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“Would you forget?“

No extended summary at the moment because everything below is a spoiler (!!), I’ll just say heartbreak and party. 

Warning: swearing & mild SPOILERS for Episode 2 (you’ve been warned!)
Steve Harrington x Reader
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Leave mimi alone. If you could get over your jealousy for one second you would see would a sweet person she is. I follow her because she doesn't look for fights unlike blogs like yours. Yet there are fights on her blog cause of people who don't have anything better to do like you.

so it’s been a while and i finally worked up any sort of courage to address all of this and i will do it under this one ask because out of all the ones mimi’s “fans” sent me, this one was the most civil

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✏️ HEY GUYS! 📚

I know I’ve mentioned that I’m working on a project over the last couple weeks, (and that’s part the reason why I whipped up those icons for Dre, Sanzu & PT- so posting here won’t get quiet while I’m busy!) and this is it!

📖 StaringBack’s story Sooner or Later You’re Gonna Be Mine is ✨SO ENTHRALLING✨ ( She just added chapter 23 today!! *SCREEE* ) and when I came across it for the first time, her characters and way of storytelling performed a violent B&E on my mind, taking that and my heart hostage.

Well I succumbed to my captor and begged Star to let me turn this beauty of a story into a beastly graphic novel and, to my hysterical surprise, she agreed!! 😖💕 ( Not to mention, she’s been so graciously lending her time to answer my many questions and requests for opinions an’ such! )

If ya haven’t given SB’s story a read yet, PLEASE DO! Let her writing skills wash around your skull and tickle every flavor of your brain. She’s phenomenally supportive, loves her fans & followers and deserves the serious attention she’s worked for.

What a sweet creator. <:3c 


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Also complete angst

Pairing - Kylo Ren x Reader

Summery - You’re entire life, you had been force bonded with Ben Solo, Kylo Ren, the love of your life. You stuck with him through thick and thin, gaining a place as his apprentice. Things begin to change when you’re no longer the only person he is bonded with.

Something was wrong with Kylo Ren, he was distancing himself from everyone, even you. You had known him from the very beginning, your parents were friends with his so it was only natural that you two would be close. Training in the ways of the force with Luke; destroying the Jedi; joining the nights of Ren; becoming Kylo Ren; being part of the First Order, you stood by his side through it all. You didn’t agree with everything he did, but you couldn’t just leave him. You loved him. You were his pull to the light, as long as you were with him, Ben Solo could one day return. The force had connected you as children and the bond grew stronger every day.

Until now.

With every time he stood you up for training, every door in the face, every time he ignored you, you felt the bond grow weaker. It was because of the other girl he was suddenly force bonded with, the girl from Jakku, Rey.

Despite it all, you admired her. A girl that came from nothing who grew to be one of the strongest beings you’d ever seen. It didn’t surprise you that she would be better suited for him. After all, she was magnificent, what were you?

It was time for training and yet again Kylo was nowhere to be seen, so you made your way to his room. Whispers could be heard through the door. He had left you again, for her. Sighing, you knocked the door. All noise from inside had ceased. You were about to turn away when the door slid open.

“What do you want?” Kylo growled, glaring down at you. Never before had he addressed you in such a manner. You had seen him talk to others like this, those that he deemed below him, but never had he dared talk like this to you. He only spoke to you softly, as though you were the one person in all the galaxies he cared for. Clearly that wasn’t the case.

Feeling rage bubble within you, your stance changed. While before you stood relaxed, like a friend, you straightened yourself and your expression turned to stone.

“My training was supposed to start fifteen minutes ago, yet you were nowhere to be found.” You stated calmly.

“I have more important things to do, leave!” He ordered. Although what your brain processed was ‘she’s more important to me than you now, leave so I can be with her’, and your felt your heart brake.

“Yes, Commander.” You spat. His eyes suddenly lost their animosity to be replaced with something that almost looked like regret. As though to make a point you marched away from him, following his order, keeping a steady pace until you were out of sight.

A sob crept up your throat, but you pushed it down. You could hardly sense Ben from round the corner now, once you could sense each other from across the galaxy. The connection between you both was faint now, though you doubted he’d noticed. You began to wonder if you even held a place in the First Order anymore. If you didn’t follow Ben all those years ago you knew you’d be in the Resistance now. It was a strange thought, that one choice shaped your entire life into this. However, choices can come back around and change you again.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

The Supremacy had been plunged into chaos. A Resistance Star Cruiser flew directly into the ship at lightspeed, it was a wonder that the ship was still flying.

You were making your way to an execution when it happened. The first thought in your head was of Ben, if he was alright. So you ran down through the halls trying desperately to find him.

You had almost made it to the elevator when without any warning you fell to your knees, ears ringing painfully. Letting out a scream you closed your eyes tight as tears poured down your face.

“You’re nothing - but not to me.” Bens voice rang in your in your head. He was in Snokes chamber, talking to the girl. Your breathing started to get heavier, small mutterings of the word ‘no’ over and over again escaping your lips. “Join me and we can rule the universe.”

Gasping, you snapped your eyes open. The pain stopped and you felt…. detached. The force connection between you and Ben had been destroyed. Your heart was broken, yet you felt more at peace than you had before. You knew where you stood with him.

Yet again, you were faced with the choice. Stay with Be- Kylo, or leave.

He left you, he didn’t need you anymore. You were almost decorative, a thing that he could show off to others. He shaped you into a weapon for the dark, tried to smother your light because he was losing his own. You felt a pull as emotions rumbled within you; love; loss; anger; sadness but one stood out more than the others. Hope.

Standing up, you turned and ran to the TIE Fighter bay. You would not be the play thing of Ben Solo or Kylo Ren anymore.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

The hanger was falling apart, fire consumed the entire room and the ground was caving in on itself. Using the force, you cleared a path and made your way to a ship.

“Abandoning ship, traitor?” You turned to see a man behind you, the defective stormtrooper. That event felt like forever ago, where as in reality it was only a few weeks. Next to him stood a woman, a fellow resistance member, and a BB unit. You smiled slightly at the trio.

“Takes one to know one.” You opened the door and gestured with your head at the ship. “Need a lift?”

The humans looked at each other, clearly doubtful, when a large explosion sounded. Letting out a few beeps, the droid rolled over to you. Laughing slightly, you used the force to pick it up and placed it safely in the ship. You stepped aside and the humans ran inside too. Taking one last glance around, you climbed aboard and flew away from the place you once called home.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

It was a tough flight, but you managed to fly through the base door before it closed. Being in a First Order ship, naturally they fired upon you instantly. Rose and Finn, whose names you learned during the flight, raised their hands and the shooting stopped.

Instinctively, you stayed hidden in the ship, scared of how they would react to you.

“-and we brought someone else.” Finn said, taking this as your cue you hopped out.

As soon as your feet touched the ground Leia held you in a tight embrace. A tear escaped your eyes and landed on her shoulder. At last you felt safe.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” You whispered in her ear. You felt her hand move up and stroke your hair.

“You tried (Y/N), you stayed with him all this time. That’s more that I could have ever asked for.” She pulled back. “Right now we’ve got to defend ourselves.”

“Where do you need me?” You pulled back, wiping your tears.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

You ran through the base with the rest of the Resistance, searching for a way out, when you reached a dead end.

