if zuko is still alive

There’s no way for Azula to know Aang was still alive after she shot him with the lightning blast, until she suspected Zuko’s behaviour when he was feeding the turtle-duckes in the Fire Nation and figure it out here.

“So, I didn’t capture the Avatar,”

“Who cares?“ Azula asks. “The Avatar is dead.”

Zuko looks away.

He still doesn’t know how to cover himself. (In the lying sort of way. He seems to have mastered the clothing sort of way, unfortunately.) Azula, being as sharp as she is (sharp enough to sink an empire class battleship), picks up on his caginess immediately. “Unless you think he somehow miraculously survived…” she coaxes. Zuko knows about the spirit oasis water.

And he also knows how slippery Aang is, plus he seems to have some sort of strange psychic connection to Aang, perhaps the very thing that allowed them to fight in tandem so well in The Blue Spirit, so this is why he has a nagging feeling that Aang isn’t dead.

“No, there’s no way he could have survived,” Zuko says assuredly to Azula. But Azula sees straight through his lies. They stare each other down for few minutes.

“Well, then I’m sure you have nothing to worry about,” Azula responds. He holds his own against her in that, but he’s already shown his hand, unfortunately for him. This is a warning for him, but he doesn’t pick up on it.

Azula leaves.

This proves that the person who was suspected the Avatar might still alive is Zuko, not Azula. And his suspicions extended to her.

What would be the point of this scene if Azula was already know the truth? If she was know the truth already, then this scene is vain- hole plot. There’s no point of them talking about the possibility of Aang’s survival. The writers would’ve cancel this whole conversation, and skip til to “bedroom scene” where Azula suspicing the Avatar may still alive.

This is the key. And more of what even mentioned in the canon book “Earth Kingdom: Chronicles: The Tale of Azula”

(This Tale told by Azula’s perspective. The book written by Michael Teitelbaum, one of the writers who create her character)

She actually planned to GIVE Zuko credit for taking down the Avatar BEFORE she suspected that the Avatar was alive. Proof of this is when the siblings were introduced by Li and Lo; Azula was given credit for taking down Ba Sing Se, but NOT for taking down the Avatar. At that point, she believed the Avatar dead and yet did not claim credit; she had not yet asked Zuko about the Avatar possibly being alive. This was her way of showing her thanks to Zuko for coming back to her.

Ozai: “I am proud of you, Prince Zuko. I am proud because you and your sister conquered Ba Sing Se. I am proud because when your loyalty was tested by your treacherous uncle, you did the right thing and captured the traitor. And I am proudest of all of your most legendary accomplishment: you slayed the Avatar.”

We know that Azula isn’t nice enough to give Zuko the glory out of the goodness of her heart, but we don’t know what she’s up to, just like he doesn’t know. We of course find out that she was protecting herself, so she wouldn’t be shamed if it ever came out that the Avatar wasn’t really dead. But she could have told Ozai that Zuko killed the Avatar without mentioning his “power” and “ferocity”. Those words of compliments. Azula did do a lot of smiling during that battle. She also emphasizes a separation between Zuko and Iroh, with Iroh as the traitor, and Zuko as the loyalist who proved himself. That much had to have been for Zuko’s benefit.

Iroh is considered too far gone to be redeemed in Ozai’s eyes, and Azula views him the same way.

But Zuko is a failure, and he gets two options: being dragged home where he’ll no longer embarrass Ozai, as said by Azula in Book 2, Episode 1, OR he could restore his own honor by joining forces with Azula, which would get him his “honor” back, again a summary of the things Azula tells him in Book 2, Episode 20. Long story short, he either gets to get locked in a basement to no longer embarrass dad, or to prove for once and for all that he’s not a failure.

The fact remains that Azula gave Zuko a chance to do the latter. And she didn’t do it because she thought she nedeed a scapegoat, how could she have known Aang might have survived until that conversation with her brother by the turtle-duck pond? Until then she’s absolutely convinced Aang is dead. She snaps at Zuko, until she finally asks if he thinks he might have miraculously survived. Zuko hesitates, then says no. Azula can tell something’s not right, and she says that in that case he has nothing to worry about. In that case. In that case. [x]

▪At the bedroom scene:

“You have another motive for doing this,” Zuko accuses. “I just haven’t figured out what it is.”“What ulterior motive could I have? What could I possibly gain by letting you get all of the glory for defeating the Avatar?““…Unless, somehow, the Avatar was still alive,” she finally says. See: she told him the truth. It’s not as if he had her cornered – she chose to tell him the truth, probably to help him out a little. Now, she might have thrown him under the bus a little here, but he sort of had it coming: she asked him if it was possible that the Avatar was still alive, and he denied it. We’ll never know what might have happened if he had told the truth at Ba Sing Se or the pond. And he could have told the truth when he was with his father, but he didn’t. And maybe Azula did him a favor, because it’s possible that Ozai would not have accepted Zuko back if he did not think that Zuko had been the one to take care of the Avatar problem. We can’t know that either.

