if i need someone

I need this book

I wanna write this really special book about this boring guy who falls in love with the most special and unique girl ever and after a really heartbreaking, up and down love story, I want them to break up.

And right then, when the reader sits there crying, the guy tells her, that she is so special and just better than everyone else. And she stops. Looks at him and says, “ I am not special. Not at all.” And then she shows him how unique Every. Fucking. One. Is.

And he falls in love again with exactly the mindset she just taught him and doesn’t think about her once.

low-key feeling like if i was gone, it wouldn’t even matter.

their-destinys-writer replied to your post “how do i get my worldbuilding to stop sounding like foreshadowing”

It probably doesn’t stick out as much as you think. It sticks out to you because you already know what’s gonna happen. But the reader doesn’t.

no i mean like… the opposite thing. bc i’ve had people tell me ‘OH MY GOD IT’S GONNA GO SO BAD I JUST KNOW IT’ when i’m like ‘…no, it’s not. it’s gonna go good for them. that’s how i roll.’


(Alya never really went out of her way to take shots at Chat, but she never really went out of her way to make him look good either, so many of his worst ‘funniest home videos’ moments were common knowledge on the world wide web. At this point, he was so firmly entrenched as harmless doofus in the eyes of the public that Marinette was pretty sure he’d have to do something pretty heinous to lose that reputation, and the day Chat did something 'heinous’ was the day hell froze over.)

does that sound like chat’s gonna do something heinous?? bc he’s really not but i feel like i need the context for the line :|a;;;

anyway it’s the year 2018,  why are people still vague posting ?   if you have an issue with someone,   unfollow or talk to them about a problem that you have. this is constantly happening on  BOTH  my accounts  i’m getting tired of seeing it all the time.  people are being made to feel uncomfortable just writing because of this  &  that is not okay.   this is roleplay,  this isn’t middle school or high school        some of us are adults here  &  we need to rise above that mentality of starting unnecessary drama. 

Ok so I need Insta robron to be a real thing! Like someone should really set up their profile…. and upload all this nice stuff, like a virtual fanfiction! That would heal my soul until we’re waiting for the quality content we deserve! 

if god is real and willing then in 6 weeks i will be tit-free


Mental health in South Korea needs to be talked about

South Korea has had the highest suicide rate in the industrialized world for eight consecutive years. Suicide is the biggest cause of death to those in their 10s, 20s and 30s, and the suicide rates for men are twice as high as for women. These statistics only prove that the stigma surrounding mental health has to be changed - too many lives are being lost. 

Jonghyun was talented, and kind, and open, and was fighting so hard, and for so long. From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry to him, to anyone who knew him, and anyone who was his fan.