“No, no, no!” A pilot named Poe exclaimed in defeat, kicking a rock. You went over and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this.” Raising your hand, you closed your eyes and concentrated. On your command the rocks flew out the way to reveal an opening, where stood the woman you knew to be Rey.

“I was going to…” She trailed off, Finn running out to pull her into a hug. You smiled at the scene as you held the rocks in place until everyone was out.

“I don’t mean to ruin the moment, but I think we should get out of here.” You said, Rey looked up at you in shock. All you did was give her a sad smile in response, that seemed to be enough for her as you assisted with making sure everyone was on board.

After a few moments the ship took to the air, taking far away from Kylo Ren.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

Kylo stormed to your chambers, he was an emotional wreck and he needed you. He barged in and shouted your name. When you didn’t respond he reached out using the force, but he couldn’t sense you. Immediately he feared the worst, rushing all over the ship to try and find you.

“Looking for your pet?” The voice of Hux sounded behind him. Kylo immediately clenched his fist upon hearing the cocky tone laced through his words.

“(Y/N) is not my pet.” He growled, keeping his face away from the General.

“I thought you’d like to know, Supreme Leader, that she’s gone. The security footage shows her leaving with the ship wih Rebel scum and a droid.” A thick silence filled the room and Hux had a terrible feeling that this revelation might result in his own death at the hands of the new, emotionally unstable, leader.

“Leave me.” Kylo’s voice was low and dangerous. Hux knew exactly what this meant, another destroyed room. Yet he did as ordered and left.

As soon as Hux left, Kylo let a out a sob, tears already flowing. He never cried, something he prided himself in, but the fact you were gone was too much for him. He loved you. He thought the force bond was enough to show that you both belonged together, clearly you thought otherwise.

Yes, he had gained supreme leadership, but he lost what meant the most to him. You. For the first time in his life, he was truly alone.

Glory and Gore

Prompt: “All I need is your lips against mine. Right now.”

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (AU)

Word Count: 3,077 Words

Warnings: swearing, a bit of violence, fluff

Notes: This is for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5k Writing Challenge! Seems like I’m really into Punk!Bucky nowadays. Don’t mind my title, I was just searching my ultra long playlist for ideas and this fit slightly. 

Originally posted by jlstreck

“Hurry up Y/N!” Wanda calls from the bottom of the stairs. It’s the first day back at school and you’ll be damned if you’re late. Some may give you disgusted side-glances because of your enthusiasm, but honestly? They’re the types of people who are destined to be future gas station attendants, so they don’t really bother you.

“I’m coming Wanda!” You reply, stuffing your matte lipstick into your bag and kicking your bedroom door closed. You hurry down the stairs, and smile at your best friend. “Ready?”

She rolls her eyes, grabbing your arm and tugging you towards the front door. “I’ve been ready since half an hour ago, you just take so damn long getting ready.” She tells you, leaning against the threshold as you lace up boots.

“Well, I’m sorry that I put effort into my looks.” You tease, squeaking as Wanda smacks your head.

“Stop rambling nonsense, let’s go.” She snorts, as you leave your home.

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Not my Jacket - Part 2 - S.P

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Part I , Part II , Part III , Part IV , Part V , Part VI , Part VII , Part VIII

taglist; @allison-rosewood-maximoff , @whenaprincessisahero , @sweetpeas-serpant , @babygirlscali , @randomnesss-of-fandomness , @coffeeaddict201 , @jxhn-mxrphy , @maceyisntcool , @and-i-swear-we-are-infinte , @tacozxd , @lifeisforlosers , @cinn-rawr , @imthewinchestertoyourimpala , @writersandroses , @kytty27 , @lilithmouse , @poolpartyingwithjaws , @savy-girl , @moonkvd , @svenjafangirlt 

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“Lovely Y/n, how nice to see you again”

Penny peabody smiled at you, a wicked grin on her face. He blonde hair was straightened to perfection, as her navy blazer was crisp. The woman looked at her with wild eyes.

“You know the deal. Join the serpents, pay off your debts, and your boyfriend-”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Sorry” She sneered, “your friend, won’t get hurt”

You sighed;

“What do I have to do?”

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submission from rpbattleman

Can you imagine how aliens would react to us eating something that was made not to be eaten? Like peppers.

For those unaware, peppers are filled with Capsaicin, a chemical that causes a burning sensation when in comes in contact with tissue. Its basically Nature’s way of saying DON’T EAT ME!!! Yet we do it anyways. Imagine the conversation that follows.

“Those aren’t good for you”, said Trilli, as she watch her companion ingest strange triangular vegetables. Out of curiosity, she checked them with her scanner, and the results were disturbing.

“What do you mean?”, asked Bob as he was eating raw Jalapeños.

“It’s filled with capsaicin”, answered Trilli holding up a scanner to human Bob’s face.

“So?”, replied Bob, still eating his peppers.

“So, according to the scanner it is literally burning the inside of your mouth, causing immense pain, AND WHY ARE YOU STILL EATING THEM!?”, shouted Trilli, after moving the scanner away from human Bob’s face and realizing, that yes, he was indeed still eating his capsaicin-filled death vegetable.




“…well?”, questioned Trilli.

Bob swallowed, open his mouth, and replied, “I was hungry”.

Found a “fan” page dedicated to “White Storm”...

And I am in utter disbelief. Storm is a proud African woman. Being African is a huge part of her personality, who she is, what has shaped her into the person she has become. To whitewash her is to pretty much strip away everything she is on top of being RACIST AS FUCK! And they had to nerve to say and I quote because I can’t make up such fuckery, “Imagine how pretty she’d be if she was white”. EXCUSE THE FUCK OUT OF ME. White hair and blue eyes against ebony skin isn’t pretty? Ororo means beauty! (I bet they refuse to refer to her by her actual name.) In canon men like the likes of Thor, Loki, T’Challa, Dr. Doom, Dracula, Cable, Quicksilver, and Wolverine just to name a few have shown interest in her. But she isn’t pretty to you because she’s black?

Tell me

Storm isn’t


She is a strong, gorgeous, black woman in a comic verse that already greatly lacks diversity and yet, you hate that she is black. To the creator of that blog (which I will not name here, because they don’t deserve the attention) the artists doing white rendering of her and your followers you should be embarrassed, you ignorant, bigoted peasant. 

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Childish Antics

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Pairing: Loki x Short!Reader (ft. Natasha, Tony, Bruce, and Thor)

Content/Warnings: fluff; humor


A/N: Everyone needs a bit of a pick-me-up on Mondays, so to make up for the start of the week I have this nice bit of Loki fluff, which was quite fun to write. It was a request from anon:

Reader x Loki, maybe with a prompt like. “Asshat! I’m not that short.” “Children shouldn’t say things like that!” I dunno something funny and fluffy?

Enjoy, guys!

The shelf was mocking you - that, at the very least, was certain. It loomed just out of your reach, and your pride prevented you from asking Loki for help. Sure, he may tease you about it, but you knew the Asgardian prince wouldn’t mind. But you weren’t taking the easy way out, instead choosing to crawl up on to the counter, which, in hindsight, probably wasn’t a very good idea anyways. You were successfully retrieving the elusive box of cereal when everything went wrong.

“What are you doing?” Loki asked curiously from behind you. You gave an epic start, having thought he was still in the other room watching TV, and lost your balance. You would have landed hard on the floor if Loki hadn’t darted forward to grab you, setting you on your feet. He smirked. “You could have just asked, you know.”

