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You know what would be a cute au?
Daycare owner Yuuri and single dad Viktor.
Viktor moves to Japan with his son Yuri after a divorce. He barely speaks the language, has zero friends to rely on and the only one that seems to care is the adorable man that runs the daycare he takes his son to. The guy even offers to teach him japanese!

They soon become friends and Yuuri even invites them over for dinner sometimes since he knows Viktor is struggling with money. Every now and then he would even watch little Yuri if Viktor had to work overtime.

In return Viktor cooks Yuuri delicious Russian food.

They fall in love of course and are just so happy and domestic and just the cutest little family.

To all of you artists out there: I know you might not be happy with something you make, or you might be upset because of what someone said to you about your art. But don’t give up, I’ve seen some really great artists on here and I really get happy when I get to see your art on my dash!! <3 Please don’t give up, please don’t hate your art. You’re talented.

i just got to akala so heres what i know about sun and moon from my dash.

-lillie is the best (i already knew this but seeing spoilers has cemented this opinion) and shes not interested in being polite or heterosexual
-gladion… maybe he is related to her? hes angry. people ship him with hau idk why. he doesnt want you to go into his room
-its ya boy
-everyone wants an alolan vulpix and nobody has one
-i want olivia to fuckign kill me
-what the shit is a living dex???
-everyone is gay for that girl with paint on her face who looks like shes from splatoon
-i have seen NOTHING about exeggutor since the game came out what the fuck is that. everyone was memeing it up and then. nothing. wtf. long boy.
-does guzma go back to his dad i think his dad misses him maybe
-lillie has been carrying around like a 2000 pound pokemon like its N O T H I N G
-Team Skull Steals A Street Sign

Personal rant

I can’t say Tumblr hasn’t had an effect on me over the years I’ve been on here.  I’ve noticed I adapted a completely different way of speaking to people as a result of some Tumblr users freaking out over me using even the slightest bit of demeaning language.  I’ve learned that even if someone insults me, it isn’t alright to insult them back because I will suffer backlash (refer to: the time I referred to someone as a bitch because they were being rude to me and I spent the next three days dealing with people accusing me of being a sexist).  Now I need to revise all my replies to everyone always because I have been stuck into making sure none of my words could ever be used against me and people can’t possibly take offense to what I have to say.  Honestly, I wish y’all didn’t go so hard on me all those times before cause I can’t relate to fucking anyone anymore.  I can’t even jokingly tell someone something mean because who knows, someone might take offense and then I need to deal with that shit all over again.  

  • resident evil fandom: i’m free to aggressively insult whatever game in the series that i want because we’re all adults entitled to our own opinions and you should get over it
  • resident evil fandom: how dare you say you don’t care for resident evil [number] you have no taste and you’re stupid so allow me to emphasize my point with profanity

My favorite thing about the Joker’s list of crimes in Arkham VR is how they alternate between petty crimes, horrific actions, straight up bizarre offenses, and hilariously described atrocities.

“Enthusiastic manslaughter” and “failure to adequately restrain a rhino” may be my favorites.

And of course, you have to save the worst for last, the worst offense anyone can ever commit. You guessed right folks: LITTERING!

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