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Sometimes I feel really mediocre, you know ?

Like, I’m not particularily pretty, I want to have a sophisticated and cool fashion style but I end up dressing pretty blandly because I can’t accessorise for shit and every time I try on clothes that look cool they just look out of place on me.

I know stuff but I feel like there are always people know more about that subjects I’m passionate about that I do (namely video games, animes and stuff, I feel pretty illegitimate) or stuff that I want to know about but don’t really have the time or money to do so, like … makeup ? D&D ? Musicals and plays ? 

Heck, even if I write stuff for my blog (and I’m pretty proud of whate I write) I always find someone whose better, more analytical, smarter in what they say, more documented, EVERYTHING.

I just feel mediocre most of the time, and I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, but it gets me down really fast. 


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please if you know anyone else who writes cpd fanfiction please reblog this and tag them so that everyone can know they are loved and appreciated (also so that i, as an amateur fic reader/writer, can find more to read)


Everyone else has really nice Nicaise headcanons but I couldn’t resist doing some concept designs because I have to smear my low key 70s shoujo aesthetic everywhere. I’m definitely gonna draw proper fanart later…!  

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Hey Verby! I know you suggested this prompt in your post, but if you have time I would love for a "fix-it spaceship UST" drabble! (p.s. 800k words on FitzSimmons?! My gosh. Thank you for all the amazing fics over the years - I've said this 100 times before, but your writing is just wonderful to read!)

ahh thank you so much!! I’ve been so happy to share this fandom space with you. <3
@fitzsimmonsavengers also requested “anything with FS in space.” this fills both! although it is perhaps a bit low-angstier and less UST-y than originally intended. 
Anniversary Ficlet 4/8.
Rated T, for vague mentions of canon noncon. Post-s4 FitzSimmons in space.

At first, peace for Fitz only came in breathing. He could not change the past, he could not control the feeling of violation or the future that might have been stolen from him – but he could breathe. So whenever he felt overwhelmed, whenever the screams in his head became too loud or the memory of touches he never wanted were too potent, he would put his head between his knees and he would breathe.

Months passed. The team became used to living on the Peak, adjusted to this strange new reality of existing separate from planet. This innate difference, that feeling of being unmoored, had shocked even Jemma, who had whispered to him early on about how Maveth had sometimes felt just like their own Earth, especially when she closed her eyes or dug her fingers into the sand. Agent Brand told them they would all adjust, and, of course, they did. Daisy spent weeks distracted by the otherness to outer space-bound vibrations, which was accompanied by a lot of Beach Boys jokes and even more eye-rolling.

It took a long time for Fitz to unlearn wanting to touch Jemma, but he tried all the same. Not necessarily sexually, not with any strings attached, just the brush of his fingers against her lower back, or resting one hand on her shoulder, or letting his side lean slightly against hers as they worked – all of those things had become as natural as breathing to him. As he learned to rely on breathing to ground him, so he had to remember to give her back the space she surely wanted. About two weeks after he had managed to learn to keep his hands to himself, Jemma confronted him. She wasn’t going to let him withdraw from her completely, she said, not when she suspected he didn’t actually want to. Fitz didn’t argue.

Keep reading.

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Dude I have no idea what the show the labyrinth is but reading your thing made me want to watch all of it then invest and all the merchandise

this is my favorite ask ever and i am going to use it as my PLEASE WATCH LABYRINTH campaign for the several people who’ve said things along the lines of “i’ve never seen labyrinth/ dont know what it is but i’m into this” about my fic. ( @illyriantremors and @birdiethebibliophile i see y’alls tags/replies >:) )

Labyrinth is a cult classic fantasy movie ostensibly for children, along the lines of a modern Wizard of Oz/ Alice in Wonderland. I say ostensibly because it’s the story of a fifteen year old girl coming of age via a fantasy realm of her own imagining in 1986, and thus one of its central features is David Bowie in very tight leggings, leering sexually, wearing leather coats and poet shirts, singing in every other scene, and glittering liberally.