“It was going just fine,” You protested. “But you startled me. Otherwise I would have gotten down off the counter without incident.”

Loki chuckled and dropped an affectionate kiss on your forehead before grabbing the cereal off the shelf. “Here’s your prize, dearest. I would have been happy to help, you didn’t have to go to such extreme measures. After all, not all of us are quite as… vertically challenged.”

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Take care of my Babies or you’ll die - Wonder Woman x Reader

Summary : Diana has a deep distrust of Men’s World’s doctors, and have trouble letting them handle her pregnant girlfriend. 

I lost the original message but this story is for @freethecagedeggs. Also, Imma indulge @loverandomness2 because she’s been asking for this for a long time and I’m finally writing it :-). 

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


You couldn’t wait for all of this to be over. 

For the baby to finally arrive. 

Not because pregnancy was displeasing, in fact, you were one of those lucky women that had a smooth one. 

You only had a few morning sickness, you weren’t too tired, it didn’t hurt much (yet)…The only thing you had was your weird cravings but, then again, pickles and ice cream was a thing you ate together even before being pregnant. 

Nope. You don’t want all of this to be over because it’s difficult and tiring…But because your damn girlfriend cannot give you or anyone approaching you of a few feet a single break ! 

“(Y/N), don’t do this it could hurt the baby !”, “(Y/N) eat this it’s good for the baby”, “(Y/N), please babe, do this exercice it’s good for our little one”…The worst was how annoying she became whenever you had a doctor appointment. 

Oh. My. God.


When you and Diana decided to become parents, you settled for a sperm donor instead of adoption, because it was just easier, it would take less time and trouble…You also decided that you should be the one bearing the child, kind of unsure how things would work with Diana (after all, she had been made out of clay and given life by Zeus…). 

At first, everything went smoothly. 

You were both just too damn excited. And all your friends were extremely supportive. Of course they were. 

Your older brother, Bruce, helped you through so many hard times in your life, he definitely wasn’t about to give up on you (no matter what some stuck up rich people thought about him for doing so…damn you guys lived in the XXIst century, what was the problem of a same sex couple adopting ?!), and he would never admit it because he wasn’t the cheesy type of man but…He already loved his future nephew/niece deeply. 

The day he brought you a teddy bear that looked astonishingly like the one you had when you were a kid, that exact teddy bear your dad gave you to “help you through any difficult times” (and it really did…whenever you were sad, for example missing your parents dearly, you’d hug the hell out of that bear and it would make you feel so much better), and when Bruce told you it was difficult to find the same one you had as a kid and it took him a lot of time and effort to do so, but you and your future child were definitely worth it…You teared up. You lied by saying your hormones were messing around with your emotions, and acted like it was not a big deal but…It meant the world that your beloved older brother would go through all that trouble just for a teddy bear for your baby.  

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I love your stories! Can you maybe write one of the chocobros initially hating their s/o and slowly realizing they were stupidly in love but didn't know how to express it correctly?? (I'm sorry if it's confusing)

OMG thank you! These types are always cute, I hope I did enough variety for you!  (I also have no idea how they got so long)



“Oh hell no.” Noctis groaned, as they entered Hammerhead, seeing the woman standing beside Cindy. “Ignis keep going.”

“Noctis, we need to fix the Regalia.”

“We’ll walk.”

“Noct you’re being ridiculous.”

“We don’t need to go here, we can just push it until we get to the next mechanic.”

“Dude, that’s like another 20 miles.” Prompto whined.

“Don’t care, I’ll push it there by myself.”

Ignis sighed, putting on the parking brake, as the young Prince attempted to keep pushing the car forward. Only to give up and hide behind the door, as the two women approached the car.

“Oh so that’s the reason.” Gladiolus chuckled.

“Was starting to worry something happen to you boys.” You smiled.

“Uh, which one of ya’ll the Prince?” Cindy inquired.

Ignis groaned, as he looked down, “Noctis, get up.”

Noctis moaned as he stood up, his eyes ignoring you standing beside Cindy, “Hey.”

You smiled stepping toward Ignis, and Gladiolus, “Oh you must be Prompto, nice to meet you, I’m Y/N.” You called to the blonde a smile on your face.

“Yeah, nice, nice to meet you too.” Prompto waved nervously as Noctis rolled his eyes.

“I’ll take care of everything with Cindy, you boys can go rest your legs, that must have been a long walk.” You smiled heading back into the garage.

“Y/N hasn’t changed a bit.” Gladiolus chuckled.

Noctis groaned as he stalked off, “You say that, like it’s a good thing.”

Prompto moved beside Ignis, “What’s with him?”

Ignis chuckled, “A very old story.”

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Spectacularly Spooky and Seasonal Cakes from Baker Chelsey White

To see more of Chelsey’s creations, follow @chelsweets on Instagram.

Chelsey White (@chelsweets) began baking out of her New York City kitchen five years ago to combat job stress. Her penchant for simple yet dramatic designs lasts year-round, but Chelsey really shines during October. “If you want to take your Halloween treats to the next level, shattered glass is a relatively easy thing to do, and black buttercream looks so dramatic,” she says. “I like the inside of the cake to be as much fun as the outside.”


Jonerys AU | Child of Ice and Fire

“She was born in the harsh winter. Her mother died fighting for the spring. Her father soon followed, but not before raising her to become a valiant queen.”

*Note* I couldn’t help making this I swear! I also made this supper fast so that’s why the color is off! I don’t know what her name will be yet! I’ve been debating it! Either way this was fun to make! I hope you guys think it’s cute and feel free to interpret this as you like!

P.S. To the haters! Just ignore my stuff and do your thing else where.


Loki kept glancing at her, knowing that they were now alone - the others had long since gone their separate ways. He watched as she scribbled something down onto the paper before her, stopping only to push the glasses she only wore after missions back onto her nose.

She was beautiful like this, he noted, even more so than usual. She sat cross legged in a pair of black bottoms and an old, lived in t-shirt that constantly kept falling from her shoulder, her pad of paper on her lap.

Occasionally she let a soft sigh pass her lips, obviously more than ready for bed. She had yawned a few times, stretching her arms up over her head, the ratty old shirt rising to accommodate her actions. His eyes moved on their own accord when a sliver of her abdomen was exposed to him.

Even if he claimed to be a God, he was a man first. He growled deep in his throat - whether it was at her or himself he wasn’t sure.

“Oh my God,” She gasped quietly when she caught him eyeing her, pulling her shirt down with a blush. “You scared me, Loki.”

Loki simply smirked and raised his hands in defense. “My apologies, love. I simply find your garments of choice rather… interesting.”

She glanced down, her cheeks reddening with every second that passed. “You don’t have pajamas in Asgard?”

Loki cocked his head to the side, a smirk on his thin lips. “Of course we do, just none like those.” However, I have yet to see anyone look so ravishing by simply sitting still, clothes or no he mentally added.

He stood up slowly, straightening his back to his full height, and smirked down at her. His eyes followed her delicate hands as they pulled her shirt back onto her shoulder.  “I will leave you to your work, darling.”

She said nothing as the God of Mischief took her hand and pressed his cool lips onto her knuckles. He looked into her wide eyes, a hunger growing inside him.

“G-Goodnight, Loki,” she mumbled. “See ya tomorrow.”

