Prompt: For a moment, Naruto wondered if this was really Hinata. But he’d never seen her drunk, so instead he just played along.
A/N: Personally, this certain brand of drunk!Hinata isn’t in any of my headcanons, but I love it so much and it was literally SO much fun to write I couldn’t exist. Hope you guys like it! Again, another thank you fic, this time for brownie-and-art!

As he watched Hinata stumble and laugh and smile and twirl, there were two things that Naruto was certain of.

First, was that he’d never seen anyone look so beautifully carefree in all twenty years of his existence. The smile on her face, with the addition of the light pink dusting on the top of her cheeks, made her appear almost radiant. Her laughter tonight was downright contagious and he couldn’t help but follow her around, perhaps looking much like a puppy, as she spun and danced and giggled.

The second thing he was sure of, was that he’d never seen anyone as drunk as Hinata was at that very moment.

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2016 Bones Challenge

Day 2: Favorite Character: Temperance Brennan

Temperance Brennan is honestly one of the most extraordinary characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of “meeting” on television. The casual or infrequent viewer may write her off as cold, awkward and unfeeling. But she has one of the biggest metaphorical hearts of anyone. She truly cares about people. She cares about her friends and family, and would go to the ends of the earth for any of them. But she also cares so deeply for the victims of homicide. And also for the loved ones they leave behind. Because she knows what it’s like to be left behind. She fights for justice for both the living and the dead. She is brilliant, beautiful, and so kind- and sometimes she can even be amusing (she’s always amusing to me). She was the first character who really made me understand that I don’t have to change myself for anyone. She makes no apologies for who she is. She knows her strengths and weaknesses. She may not be great with the living, though she has grown leaps and bounds over the years. But the people who love her know exactly what kind of person she is. And that’s enough for her. She is so strong. There was a time when she ran away from her feelings- any feelings of love. She had to protect her heart. But she finally took the risk, and slowly let down her walls. She’s a survivor. We’ve always known that. She doesn’t need anyone. She knows she can survive on her own. She’s fine alone. But she gradually learned how to open her heart to others. She didn’t need to be impervious anymore. And she now lives a full life. She doesn’t have to change for anyone. She never has. And she sees that now. She is so happy with and fulfilled by the life she is living. Seeing Temperance Brennan in pain devastates me to my very core. She deserves the world, and more. But seeing her deliriously happy makes my heart soar. Because she is an astonishing woman. She is, and always has been an inspiration to me.  I am so thankful I started watching Bones because I have grown along with this character. And I learn from her every episode. She is flawed. She has been broken at times. But she made it through it all. And now she is flourishing. She can handle absolutely anything that comes her way. And she will fight for her happiness. She is my hero. And it has been a privilege and and an honor to embark on this journey with her. 

interlude: what are you wearing?

jikook / 1,178 words / rated T for suggestive themes and drinking / AO3
i actually decided to write this

“What are you doing?”

Jimin furrows his eye brows and pulls his phone away from his face just to check–yep, Jungkook is calling him at four in the morning, asking him what he’s doing. “I’m sleeping. What do you think I’m doing? What are you doing?”

“I,” Jungkook pauses, “I’m calling you.”

“Yeah, I know,” Jimin says. “At four a.m.? Are you still in the studio with Yoongi-hyung? Are you guys okay?” He’s tired and kind of annoyed, but if Jungkook is calling him and being weird this late, Jimin doesn’t want to hang up on him in case something’s wrong.

“Yes! I’m great!” Jungkook says. “Super. What are you doing, Jiminnie?”

“You already asked me that,” Jimin grumbles, looking suspiciously at his phone. “Kookie, are you drunk?”

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guess who still has Kuga x Nayuki feelings


talking about the children

So I can’t stop thinking about Metatron infusing Cas’ brain with the knowledge of endless stories, books, and movies. Beyond being a dick move, as he will never experience these stories as he should, as we all do, there was greater purpose in this happening. Now Cas has all that knowledge at his disposal, we even saw Dean surprised in the end that Cas understood a Star Wars reference. He has pop culture knowledge, and while it is something I would have liked to see him slowly indulge in over time, it is something that will allow he and Dean to relate to each other on a completely different level. Now he will, finally, understand that reference.

OTP Christmas Challenge Day five- Buying the tree

“So Sammy,” Gabriel starts, suddenly standing right behind the couch. Sam jumps a few good inches and drops his book, but the angel carries on, stepping smoothly over the back of the couch to sit next to the hunter. “Since we’re talking presents… Everything okay there?”

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They met in a Washington diner. It wasn’t a classy place, but then, neither of them was classy.  Trip was alone at one end of the bar, picking halfheartedly at a plate of greasy fries, waiting until he was needed at the arena.  At the other end of the bar sat Ig, nursing a short glass of something amber.

He didn’t know why, but Trip was interested in the guy his age drinking whiskey at 1pm on a Wednesday.  What was his story? Trip slid off his stool, red vinyl creaking, and hopped up on the one next to Ig. He smiled, more of a tightening of the lips than anything, and shrugged his narrow shoulders up a fraction of an inch. He rarely talked, but he was usually understood.

Ig returned the gesture.

this panel… haunts me

…any artists feel like drawing Michael as the son of an old blind witch who specializes in herbalism and Calum as Michael’s familiar who takes on the form of a beautiful black wolf (but sometimes shifts into his human form)?