Imagine Being With Dean Winchester

Dean thinking you need to be protected, only for you to save his life numerous times

Hunting together

Baking pie for him and other yummy foods

Cleaning guns together and end up throwing stuff at each other until you are wrestling and then kissing and then running off to your room to be together

Only being cute together when no one else is around … except when Sam walks in on you

Sam rolling his eyes every time you two are being cute together

Having sex all the time, Dean is such a giver 

Whispering dirty things to each other and laughing so hard when Sam just sighs with such exasperation 

Forehead kisses and ear nibbles

Cat-Calling him when he is working on the Impala 

When you are cold you take Dean’s flannels 

Matching tattoos 

Sam being weird at first… honestly not thinking you would be around for long, but after a year… and then two he finally accepts you

Dean not understanding how you can sit and read for hours like his brother, Sam enjoys finally being able to talk to someone about the books he reads

Dean promising you that this will be the finally BIG hunt…. over and over again

Until you become pregnant then he makes you give it all up. You won’t stop hunting until he does

You end up losing the baby during  a bad hunt, Dean will never get over it, not entirely anyways

He tries to take care of you, but only to ignore his own feelings

His nightmares get worse after that 

Once you become pregnant again Dean doesn’t even listen to your pleas to keep hunting he makes you stay home ‘safe’

You are hoping for a little boy, Dean wants a girl

Dean gets his wish  

I didn’t want us to end up like this. This is exactly what I was afraid of. I didn’t want us to act like strangers, or maybe even less because we can’t even hold eye contact, because we can’t ever talk again, because we can’t ever know each other again. And maybe I loved you so much that I wish we hadn’t fallen in love, just so I could have kept you by my side, even if it wasn’t as a lover.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

Honestly, I think I could wait until Wrestlemania 34 if it means Roman vs Cena as long as when we’re least expecting it we hear out of nowhere.

Sierra. Hotel. India. Echo. Lima. Delta. SHIELD!

And then you have the camera facing Roman standing there with a smug look on his face, whilst the cameras are scanning the crowd to find Seth and Dean walking through the Mania crowd. The camera follows them and they’re up on the big screen and the crowd is screaming and chanting YES!YES!YES! The announce team look completely confused because they have no idea what is going on, as it wasn’t planned for Seth and Dean to show up. Seth and Dean hop the barrier and refuse to step foot in the ring. The ref is conflicted over what to do and has to start the match for the show to run through its respective time slot. They don’t even have to interfere in the match, all they have to do is stand there, at the outside of the ring whilst Roman fights Cena.

Then at the end of the match, Seth and Dean walk into the ring and stand side by side with Roman. Roman goes and grabs a microphone for each of them and stands in the middle of the ring above Cena and he brings the mic up. “John.. John.. John. Look at what you’ve gotten yourself into.. You’ve thought for the past, 15 years that you owned the WWE, that you were the face of the company. That you were the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. Little did you know Cena, you lost that title 5 years ago, when we stepped into the business. The Shield has ran the WWE since day one! Whether we were together or apart, it was still all about us. It was still about The Shield.” Roman then turns to Seth and pats him on the back.

Seth does his signature smirk,“Now, every single one of youse thought that we’d never reform and youse were right. Because The Shield has never left, when you thought we left, that I betrayed my brothers back in 2014 youse were wrong.

Dean then starts playing around with his microphone and does his signature mox smirk,“Now, we played you.We played everyone in the crowd, everyone at home and every. single. person. backstage. It was all our plan since day one.”

Seth laughs,“Dean and Roman, they knew that I would “betray” them.“ The crowd then goes dead silent in shock at the confession Seth just made.

Dean taps his fingers against his chest and looks at Seth and then Roman,“Y'know, there’s a reason I’m referred to as the lunatic fringe and the unstable one. There’s a reason why Seth is known as the architect and Roman as the big dog, theres no one in this business like us three,like the shield and we’re lethal when we’re together.”

Seth let’s out his loudest heel laugh, “It was all our plan, where’s the authority now? That’s right. They’ve been gone for a god damn year, because I single handedly destroyed them from the inside out.”

Roman brings the mic back up,“Seth got rid of the authority, I got rid of the undertaker and John Cena, two of the WWE’s biggest ass kissers. All whilst Ambrose here has been bringing in the belts, whose your grand slam champion?That’s right Dean. Whose your longest reigning us champ, oh yeah Ambrose.”

Dean smirks and brings the mic up,“The Shield has never left, whether we were on different shows we still had our plans and would be together, that’s the benefit of having a house in the dessert. And it’s all worked out, you guys love us and wanted us back and what can I say? We’re never leaving.”

Seth smirks and faces the runway whilst leaning up against the ropes,“ We don’t care how long you’ve been in this business, you can try and beat us but you won’t manage. We’ve ran this place since 2012 and we’ll run this place for the rest of its time.” Seth walks back to the centre of the ring and puts out his fist for Dean to shortly follow,Roman brings up his mic one last time before shouting into it,“You better believe that and BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!” He drops the mic and fistbumps with Ambrose and Rollins all whilst the crowd is going insane over what has just happened.


Bayonetta challenge: [3/10] scenes 

You will never see another era trapped inside me. Only an endless circle of time!

I just wish that during the summer before his 4th Year at Hogwarts, Draco would begin to understand the true implications of sharing his parents’ views about the world. Horrified, he would distance himself from anyone with similar beliefs. A few weeks into the school year, he would even muster up the courage to approach Hermione, Ron and eventually Harry to apologize for what he has said and done. By the end of the year, Draco and Harry would have become civil with each other and would actually regularly study together outside in the shade of the trees. One day, they would be taking a break from studying, and Harry would pick a flower from the grass and pretend he is offering to Draco. With a light chuckle, he’d prepare to throw it back into the grass, but Draco would suddenly reach out and brush his fingertips across Harry’s wrist. They would look at each other for a long moment, tiny smiles curling up the corner of their mouths. Then in silence, they would enjoy the warmth of an early summer and a budding relationship that would change the course of the war.