Loki bid her good night, then strode out of the room, pride coursing through him like never before.

She was a fascinating mortal, he mused as he stepped into the elevator and pressed the number to his floor. Maybe this tiny mortal would be more than enough to keep him on his toes.

Girlfriends with matching mani-pedis ♡

A collab with the fantastic and wonderful @minis-art​!! Originally for JuleRose June but it’s now July. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This collab was done a bit differently than other ones; Mini drew and lined the drawing, which I then printed out, lazily light-boxed onto watercolor paper using a window, relined in Microns, and colored with watercolors. It was really fun to do and I really like how it came out!!

Anyway if you haven’t seen or followed Mini yet I have no idea what you’re doing with your life because she is the sweetest person ever and her art is always incredibly detailed and gorgeous.

Artwork ©: alazic02 and @minis-art

Do not repost.

Do not cringe and make yourself small if you are called the black sheep, the maverick, the lone wolf. Those with slow seeing say a nonconformist is a blight on society.

But it has been proven over the centuries, that being different means standing at the edge, means one is practically guaranteed to make an original contribution, a useful and stunning contribution to her culture.

When seeking guidance, don’t ever listen to the tiny-hearted. Be kind to them, heap them with blessings, cajole them, but do not follow their advice.

If you have ever been called defiant, incorrigible, forward, cunning, insurgent, unruly, rebellious, you’re on the right track.

Wild Woman is close by.

If you have never been called these things, there is yet time. Practice your Wild Woman.
—  Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype
Brief Explanations

Prompts: 40. “I wasn’t lying when I said that I loved you.” And 85. “Don’t lie to me.”

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, blood

Word Count: 1043

A/N: So, here is part 6 of nightmares and bruises!!!! I hope you like it!! BTW I have got all your requests I’m just slowly working my way through them. Also, from December 1st I will be mainly doing Christmas prompts. I already have one request but I will post a Christmas prompt list. Also, if you want to be tagged in this series please leave a comment. Also it’s Dacre’s Birthday!!!

Series Masterlist

Prompt List


Originally posted by dailydacremontgomerysource

The plan to draw all the Demodogs into the tunnels, away from the gate, had been a success. They just hoped that the other groups had similar look to their own. After his initial freak out session, Steve had been cool with the plan. He still wasn’t happy about Y/N and Billy but they could talk that out some other time. Right now, they were all tired and bruised and just wanted to get home.

Y/N was still driving Billy’s Camaro, and wearing his jacket much to Steve’s disgust, as she dropped the kids back at home one by one until it was only her, Steve and Max in the car.

“So, you and Billy?” Steve questioned as he cradled his throbbing head in one hand.

“I’ll explain tomorrow, I’m too tired right now.” Y/N promised him. He seemed okay with this because he didn’t say another word until she dropped him off. “I’ll come check on you tomorrow.”

“Okay, night.” Steve said. Y/N and Max uttered a ‘night’ back as Max climbed into the front seat.

“Right, let’s get you home.” Y/N muttered as she threw the car into gear.

“What about Billy?” The redhead looked across at the older girl.

Y/N sighed. “You just get your step-dad to look out of the window and say that Billy dropped you off but needs some air. I’ll deal with Billy. You better tell your mom that me and Steve run a study group.”

“A study group?” Max tried not to laugh.

“I know but it’s the best excuse we have. And it’s kinda educational all this monster fighting.” Y/N laughed and Max joined in.

Max nodded and it wasn’t long until they pulled up in front of the house. Neil was already looking out of the window at the sound of the engine. Luckily the car was dark enough so he couldn’t see Y/N.

“Looks like he already saw.” Max chuckled as she climbed out of the car. “Night, Y/N.”

“Goodnight, Max.” Y/N smiled as the girl shut the door. Y/N watched her get inside before pulling off and heading back to the Byers house.

Billy was still out cold on the sofa when Y/N opened the door. She pocketed the Camaro keys and pulled the jacket tighter around her shoulders. She had no idea how to work the heating so she just grabbed a blanket from Jonathan’s room and draped it over Billy. She glanced around the room at the mess they had all created and cringed. After everything she had been through this year, Joyce really didn’t need to come home to this mess.

Y/N set about tidying the living room and the kitchen slowly. She picked up everything the boys had smashed before sweeping the floor for the shards. She left the paper with the tunnels up because she had no idea what to do with them. She was writing Joyce a note explaining about the fight and warning her about the Demodog in the fridge, when she heard a groan followed by cursing from the living room.

She walked through in time to see Billy try, and fail, to stand up. “I wouldn’t do that yet. Max gave you a pretty strong sedative.” Y/N warned and his eyes shot up to look at her.

“Where is she?” He asked. His voice wavered and he sounded scared.

“I took her and the others home. I took your car. Your dad thinks it was you who dropped her off.” Y/N assured him as she walked over to him and took his face in her hands. She lifted his head to look at her as she examined the bruises forming. Steve had got a couple of good hits and Billy’s lip was split, there were bruises on his cheekbone and over his right eye and there was dried blood around his nose.

“I’m fine, princess.” Billy said as he tried to stand up again. He shook slightly but managed to stand up straight.

“You might be but Steve’s not.” Y/N said as she walked into the kitchen to finish off the note for Joyce.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. My dad realised Max was missing and he…” Billy trailed off. He still wasn’t comfortable talking about his father’s actions.

“That’s not an excuse for nearly attacking a thirteen-year-old and nearly killing Steve. I’m not the one you need to apologise too.” Y/N sighed. “You need to work on all this, Billy.”

“I know. But I haven’t been getting into as many fights. You really do help me, Y/N.” Billy tripped over some of the paper. “What the hell is this?”

“Will likes drawing.” Y/N shrugged as she binned the last of the shattered pottery.

“Don’t lie to me. Why were you all here tonight?” He had walked further into the room.

“Study group, Billy.” Y/N lied through her teeth. “Me and Steve have been running it for the past few years. Max decided she wanted to join.”

Billy nodded. “And everything else you said?”

“I wasn’t lying when I said that I loved you.” Y/N muttered.

“Then I never gave you an answer.” Billy walked towards her and ran his thumb over her cheekbone. “I love you too, Y/N L/N.” He smiled and she matched it before connecting their lips. She tasted metal on her tongue but that didn’t stop either of them. When they did pull back, it was for air. Billy smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

“Let’s go home, I’m tired.” Y/N said as she grabbed his hand.

“By the way, you look good in my jacket.” Billy smirked as her cheeks went red.


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Hi I have a request where they meet the MC's parents and see how they insult her I'm sorry if it's a bother I'm so scared to ask for an request you don't have to do it again sorry if it's a bother

Please don’t ever be scared to send in a request. I love to write for you guys and I love to hear what you guys think. And don’t worry about ever bothering me with a request. I’ll write whatever people send into me unless it really is something I am uncomfortable with, but that rarely happens. I hope you enjoy this, and I really hope this doesn’t happen to you. Feel free to message me if you need to talk, or just want someone to listen to you vent.