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The protagonist is Sarah and she’s charming and I love her.

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Baby jennifer connelly brings down the entire fucking kingdom of the dude trying to intimidate her (and FAILING) by making friends with everyone in it! She gets to wear a pretty dress! She’s a realistically immature but also resourceful and kind teenager gets to live out her fantasies and have fun and grow up in a healthy happy way!! She’s a NERD WHO RUNS AROUND IN A PRINCESS DRESS IN THE PARK BY HERSELF.  R E L A T A B L E

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Also, this is a Jim Henson production, so the Labyrinth is populated with crazy puppet shit. WHICH I LOVE, YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY (hi lauren)

It’s my favorite movie of all time and it’s literally so weird and makes no sense and it’s simultaneously so wholesome and so “wow Jim Henson really did make a full-length film version of a fifteen-year-old nerd girl’s wet dream with a bunch of musical numbers” and also this fifteen-year-old nerd girl was me, probably, the fact that I wouldn’t be born for another ~10 years not withstanding

I mean look at this

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^ me, popping up to tell you to watch this thing

So that’s my pitch, sorry it’s kind of incoherent. bottom line is please watch Labyrinth, so you can be way less impressed with my fic because you can see how many of the lines i just wholesale stole, but also your life will be immeasurably richer for it. Even if u hate it it’s so fucking bizarre it’s worth seeing once. Sadly it is not on netflix but it is VERY easy to find other places, ifyaknowwhadimean

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also if u watch it for the first time as a result of my fic/ this post you are REQUIRED to come and tell me what you thought. ok NOW i’m done <3

Microreview: Selfie

To play: answer the prompts & tag your friends! Be sure to also tag @microreviews, where you can find more “rules” and all about the microreview project. Tagging myself, because this looks like fun one!

1. Pick a book with a character you see yourself in:

Alanna: The First Adventure by Tamora Peirce.

2. What about them makes you think of yourself?

Alanna was one of my formative influences as a kid. I was a self declared tom boy with a hatred of pink and dresses. All I wanted was to read books, and grow up to be a knight. Alanna was like me and I found validation in her stories. She disguised herself as a boy, so that she could train as a knight in the king’s court. After many adventures, she saves the kingdom and all her hard work is recognized by the king. I loved that Alana was not particularly beautiful or feminine. After initially rejecting traditional femininity, she created her own definition of what womanhood meant to her.

3. Is it hard to find this kind of character in books and other media?

It can be, particularly in terms of female roles. In most books, the lead female character is often described in unflattering terms until she gets a makeover, loses weight, or completely changes who she is to embrace more traditional roles. It can be hard to find female characters who are allowed to be live outside the makeover trope.

4. Post a selfie or a book photo—or both! Or neither! Whatever you feel comfortable with.

See above. It’s the copy I’ve had since I was eleven!

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Half Bad || Sally Green

sometimes I think you’re still a prisoner. you’re not free of this place in your head, nathan. and you’re definitely not free of those people. they haunt you.


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Author’s Note: I’ve reached 100 followers! Yay. Thank you all so much. As a thank you for following me, I promised that I would give you all a one-shot and here it is. Like always, requests, tags and questions are OPEN.

Just a few things about this one-shot before you read. It’s set in the same universe if you will as my China rose story, so if you aren’t up to date it’s available here. This is an expansion on something that happens in chapter 2. And for this one shot Adam is roughly 13 and you are meant to be 11. It’s set before the queen dies, so no sadness.

