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What are the names of your ocs? They're all so lovely!

crawls out of my pit… here’s the answers to a bunch of questions about this cast to knock them all out at once (names, pronouns, sexualities, all that)! do be aware that some of them are still closeted/questioning though and a lot of them are on spectrums because of Sacchi’s talent which is plot relevant!! though more on that another time

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Thoughts on the article from a PR standpoint? Seems like it was deliberately put out at this time and like it's serving a purpose. Almost like it's written by a publicist?

I know what you’re trying to do here and no. 

That said, this is why the article was released: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, the two most decorated Olympic figure skaters ever, developed and produced their own tour that is coming to a close this Saturday. That’s a big fucking story. It’s coming to a close in little Newfoundland. That’s an even bigger fucking story for the province. It features one of their hometown skaters, an Olympic gold and bronze medalist herself. And the two most decorated figure skaters. 

Of course they’d do a story on this. 

No publicist pushing some dumb narrative that I think you’ll find in a namaste gc on twitter involved here. 

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Do you have any good Stan and Ford bonding or fluffy brotherly love fics you could recommend?

I do! Sorry for the wait! Most of these are hurt/comfort but still a lot of good moments!

It Sure Beats Standing Still by spacetrek. Stan and Ford go fishing. It goes as well as you expect.

All the Things I Always Said I’d Be by spacetrek. Stan and Ford have some difficult topics to talk over.

Cryptopaleontology by @anistarrose. Ford finds a fossil and Stan discovers he has an unusual talent.

Twinstinct by @renconner. In which Stan and Ford both remember a special connection they both shared.

Just what brothers are for by @cryptidfirestorm. Stan falls into the Arctic ocean and Ford has to get him warm- quick.

High Six by @cryptidfirestorm. Stan has memory problems, the boat gets attacked, and Stan remembers High Six for the first time since his memory wipe.

Brothers by deathishauntedbyhumans. Stan remembers everyone but Ford. Ford tries to remind Stan who he is.

A Tale of Three Stans by Beleriandings. Out adventuring on the sea in the Stan O’ War II, Stan and Ford make a stop on land and meet the last person they would expect.

You’re home now by @keleficent. Stan becomes severely ill on the Stan O’ War. As Ford nurses him back to health, his fever-induced memory lapses reveal some of Stan’s inner demons.

When Did We Become Old Men? by inkblot9. In which Stan and Ford celebrate their birthday but also talk about their past.

It not that good but you’re to cute to not draw!

(Submitted by @bisexual-and-single)


And you even drew him in his king cape I’m dying fam;; This is SO lovely thank you so much!))

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How long have you been in a poly relationship? How does it work for you three?

Dksjaj I was wondering when I was gonna get this question 😂

I’m in a three-way poly and will have been dating them for three months this Sunday (uwu) and obviously every relationship works differently - mine is long distance :( - but it works pretty much the same way a relationship between two people does (with a couple of exceptions lmao)

This might just be me, but I think being in a poly comes with more insecurities? Like, I’m always looking at how my gf and bf work and look together and just thinking ‘you two are perfect, why do you need me? I’m just a third wheel’ bc it’s hard to imagine one person wanting me, let alone two. But they’re beating that insecurity with a brick dkskai so I’m getting better at dealing with it 😅

I think some people find it weird that I can have a crush on more than one person at a time, and I’ve been asked which partner I prefer but I really can’t answer that. I don’t have a favourite. Both my partners are so incredibly individual and amazing and freaking gorgeous that I can’t imagine having only one of them. 😭

I think it just works well because we compliment each other. Me and the gf are super clingy and possessive (apparently it’s a kink 😂) and the bf is super into their independence. But we need their snark and sass to keep us grounded, and idk I just really really like them. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to call them mine 💘🧡

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jack kelly running the kelly mob???? this is my favorite au!!! davey is his right hand man, the rest of the newsies make up his gang ~ 🎟

“Those Ukraine boys in Little Odessa are getting bold again, Boss,” Albert snaps, hissing through his teeth as Elmer ties off another bandage. Kelly’s teeth are already grinding, but Davey grips his shoulder tightly and pushes him back into his chair when he tries to stand.

“We can’t take on Odessa on our own, Jack,” Davey tells him. The boys are too distracted to be listening, but he’s quiet anyway.

“The fuck we can’t,” Jack growls, but Davey stands his ground.

“When was the last time you went out to Brighton Beach, huh?” Davey asks. Jack frowns but doesn’t respond. “You’re always over here in ‘hattan, but I happen to know what’s going on over there. They’ve doubled since we soaked ‘em last. We can’t go out there alone, you gotta talk to Conlon. They’re in his turf anyway, I’m sure he could be persuaded to help.” Jack fumes in his seat but knows Davey is right. He’s quiet for a minute, and then the set of his jaw shifts as he makes up his mind.

“Racetrack!” He suddenly barks, “Get your ass in here, I’ve got a job for ya!”

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I legit re-read the whole story of the Predator every week before each chapter so I have the entire thing in my head before I continue reading the next piece you put out. I can practically quote the whole thing😂 #Obsessed

On that note, have some future Predator Oliver, anon.