RFA + Minor Trio reacting to a female MC’s parents insulting her



  • Yoosung was already very nervous about meeting your parents; what if he said the wrong thing, what if they didn’t like him, what if he farts by accident and it’s really loud and smelly?
  • All these possibilities were floating around in his brain as he awkwardly shook your dads hand and sat down in the booth.
  • After about three minutes of awkward silence, things began to go well as Yoosung started talking about work as a vet, and bonded with your dad who also happened to play LOLOL.
  • But then you knocked over your drink. There was hardly anything left but it made a small mess getting the napkins wet.
  • Yoosung straight away went to help you but stopped cold when your mother began to shout at you.
  • “You stupid girl! Can you do anything without making a mess? God, sometimes I wonder if I raised a human or monkey.”
  • “You’re lucky your soda didn’t get on my pants. They are worth more than your entire life,” your father spat.
  • Your parents made a huge mistake criticizing you though.
  • Yandere mode: a c t i v a t e d
  • “It was an accident,” Yoosung snarled as his face scrunched up in anger. He stood up straight, glaring down at your parents, who were still clearly agitated, but a little uncomfortable now under Yoosung’s gaze. “How could you treat your own daughter so terribly. We’re in public and everyone can hear how ill-mannered you guys are. I hate to know what you guys are like at home.”
  • He grabbed your arm and purse, and pulled you from the booth, keeping you in front of him and away from your parents as they rose and tried to get you guys to sit back down.
  • “No. You will not come near her, ever again. Not unless you guys learn how to respect her.
  • “I won’t let you touch her again, so heed my warning, don’t come looking for her, he warns.
  • May have also made a comment about your dads guild being shit.
  • In the cab back home, Yoosung frowns as he watches you stare aimlessly out the window with your head pressed against the glass. He could see a glimpse of your reflection and the couple tears that slipped down it. He thought he maybe was a little extreme telling your parents they couldn’t see you again, but as he sees it, you are much better without them anyways.
  • He grins a little when he sees you smile as he wraps his arms around your waist and gently pulls you to him. He rests your back against his chest and keeps you close and steady as the car bumps up and down. He kisses just below your ear and whispers, “I’m always going to protect you. I may look small but I’m fierce.”


  • Oh, hell no.
  • He went through this with his parents so he knows how it feels.
  • Your parents made comments about you holding him back, teased you for your appearance, made fun of your job, called you stupid, pointed out any insecurity you may have.
  • Zen was livid.
  • The second he sees the tear slip down your face he is up and arms, shouting at your parents for being so disrespectful towards you and for dare making such a rude comment about you.
  • If they weren’t at a pub filled with people, Zen may have made a bigger scene then he did, but he didn’t want to embarrass or draw attention to you.
  • He could see you breaking down, so he didn’t want to make things worse.
  • “There is a special place in hell for parents who take pleasure out of making their children feel bad about themselves,” he spits at them, slamming his drink on the table. He tosses some money at a confused bartender and pulls you from the pub, ignoring the shouts from your parents as they demand you to come back.
  • Outside the pub, unable to hold in any of your tears you let out a wretched sob and collapse against Zen’s chest.
  • He coo’s to you gently, wrapping his arms around you and rubbing your back. He nestles his face on the top of your head, and he rocks you back and forth.
  • “I-I’m so sorry, Zen, that was so humiliating, I didn’t think they would do that, and-”
  • What are you apologizing for? This isn’t your fault. And I swear, MC, I will make sure they never insult you again.”
  • You let out a small laugh into his chest. “You can’t do that. They’re my parents.”
  • “I don’t care. That doesn’t give them the right to treat you so poorly.
  • “You know everything they said in there is untrue, right? You don’t hold me back, you’re not pathetic, you’re not stupid. I hope you didn’t believe them for a second.”
  • He took you home after that and asked Jumin for a favor; he needed your parents to get the message that their behavior towards you would not be tolerated. And after Zen explained to Jumin what happened, Jumin was more than willing to help. The two of them drafted a letter with a threat of legal actions if they ever tried to insult you again. It was made very clear it would be marked as harassment.
  • Zen refused to tell you what made your parents stop being cruel to you all of a sudden. He didn’t want you to be upset knowing he decided to take a sort of legal action. But he couldn’t bare to see you so upset like you were at the bar. He was willing to do anything, including talking to the person he hated the most and using money to get rid of a problem.


  • At first, when Jaehee saw how nervous you were after inviting your parents for lunch at the cafe, she thought it had to do with her.
  • Why would you be so nervous about asking your parents over for dinner if it wasn’t that you were somewhat concerned with them meeting her?
  • But then when your parents sat down at the small table by the window and were nibbling at their treats did Jaehee realize just why you were so nervous.
  • Your parents were mean.
  • Every second it seemed they hurled an insult at you, which you just took with a grain of salt.
  • You’d smile and awkwardly laugh, then look at Jaehee and mouth to her it’s fine. You could see Jaehee was getting a little worked up, and Jaehee could see just how you too were becoming unsettled.
  • Jaehee completely lost it after the homophobic remarks.
  • “We brought you so many young and handsome men, and yet you always went for women. I don’t know where I went wrong sometimes.”
  • Your father’s ignorance struck a chord in both of you. You let out an exasperated sigh as you excused yourself, Jaehee quickly following after you.
  • “Why do you stand for this?” she asks, confusion written clearly on her face.
  • You just shrug and try to pass off like it didn’t upset you, but Jaehee could see that it did just that. “They’ve always been like this. You get used to it. Let’s just get this done and then we won’t have to see them until our wedding.”
  • “Will they even come?”
  • Your breath hitched slightly, and you gasped a little when Jaehee left you in the backroom to go back out to your parents. You thought she was going to sit down and just do as you suggested, but you suddenly heard Jaehee snapping at your parents. You came back out from the backroom and watched as Jaehee confronted your parents on their behaviors.
  • “Do you not see how much you upset your daughter? She may take this abuse from you, but I won’t. I am going to ask you politely to please leave our cafe and I suggest that you guys do not come back. You are not welcome here. Not if you’re going to treat my fiance like this.”
  • And with a huff, your parents left.
  • Jaehee sighed as she walked back towards you, gently taking your hand in hers.
  • “I hope I did not upset you just then, but you shouldn’t let them talk to you like that. You don’t deserve it.”
  • “I don’t know, sometimes I think that they might-”
  • “MC,” Jaehee warned, her hand resting on your shoulder tenderly. “You don’t deserve it.”


  • Jumin had booked reservations at the most elegant of restaurants in Korea for meeting your parents.
  • He wanted to make a good impression, and he wanted to them to know how happy he was to be married to their daughter. He wanted your parents to know how happy he was about bringing them into his family.
  • The dinner was going really well until your mother made a crude comment that was enough to make Jumin cough on his wine; “I can only wonder just how good my daughter is in your bed for you to stay married to her. I can not think of a single achievement that would make you want to be with her.”
  • Jumin was very quick to your defense.
  • Though he was incredibly shocked and surprised that any parent would say such an inappropriate thing about their child, he needed to make it very clear to your mother he would not allow her to make such comments, and he would make it very clear just why he married you.
  • “You clearly do not know your daughter very well then. She has achieved very much in her life. And to think you think I would stoop so low as to only marry some for a ‘good bed’, you are dead wrong. I married your daughter for their kind heart, their compassion, their desire to help others, and her beauty. I will not allow you to sit there and insult her. Certainly not after I’ve paid a lot of money to fly you guys here and to have a nice dinner with you. So I suggest you apologize this moment or this dinner will be done, and you can have your bags packed and be ready to leave by the hour. It is your choice.
  • “Oh, and as for our sexual activities since you are so curious; Kitten knows how to please her master well.
  • Both your parents huffed before begrudgingly apologizing. Jumin was about to say something about it not being sincere enough, but you had stopped him, and gave him a small smile.
  • That night you thanked him by the window, the dull light from the moon shining down on you guys,  wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down for a kiss.
  • “No need to thank me, darling. I am your husband and I will defend you whenever someone does you wrong.”


