if zuko is still alive

OK but sometimes I forget that Uncle Iroh didn’t die.  Because here he is, this amazing person who loves and supports Zuko (and anyone else he happened across) and any typical tv show would have killed him off and had that be the beginning of Zuko’s redemption arc because he ‘realized the consequences of his actions’ or some such thing.

But he doesn’t die.  Not only that, but Zuko loses him anyway.  We get the same feelings from Zuko as we may have if Iroh had died, but we know the whole time that Iroh is just somewhere else.  But then, when Zuko finally wants to be redeemed, in what would normally be the scene where either they talk to his spirit or find a letter he wrote when he was alive that manages to make Zuko feel forgiven, he’s actually still alive, and he’s right there, waiting.


What Internet knows about characters in Avatar last airbender? 

Apparently there is huge discussion if Ozai is Zuko’s dad or not, also if Zuko is still alive. i would like to note that Google has no knowledge of Mai most likely because she is just too boring to talk about! We can also find some interesting things about characters lives, like Suki working in fashion industry.

What Internet knows about ships in Avatar last airbender?

101 Things I Love About ATLA

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love ATLA

#7: Zuko visits Uncle Iroh in prison in “The Headband.”

I love this sequence when Zuko visits Iroh in prison because the framing of each shot makes it appear that Zuko is the one behind bars.  Here he is bringing Uncle komodo chicken, except that it looks like he’s the one imprisoned and receiving food:

Zuko: I admit it. I have everything I always wanted, but it’s not at all how I thought it would be. The truth is, I need your advice.

Zuko lashes out at Iroh when Iroh turns his back on him:

Zuko: I think the Avatar is still alive. I know he’s out there. I’m losing my mind. Please, Uncle, I’m so confused! I need your help. Forget it! I’ll solve this myself! Waste away in here for all I care!

Again, here’s another shot where it looks like Zuko is the one looking out at Iroh from his prison:

Finally, we close with a shot of Iroh tearbending – and who can not tearbend when Iroh is tearbending?