Re-Watching AToTS and...

I was re-watching A Tale of Two Stans, and I got to this scene, that upon first (second, third, okay and fourth) left me heartbroken. You know the one:

However, after my recent re-watch, I noticed that my kneejerk reaction to this scene had shifted from “Oh, no!” to you “Yes. This is painful, but necessary!”

Like, I’ve suddenly realized what an empowering, important character growth moment this was for Stan.

His brother has just rejected him again. Has arguably given him an eviction notice from not only the Shack but also Stanford’s life. We’ve seen this happen before. It could almost be considered a parallel to this scene from the exact same episode:

But instead of spending the next decade trying to prove his worth as a family member or try to get back into Ford’s good graces, what does Stan do here?

He accepts the rejection. Sadly and regrettably, of course, since Stan obviously wanted to make up with his brother. But here’s the thing: This moment shows that he does not rely on that reconciliation for happiness. And then you have this line:

Stan: “You stay away from the kids; I don’t want them in danger. ‘Cause as far as I’m concerned, they’re the only family I have left.”

I don’t think this is so much Stan not considering Ford his brother anymore, but the narrative asserting that what Stan and Ford have between them now is not a functioning family unit. And Stan knows this because he’s spent the summer with Dipper and Mabel.

In this very same episode, you have Stan revealing all his lies and secrets, and the kids forgive him. They forgive him, and still love him, because forgiveness and unconditional love is part of what makes a family.

Now that I look at it, I'm glad and grateful that this scene was included, even though it hurts.

Obviously, I want these broken old teacups to make up, and so does Stan (and they most likely WILL) but the fact that he outright states that he does not need Ford’s approval or acceptance because he already has these things from other people (the kids, and Soos and Wendy, too) he now considers family is so, so important.


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when i was a kid and took baths when it was done and i had to unplug the drain instead of getting out i would lay still and flat in the tub until allllll the water drained  out, then i would RISE. I liked to think i was some lab experiment coming out of a test tube, idk i think most of hte times i thought i was an alien or some shit 

anonymous asked:

Astra was killed off because Laura had some commitments with Broadway, but she has time to return as Alura so WHY NOT BE ASTRA AS WELL???

i know, friend, it’s motherfucking bullshit, is what it is. tbh I am thrilled that Laura gets to be on Broadway again, since she obviously loves it very much, but I’m still mad af at the Supergirl writers for how they handled that shit.

Other explanations I would have accepted for Astra not showing up as much anymore, because Laura is a busy and successful and delightful woman:

  1. Astra realizes she’s fucked up and leaves planet Earth to find herself, leaving Kara and Non to fight it out amongst themselves
  2. Astra gets taken in by the DEO and temporarily thrown into a cell, where she is sometimes used as a well of information when they’re stuck on alien tech or life forms
  3. Astra kills Non for what he did to Kara and is then on the run because the other soldiers want her dead
  4. Astra decides she’s had enough of being a General and opens up her own karaoke bar in Alaska
  5. Astra retreads Superman’s story from Superman Returns, in which she flies to where Krypton used to be to make sure it’s really gone
  6. Astra goes on an extended vacation and is henceforth present on the show only through delightful and yet slightly terrifying postcards she keeps sending in
  7. Astra and some of her soldiers defect and go somewhere else to think about what they’ve done and to regroup (they come back as a team of heroes in s3 or some shit)
  8. Astra falls in love with a human female and moves to Connecticut with her
  9. Astra gets addicted to WoW and spends the rest of her days skilling up her warrior general
  10. Astra decides she’d rather work at a hair salon, where she tries to make her one white strand into a new smash hit among humans
  11. Astra is imprisoned by Non for helping Kara, which is why she doesn’t show up much anymore: either she saves herself or gets out with the help of Alex and Kara
  12. Astra develops a bio-mask that lets her shift her appearance and she infiltrates CatCo with someone else’s face, which is where another actress can take over Astra’s role when Laura doesn’t have time to do shit, cause she’s busy being fucking kickass successful person
  13. Astra gets transported back to the phantom zone somehow and doesn’t get out until later
  14. Astra loses her powers (semi-)permanently and decides to try her luck at a human life - away from Kara, at first, because she needs to reconcile everything with herself
  15. Astra admits to herself she’s got feelings for Alex and leaves the planet to avoid her own emotions
  16. Astra accidentally goes swimming in the wrong ocean and somehow ends up in Aquaman’s home, where she is then trapped for a while
  17. Astra becomes addicted to watching spanish telenovelas and is unable to leave her home. Non is very confused
  18. Astra is temporarily turned into a stone/ice/carbonite statue and unable to move for a time, until Kara and Alex find that ONE MAGICAL DOODAD
  19. Astra is somehow transported to another dimension, but comes back later with even more power and a clearer understanding of what she wants
  20. Astra joins a band and tours Europe

Literally anything else