  • Anger is an understatement.
  • The bubbly 707, Defender of Justice, was gone in a heartbeat the second the first insult came tumbling out of your fathers mouth.
  • Before he could react, your mother was spatting another one, startling you as she snapped.
  • Seven was a little… flabbergasted.
  • What surprised him the most was though you would get startled, you wouldn’t react. You’d just smile and nod your head, keeping your gaze down. Seven let out an exasperated laugh, leaning across the table at the 90’s dinner towards your father.
  • “I’m sorry, but who the hell do you think you are talking to?”
  • Your father rose an eyebrow, taking a bite of his food. “My daughter. I have the right to tell her just how I feel, and if I feel she is being a pig, I’ll say so.”
  • In a heartbeat, Seven grabbed your father’s wrist, twisting it until it made a snapping noise and your father let out a howl. 
  • You were in shock, 
  • Your mother let out a scream.
  • “I don’t think so,” Seven said, a grave tone to his voice. “I’ll tell you this now. If you think you can get away with how you talk to your daughter.” He twisted the wrist a little more, a few more cracking sounds made.You are dead wrong.
  • He released your father’s wrist and laughed as the man writhed in pain. Your father and your mother quickly rush out of the dinner, leaving you and Seven.
  • Seven turned to you, giggling softly as he wrapped his arms around you.
  • “S-Seven, don’t you think that was a bit too much?”
  • “No. I think I should have done a lot more, but we are in public.”
  • “But Seven, they’re my parents-”
  • “Therefore they should treat you with respect. Now come on, let’s enjoy our dinner. We can go home after and have a movie marathon with Saeran! How about that?”
  • You smiled softly, resting your head on Seven’s shoulder, and allowed him to feed you. He was right, you did deserve respect. And you were sure as hell glad you had such a wonderful boyfriend to remind you.


  • V had met your parents before, without you, and they always seemed like wonderful people. So he didn’t understand why you were so upset that he invited them over for dinner.
  • He figured out why as he sat at the table and listened to them spit insult after insult at you.
  • He watched as you tried not to fall apart in front of them, keeping your head high and your gaze on your food.
  • V is not someone to usually show his anger, but it was getting pretty hard to hold it back at this point.
  • You had reached for the salt, yet your hand accidently knocked it over and bits of white got onto the blue cover on the table. It was a small mess, but your parents made a huge deal out of it.
  • “See what I mean? Jihyun, you are better off without her. She’ll bring nothing but hardship.”
  • “Take this from her parents who had to live with her for twenty years. It doesn’t end here.”
  • At that, V watched as you slapped your napkin down on the table and excused yourself, going to the bedroom. He was quick to follow you, closing the door behind him and pulling you towards him.
  • This is why I didn’t want them over, V, all they do is criticize me. Sometimes I think maybe they’re right and I’m as stupid as they say.”
  • V shook his head, brushing the hair out of your face before pulling you back to his chest. “No, you are not stupid. Everything they have said tonight is wrong. Stay here and I’ll be back. We’ll watch a movie together, and I’ll bring some snacks. But first I need to get rid of our guests.”
  • He walked back to the dinning room, a smile on his face though he was ready to tear apart your parents. They asked where you were but he said they didn’t need to know.
  • “As for you guys, I would like you to leave our household. You have disturbed it’s peace and you are no longer welcome. In this household, we respect each other and we love each other. Clearly, you don’t know how to do anything of that, so therefore, you are not welcome here. I’ll ask you one more time to please gather your things and leave.”
  • Your two parents spat a few curses at him but he didn’t care. He just smiled and endured it, showing them to the door and locking it behind them. He then went back to you and cuddled besides you, his blue hair tickling your cheek. For the rest of the night, he worked to remind you just how wonderful you are and just how much he cares for you.


  • For a few moments, he was silent and in shock.
  • For a few moments, he thought he was a child again, back at home where his mother was cruel and abusive and hurled the same insults your parents hurled at you to him.
  • Your parents cruel words did not reach the extent of his mothers. But it was enough to remind him of his mother’s cruel behavior.
  • He was angry. He wanted to scream. He wanted to throw his dinner across the room for god sakes.
  • But then he heard you sniffle. And he look down at you next to him on the couch, and he saw how your head hung pitifully, and a few stray tears slipped down your face.
  • If anything, this was affecting you more than him because these were your parents, not his. And they were treating you terribly.
  • He remembered a time he told you that you would never understand the abuse he endured, but as of now he was realizing that wasn’t particularly true. You did understand to an extent because you have lived through some of it.
  • He thought back to when he would have panic attacks or nightmares about his mother, and you would always comfort him and reassure him that he was safe, loved and protected.
  • He needed to do that for you now; comfort you, and reassure you that you are safe, loved, and protected.
  • But first he had to get you out of this damn house and away from the sorry excuse of your parents.
  • “She is not the problem, you are, you pieces of shit.”
  • The whole room went silent at Saeran’s curse, none of them having expected it from the quiet boy. Of course, none of them would know what a temper Saeran has, and what a small tolerance he has for disrespect and attitude, especially of that towards his girlfriend. No, he went to the dinner dressed in a nice button up, smiled whenever he was spoken too and always responded softly. Was very protective of you, but not overly protective. Just the clingy type. So the sudden bite in his voice and the daggers he was shooting across the room with his mint eyes was enough to startle and threaten everyone.
  • You whispered softly to him, telling him he didn’t need to do this, that it was alright, but he wouldn’t let them talk to you like this. He wouldn’t let them insult you or disrespect you.
  • You never let anyone give him bullshit, and he certainly was not about to let anyone give you it.
  • “How could you say something so horrible to your own daughter? Your suppose to cherish your children, not belittle them.”
  • “She’s our daughter, we can talk to her anyway we want to,” your father said taking a sip of his drink ever so calmly.
  • That was a big mistake.
  • You gasped as Saeran rose from the couch and started to make slow strides to your father, his voice gradually becoming deepers and his eyes squinting. The Unknown in him he works so hard on to hide was coming to light.
  • “You think because she’s your daughter you can treat her like that? You think because you are her father and you her mother you can abuse her?”
  • “We do not abuse-”
  • That is exactly what you do! If you get pleasure out of making your child feel bad about themselves, that makes you abusive. You’re all sick.
  • At this point, Saeran was up in your father’s face, his nose inches away from your fathers who tried to push himself back against the armchair he sat in. Only now did your father start to show a little fear at the boy in front of him.
  • Saerans eyes and voice softened when he felt one of your small hands on his shoulder, and the other take his hand. He turned to look at you, and he could see how pale you were and how read your eyes were. You gave him a small smile and tugged slightly on his arm. You told him you just wanted to go home.
  • He nodded, gave a final glare to your parents and lead you out the door with a tight grip on your hand.
  • The whole car ride was silent. Saeran was furious just listening to you trying to choke back sobs. You thought he was going to take you home but he surprised you by pulling into the parking lot of the ice cream parlor. Saeran let out a sigh before turning to you, his body moving awkwardly in the small confinement of the car. He reached over to gently cup your cheek, yous thumb stroking just beneath your eye.
  • “I… I apologize for my behavior. I was no better.”
  • You let out a small laugh, placing your hand against his own your cheek. “What are you talking about? You were sticking up for me. I’m so grateful for that. No one has ever stuck up to them for me before,” you say, your voice cracking. It was painful for Saeran to hear. He bent down to gently kiss you, letting his lips linger there before he pulled back slightly and whispered against your lips;
  • “I’ll never let anyone hurt you. I’ll never let anyone be ill mannered towards you. What do you always tell me? That you’d walk the entire earth just to make me happy?
  • I’d do the same for you in a heartbeat.


