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I recently finished watching the most recent Mystery Skulls Hellbent and was in awe. I knew I had to do something to show my thanks. Luckily I had recently been playing Forza Horizon 4 and realised there was a paint booth. After many arduous hours and a few setbacks, I manage to skin the GMC Vandura Van to look like Arthur’s Mystery Skulls Van.

I have been having fun ever since, driving high speeds down the highway and over jumps recreating the end scene of that amazing video. Arthur is a better driver than me anyway.

Next project will be to skin Lewis’ Truck!

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What /are/ some of your favorite favorite nosleep stories?

Predictably, they are less….straight-up horror, and more admiration for the more off-the-wall ideas, but these are my top five:

If you’re looking for more literary horror stories, I recommend “Monstro” and “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers” and also “Breaking Water.” And also Daniel Ortberg’s alternate version of “The Velveteen Rabbit” which, together with his alternate “Curious George” literally keep me up at night.

Happy Seroday!

Last week I declared my Saturdays to be called ‘Serodays’ from now on. And I’m late in german terms but it’s NEVER too late to remind y’all of what a good boy Sero is and that he needs some more love and attention!

12- Wendy the Good Little Witch

12- Wendy the Good Little Witch

Wendy is a witch from Harvey Comics, first appearing as an ancillary companion for Casper (the Friendly Ghost) and more recently in the 1998 Disney TV movie Casper Meets Wendy. She has made dozens of appearances in various media, including comics, films and television shows. As her name suggests, Wendy is a good witch (like Glinda #76), which ontologically presupposes the existence of evil and wicked witches. Wendy reinforces this dichotomy between good and evil in witchcraft. Her youth is perhaps a contributing factor to her goodness, as she is conceived of as innocent and naive.

Although I am not particularly familiar with her character, I did want to include her as she holds a special place of nostalgia for many people. I must admit, I somehow missed the Hilary Duff version of this movie, but will be adding it to my Halloween movie list. Upon researching her character, I learned that she, like Sabrina (#62) and the Owens Sisters (#53), also has several witch Aunts. From her original source material and following the established tradition of witch names that stretches from Bewitched to Sabrina, her aunts are Thelma, Velma, and Zelma (though this is changed in Disney). Interestingly, her Aunts try to coerce Wendy into practicing the dark arts of malevolent witchcraft, with their three-ness reminiscent of the Graeae (#64). Wendy remains true to her moniker, however, and disobeys their wishes and continues to practice “white magic”. While her aunts resemble traditional/stereotypical Halloween hag-witches, Wendy appears like a pajama/onesie-wearing little red riding hood. Complete with a wand, broom, and witch hat, Wendy is a fledgling little witch who explores the world and magic around her, reminding me in a way of Kiki (#66).

Wendy is definitely a witch I need to investigate more thoroughly. I always appreciate when a witch is portrayed in a positive way that speaks directly to children (Room on the Broom #75, La Befana #68), as I find this to be helpful in combatting centuries of the vilification of witchcraft. Please comment and let me know more about this good little witch!

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Portrait of @thatsthat24

Thank you for cheering me up with your many cartoonish expressions ❤️

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