if only someone loved you

Dear past me,

What happened to you? When did you change from someone you were happy to be, to someone you only kind of tolerate. You were so full of love, hope and life…where did it go? You stood firm in your beliefs and were so sure of your judgements, now you can barely hold an opinion for a day.

But don’t stress past me, there have been some positives. You are so much stronger in your self image now. You can look in the mirror and see strengths not just weaknesses. No you’re not perfect but your getting there. You have some incredible friends now, friends that three years ago seemed like an impossibility. You also are back on track with your family.

No you’re not perfect now , but maybe it’s okay that future you is not the same as you are now. Maybe you need this time to discover what are your true beliefs. Find a permanent source of joy and hope in the Lord. I don’t know? When I started this letter I was mourning for you, sad that you were gone. But now? Now I’m ready to say goodbye to you because future you, me, is ready to become the best version of herself, and I believe I need this time of uncertainty to become that.

Thank you for making me who I am today. I hope you would be proud of where I am going and who I am becoming.

Future you. Confused, a little lost, but excitedly waiting for whatever comes next.

anonymous asked:

Okay so, I have been with my guy for almost 5 months now. We've never said "I Love You", but a couple weeks ago when he was away in camp for work, we had a serious talk and I thought I was going to lose him but he said "I would like to talk about this in person but until then i'm just going to keep falling in love with you." Now all I want to do is tell him I love him (because I do & maybe that text made me realize it) but I don't want him to not say it back or say it only because I did...Help!

If you love someone, tell them. I mean that’s my advice. :) It’s completely up to you on how you choose to do it and when. follow your gut.

U know I really hated that meme. It was full of ugly ugly emotions and ugly ugly endings and it spoiled every darn childhood movie and every darn good feeling and memory you had from those movies. So I came up with this anti-meme…Where that person actually finds someone to love them. If U share my dislike to that horrible torture thing, feel free to spread this kind of meme with your fav OTP or whatever/whoever U like to end up happy.

Someone actually Loves You meme

tao expressing his gratitude to fans and promises that he won’t leave them
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