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[get to know me meme] 10 Male Characters (5/10): Oliver Queen (Arrow)

If you don’t want to associate with someone, then don’t. You don’t owe them an explanation nor do you owe them any of your time.

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Because of some ‘uncomfortable anons’ I’m putting my foot down.

Any questions regarding on ‘why a certain character is this certain race’ Will be deleted, the anon will be blocked. ( some exceptions may be here and there. ) but if you’re seriously thinking of complaining to me why your canonically white character has been drawn as black, latino, a race that hardly gets any recognition in animation or otherwise, unfollow me, take a walk, drink some water, get on with your life.

 I am not here to personally stress about your petty pursuits. this is roleplaying, Focus on the writing, not the skin tone, differently sexuality, gender, etc. All are accepted here on this blog, there will be no judgement, no ridicule.

you said you had feelings for me… I wonder where they went