Hope you enjoy this. :)

You had taken refuge once again in the castle library as your father was away in the nearest market town to gather more art supplies for the royal family’s new portrait. For the entire morning you had been working in the kitchen with Mrs Potts, it was mainly her teaching you how to make the perfect cup of tea, but she also made you temporary head of the kitchen as she wasn’t as nimble as usual with her swollen belly. You had enjoyed ordering people around, and many of the maids and kitchen staff had enjoyed following your ridiculous demands. Lumière had come downstairs to try and steal a few blackberries for Plumette but Mrs Potts caught him in the act and as the temporary head of the kitchen staff, it was up to you to punish him. You had made him sit down on a stool in the middle of the kitchen and told him that he wasn’t to speak for twenty minutes. It was extremely funny, as Lumière was one of the most over dramatic people in the entire castle and to see him try not to talk was truly something to behold. He went red on several occasions when he wanted to speak, but he somehow managed to pull through so as a reward you gave him five blackberries. You did it in secret of course tugging on his coat as he left. He lifted you up in a tight hug before running off to find Plumette, to explain why he took so long.
Mrs Potts had relieved you of your duties after lunch, and as your father was absent, you had no one to keep you company. Therefore you went to the one place where it was acceptable for you to be alone. The library. You were sitting on your usual seat or more realistically windowsill. You sat hidden behind the curtains as you read ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ by your favourite author, Shakespeare. You had been there since lunch and had made good progress on the play, making it to the second act. You were enjoying the constant bickering of Beatrice and Benedict when you heard the door creak open and heeled shoes approaching. You held your breath, praying that it wasn’t the Prince’s father. Although the Prince’s mother allowed you in the library, the King was known for his different views to the Queen, and for his anger, which was something you didn’t want to be on the other end of. The footsteps began to fade, and when you were certain you couldn’t hear them anymore you let out a large breath. Suddenly the curtain was pulled back and you almost let out a mini scream but before you could the Prince cut you off.
“I knew you were here!” he declared triumphantly.
“Adam!” you exclaimed, “You almost gave me a heart attack!”
He laughed at your misfortune so in return you began whacking him with your book till he stopped.
“I’m sorry for startling you. I don’t understand why you were hiding. Almost everyone knows you sit in here when you’re alone.” He pointed out.
“Well, you could have been your father.” you said solemnly, not wanting to discuss it as you knew how he felt about his father. He looks down at his hands as he sits down next to you. There was a rather long silence between you and you didn’t want there to be anymore. “Why aren’t you with Cogsworth?” you asked him, “I thought you were having lessons with him all day.”
“Well, I am supposed to,” he started, “but it’s soooooo incredibly boring.” He dramatically fell down onto your legs and you desperately tried to wiggle them free. “Thankfully, I managed to sneak away.” He looked up at you and smiled.
“So what did you come here for?” you questioned, as you freed your legs as he turned round to face you, his feet now resting by your hands.
“I was hoping you’d be a distraction. So that I wouldn’t have to go back for a while.” he said looking at you hopefully.
“Oh.” was all you let out. A distraction. You thought for a brief moment before your eyes rested on his shoe by your hand. It clicked almost immediately. You smiled a wicked smile. “Okay, your majesty, I’ll give you a distraction.” You set your book down to your side and stare at him directly in the eyes before you grabbed his foot and yanked of his shoe. He was in such shock that he didn’t realise what had happened until you had reached the library doors.
“Hey!” he yelled, “Give me my shoe back!” He sprinted after you.
You ran down the corridor laughing, avoiding several servants as you shouted back to Adam, “You have to catch me first.” You ran through the castles many corridors and eventually reached the servants’ floor with the Prince at least a hundred metres behind you. You ran through the kitchen as fast as you could avoiding several staff who were holding plates of food to prepare for tonight’s dinner. Mrs Potts stood up rather abruptly at the sight of you running.
“Y/N, what on earth are you doing?” she asked you. You hid the shoe behind your back as you slowly tried to scoot past her. She grabbed your arm and gave you the look, but before either of you could say anything Adam burst through the door on the far side of the kitchen. He spotted you almost immediately.
“Y/N! Give it back!” he yelled as he began to sprint over to you, making all of the staff part ways and stare. You looked up at Mrs Potts and hastily pulled yourself away, running towards the door to the gardens.
“Never!” You screamed in joy as you left the kitchen. Mrs Potts was about to ask Adam what you had stolen but as he rushed past she noticed the missing shoe and let out an audible gasp of realisation. She smiled to herself, pleased to see that you and the prince were merely having fun. As soon as Adam had left the kitchen, she looked up to see all the staff staring at the door wondering what had just happened.
“On with your work!” Mrs Potts commanded as she clapped her hands to make sure people got the message. Soon the kitchen was buzzing once more with work but this time, a layer of gossip was added about your relationship with the Prince.
You had escaped the kitchen into the castle’s beautiful garden that went on for miles to see. Green was surrounding you as you pushed your way through the small door that led to the Queen’s rose garden. Thankfully she wasn’t there at this moment in time, so you just ran straight through the several bushes of different coloured roses. The white ones shimmered like frost in sunlight and the red ones shone like glittering rubies. All the other coloured roses seemed to twinkle as you sprinted past them, desperate to try and evade Adam (who was hot on your heels due to Mrs Potts’ meddling). You were running up the bridge over the castle lake when your body finally caved in from all the exercise so you stopped on top of the stone bridge, breathing heavily but you still giggled in between gulps of air. Adam had just emerged from amongst the roses when you looked up. You smirked and pushed yourself up onto the side of the bridge, the hand which clasped his shoe hanging over the edge. He came barrelling towards you.
