if youre still reading youre a creep

the engineering buildings numbers are always different. you could have sworn your professor’s office was here last week, but it’s not anymore and nobody questions when engineers are late to classes.

you save your lab data to three different places and double check your voltage readings; even though They may not be able to touch, it doesn’t mean there’s no effect.

engineers keep wires around their wrists and screwdrivers in their pockets.

engineers work with metal and electricity and all of the things They cannot affect, but there’s always the coffee shop on campus, the endless staircases in the building, the moon creeping over red brick at 2 in the morning when you’re still programming.

They are fascinated with things they cannot affect.


I LOVE THIS wow yes the allure of the entirely incomprehensible runs strong on both sides

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Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I know I've said this already but I seriously love your writing! I love your fluffy prompts they just make my heart melt every time! and even though you believe your smut isn't very good, I love it sooooo much and it does some serious things to me *wink wink* I'm always creeping your blog for new posts and I've read every story at Least 100 times each and they still have the same effect on me *wink wink*. Keep up the good work hun!! I look forward to what you post next! ❤️❤️

Thank you soooooo much! Seriously, guys, you are too sweet, my heart can’t take it! 
I am so happy I can contribute something to this community and even happier that you like the (sometimes) bullshit I write. Like, really, you’re making my day with each like or reblog or comment! I appreciate each and every one of you, and even though I’m not good at keeping my schedule you are still here and that is just - hnnnng!

I love ya all to bits, my little smutlings!
Thanks for making my day (especially because I was sick the last night and felt horrible)  

1 & 4

Request: 1&4 with Zach pls?

A/N: Probably has a lot of mistakes, I wrote this in Physics class so I didn’t have time to read it over and edit the best I could.

Your heart wouldn’t stop beating rapidly in your chest, your hands were still visibly shaking. Fear rung through your body, although it had been a near five hours since you ran for your life, you had a feeling you would be frightened for the next fifty years of your life.

“Hey,” Zach pulled you closer to him and embraced you in a hug. “How you holding up?”

You couldn’t answer. You felt a lump creeping up your throat and you knew if you attempted to speak all you would do is let out a sob. You simply shook your head and tried to stop the tears from falling from your eyes.

“Shhh, shhh,” Zach was trying his best to comfort you by holding you closer and rubbing his hand up and down your back in a slow motion.

“Just try to relax, we’re okay now.” You grabbed onto his shirt in response, everything was not okay.

“But I’m scared,” You whispered, you didn’t even know if he would hear you since you were basically talking into his shirt.

“Close your eyes, everything will be okay.” He reassured, continuing to rub your back. The way he said it and the way your body seemed to relax under his hands, you took a deep breath and closed you eyes.

Although you were still shutting out the world by hiding your face in his shirt and didn’t want his arms to leave you, you started to feel a bit of relief fill your chest.

It was a good feeling, it was much better than feeling weak, vulnerable and scared shitless to huge, scary monster dinosaurs.


“Are you going to stop staring at me?” You ask. He had been staring at you for the past 10 minutes while you read your book. He smiles, “I’d apologise but you’re so beautiful and I still can’t believe your mine.” You chuckle, “Thank you but you need to stop. It’s starting to creep me out.” He laughs when he sees your pout, “Fine, only because I love you.” You smile, giving his lips a peck, “I love you too.”

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I’ve been mourning and grieving my idol, David Bowie, all week. I sobbed my way through Labyrinth (probably the first time I’ve ever actually cried watching it) and I’ve bawled while listening to Blackstar numerous times a day this week, even falling asleep to it a few times. If there is a status above ‘idol’, that’s what he was and still is to me. I mean, I named my cat after him. To me, that’s the equivalent of you giving your kid an important family name.

While Alan Rickman wasn’t even close to being the idol status to me that David Bowie has been, he was still a very important and prominent part of my late teenage years and most of my adult life. I loved hating him as Snape and I loved being totally creeped out by him in Sweeney Todd and I especially loved loving him in Love Actually.

I’ve really loved reading about people that have had actual encounters with the both of them. It’s a wonderful feeling when your heroes actually turn out to be decent people.

With that said, I send my love to Mars and I raise my wand in honor of Professor Snape ❤️ Always. ⚡️

Oh, and, cancer, you can just go right on and fuck yourself. 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

Early Mornings

Wade Wilson x Reader

Warnings: Smut

Request: Could you write a one shot where wade and read had a busy night ;) and wade wakes up the next day with morning wood but doesn’t wanna disturb reader ?? you can decide what happens at the end heheh

The smell of sweat was still heavy in the air, your limbs intertwined with his. Your head was resting on Wade’s chest, his arms holding you close to him. The morning light was creeping in from the blinds, casting a divine light over your sleeping form. Despite how peaceful the room may look, it was anything but. Wade was watching the rise and fall of your bare chest, torn between wanting to wake you and wishing to watch you. 