  • Appalled.
  • It was supposed to be a nice dinner where Vanderwood could meet your parents.
  • You guys had gone to your favorite restaurant.
  • But everything went downhill fast.
  • Vanderwood is not someone to usually show their emotions, if ever, but from the first insult your parents hurled at you his blood was boiling.
  • He was willing to stay quiet after you put your hand on his thigh beneath the table to calm him down.
  • When he looked towards you and saw the sad smile on your face, he could tell you were used to this, and that just angered him even more.
  • You deserved respect, especially from your parents. You were their daughter for christ sakes. Why would they be so cruel to you?
  • It was the comment on how you were a disappointment, and the single tear that slipped down your face that made him snap.
  • Without a word, he just took your hand in his and pulled you away from the table. When your parents starting asking where you guys were going, he just turned to look at them and spatted, “We are going home.”
  • “Why?”
  • “So I can make sure you daughter realizes everything that you have said tonight is bullshit, and she does not deserve this treatment.”
  • The whole ride home was silent. Vanderwood’s fingers curled tightly around the wheel, and he would fiercely turn and speed up whenever he felt a sudden bit of anger. Back at home, he sat you down on the couch and went to make you tea. When he got back, he sighed as he saw you quickly wiping away your tears.
  • He sat besides you and wrapped his arm around you, pulling you towards him. His leather hands playing with your hair soothingly, and his lips pressed against your hairline.
  • He felt now wasn’t the time to talk, but just the time to hold you and keep you warm and comforted. That’s what you needed after what you endured at that dinner.
  • When he felt the time was right, as he kissed up your neck to your cheek, he whispered against your skin, turning you towards him slightly. “For every mean word they said to night, I’ll replace with a kind one. Bare with me though, this isn’t easy. I’m not used to this.
  • “You are not stupid. You are intelligent. You are the smartest woman I have ever met.
  • “You are not ugly. You are beautiful. Your beauty outshines a blooming rose.
  • “You are not useless. You are worth so much. I can not imagine a life without you.
  • “You are not a disappointment. You are so, so far from that. You make me proud every day with how you stand tall and smile through everything.
  • “I don’t hate you. I love you. That is why I married you.
  • You smiled, moving your hands to go into his long, auburn hair, tugging slightly so you could pull his lips to yours.
  • You cuddled into his chest and laughed slightly as you listened to his heart beat. “You didn’t have to do that, honey. Though you blush, I can see you cringing.”
  • Vanderwood snorted, patting your back gently. “It’s worth the cringe to tell you just how much you mean to me.”
  • Cringed again.
  • But he really loves you so it’s ok.


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Little witch (Part 4)

Pairings: Peter x reader

Word count: 2 754

Summary: The reader is raised by Hydra but manages to escape after they kill her parents. She is emotionally unstable and can’t control her powers. The Avengers rescue her and give her everything she missed form life and wanted to feel. But would her new found love be enough to extinguish her desire for revenge? What would be the side she would choose to rely on?

A/N: I am so so so so sorry for not posting the next part in two weeks. It’s the end of the school year so I had a lot of exams. Most of the times i was too exhausted to sit in front of the laptop and write. I really want to apologize if this part is not that interesting but i will do my best to post new part every day (but do not promise). Please let me know what you think about it ♥ It’s really important for me to know you opinion about the story :) Enjoy!

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Originally posted by kimtaeyoen

“That’s how I burned down part of Hydra’s base.”, (Y/N) spoken softly. Tears that she didn’t know was hiding were now rolling down. Nobody said anything. They were shocked by what the girl went though at the age of seven.

“They were trying to program me. Their intentions were to create fighters better than the Winter Soldier and Black Widow.”

“If they can control them we are have a big problem.”, Tony stated as he tried to emphasize how serious the problem was.

“How many are they?”

“I don’t know”, the last events weren’t leaving her mind, “Probably 8 or less. I don’t know how many survived.”

“As far as we know the base is still whole. You may have burnt down part of it.”, Steve declared as he stood up and began walking.

“What did you feel?”, Bruce asked all of a sudden.

“What do you mean?”

“What did you feel right before you burnt the base?”

“Oh. I- um…fire. Yeah, definitely fire, but not literally. I mean, it was -“

“Relieving? Taking you whole, feeling powerful because of the rage built inside you and yet it somehow calms you down?”, Banner finished her sentence.

“Exactly.”, (Y/N) was amazed by this. Mr. Banner wasn’t lying her when he had said he cannot control his anger that easily.

“What about when we found you?”, Wanda questioned as she understood what Bruce was attempting to o.

“Scared. Naked. Exposed. Breakable.”

“Mixed feeling, paranoia overwhelming you?”

“Yes.”, after some seconds Banner revealed his thoughts making them a statement.

“I think I know what your powers are.”

Ten minutes later the whole gang was in the training room waiting to see what the young witch was capable of.

“Are you sure Mr. Banner?”

“Call me Bruce, please.”, her gave the girl a smile and nodded, “Yes, I am.”

“But how can I control the elements? I mean, how did you find this out?”

“Fire is symbolized by rage, anger. It the Greek Mythology Ares, the furious god of war, is always drawn with red paint and flames around him. Also, when you said a great amount of different feeling overwhelmed you, it showed me that you can control earth. When we found you, your first action was to use those spikes to warn or kill the people trying to disturb you. Earth is believed to give humans stability. So basically your powers had tried to calm your mind down by using the ground as a weapon. But when Peter entered you shelter you were again taken by your fears making unstable and unpredictable like the wind.”

“So my emotional condition affects my powers?”

“That’s right. So now we would try to teach you how to use them without letting the emotions taking you over.”, Steve patted the girl on her shoulder.

“What if I hurt you?”

“Do not worry about us.”, Tony smiled in order to reassure her.

Ten minutes later all the Avengers were in a shield created by Wanda with her powers in the second floor of the training room. It wasn’t a whole floor just a part of it from where the instructor could watch or could enter the premises.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the great Avengerrrrs.”, (Y/N) ‘announced’ with a sarcastic tone in her formal voice, “Good to know old men and women are scared of a puny girl.”, Wanda who was standing against the girl laughed as she saw her friends trying to protect themselves in the shield she had created.

“Hey, don’t blame us that we value our lives and want to keep them as longer as possible.”, Tony acted as a drama queen placing his hand over  the place where his heart was supposed to be.

“Guys, you must accept it. She is right.”

“Why don’t you shut up and show the girl whatever you are going to show her.”

