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                     Goodbye project 10 million views

As soon as you leave Goodbye m/v to help you reach the 10 million views in 24 hours, we need to quit our youtube/google account and watch m/v without sign in so login with your youtube / google account only with a view and no login youtube/google account more views. Also can not be updating or giving f5 well in the beginning, have to wait until 1 minute of video to be able to count as view, and if getting updated or giving f5 in m/v well at the beginning youtube/google also does not have view. And also autoplay strip. Please watch the official account.  And thank you so much for all who will help 💕💕

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HELLO:) no se si ya le han preguntado esto antes: ¿como reaccionarían los jinetes, Azrael, Uriel, Samael, Vulgrim, Padre Cuervo, el Vigía y todos los personajes (si es posible) usando redes sociales como Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc? (Feliz Navidad y año nuevo atrasados XD?

Death: He’d be such an old man about social media. He’s like ‘why would I send you a tweet? I’m not a bird.’ However, he does have an Instagram page solely dedicated to Dust…  

War: He’s not sure about social networking, preferring Youtube above others. In fact, he surprises everyone by starting a channel dedicated to teaching viewers basic combat techniques and battle strategies. 

Strife: He’s more of the social networker. He’s on everything, even Tumblr. Strife’s a huge shitposter. On Facebook, he has over 10000 friends and counting, a whole Youtube channel where he basically does the Horseman equivalent of Jackass and fights huge demons then posts the video online. 

Fury: She has a whole aesthetic blog on Tumblr with thousands of followers, she adores replying to each and every one of their fanmails and asks. She also uses Pinterest a lot for DIY things and inspirational quotes, she loves it. Fury’s Instagram famous, of course. 

Azrael: There’s nothing funnier than knowing Azrael managed to start a Twitter sensation throughout heaven. He’s also on Pinterest, he likes to read human recipes on there and try them out for himself. He watches a lot of old philosophy vids on Youtube. He doesn’t have a Facebook account yet, but everyone keeps tweeting him that he should get one. 

Uriel: Being one of the younger angels, she was taken by Facebook almost immediately. She mostly uses it to share links to her favourite songs on her wall. 

Samael: Actually, he’s hugely into all aspects of social networking. He likes to use it mostly for information gathering purposes. He’s a Facebook stalker, uses Twitter to see what current state the Earth is in etc. Surprisingly, he’s heavily into Youtube, but only to blast classical music in his throne room when he’s feeling dramatic. 

Vulgrim: Obviously, for business purposes, Vulgrim has an entire Youtube channel dedicated to selling his products. He’s got a Facebook page where he advertises, and it helps him keep up with all his customers. He’s not into Instagram or Pinterest really though. 

The Crowfather: You know that Twitter user, Bird’srightsactivist? Guess who!?

 The Watcher: He’s got a really edgy Tumblr full of dark, depressing quotes and gifs. He’s also on Facebook, but he only had like 3 pics and 8 friends. Doesn’t see the point in Youtube. 

Draven: Social media comes in very handy for him when he’s stuck on the Eternal Throne, he likes to play motivational, epic music on Youtube when he’s training. He’s also started a Facebook page that’s full of history teachers who all want him to tell them what life was really like when he was alive. He’s very popular on Instagram too. 

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On the subject of Glanni having a Youtube channel-

Imagine he kidnaps the kids and does a series of vlogs about it. It starts out as taunting Ithro, but halfway through the first one they manage to escape the cage or the ropes or whatever and start running around in the background knocking things over and yelling

It all quickly descends into chaos. Glanni chases them around the room for a while but gets tired and falls over. Halla shoots the camera with her slingshot and knocks it over and the rest of the video is blurry brightly-colored shapes harassing a pink-and-black blob on the floor.

Glanni uploads another video the next day but his hair is messy and his eyeliner is crooked. He tries again to threaten Ithro, but gets hit in the head by a spitball. He shoves them in the bathroom and barricades the door but they all start singing ‘Rikki Han ur Bestur’ really loudly and you can’t hear what he’s saying over that.

By the final video Glanni has stickers on his face, the room is a wreck and the camera lens is cracked. The first half of the video is just him sobbing with his head in his hands while the kids construct a chair fort in the background. Nenni is wearing Glanni’s hat and standing on top of the fort, Solla is sitting on his jacket and Maggi and Siggy are pulling it around like a sled, Goggi is doing something with the power outlets that is making the lights flicker on and off, and Halla pulls funny faces behind Glanni’s back.

Eventually Ithro breaks down the door and the kids cheer. Glanni immediately jumps into his arms and cries on his shoulder. Solla comandeers the camera and the rest of the video is just close-ups of peoples’ nostrils and blurry shots of Glanni clinging to Ithro and crying.

Later Glanni uploads another video from jail (nobody’s sure how) that’s called ‘So That Didn’t Go So Well’ that’s just him putting his chin in his hand and looking at the floor for five minutes. He still has a sticker in his hair. Half the comments are from the kids saying stuff like ‘thanks for the fun time glanni! hope we can play together again :)’ and the rest are from his fans and they’re all along the lines of ‘BUT DID YOU FUCK THE ELF YET’ ‘IS THE ELF GOOD IN BED’ etc. etc.

the most upvoted comment is from Ithro and it’s literally just this face: ;^{) 

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Onision has probably been clinging to any idea he's had over all these years, and has become this... monster. He preaches "UNSUBSCRIBE" but he's probably so stressed 24/7 about staying on the radar and getting ad revenue to continue making money to pay for everything in his life. If he loses Youtube money, what does he have? Nothing. It's like he's been on crack for 40 years and can't detox now because the shock would probably just kill him. I pity him tbh


NEW VIDEO: do you ever connect bad karma to a bad event?? i do and i think that’s why i dislocated my knee, here’s my story time.

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Brendon’s first instagram livestream is now available to watch heyo