if that's the case then let me cherish her even more

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact she replied with simple sentences that I was able to google translate easily?? I’m so glad Koogi seems to take care of herself. Let’s all spread more positivity towards the author 💕

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Lucien/Jean + coffee shop au

this one spawned about a thousand different ways to write this but this is what i settled on and i LOVE it so much and I hope you do too! 

2251 words, coffeeshop AU, fluff

Everyone in Ballarat said the same thing: If you’re feeling down, go to Jean’s. This used to mean swinging by the Beazley farm and sitting at Jean’s table and watching her putter around the kitchen as she fixed up a tea tray and sat with you while you poured your heart out. 

Jean gave the best advice, always had the most comfort to offer, and most importantly, she made the best damn cup of tea in all of Ballarat. At the urging of her son, Jean stepped out into the world and opened her own tea shop, Tea and Sympathy.

Self-doubt had filled her, but with every compliment received and each local paper write-up, Jean found a new rhythm to her life. Up early to roast tea leaves and coffee beans, baking a few items for the day, and then settling behind the counter and awaiting the customers. 

Many thought store-bought tea and coffee at a café like Tea and Sympathy was a bit of a luxury. Like any other shop, Jean had her ups and downs with finances, but ultimately her caring manner, an excellent cuppa, and a friendly ear kept the people of Ballarat pouring in. 

All in all, Jean Beazley was quite happy with her life, despite an occasionally lonely heart. And then he walked in. 

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zenmasters ofc

Also asked by @queerafbucky ~

  • big spoon/little spoon: You know Jackie is the little spoon, who won’t be with a guy that loves to cuddle as much as Steven Hyde? Because that guy is a cuddler, man. Don’t let yourself be fooled, he enjoys that a lot.
  • favorite non-sexual activity: Aside from driving around and playing chess, they spend time letting the TV on and in mute, doing the dialogues of the characters into terrible plots with funny shit in between.
  • who uses all the hot water: JACKIE, and there’s a point in which Hyde has to talk to her because wOMAN, COME ON. But in general, he doesn’t mind it. He is kind of used to that. 

    When Jackie hears that, she decides maybe they should share the shower some times… most days.
  • most trivial thing they fight over: Jackie can’t decide for dear life what to eat and it can annoy Hyde some times. In general, they kinda fight for every trival thing but it’s never real, it’s never like… them being actually mad, most times they end up laughing. Or more, like, he ends up laughing.
  • who does most of the cleaning: Hyde, he even enjoys it. Jackie isn’t messy but man, she just doesn’t like housework.
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: Jackie owes the netflix queue most times as long as Hyde can chose, most times, the music at the car and the afternoons as they read or try to nap.
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Jackie, she’s the only one who can get that man to listen to them.
  • who steals the blankets: None does that, but when it happens, It’s Jackie and it’s generally on purpose because Hyde made her supposely angry (aka it’s a joke).
  • who leaves their stuff around: None. But some times, when Jackie is especially not-cooperating, he would leave his crap all over the bathroom before she gets in to take a shower and he would smile after the high pitched “SteeeeevEEEEENNNNN”.
  • who remembers to buy the milk: Hyde, he’s always taking mental notes about what they need back at home.
  • who remembers anniversaries: Both, but just in case, Jackie puts notes on their fridge a few days before, so Hyde can see them. He thinks it’s cute, so thats why he has never told her he doesn’t need it.
  • Who cooks normally? Hyde. Jackie has learned some by now, but she isn’t especially good or something, so he keeps cooking. Although, her pancakes are really good. He only has to work the eggs for her.
  • How often do they fight? In reality, not as much as people think they do. There are very little things that actually makes them angry when it comes to their relationship or their house, and later the kids.
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other? Well, if they aren’t working, they will probably go out with their friends. If one of them is, for some reason, in another city or something like that, they would call each other.
  • Nicknames for each other? Hyde still calls her ‘doll’ and ‘grasshopper’, she keeps calling him ‘puddin pop’ and ‘honey’. They both use ‘baby’ to call each other, too. 
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner? Hyde, because Jackie likes it that way. But when they have dinner at home and they call for food, she pays most times.
  • Who steals the covers at night? None, and they sleep so close to each other, it’s not needed.
  • What would they get each other for gifts? She will always buy him things she thinsk he needs, even when he may not like it. And she knows he doesn’t, but its like a joke between them. He ends up wearing the clothes she buys for him that he doesn’t like and if maybe their ruin it during sex, no one says anything. But she also always gets him something he does wants. Just, most times, not material ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