“Y/N! For the last time, give me back my shoe!” He practically screamed.
You only laughed harder and in one swift movement he collided with you sending you both over the edge into the lake below. You swam towards the bank, no longer grasping his shoe. He was floundering behind you, retrieving his footwear from the surface of the water. You sat on the bank, still giggling, as he made his way to shore, his shoe now secure on his foot. He glared at you as he pulled himself out.
You pointed to his foot, “I see you found your shoe,” you stated, in between a fit of giggles.
He pushed you playfully on the arm before laughing too. “And I only had to swim to get it.”
“Well you wanted a distraction from tutoring. I gave you one.” You point out giggling. You sat there for several moments staring at each other, still smiling. He pretended to look angry and he faced away from you.
“Thank you.” He whispered after a few moments. You smiled at him and stood up, your dress now much heavier than before.
“You’re welcome my liege.” You said dramatically as you offered him a hand to hoist himself up on. He took it gladly and you pulled with all your strength to help him up. “Care to escort the lady back to the library?” You quipped. He bowed causing his wet mop of hair to fall into his face.
“With pleasure.” He replied, offering you his arm that you gladly took. You walked slowly back through the grounds, this time allowing yourself to enjoy the beauty of the rose garden. No matter how many times you walked through it you still loved to look at them all twinkling in the sunlight. Adam paused when he saw you staring at the bushes and he quickly let go of your arm to walk over to one of the white rose bushes; where he plucked one of the roses from the bush and removed the thorns. He walked over to you and carefully placed the rose in your hair.
“Why are you giving me a rose? Won’t your mother mind?” you asked as you knew how much his mother adored the garden (so much so that she looked after it herself, not any of the gardeners).
“No.” was his simple reply. “My mother always says that the rose garden is meant for anyone. Plus think of this as my apology as I was the one who pushed us both into the lake.” You smiled.
“I would argue, but that’s true. You are the only one who’s stupid enough to do that.” You replied, which earned you a playful punch on the arm. You laughed at him as, once again, he offered his arm to you but with a slight scowl on his face. It only made you laugh harder. You both walked through the gardens, now discussing books which was something you both loved equally, although you preferred romances whilst he preferred adventures. This small difference usually caused several heated debates about which Shakespeare play was better, but they were all well intentioned and you usually won. You were mere moments away from entering the kitchen when you both stopped abruptly. You were both soaking wet. If Mrs Potts saw you she would drop her teapot. You looked at each other, eyes wide with realisation before giving each other the silent nod that meant, ‘We tell no one of what happened and we share the consequences equally.’ With a deep breath you let go of his arm (as technically it wasn’t proper for the Prince of a province to escort a peasant girl anywhere), and pushed open the door.
Almost immediately Mrs Potts spotted you and came rushing over. With Mrs Potts running, everyone else in the kitchen turned to look at what made her run which in turn made them all stare at you.
“Y/N!” Mrs Potts exclaimed, “What on earth did you do?”
It probably wasn’t the best time for Adam to enter the kitchen but as soon as she asked the question he entered and it caused Mrs Potts to almost have a mini stroke. Her eyes went from you to Adam and she let out a small yelp and then looked at you both with the ‘look’, her arms crossed.
“Adam, Y/N, would either of you like to explain why you are both soaking wet?”
You looked at each other and it was Adam who decided to speak.
“We went for a swim.” He stated plainly.
“In your clothes?”
“In the cold lake?”
Mrs Potts placed her hand to her forehead. She knew what you were doing so she knew that you’d both not ever tell her what truly happened. She lets out a sigh and points a hand to the fire.
“Sit there on the stools until you’re dry enough to go back upstairs.”
“Thank you, Mrs Potts.” You and Adam both said in unison.
“What am I meant to do with you two?” she said sarcastically as she passed you both a cookie to munch on whilst you dried. You and Adam sat down on the stools and happily munched away at the cookies, continuing your discussion of the books you were both reading, whilst everyone else in the kitchen worked and once again discussed you and the Prince.
It had taken you roughly twenty minutes to be dry enough for Mrs Potts to be satisfied that you could both go back upstairs. You had reached the library fairly quickly and were both standing just outside the doors.
“I should let you go back to Cogsworth now, shouldn’t I?” You said, sad that the fun you had had was coming to an end.
“Ugh, must you?” Adam replied, “I don’t want to go back to the history of the castle. It’s so boring!” He exclaimed, dramatically thrashing his arms down.
“That’s not boring.” You told him, “That’s interesting. Don’t you want to know where you came from?”
“Not really.” He admitted. “Most of my ancestors are pompous idiots.” You laughed at his point.
“At least you’re not.” You pointed out.
“Thank you.” He said as he puffs out his chest to make himself look manlier. You smiled at him before looking back to the library doors.
“I should go.” You said as you turned to push open the doors. However, before you could Adam grabbed your arm and turned you to face him. He looked down at his feet whilst kicking them into the floor.
“Would you care to join me in my lesson?” he asked quietly.
“But……” you began before he cut you off.
“Cogsworth won’t mind. He’d be grateful to actually have a student who wants to listen to him.”
You thought about his offer before whispering back a small “Okay.” He smiled at you and began dragging you towards his school room.
It turned out that Cogsworth was very thankful that you wanted to learn about the castle’s history. Whilst you took in every word he said, Adam took in none of it. He was too busy being distracted by the one person he asked to be a distraction. 

