if i need someone

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I only have two gold coins with that be okay?

Yeah I’ll take your coins m8 if you looking for some work I know some ppl who might need someone of your… stature

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(Aye im the anxious anon) sorry I just needed to vent to someone without people knowing who i am bc i dont wanna be annoying. Sorry if I annoyed you...youre like my fav tumblr person ever please have a good day oki bye

Im not annoyed at all, you can always vent to me!! Hope you’re feeling better

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Hey I just watch your video about that weird creepy dude and I was thinking you should make a video giving some tips on how approach and get someone attention

I don’t think it really needs a video. Just be yourself, if they like you great! If not, there’s more people in the world.. but don’t be overpowering and forceful on the person 

And I want to cry I just want to be loved and cared for and it can be platonic love but I just need someone to be there for me and give me hugs rn and I suck so much I just want to die like man