    While he ignores the hell out of her the list she does for him every year and ends up buying her something he believes she may like. Even if she doesn’t like it, there’s a part of her that does because he did the effort of finding something for her.
  • Who kissed who first? They kissed at the same time in both times it was the ‘first kiss’. 
  • Who made the first move? Hyde, almost immeditaly after Jackie showed sing that she was seriously not playing with the ‘I broke up with Michael’ thing.
  • Who remembers things? Both, but Jackie has her system to remind Hyde stuff. 
  • Who started the relationship? Both? How can you… start a relationship… without the other knowing or what? What?
  • Who cusses more? WHAT IS CUSSES?
  • What would they do if the other was hurt? Well, if it’s physical hurt, I believe Steven Hyde is the cutest while nursing Jackie into healthiness. He would make her comfort food and put nice pillows around her, and keep her company and kiss her cheek and be alltogether damn cute. And as for Jackie, she may not be the best a cooking, but I believe she is the greatest at spoiling people while sick. And she does it so well with him, he almost enjoys being sick.

    Emotional hurt is another thing. He may get blank at first, becaus eholy shit, PANIC, but he gets it right away that she needs comfort and he will always try to cherish her up somehow. He knows now that sardonic jokes about the thing aren’t the answer, so those are out. But he listens if she wants and respects her silence when she isn’t ready.

    While Jacie seems to always know what’s wrong and when she doesn’t, she would lowkey make him talk with her sweet, sweet comfort and soft kisses. Once he has it out, she is Extra Cute™ and it always makes him feel better.

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Hey there! You mentioned in your latest post that you expect Illyrio to have a coldness, cruelty, and cynicism beneath his jovial persona. Do you really think that's the case? Some coldness and cynicism must be present in order to orchestrate the fAegon scheme, but it seems that he genuinely loves the boy and his mother, and that the scheme is largely for their benefit, rather than his. I can't really imagine Illyrio being the sort of figure you described Dany running into in TWOW.

Hiya! Always so glad to hear from you.

To borrow, as is my wont, from madeinmyr: who is Illyrio Mopatis, and what does he want?

Well, he was a bravo once, strutting through the streets of Pentos with naught but his blade to his name. Tyrion glimpses a statue of young Illyrio, slim and graceful, while staying in the magister’s palace. Right there, we get a visual metaphor for the man: just as the flat-bellied killer is the seed from which the genial fat merchant sprang, so too can we glimpse a much scarier person behind the veil of Illyrio’s performative wit. (As I said in that post, he’s basically evil Wyman Manderly.)

He and Varys, a former “prince of thieves” forced to flee Myr for his life, hit on a classic con:

“Varys spied on lesser thieves and took their takings. I offered my help to their victims, promising to recover their valuables for a fee. Soon every man who had suffered a loss knew to come to me, whilst city’s footpads and cutpurses sought out Varys … half to slit his throat, the other half to sell him what they’d stolen.”

Here is established the Varys/Illyrio dynamic, which will hold as they graduate to Master and Magister, respectively. Varys is the talent behind the scenes; Illyrio is the public face of the operation. Varys is the craftsman, Illyrio the salesman. This division of labor necessarily engendered an aura of sophistication and charm in Illyrio, but also contempt for the rubes they fleeced:

“The older thieves were fools who thought no further than turning a night’s plunder into wine … [S]ecrets are worth more than silver or sapphires, Varys claimed. Just so. I grew so respectable that a cousin of the Prince of Pentos let me wed his maiden daughter…”

This cynical, dismissive attitude toward anyone he perceives as beneath his social and intellectual standing is central to Illyrio’s character. Now, one can improve one’s position in Illyrio’s eyes. Tyrion does so by demonstrating his intelligence, Daenerys does so by surviving and even thriving in the far East, where Illyrio thought she’d just die. But that only proves my point: for Illyrio, personhood is something that must be earned, and only a select elite are even in the running.