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can I ask your opinion on bottom Finn?

I live for bottom Finn ok? It’s usually where you find all the good Finn fics (along w/switch Finn or gen Finn). I should’ve added that to my post ugh! But I think it was implied so w/e. 

Ya know I’ll be honest and let you know that I don’t actually like reading explicit material 99% of the time… so this tag shouldn’t matter to me right? But the problem is that top/bottom tags always have these homophobic/misogynistic assumptions that the bottom is the only one that gets to be vulnerable and taken care of/etc while the top is the one who is the caretaker/dominant/etc. and since Black folks are consistently stereotyped as being hyper-masculine in real life and this isn’t different  when it comes to Finn. I don’t trust nonBlack people to write Top Finn because of this. They’ve shown time and time again that they will use every opportunity to dehumanize Finn and make him into some racist caricature ooc mess! So I prefer bottom Finn cause at least one problem is avoided right? But…

Bottom Finn just like any type of Finn can be used in a racist manner! The early finnpoe fics were abundant in bottom Finn fics but they characterized him as completely naive and a bit dumb when it came not only to sexuality but also civilization as whole lol. Finn isn’t dumb or naive and doesn’t need Poe or anyone to teach him everything lol!!! Poe teaching Finn to fly? Cool!!! Poe teaching Finn about masturbation?? WTF??? Ya know seeing Black people as naive and childlike is really racist and has a long history in the US as being a tactic to dehumanize and control Black people post-slavery?? I think as long as a writer avoids writing Finn as completely naive and childlike when they write Bottom Finn everything will be a-OK. 

