if you're feeling down please communicate

Dear Nonnative English-Speaking Friends,

Hello. :D

Oftentimes when you comment on my stories, you apologize for your imperfect grammar. And I get that you want to be polite or you’re afraid of being seen a certain way, but at least in your communications with me, you don’t have to apologize!

I get it. English isn’t my first language, either. My parents both have strong Spanish accents when they speak English and they sometimes ask me for meanings of words or correct spellings. We are a nonnative English-speaking household.

The important thing is that you’re trying. You’re learning. You’re doing your best, and that is nothing to apologize for or be ashamed of.

So no more “I’m sorry’s,” okay? Tell me where you’re from instead! Say “hello from (country)” or “greetings from (country)”. I’m always excited to see where people who communicate with me are from.

Now please resume your business and have a nice day!

mensisdropout  asked:

hi hello !! i just wanted to drop by and tell you what an incredible & talented writer you are, and how much i'm enjoying your ongoing swerve/reader fanfic ♥ having a job and still being able to write so much is amazing, so while i hope to read more of your work, I also hope you don't push yourself too much !! that being said, if you're still taking requests, can i please ask for some cute poly constructions/reader fluff when you have the time ?? thank you sm and keep on balling ♪

Poly-Constructicons X Reader – Devastation

A/N – I can not communicate through a simple note how much your message made me smile. I often came back to it when I was feeling down this week so thank you, it was beautiful. In fact, the entire Transformers fandom has been really nice especially with all the encouraging messages in my inbox this week, so thank you all; you’re making writing worthwhile again. Love you all and I hope you like this little drabble.

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

You hadn’t ever imagined yourself in a polyamorous relationship with any group of people when you were younger. Now, in a relationship with six Cybertronians, you couldn’t be further from the life you’d envisioned and you’d never been happier. As much as you’d never pictured yourself in such a relationship, it was even more confusing for the Constructicons. They’d always felt so complete as Devastator until they met you; a squishy, fragile human. They all felt it, even as Devastator, something was missing without you and so, they took a risk, approaching you in a group to ask you to join their relationship. Although you couldn’t physically merge with them, they felt whole again when you accepted.

Although the relationship certainly had its challenges, you and the bots found enjoyment in spending as much time as possible together, especially when showing one-another enjoyable pastimes from your respective planets; it was on one such day that led you all to the beach. You’d been laughing at the bots’ complaints about the sand and playing hide and seek among the rocks of the cliffside when a powerful earthquake occurred. Upon seeing the cliff above you start to crumble, Scrapper acted on impulse, pushing you into the safety of a nearby cave with such force you felt the bones in your arm snap. The bots froze, wishing that the sound of crashing rocks could’ve blocked out your blood-curdling scream; it was a sound that would haunt them forever.

“(Y/N)!” They yelled in unison, rushing to your aid but finding the entrance blocked by a cave in.

“WE’VE GOTTA GET IN THERE!” Hook roared, punching the rocks repeatedly.

“Stop fool,” Scavenger objected, pulling Hook away.

“You pile of slag, we’ve got to save (Y/N).”

“Use your processor! The rock is unstable, by randomly punching it, we could cause another cave in and kill (Y/N). Is that what you want?”

Hook stepped back, shocked, “N-no but- What do we do then? Scrapper?”

Scrapper looked up from his servos, dazed; he’d been lost in the memory of hurting you. ‘Stop lingering on your mistake and fix it by saving (Y/N).’ The thought brought him back to the present. “Scavenger,” he said, “how long can (Y/N) with the air supply in there?”

Scavenger ran the numbers in his head, considering multiple variables that could affect your chances. “Hard to be precise but the minimum amount of time would be around 57 minutes and 12 seconds.”

“Then there’s time. Constructicons, transform, phase one.”

In their respective vehicle modes, the bots began digging, undeterred for the first half hour of the job, by which point Bonecrusher, Mixmaster and Long Haul were becoming anxious. At the start of the dig, Bonecrusher had been arguing with Long Haul who’d been whining that the dirt and sand were ruining his finish but now the two were silent; the pressure was getting to him. Mixmaster on the other hand, was talking enough for everyone.

“The second we get there, I’m going to give (Y/N) a big hug, then we can do all the cool things (s)he told us about. We can bake cakes and play video games and make sandcastles; mine will be better because I’m a great builder but I’m sure (Y/N)’s will be okay too and-”

“And according to my calculations we won’t make it in time.” Scavenger interrupted Mixmaster’s ramblings.

“What about a mix of acids?” Scrapper asked.

“Too dangerous.”

“Then I see no choice. Everyone, transform, phase two.”

The bots stopped digging, grouping up to form Devastator. Still being careful not to cause another cave-in, Devastator cleared the remaining rock within minutes. Stepping inside the cavern, he found you unconscious on the floor.

“(Y/N),” he stroked your hair lightly, rousing you.

Slowly, you woke up, having trouble focusing on the giant bot in front of you. Ignoring the pain, you managed a weak whisper, “Hey honey, thanks for the save.”

Devastator shuddered, holding back tears, “I-It’s going to be alright, we’re going to get you fixed. You need a- a-”


“Hospital! Right!”

He rolled you onto his servo gently, wincing at your pained gasps. If it took him the rest of your time together, Devastator and Scrapper knew they would do anything to make it up to you, giving you anything you could possibly desire. They loved you and they’d make sure you knew for the rest of your life after such a fatal scare.

If you’re out there and struggling with your identity, please know that you’re not alone. There are many people who know what it’s like to feel alone, like no one understands what they’re going through, like the pain you’re going through is never going to end. But it will. All of the confusion you’re feeling right now is going to seem like a bad dream one day because there is a whole community of beautiful and diverse people who are going to love and support you through your ups and downs. Keep believing in yourself, never lose hope, because things are going to get better

To anyone going to the You're welcome tour

I hope you have a lot of fun, and that you enjoy every second of it, and /please/ dont let anyone make you feel bad about it. I’ve seen a few posts asking people to not post about it too much, and whilst i undertand theres people feelimg really bad for not going, its also really selfish of them to ask people to keep their happiness to themselves.

This is not what the community is about, we’re here to support each other out, and t bring eatch other up, rather to bring them down so please dont let them bring you down

anonymous asked:

So um - I understand this is a sort of a personal question, and please delete it if you're uncomfortable with answering or something, but you guys have been together for quite some time, and I imagine you've had your share of ups and downs. How do you guys push through some of the worst of those downs?


We talk, constantly. And about everything. Even the negative. We don’t hold back. No matter where we are. If Sylar says something that hurts me while we’re driving I immediately say “Hey, thats not cool I dont like that” and then we proceed to talk about it. I explaing my feelings, he explains his intentions and if we have a spat then we have it. We aren’t afraid to have the argument. And we always try and resolve it right then. We do not hold it in, or wait for a better time to talk. 

We have a spat, we argue until it resolves itself, one hour or 20 minutes or 3 hrs. And then once its over we immediately give each other a type of ‘after care’ we’re lovey dovey and romantic, make sure to tell the other that we still think they are pretty,smart,handsome, great. And usually we try to spend the time after together. Watching a movie or playing games or just talking. 

After a bad argument we usually drop the current plans and make sure the other is feeling good again. 

But yes, communication is KEY. KEEEYYY. Its driven our whole relationship. We never not know how the other person feels.