Percy Jackson; Son of Poseidon

“The world was collapsing, and the only thing that really mattered to me was that she was alive.”

The Signs as Aesthetics

Aries: eyebrows, sunflowers, Nike, figi water, space buns, cloudy mornings, puppies, white clothing, sushi, bananas, the scent of fresh lemons

Taurus: comfy beds, succulents, paper lanterns, soft skin, Oxford shoes, big blankets, starry nights, collared dresses, oversized t-shirts, braids, the scent of hot chamomile tea

Gemini: daisies, Adidas superstars, overalls, ice cream, balloons, fog in forests, ongiri, glitter, love letters, bandaids, the scent of freshly cut grass

Cancer: lavender, thigh high socks, eggs, nighttime car rides, Japanese candy, soft lips, stuffed animals, Chinese take-out, light up shoes, polaroid cameras, the scent of fresh cookies

Leo: messy buns, kanken backpacks, sunshine, bubbles, grassy meadows, bucket hats, In n’ Out, shiny eyeshadow, popsicles, old movies, the scent of new cars

Virgo: short hair, cats, midnight swims, pizza, clumpy eyelashes, yin yang, candy hearts, eyeliner, long nails, milk, the scent of clean linen

Libra: cherries, long hair, bubblegum, kisses, lace lingerie, honeybees, gingham, tea, copic markers, coconut water, the scent of smackers lip balm

Scorpio: koi fish, gardens, grey hair, heavy rain, storms, dark lipstick, black clothing, striped socks, straight hair, wild berries, the scent of dark roast coffee

Sagittarius: boat rides, mochi, tulips, macaroons, platform shoes, sheer socks, watermelon, grid patterns, fake eyelashes, butterflies, the scent of freshly squeezed orange juice

Capricorn: Nike Air Force 1’s, pastel hair, ponds, late night walks, zen gardens, water lilies, long hugs, strawberries, face masks, water color paint, the scent of peppermint

Aquarius: jelly shoes, space, glitter waterfall phone cases, pink lipgloss, sakura blossoms, peaches, stars, baseball caps, bath bombs, soft hair, the scent of vanilla cupcake candles

Pisces: roses, the ocean, video games, bows, the sky, oversized sweaters, vanilla, old books, wavy hair, pink blush, the scent of a salty breeze

anonymous asked:

I never said you ship every single straight ship...????? I'm just saying that you're VERY critical of gay pairings but not straight pairings??? like ALOT of straight people do this thing where they say stuff like "these two characters of the same gender are JUST friends, nothing more" but don't say shit when it comes to straight pairings.... lmfao can't blame me for being wary when I see this shit every single day

I agree with you that there are many straight people who do this, as even taking the Rose\Pearl for example, but really?  Anon, I am sorry, but do you even follow me? Or did you just read those tags and caught to that like a dog to the bone to apply it on my views or whatever in general?

I think there’s a difference in being “wary” of something and making up assumptions on one single statement.