As you point out, two of those lucky few are Serra, his late wife, and Aegon, who’s probably their son. (I won’t recap that argument here.) But look at how he demonstrates that affection:

“I keep her hands in my bedchamber. Her hands that were so soft …”

Illyrio loved Serra as property, as a display, part of his identity performance. For him, what was lost when she died was his pleasure in feeling her soft hands. Sure, he declares he was willing to face social exclusion in order to wed Serra, but that feels like a humblebrag to me. I lost a lot of cachet, yet look how wealthy and powerful I remain! I can afford to fall hopelessly in love; it is a luxury for which I have paid. Similarly, as with Cersei and her kids, I believe Illyrio loves Aegon as an extension of himself, as if that statue were brought to life.

Indeed, that’s why he keeps that statue around: narcissism masked as nostalgia. I was a thin man then, because I was poor. Now I am rich, and so I eat myself into oblivion because I have slaves to carry me around in a litter. That is who Illyrio Mopatis is.

So what does he want? The fandom generally refers to Illyrio as Varys’ “partner,” yet their arrangement is not merely an equitable meeting of the minds. We think of Varys as the mastermind behind the conspiracy, and that may well be true, but Illyrio is the power broker in the relationship. Illyrio funds Varys’ ventures, provides him with spies, and acts as a middleman between Westeros and Essos, bringing Jorah, Barristan, Strong Belwas, and Tyrion into the Targ Restoration fold. Varys does all the dirty and dangerous work in the Red Keep, sleeping in a spartan cell, forever a careless word away from losing his head. Meanwhile, Illyrio lounges in his palace, (relatively) safe behind city walls and the narrow sea.

Varys tolerates this state of affairs because he is an arch-utilitarian true believer, as he has now twice revealed to dead men. Despite his own childhood mutilation, he’s willing to cut the tongues from his child spies because he believes he’s building them a better world. But Illyrio? It visibly amuses him to dodge the Braavosi-imposed ban on slavery in Pentos. He copes with his inconvenient lust for Dany by “vigorously” raping one of said slaves. He offers another woman to Tyrion as a sex slave (I’m sorry, “bedwarmer”), and declares that the dwarf may in fact “[c]hoose from amongst my servingwomen. None will dare refuse you.” Illyrio rapes and enslaves not for a cause (as horrific as that would be), but simply because he can.

Given that Illyrio’s rags-to-riches story has inspired in him not empathy but narcissism, his true parallel might not be his co-conspirator Varys, but rather Littlefinger. What the cheesemonger and the mockingbird want most is to prove that they were right to be so arrogantly ambitious, back when they had nothing. They were right to think they were the only people that mattered, that everyone else was theirs to cherish like a possession or dispose of like…well, a possession. Yet both will be undone by a young woman they thought they could control, only to find them seizing their own destiny, fighting back with the very weapons these horrible men had given them. In Sansa’s case, that weapon is information. For Dany, it’s dragons.

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there isn't a big difference between Dick, Damian, Tim and Stephanie, Jason, Cassandra, stop reaching. None of them are underappreciated

This………is so objectively wrong. Before I pull the trigger, 1. Compared to Cass and Steph, Jason is practically super appreciated, but compared to the others he’s just… there. 2. I feel a little bit icky about putting Damian here since he also went through nasty stuff + is always whitewashed by canon and fandom alike but its worth mentioning, and 3. I cant believe u actually made me research this. Fuck you.

Now, lets start with basic stuff. According to comic vine (which I don’t know how accurate it is), this is the amount of comic issues each character has appeared

Just. Read the numbers. Damian, who appeared on 2006, has considerably more comics than Cassandra, who appeared on 1999, and Stephanie, who appeared on 1992. Dick and Tim both have more appearances than Jason, Stephanie and Cass combined, and hell, Dick even triples the number. Anyway, I know Dick was the first robin and Jason was dead for years but you know, “no big difference” am I right.

Also, lets consider both Dick and Tim have had multiple solo (or soloish) titles, multiple team ups, have lead different superhero teams & are always featured on batman comics. Meanwhile, Cass & Steph had have one solo title each (unless you count Cass continuation run from 2008), and Jason has only have Red Hood: Lost Days which are, you know, six issues, and you can count their relevant appearances on team ups with the fingers of a hand.