“All that glory would suddenly turn to shame and foolishness,” she points out with menace, taking her hand off of his shoulder and walking back to her bed.

“But you said yourself that was impossible,” Azula points out thereby justifying herself.

He’s still angry at her duplicity, but he certainly realizes that he got himself into this position, and he’s trying to figure out how he can fix things.

In the Beach, Azula even offered to help Zuko with his internal turmoil. She showed compassion and a willingness to help him with his mental struggle, even going so far as to decrease her value in the eyes of her father so that Zuko could have what he dreamed of.

Azula is not as bad as you think (or as some hope). Her helping her brother at Ba Sing Se was completely selfless.

When Zuko defects from the Fire Nation she felt angry. His leaving also throws her priorities into doubt, when he begins to succeed without meeting, or even trying to meet, the standards set by their father. But she wasn’t truly unnerved until she’s followed by the of betrayal of Mai and Ty lee.

Azula may act cold and cruel with Zuko sometimes, she also do care about him sometimes too. Her feelings toward him are complex and variable.

As long as some people not using fan-made stuff as arguments in serious discussions such as have a tendency to defy all logic and to try to flatten her character and her complexities by “fortuneteller!Azula” headcanon who would know that Aang would survive the lighting blast. then I have no reason to assure this point at the end of “Book 2: Earth”. You should know better than to twist things around just to belittle her good side..

ATLA headcanon about Zuko, Azula, and dragons

Hey, I have this headcanon that I’ve been thinking about, and I thought that I’d share it. Well, you know how Aang discovered a new population of lemurs and sky bison? My theory is that Zuko went on his own journey to see if any other dragons still existed besides Ran and Shaw, and to his surprise, they do. A lot of people think that Druk hatched from the dragon egg that the Sun Warriors were guarding, and maybe that’s the case, but what if Zuko decided to bring a dragon home that was all alone? A little blue dragon in fact. At this point in my headcanon, Druk has hatched, and Zuko gives this new baby dragon he finds to Azula. Also, in my headcanon Azula will have met Ran and Shaw before this takes place. I chose blue to match Zuko’s red dragon here. Remember Zuko’s dream about the red and blue dragon? Well, this would basically be an inverse of that dream, where the dragons don’t fight, and are now friends. Matching who? You guessed it! The fire siblings themselves. I picture Azula and Zuko bonding over their dragons. Even in LOK, Azula could still be alive, and Zuko and Azula could race each other on their dragons. I even thought about Azula naming the dragon “Feng” to pay homage to the dragon companion of Avatar Roku. What do you guys think? 

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idk if this has been asked yet but if you have the inclination, what would be your ideal zutara progression in a hypothetical book 4 for the original series? like if it was all under your direction, how would zutara develop in a fourth, 20ish episode season? bonus points for describing the season/series finale

you know what, i’ve never been asked this. so thank you, i’ve been wanting to answer for so long!

first of all, i would change the season 3 finale. i like zutara’s progression in season 3, i think was very natural for a 14/15 year old girl and 16/17 year old boy. i’d completely erase that scene where m@i comes in and threatens zuko to never break up with her again because **what the fuck**. instead, it’d still be zuko struggling to get his tunic on, maybe a little bit painfully and katara would walk in scolding him with words like, “zuko! you shouldn’t be doing this on your own, you’re hurt.” and then cue a mini healing session (katara blushes, but not as deeply as zuko does). he would express his appreciation for everything she’d done for him over the past couple of months and she would convince him to let her stay and oversee his recovery “just while the wound’s still fresh.” bullshit katara, we all know why you actually want to stay

i’d keep the end scene with them at iroh’s tea place exactly the same, except without the k@taang kiss obviously. i’d replace that with a kind, but firm talk between a@ng and katara about how she didn’t appreciate him kissing her in the ember island players episode when she explicitly asked him not to and letting him know that while she loved him dearly, she didn’t think it would ever be in a romantic way. a@ng would be upset at first, for sure, but part of his season 4 development would be learning to accept this and also maturing as a person and learning to be empathetic of other people’s situations and so on


look, my friend, i am a sucker for slowburn. all of my ships somehow manage to be slowburn (and as an avid bellarke shipper, i am very much dead thanks for asking). so sue me for wanting zutara’s romantic relationship to establish slowly. they’re only young after all

