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Anon said:  Hey! Since the requests are open, might as well ^^ I was wondering if you could write a scenario with Tsukki, Ushijima, Kuroo, and Iwaizumi walking with their s/o (preferably a girl ^^) home but then it starts to downpour so they take them into their home and ending up having to sleep with them. (As fluffy as possible hehe ^u^) Thanks!! I love your blog so much~

This is such a cliche but so damn cute I cant resist! And thank you!!

Also why is it always these four that are requested together, it’s kind of funny honestly also hope headcanons are okay because my dude i dont think I can write four different scenario’s without this taking my whole day

Tsukishima Kei

  • Would plan to walk home with his s/o late on a day he knew was going to be rainy just to get them to go to his house 
  • His s/o would get really angry at him because he knew how much they didn’t like getting there uniform dirty and that’s what the rain was doing
  • They would be absolutely soaked by the time they got to Kei’s house 
  • Him insisting to take a bath together because he’s a lil bitch and doesnt want to ‘catch a cold’
  • His s/o actually ends up getting really bad fever and Kei feels really bad about it 
  • Constant muttering of apologies when he thinks his s/o is asleep but they are awake and they peek at him and he gets super embarrassed

Ushijima Wakatoshi

  • Him and his s/o would both forget umbrellas so they would be out of luck 
  • Ushijima would pull some Nozaki shit and put his jacket over his head and tell his s/o to stand beneath him as they run with attempting to stay dry from the rain
  • They would run back to the school and Ushijima’s coat would be soaked 
  • They would just decide to sit it out and wait for the rain to stop, his s/o would ask him how practice went and they would just chat
  • Tendou would throw his umbrella at Ushijima and say that they needed it more than him because they lived farther away and he would run all the way home
    • Tendou literally does not care and he never ever gets sick so that’s even more of a reason
  • They would go to Ushijima’s house and make his s/o tea to warm them up and he would make some for himself as well He is such a good guy 
  • Would have to stay the night at Ushijima’s house because it was a huge storm and no way in hell he would let them walk home in that

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • He would actually just heading to the library with his s/o because he tutors them on the occasion 
  • They would get into an argument about how if it was going to rain and if it wasn’t 
  • His s/o said it would before they get there and Kuroo says it wouldn’t
  • It would start to downpour out of nowhere and his s/o would tell him that they told him so and Kuroo would get annoyed
  • They would end up going to his s/o’s house because it was closer to where they were
  • Instead of Kuroo tutoring them he would tease his s/o a lot and they would end up making out on their bed
  • ‘You know I’m kind of happy that you were right about it raining.’ 

Iwaizumi Hajime 

  • They would just be walking home from school like any other normal day but since it was so nice in the morning neither of them thought it was going to rain
  • Hajime’s house was closer so they went to his when it started to downpour
  • Hajime cooking dinner while his s/o took a bath
  • The rain never lightened so he insisted that they stay the night and just go to school from his house
  • His s/o was a bit redundant at first but then gave in and they watched a movie and cuddled 
    • It was very pure

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nat... nat... i, i had a genius idea for a new ship. and it's a crack ship. yui's dad x karl heinz. it's perfect. OR! yui's dad x richter. like i said before, it's perfect! (i am tired and please shoot me with a nerf gun)

I cant believe this anon just singlehandedly saved diabolik lovers…

-seiji finally tracking down the vampire king only to find out that he’s beautiful
-karl heinz being a cocky asshole by inviting seiji, his assassin, for tea
-karl heinz praising seiji for being a person so devoted to his family
-seiji fighting people who are making attempts on karl heinz’s life and then being like “dont get me wrong. it’s because you’re MY target”
-the reason karl heinz hasnt been happy with any of his wives is because he doesnt 👏 like 👏 women
-meanwhile seiji is all manly and serious and karl heinz thinks it’s cute. also maybe he sorta kinda has a priest kink
-“just for one night, let’s forget about being predator and prey”
-yui has 2 dads

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If you could date any character you've ever drawn, who would you want?

I dont wanna ruin my ships, so i dont think about such things


GOD DAMMIT, its obvious that I would love to feed and hug one cute sunshine dork forever and ever….

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bug type!

bug types are cool, kid. dont let anyone tell u otherwise.

My favorite pokemon of that type:

Originally posted by shelgon

This guy is a fucking badass. Scizor once came to my house and punched my boyfriend in the fucking face. How cool is that? Need me more pokemon in my life who can pull such a stunt.

My second favorite pokemon of that type:

sorry, scoliopede, i have to put you aside for the true runner up of this contest. the good boy, the special (dead) son. My pokemon in arms,


Originally posted by sealeo

He is perfect and I think his ability is really cute. And the way to get him is creepy but unique! Good on you, Shedinja.

The cutest pokemon of that type:

Originally posted by shinycaterpie

Tumblr told me to not put 3 gifs in a post, but i need to remind people of the cutest bug type pokemon. even if they dont read this post, they will have to glance at Wurmple while scrolling past.

Least favorite pokemon of that type:

Wormadam. That’s it.

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mmmmm you are such a sweet and kind person and your art is legendary and I hope you have the best of days!!!

awwww! thank you for such a cute message!!!

My goal of life is about “becoming good human” so i am always nervouse and failing but i am trying hard!!! >W< 
Thank you so much, messages like these helps me to see, that i have progress! ^U^ Love you, anon!

P.S. I think i will close anon messages bECAUSE there are already too much text in this blog with NWarrior Speaking Posts TM things) but i dont want leave anon messages without answerring((( you can ask something anonymously in my personal blog - @iamjustmehere777 :3

“wow there are so many fake nerds cosplaying these days!!!”

hold the fuck up. first of all what the fuck even is a “fake nerd”

second of all, if you think that a cosplayer who spends time, money and tears TO DRESS UP AS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER somehow falls into the “fake nerd” catergory, you are sadly mistaken. cosplayers literally become one with the character. how is that not “nerdy”. i dont understand. 

13•04 | finally posting something after being a little mia from this. so hey, its officially week 4 of uni and today was such a long day. my lecture consisted of my lecturer explaining how to submit our portfolio i gotta admit today wasnt so bad on the way home i manage to be on the same carriage as my boyfriend and seeing him always makes my days a lot better especially during a time like this where everything is so all over the place with uni.

my favorite part of the deadpool movie is when he calls the cab driver cute. that made me so happy. the cab driver’s like “my cousin’s a lot more attractive than me” and deadpool’s like “nah dont worry abt it i think you’re pretty cute” and im just that was so nice and pure and deadpool is pansexual and i am alive

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