He shifted uncomfortably, hissing when his rock hard length brushed against your thigh. Holding his breath, he observed as you stirred at the noise, giving no other indication of waking up. He sighed in relief, or perhaps it was frustration. Every inch of his skin was on fire, his eyes glazed over at a million different scenarios of you on top of him, beneath him, kneeling before him, or begging him. 

It was enough to make him go mad, his senses alight with the desire for you. But at the same time, his heart was singing in his chest at the soft smile tugging at your lips and the occasional sigh at whatever dream you were having. He only smiled for a moment before the more… pressing matter returned. Wake you up or suffer a while longer? 

Fractured images of last night assaulted his mind, arousal stabbing deep in his abdomen. Your nails had clawed at his back, lips heatedly moving on his while your legs had been wrapped around his hips. It hadn’t been what he was expecting, but he wasn’t disappointed in the least. He expected your first time to be sweet and languid, but it was fast and needy. 

Truthfully, he hadn’t known how much he needed you before last night. When he was buried inside your heat, there was nothing in this world that could possibly tear him down. Every moan and every kiss brought the heavens themselves with them, showing him something he couldn’t have ever dreamed of. And now, he scowled down at the tented sheets, he wished for nothing more than that again.

“Wade?” You whispered groggily, your eyes slitted open. A smile once again bloomed on his face, the adorable expression on your face saving him from the maddening lust once again.

“Morning,” he mumbled. You smiled up at him, watching curiously through your lashes. He looked oddly distressed to your eyes, something that you weren’t expecting.

“Something the matter?” You asked. He shook his head, groaning when your leg rubbed against his hardened length. Your mouth formed an ‘o’, your mind telling you exactly what was wrong. A devious smirk formed on your face, one warm hand tracing his erection through the thin sheets. He was pushing up into your touch, eyes slamming closed at the assault. It was like the heavens themselves had invaded the room, each caress bringing immense pleasure to Wade. And just when he thought he couldn’t feel any better, your hot tongue swiped across his tip, licking the precum beading there. His eyes immediately shot open, a loud moan being torn from his lips.

“(Y/N),” he gurgled, the word being lost in the sensation of your lips around his length, sliding tortuously down every inch of him. You didn’t stop until he hit the back of your throat, your mouth warming him to the core. He had to physically restrain himself from thrusting roughly into your mouth, his hands tangling themselves in your (Y/H/C) locks. 

It took a moment for you to be able to move, your body trying its hardest to adjust to the foreign sensation. But when you did, it was marvelous. Your teeth grazed up his shaft, tongue swirling around it as you bobbed your head up and down. His head was thrown back, face twisted in pleasure as a cacophony of sounds left his parted lips. He was in heaven, every movement of your mouth on him bringing him ever closer to the light. You found it incredibly erotic, the broken phrases and curses arousing you to no end. You could see him grow closer to his release, his grip tightening and his chest moving up and down heavily. Wade was quite sure he’d never felt this good, your mouth doing wonders to him. 

He was so close, he just needed… He threw his head back, your cheeks hollowing around his length finishing him. The light blinded him as his hot seed spilled down your throat, his body humming with pleasure. There was nothing left in the world, only this bright light that encompassed him. It was bliss. Slowly, he came back to his senses. His body was covered in a thin layer of sweat, his hands still entangled in your hair, and the constant mantra of your name on his lips. He didn’t even realize he’d been speaking but you didn’t seem to mind. You licked your lips, the very taste of Wade on your tongue. He watched the movement with interest, wrapping his hands around your hips so he could pull you back up to him.

“That was…” He breathed. He hadn’t been expecting that, and even if he had been, he was positive he wouldn’t have ever guessed it would be that pleasurable.

“I know,” you smirked, his expression stroking your ego to no end. He looked absolutely sated, your actions obviously satisfying him. Lazily, he stroked the very top of your thigh, his lips turning up to form his own smirk. “What are you up to?” You asked suspiciously, your gaze on his hand.

“Payback.” He chuckled. He may have stroked your ego, but you had one hell of a feeling you were about to stroke his right back.

God knows who you really are beloved even when you lost sight of it. He still believes in you. He as chosen you. He as called you.. When doubts creep in And lies fill your mind, Hold on to the holy bible read them scriptures over and over again about who you are in Christ and mediate and even confess them out your mouth till you find yourself again till you reassure yourself in Him. Till you begin to feel the confidence arising in your heart .. Christ in you the hope of glory…