I haven’t seen the movie Catch and Release for a few years, but I did base the main idea of twice in a lifetime around it. Now im rewatching the movie and I didn’t realize just how similar some of the ideas were- like the dead boyfriend going away on a bachelor party and dying, or how the main character and dead boyfriend were supposed to be getting married. Yikes. Didn’t even realize.
Anyway it’s a good movie and if you wanna watch something that could bring twice in a lifetime to life (granted it is Hetero and not gay) then watch catch and release.

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answer 11 random questions posted for you. create 11 new questions and tag 11 people. let the person that tagged you know you answered :D

1. If you could FUCK/MARRY/KILL any three people at any point in history and time, who would you choose?

Okey dokey i’m gonna choose between some of my fave 60s dreamgirls: fuck Jane Birkin, Marry Pam Courson (to protect her at all costs/share her clothes), and kill Brigitte Bardot (sorry BB)
2. If you could go back in time/into the future and be in any movie, which movie and who would you be? Why?

Okay I would want to be Will in Almost Famous bc touring with a band in the 70s and writing for a music magazine is my DREAM 

OR I would want to be in the Feast of Friends movie The Doors made bc!!! I would get to hang with my favorite humans on earth!! 
3. What have you learned about yourself recently?

That I really really love playing guitar which is something i never would have seen myself doing years ago.
4. Is there a song lyric/poem/movie or book quote that describes you best? Try and pick just one!

I always blank on these type of things but every time I hear Rebel Rebel by David Bowie I’m just like… this song was written about ME
5. Tag someone on here you’d like to know better!

I’m kinda shy when it comes to initiating conversation so there’s a lot of people, especially my mutuals on here I want to get to know better but I would love to get to know @tinyweymouth better bc they love Talking Heads and The Band and their tags about Depeche Mode are hilarious (plus i think we would both enjoy fighting Egg Blandford Townshend ??)
6. Do you have a crush IRL? If so, why do you like them?

I did a few months ago and I liked her bc she actually liked talking to me and I understood her david bowie/ x-files/ spongebob refrences and we talk everyday and she’s just really cool and interesting :’) but we’re just friends now and i’m cool with that too
7. What’s something you just wish your parents/guardians would understand?

That when I’m being quiet I’m not “mad” at them, I’m just more comfortable that way. I’m just an in-my-head type of person.

8. What’s your favourite holiday or time of year?

Halloween bc candy and spookiness and autumn, but Christmas comes pretty close!

9. What are you looking forward to most in the next 12 months?

I’m going to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this summer and I’m so excited!! I’m gonna take a picture with the giant pic of Jim they have and probably cry/go broke :’)
10. If you had to be in the Olympics, what sport would you participate in?

Oo I’m not a v sporty person, but I really enjoyed softball when I played it
11. What song can’t you get enough of at the moment?

I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag by Country Joe McDonald (it’s fun to play on guitar)

Okay my questions:

1. If you could ask one of your faves three questions, who would it be and what what you ask them?

2. Favorite thing to do on the weekends or your day off?

3. What’s a television show that always makes you laugh?

4.If you collect records, which one is the rarest/your fave in your collection? (if you don’t, what is the first record you would buy if you could?)

5. Why do you connect with your favorite band or artist?

6. Favorite outfit you own!

7. Play any instruments?

8. Do you have anything on your wishlist right now? (band merch, a movie, concert tickets, etc) if so what is it?

9. What is a movie you think everyone should see and why?

10. What is your dream vacation and who would you go with?

11. If you could travel back to live in any decade what would it be? Do you think your life would go differently that it is today?

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I would say Nat and T'Challa were definitely interested in each other. Scarlett mentioned it in her interview on the set. Do you think it will be problematic for people if Natasha could be potentially with T'Challa? A lot of people want someone different for T'Challa like Monica Lynne. I saw people saying like they don't want white female character as his love interest and Queen eventually. I know he was married to Storm and dated Monica Lynne. What would be your opinion on this?

I… don’t know. I don’t think it’s problematic, because interracial relationships are rarely if ever shown as a main pairing in Movies, and this is Panther’s movie, not Widow’s. But I don’t know enough about the Black Panther comics to speak of his love interests.

I thought Nat and T’Challa were cute (his little smile at her, and the way he spun around when he heard her name? It gave me life.), but again, I can easily interpret those moments as T’Challa being enamoured with Black Widow, not necessarily a love interest. It could go either way.

Plus… after being paired up with Clint and Bruce (and flirting with Tony as part of her undercover work), I just want Marvel to leave Natasha alone. She’s her own superhero, not the love interest of them.

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Now I'm thinking since that Barry and Iris were friends before his mother's murder, maybe in the back of his mind, he and Iris could grow even closer in separate homes now that his mother is alive. Assuming they would always be together, because destiny wants it, but he sees Iris again, but circumstances are different. She's with someone else, she hardly remembers him, they get married but something convoluted happens with either of them. It's going to bite him in the ass in the end.

I agree. After watching the movie, if that’s the way the show is going, the changes are going to be more drastic than I thought before I watched it.