But ya… obviously I prefer bottom Finn (w/o the racism thanks). 

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I just looked through your "my art" tag and it made me smile!!! So much!!! It's so nice and i love your style, and I've seen you improve a lot recently (not that that means you were ever bad) and just,,,keep doing what you're doing, I hope you enjoy making art as much as we like seeing it

Omg, I’m so-so-so happy to read it if only you know… 
just… THANK YOU!
It really inspires

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Hey there, I was just wondering if you could give me some tips on how to make my smut/one shot account more popular. Thanks in advance, Anon

Of course. I have lots of writing and blog tips under #writingadvice

But here’s a few tips I tell everyone:

-be social! Writers usually support other writers (including myself). Send messages or reblog with a comment!

-make sure it’s formatted in a friendly way. If you do big chucks in your writing, people are less like to take time to read it.

- make sure to tag it correctly!

- make a masterlist after you post a couple and put it in your bio. Keep it updated! Some writers/readers will even reblog it (if I really like someone stuff, I’ll reblog it and put their whole masterlist in my recommendations.)

- be free to answer asks! Some people like to get to know the writer.

- let people know if you are doing requests or not, I put it in my bio so people see it.

- sometimes keep your followers up to date with what you are working on or what’s coming to your blog. It gives them something to look forward too, or some will even ask if you could do a certain fic sooner.

I hope these helped and feel free to ask me any questions! I wish you the best of luck 💕


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So I have a question, several times throughout the fic Kei says "Close only counts with exploding tags" and I can't seem to figure out what it means exactly. I feel like it's referencing something I should know... but I've read the story 3-4 times and it still doesn't click in my head.

It’s a ninja-land corruption of the saying “‘close’ only counts with horseshoes and hand grenades.” Basically, that in certain situations, partial success is still a loss. Particularly in binary win/lose scenarios.

Kei usually uses it when dealing with a situation where failing to kill an enemy–particularly one as tough or slippery as S-class opponents almost always are–tends to result in a bad outcome.

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Congrats on the party! I'm deep in 5 different fics atm and I'm writing one about Alex adjusting to the lgbti community, learning terms and confronting some biases she didn't know she had. Was there anything about the queer community that surprised you as you got in it? (for me it was the infighting e.g. racism, TERFs, biphobia) Also my gf and I are both youth workers and atm she's working with an adorable but sadly homeless gay boy of colour and he reminds me so much of Adrian!

Yesss that’s amazing!!! (And I saw what you tagged me in and I can’t wait to give it the attention it deserves re: reading it and then, inevitably, reblogging it because your work is golden.)

As for your question, yes, the same things that surprised you surprised me. Racism, huge. And classism, too. And femme-shaming. And butch-shaming. God, we shame everyone? Also casual transphobia amongst cis gays, like not aggressive TERF-like transphobia but more low-key stuff that’s harder to pin down, you know?

Well okay that happened.

But yes – all the real-life Adrian’s!! I’m so glad such wonderful people as you and your gf are working with these brilliant youth: they deserve validation and love from fantastic folks like yall <3 <3 <3 

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💖 Tag Time 💖Go under Accounts ➜ Activity and look who are your most active followers. Tag them in this post and put this in their inbox along with 3 of your other favorite blogs. Lots of Love💖💖

You’re so nice!!

@inevitablesims, @asterllum, @nikacoop, @starguardianblue  LOVE U LOTS THANK YOU FOR LIKING MY WEIRD POTS ajsahfjdsh

i love @maren-emilie and @complicite and @spiffyplumbobs, your legacies are amazing and they make me smile when i read them <three

10 questions tag

I was tagged by @arabic-langblr, thank you and sorry for taking so long to answer!

