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Okay so I’m writing today’s fic and I just feel like this conversation from my fic needs its own post

Dick: You got the fake blood?

Jason: *confused* Oh, you wanted fake blood?

Dick: *stares at Jason in disbelief, glances down at the gallons of blood* Jason….is that real blood?

Jason: So what if it is? 

Duke: Why am I not surprised?

Tim: Where the hell did you get real blood??

Jason: It’s the blood of my enemies. 


Publicist is hounding us both for some decent press after the shit that we’ve both been through lately. Wouldn’t hurt our rankings either. Dunno if it’ll be called a party, exactly, but there’s definitely gonna be something to commemorate the official relaunch date.

It’ll take place on the 17th of November. 

Mark your calendars. 

People who post fanfiction are so amazing to me. Like, you look at this work of fiction and it’s canon and you think “this is good…what if this.” and then you create something entirely new and amazing based on that. But you don’t stop there, no, you take that piece of art that you just created, formed out of a bit of your very soul, and you post it on the internet to be read, loved, judged, devoured, hated, adored. That’s a level of vulnerability that I can’t begin to consider exposing myself to. But I’m awfully glad y’all can, because some of the best stories I’ve read this year have been fanfiction. (gimme that good good far cry content)

Seriously, @iheardtheowlcallmenames @sharky-broshaw @teamhawkeye @weekend-writer y’all are amazing

[ Oh my gosh, I keep trying to get Seto to go to work in the Sims, and he ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT GO.


anonymous asked:

im confused is your sasha gay

anon’s referring to this

i headcanon sasha as bisexual in the snk verse but i don’t think her sexuality was fully realized because:

  1. dauper and poorer districts were concerned in providing (i.e upholding family businesses) and by extension were heteronormative. it took her a very long time to begin to understand ymir and historia were to each other and even then she didn’t completely get it. anything other than a man and a woman was nearly incomprehensible but not detestable.

  2. sasha was the type of gal who went about life assuming that everyone thought and felt roughly the same way she did so her feelings for women were confused for admiration— “she’s just so pretty!” “she’s so smart, i wish i was like that.” “she’s so strong!” she was blissfully unaware that it wasn’t normal for girls to feel that caliber of emotion for other girls.

it would have taken a woman as unsubtle as pieck to get that big ole’ gay light bulb to light up.

I have headcanons over headcanons of how they dance - how Keith thinks he can’t dance but Lance proves him wrong every time, and how Keith dances like he fights, and Lance is a very good lead because he reacts to his dancing partner and makes sure they feel comfortable– and he happy dances so much, Keith at some point just KNOWS he is going to get dragged to a dance before it happens - he hears Lance is happy in the distance and just leaves his cup and extends his hand to be swept into a dance. And he starts to be so happy that Lance chooses him to share his happiness with. And they can stay on the dance floor all night, flushed and hair sticking to foreheads damp with sweat, but still smiling like lunatics, and when the sun starts rising and most people are too tired to even stand up, they are still on the dance floor - tired but grinning and slow dancing. And every time they dance - time stops for them and they just bask in each others warmth. And their wedding dance? Keith voted against having one, because he doesn’t want to dance in front all of their friends and family like it’s a show, but he smiles widely when the music starts playing anyway and he watches as Lance asks for the dance and his response is automatic, because his lungs are filled with such joy that he grabs his husband’s hand and time stops for them again. 

Catch me crying in the club 😢😭😭

Slow it down, go easy on me

 A little something for @newamsterdame bc i have been thinking about this fic non-stop since yesterday
Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing with the world ! Your Kiribaku gives me life !!


insp. by tender(is the night)  written by kittpurson / @towonderland72

The one where Isak and Even accidentally soulbond.