the first couple of episodes would be katara helping in med and acting as a impromptu southern water tribe ambassador while the world is sorting itself out and slowly healing. zuko would be learning the basics of being the firelord. all that essential stuff that would come from ending a 100 year war would take place. season 3 has already established that zuko and katara have a strong bond, and are beneficial friends. i doubt they’d do anything but make time to regularly see each other outside of meetings and whatnot. zuko would make sure that no matter how busy his day was, he’d reserve time for afternoon tea with katara (and sometimes iroh, although i vehemently believe iroh ships his nephew with katara and so he’d always come up with ridiculous excuses as to why he couldn’t come so that they could be alone)

they’d talk about everything and nothing and eventually, maybe three episodes in he’d finally tell katara about his visit to the prison to see ozai and how his mother is possibly still alive. after much discussion and planning, zuko would decide to go look for her and katara would not let him go without her, insisting it’ll be just like old times and reminding him how he helped her when she was seeking closure for her mother

and this’ll be where the meat comes in. now, like i said, at first it’d be slow. things like brushing hands, zuko helping katara untangle her hair, katara comforting zuko whenever their search led to dead ends and stuff. it’d slowly become more affectionate; snuggling together during cold nights, holding hands for comfort, katara finding ways to touch zuko’s scar or brush back his hair and zuko finding it extremely hard to not look at her lips or stare into her eyes. and of course they wouldn’t even realise they’re doing this because they’re silly kids in love

and after the search is over and they visit sokka and suki and toph and the gaang, everyone sees how they act together now and are all like “wait since when did you guys start dating?” and they’re like “wait what” and ursa just looks up from her tea like, “wait, zuko, you’re telling me katara’s not your girlfriend?” and zuko and katara would be so confused like they were totally just platonic pals this whole time right? lmao wrong

and eventually when everyone’s gone to bed and it’s just zuko and katara awake they’re all giggly and blushy with each other and then they sort of confess but in a way where it’s like they totally didn’t realise they were falling for one another but now that they’ve said it, it just makes sense. their first kiss would be under the starlight and it’d be all smiles and katara would run her hands through his hair like she loves to do so much and zuko would cup her cheek with one hand and hold her close around the waist with the other and everything would just fit into place. and katara would say something cute afterwards like “i don’t know why we waited so long. who knew an angst prince like you would be such a good kisser?” and zuko would grin like an idiot but he’s her idiot so it wouldn’t matter

the end scene of the finale would be a time jump to like 5 years in the future when katara’s 22 and zuko’s 24 and they’d be married and throwing a wedding at the fire palace for a@ng and a lovely girl he met and everything would be perfect and zuko’s favourite nickname for katara would be “his queen” and katara would call him a “jerkbender” to tease him (also because sokka and zuko are best friends and she picked it up from her brother fight me) and katara would have her goddamn statue and whenever zuko went out fighting villains she’d be right there beside him kicking ass

the end

lmao this was super long i apologise i just have a lot of feelings about these two. feel free to add your own headcanons, zutara is my favourite thing to talk about!!


What Internet knows about characters in Avatar last airbender? 

Apparently there is huge discussion if Ozai is Zuko’s dad or not, also if Zuko is still alive. i would like to note that Google has no knowledge of Mai most likely because she is just too boring to talk about! We can also find some interesting things about characters lives, like Suki working in fashion industry.

What Internet knows about ships in Avatar last airbender?

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I think Zuko would if Katara was still alive. 😏 , I mean has been retired and traveling the world.

I certainly would like to think so. I also would like to think that Katara would do more than hide in the South Pole while her family literally fights for their lives. I like to think she’d be out there on the back of Zuko’s dragon, fighting alongside him in the snow. I would love to think her legacy was more than the Avatar’s wife. But instead, she got reduced to a mirror shadow of her former self and she literally never even mentions Zuko, because curses that Zutara shippers would have any more material. EVEN IF THAT MATERIAL WAS JUST THEM BEING OLD FRIENDS.

Ugh. I’m still so salty about this. 

OK but sometimes I forget that Uncle Iroh didn’t die.  Because here he is, this amazing person who loves and supports Zuko (and anyone else he happened across) and any typical tv show would have killed him off and had that be the beginning of Zuko’s redemption arc because he ‘realized the consequences of his actions’ or some such thing.

But he doesn’t die.  Not only that, but Zuko loses him anyway.  We get the same feelings from Zuko as we may have if Iroh had died, but we know the whole time that Iroh is just somewhere else.  But then, when Zuko finally wants to be redeemed, in what would normally be the scene where either they talk to his spirit or find a letter he wrote when he was alive that manages to make Zuko feel forgiven, he’s actually still alive, and he’s right there, waiting.