1. Have you ever tried the food made in the country/countries of your target languages?
- I’ve tried a lot of different Japanese foods, but not so many from other countries where my target languages are spoken

2. Which was the hardest language to learn?
- For me personally German has been the most difficult one so far

3. Do you prefer reading a book before you sleep or sometime during the day?
- Before I sleep

4. Share an interesting saying or proverb in your native language.
- When something has been made hastily and carelessly, it’s “juosten kustu”, which translates to “peed while running”.

5. Would ever consider teaching languages? Whether it’s your mother tongue or your target languages?

- Yeah, why not, I kind of am already doing it through my blog

6.  What’s your favorite animal?
- Bunnies

7. What’s a word that you like in your target language?
- Serendipity, 部分, kudde, Knoblauch, csodál, دنيا

8.  How do you say daisies in your native language?
- Daisy is “päivänkakkara”

9. Do you like the way your target language was taught to you, or do you think that it could have been done in a better way?
- I have nothing to complain about the ways I was taught my target languages

10. What movie genre is your favorite? 
- Horror

I tag: @studytolive, @languagemoon, @perkeleet-paassani, @princess-turandot, @languages-and-tea, @y3lir-europe, @ibelinguist, @wheretoexpat@japaneseblr, @languagesandfrens

1. Would you rather become fluent in five languages or conversational in ten?
2. Which language has the most beautiful script in your opinion?
3. Have you ever had a language ruined for you? 
4. Do you have a polyglot role model?
5. What sound(s) do you have/have you had trouble pronouncing?
6. How fast do you think is it possible to become fluent in a language you have no previous knowledge of?
7. How do you say “cat” in your native and target languages?
8. What are your language learning goals for the summer?
9. Are you more productive in the morning, during the day, in the evening, or at night?
10. How many language books do you have in your bookshelf?

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Lol, thank you! It’s funny how I get tagged in these because I binge read stuff a day before these are posted. :D Anyway, here are my most active followers: 

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i decided to do the edge of seventeen tag created by @alwaysimming, this tag is kind of old now but i just really wanted to see my baby as a teen!

i wasn’t tagged by anyone, but i tag all of my followers and anyone who wants to still do this tag.

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night? 

this is alaina miller, she’s my current legacy challenge founder (ps. go read my legacy gen 1 right here)  i picture alaina as very shy/timid but super cute, definitely a straight a student and only had a close circle of best friends. she’s dreamed of going to uni to become a doctor like her mother & have a huge family since she was sadly an only child and never got to experience siblings.

anonymous asked:

Hey I know it's been canceled, but I hope you'll still share some of the fanfic you've been working on for The Get Down. I've really enjoyed your headcanons and reading back through your TGD headcanon tag has cheered me up a bit in light of the depressing news of the show's end. So thanks I really appreciate it and I hope to be able to read your writing someday soon. ☺️

first of all, thank you for sending me this. i was getting a little discouraged to continue any of my drafts, bc writers block continues to be a bitch, even though I’m finally out of school now, but since i know you want me to i gotta say fuck it and continue 😌. and im really happy that my hc’s and all the other dumb shit i say cheered you up!

as for the get down being cancelled that is not affecting anything i do in the slightest and it shouldn’t affect anybody else either. fan-works exists in their own little world, so while im sad we won’t get another season i guess i don’t exactly need one to continue what I’ve been doing. (only reason i slowed down this week is because I’ve been kinda busy but i definitely still have so much shit to say about these characters)

@dawnseternallight​: *attention zooms to your tags* would you mind sharing the title of the fic (or fics) that inspired your amazing art?

I didn’t draw a specific scene from any fics, so. sorry if you were hoping to read that, ahaha. But I can rec you a few of my faves if you’d like? I’ll put them under the cut so it doesn’t get too long

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