Now, moving out to other media, Dick was the first robin so well, its kinda fair hes the most popular and fallout robin but you know, why would there be like 7 robins if we’re only gonna use one all the time right? Tim is the main robin of The New Batman Adventures with a lot of Jason’s characteristics which… yikes, and has appeared on Young Justice and other shorts, movies and episodes from other shows. Damian is becoming the front Robin for the newest movies, but I don’t really mind because he isn’t white and is p interesting but well, hes the only existing robin besides dick which :/ and looks pretty whitewashed to me. Jason appeared in one (1) movie and is mentioned like three (3) times across other shows, and its believed to be the JLA: Trapped in time Robin but its most likely they mixed robins yet again and its Dick or Tim. Cass and Steph? Found dead in Miami. Steph appeared like two (2) seconds in Young Justice once, and Cass has never appeared anywhere that isn’t comics. Anywhere .Even if she was the first Batgirl to get a self titled solo Comic book, even if shes Bruce’s only daughter in the main continuity and even if she should be a really relevant and respected character.

Anyway, now to the most dreadful part, the fandom side. Guess what? Cass also has the short end of the stick on this front too. Jason is pretty popular among fans so im not fighting you there, but the girls? Oh boi. Now, its almost understandable Steph isn’t featured on fanworks that much because she hasn’t appeared a lot, and it depends on her vigilante persona wheter shes part of the batfam or not, etc, but Cass? Cass is as much Bruce’s child as the other batboys but guess what? Shes erased all the fucking time. Isn’t included in a piece of fanart because its “only robins”, yet theres no Steph (or even Carrie) around. Isnt included because its “n52 based”, but tim has his old old old red robin costume and Dick is blue Nightwing. Etc etc etc. This fandom sure loves leaving her out of things for no reason whatsoever except that they’re full of shit.

Aaaaand then there’s the fact that neither of them is on the dc page (which fine is just something that personally annoys me, idk about you or anyone else), they’re all demonized or ignored because of things that shouldn’t be taken that way and which other characters get a free pass, or for traits other characters are cherished (“Steph is too cheerful and annoying!!!” have you like, read any Robin!Dick run? Hell, most of his comics? “Cass has killed people!! Shes boring!!!” *points to Damian/Jason & Tim respectively*, [old fan voice] “Jason was a mean robin and disobeyed batman all the time!!!!” *points to every single robin and green lantern a few times*), all of them went through a lot of unnecessary pain just for the sake of other characters (Stephanie sexualized torture??? The way bruce fucking used her to bait Tim and treated her like shit?[? and so did tim?? The whole deal with the way they killed her?? Jason being murdered as a child?? Demonized?? All the gross ass classism involved in most of his storylines???) or just erased from the narrative?? (Cassandra didn’t appear FOR YEARS on n52?? A character whos so important for so many people?? Super necessary representation in so many fronts??? Stephanie stripped from robin and batgirl even if it would have made so much more sense to have her on the role Barbara has on batgirl of burnside?? Jason being skipped all the time and his backstory/personality being changed time after time to fit the villain/mean/brainless role?? ((+Jason gets tortured, beaten up, killed in every world and the girls? They don’t even appear, it’s a joke. And when they do appear their characterization is so terrible in most of the cases, they don’t even care. Steph in burnside batgirl………they did her so dirty….and Cass wasn’t even there, period. Shes been in like fifteen issues so far in all n52 and rebirth))

And ohhhh mann, ive seen people crying about y or x character being hated on fandom soooo much, but theyre just taking into account tumblr opinion?? Like please take a look into comic communities in general, theyre not as hated as you think, don’t sweat it. But if you ask in those very same communities about Cass or Steph? Now then you will start getting angry because the shit you hear (or don’t hear, they might barely know/care about them) is just zoinks, not even yikes. (Jason is p popular and p disliked too but hes mostly popular so *shrug*)

(((Also except for perhaps damian, neither of them had to deal with sexist, classist or ableist characterizations/storylines/scenes. Which, are pretty upsetting rip)))

Anyway this got longer than I expected and im tired. Don’t talk to me or my son or my daughter or my daughter ever again, good night.