if i need someone

Sorority Philosophy

Bastardized tidbits tickle
Men men men men
My vagina is wrapped in golden foil!
Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!

Relationships? Sad sad sad.
Love yourself before I can love you.
Why are men so cruel?
Why can’t they just PLOW ME.

When I have sex I go limp like a rag doll.
That is the most smartest way.
When I suck dick I pretend it’s a push pop.

Did you see this article?
Ten ways to tell if your man is gay!
Ten ways to tell if he hates your mother.
Ten ways to get fucked by a loaf of white bread with legs.

Ughhhhhhhh why can’t anyone love meeeeeee?
I just need someone to love meeeeeee.

I need a real fwb.
What I have with K is barely that.
I like him and all, but goddamn.
I need someone who is willing to be like “Come the fuck over now” whenever I tell them I need some action, you know??
I’m really frustrated right now lmao

anonymous asked:

what was the hardest thing you've ever gone through?

“Probably seeing my mother go back to Cuba after my father’s death. I was old enough to sustain myself, but I knew she needed someone to look after her. She had just lost my father and yeah, he wasn’t the greatest to either of us, but my mom was still loyal to him and she was heartbroken about the entire deal especially knowing I was involved in his death. I couldn’t come with her because I had to protect what he had created in America so I had to send her alone. Don’t get me wrong, my tias take care of her and she has a great support system, but I hate knowing it’s not me the one protecting her. I haven’t seen her since, although we speak on the phone it felt like I was losing her too.”

I'm pregnant and the father of my baby is trying to force me to get an abortion

Idk if anyone will read this but I need someone opinion because right now I’m going crazy. I’m two months pregnant by a guy I been messing around with for a short time probably like 8months. He wants me to get an abortion but I don’t believe in them. He has made every excuse about why he doesn’t want this baby but really I know he really doesn’t want me to put him on child support because the first mother of his child is already taking a lot of his check and he doesn’t make that much at his job. I am financially able to take care of my child alone and I have plenty of support behind me from my family and friends. He feels me having this baby will ruin his life. I have tried many times to reason with him and even gave him the option of not being in the child’s life until he is fit too or not at all. He feels as if I am trapping him by keeping it but I feel as if I’m accepting the consequences of the decision we both agreed on, which is not using condoms. I want the baby and he doesn’t. Am I wrong for keeping it?

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I'm not in one of my best days sentimentally .. Any word of encouragement you can give me? I really need them, I've been fighting two years against cutting myself, I don't want to fall now

Hey, whatever it is you’re going through right now that makes you want to do it, it’s not worth it. I may not understand what you’re feeling but you can always talk to me if you need someone. I’m here for you, anon. I love you. ❤️🌹

Because midterm exams are next week, I’m unable to make userboxes atm, but I just noticed an anon (or 4?) just sent in 4 requests for userboxes involving depression and suicidal thoughts. Please, if you need to talk to someone, I am here. Message me, and we can talk, or I can give you my main.
I’m here for you, okay? I’ve been there.
I love you ☆

I’m just trying to focus on getting through the day and looking forward to  my graduation at my job skills class, and then possibly getting a therapist because I am tired of mentally spiraling out of control. I need reassurance esp. after possibly getting abandoned by someone I thought loved me unconditionally.  

anonymous asked:

Hey, I just needed to talk to someone and I feel like you might be able to understand. So I think I'm more depressed than I thought I was. I thought I wasn't depressed because I've been fairly content w things but I think that might just be because I got used to it so I didn't notice it anymore. Now I'm failing so bad at graphics my teacher actually emailed my mum saying that if i don't get my shit together I'll probably end up getting a U and ijdk what to do that's the one thing i care abt

Hey friend. Depression is the worst like that :(

I totally get not realizing how depressed you are sometimes. People have told me at various times that I seem extra down and I’m just like…huh? Then I look back and realize that hey, yeah, probably they had a point there.  It sucks how it kills your motivation for things you like. Writing in my case, graphics in yours. Does your mum know you’re struggling with this, is she the supportive type? I hope she is. If not, for what it’s worth I’m sending you hugs and good thoughts, and you can always hit up my ask if you want to vent or anything.