“As you wish Mr. Stank.”, Wanda retorted back and turned around to face (Y/N). The girl was nervous as she was able to see. Her hands were slightly shaking and she kept rubbing them against her clothes in order to remove the sweat, “So, I am going to attack you. Don’t worry i won’t hurt you. You just have to try to protect yourself somehow by using your energy. Just before that do not panic about the situation, that’s the most important thing you have to do. Breathe and then try to look deep inside you, searching for the power you want. Think about it, think how you want it to look, what and how you are going to do with it.”, the girl nodded but she felt nothing from this instructions was going to be fulfilled.

Wanda’s fingers were moving and seconds later they were shining in red but the woman wasn’t attacking her yet. (Y/N) did her best to follow the advice. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment. She had four powers and only one was able to protect her right now– air. The girl remembered the feeling when she had attacked Peter. The air was tickling the tips if her fingers. She looked for that feeling again but nothing happened. No strange feeling inside her, no power felt. She opened her eyes just in time to see Wanda’s magic coming towards her. She kneeled down to avoid it.

“Don’t give up. It won’t happen from the first time.”, Steve said.

The girl inhaled and exhaled deeply this time trying with another power. There wasn’t ground or water her so she had to use fire. This time was the same failure.

“Nothing is happening.”, the girl stated after her seventh attempt, “I feel nothing inside me, only darkness. Guess why? Because my fucking eyes are fucking closed!”  

“Language!”, Steve called from inside the shield.

“Sorry.”, the girl gave the man an innocent smile but deep inside her she was feeling the same way as she had felt in the Hydra base – as a failure, miserable failure that cannot do anything. What was she doing here? Why did she even trust those guys? Why the hell was she thinking the brown haired teenager is attractive? A lot of questions suddenly filled her mind making her feel odd, questioning all her actions since she exploded part of the base. What is she even?

“Earth to (Y/N)! Are you listening?”, Peter’s voice took her out of the trans she had been immersed in.

“Yes…no, sorry! It’s just… I’m sucking. I can’t protect myself by creating a stupid shield from air or fire. I don’t know how to use my powers and how to control them! It’s driving me crazy when I am failing at things. Especially this!”, the girl shouted as soon as despair filled her body. She wasn’t going to give up, no. She was going to fight with teeth until she reached the final but all those events that happened in the last three days…it was too heavy for her to bear.

“(Y/n), hey, you can do it. I know you can. You’ve gone through a lot and this…this stupid thing cannot stop you. You are brave, you are-”, Peter had approached the red shield separating the two teenagers that were slowly falling under the love curse of each other. His voice was soft, his intentions good and it was felt. But the girl was too gentle. Not like a flower that would break under a slightly rougher touch, but like a bomb that was going to explode if the person holding her didn’t know how to defuse it. Peter was from those who were about to get killed because of the wrong actions he made.

“You don’t know me to tell me what I am! I do not know what I am!”, she screamed at the boy. Her body was moving on its own. For a moment (Y/N) felt as a prisoner. She was seeing what she was doing but she couldn’t control herself. The girl felt it, the power that was running through her veins, that was slowly taking control of her hands, mind, thoughts…Her hands were on fire. She moved them towards the shield sending a fire orb. At first the shield swallowed it but then it began swelling and the fire finally was in charge. The shield was now like a cell keeping its victims. The small prison was causing troubles with their ability to inhale. Wanda did something and the small hell torture was gone. The girl was standing there, her feet glued to the ground not letting her move. She was like a living stone – looking unbreakable and hard but this event causing her to crack from inside. When she saw the avengers’ looks she finally felt what she was trying to hide. She was a dangerous weapon, the desired weapon from Hydra that could kill thousands of people without caring at first place. She felt guilt, but more important – part of her felt good.

“I told you we would need a shield.”, Tony stated as he and the rest of the group gave it a try to stand up. Most of them were shocked about what had happened. Of course, not about themselves but the girl. She was shocked – looking at a spot on the wall between the heads of her victims, not moving, pale as snow. Her bottom lip was shaking as her hands did.

“I-I…I am -”, they all knew she was going to apologize but it was hard for her to find the right words.

“Hey, kid, we are used to having our asses kicked. You haven’t hurt anyone, no need to worry.”, Steve rushed towards (Y/N) in order to calm the girl down. He knew what Hydra was capable of and what the girl had gone through was infernal. It would have been unnatural if she was stable.

“But I could have.”, Steve saw the tears forming in her (y/e/c) eyes. Seeing this little girl beside him made his heart shrink. How could he not see the broken, the innocent, the lost girl? He only thought of her as a way Hydra to entice them…He was supposed to be a superhero, to have faith in everything, to see the good in every bad. The blonde man had no idea what to say as though a cat had gotten his tongue. He opened his mouth to say something, to help this little girl who had lost everything in her life but he closed it seconds later.

Wanda came closer as she knew (Y/N) trusted her more than the others. Peter followed her actions but as soon as they were next to the girl she ran away.

“(Y/N)!”, Peter called after the girl and was about to run after her but Steve grabbed him, “She needs help!”, he demanded and tried to  escape the strong grip with no luck.

“She needs to be alone with herself right now, Pete. I think we might have damaged her more rather than helping.”

The next week (Y/N) was distant. She talked only with Wanda and Bruce and trained only with them. The others tried to make her feel as at home she never had but the girl was barely giving in. She was stubborn, that was for sure, but with nights spent at her room with Wanda she understood how wrong her actions are.

“You are not doing anything bad, but how they are trying to help and you should not be scared that you will hurt them. I know how you feel. When I began my training here I wasn’t as good as now, I almost crashed the training room down.”, the woman laughed at the thought that just appeared in her head, “I remember Tony’s face when he came down and saw one of the walls missing.”

“Really?”. The girl laughed along with her new best friend.

“Yes. He made me practice outside even after he repaired it.”, Wanda looked at (Y/N) feeling her as the little sister she never had, “See, no matter what happens they are going to be your family only if you let them. They are strange I can assume, we had out times of division but we came back together.”

It was 8.00 pm. (Y/N) was lying on her bed thinking about Wanda’s words as she tent to do the last three days. The girl felt Wanda as a sister she could trust. She believed her and knew that all the things she had told her were true. Strangely this people were trying to give her a home, to give her a family and she was backing. Why? Was it because it was happening too fast? Maybe because it felt so unreal that it was more possible to be Hydra test than a part of the reality? Only in her first day here she told them her whole story, she was given a private room, they tried to help her with her powers. And what did she do? She almost killed them and ran away crying like a baby…Yeah, a really good first impression. The girl had to accept the information that Hydra was away, not torturing her, not going after her or if they did, she was safe here with people to protect her and teach her how to do the same.

For a week she slightly improved her powers. Well, she still wasn’t able to control them but for now she didn’t need to be so angry to use any of her powers. The girl was trying to use the built in her rage to call her powers instead of letting the anger take control over her. (Y/N) was happy with the results for only one week and this success was one of the things encouraging her to go to the living room where the Avengers were meeting every night to eat and relax somehow.

(Y/N) stood up and looked in the mirror. She was wearing pink pajamas with unicorns on them which was definitely not her style. But what could she do? Wanda was too happy to call somebody a sister… The witch opened the wardrobe. The first time she did so she was amazed how big it was and most importantly that it was full of clothes fitting her perfectly. Now, she was kind of used to it but not at all. The girl took out comfortable jeans and a pale blue t-shirt. After dressing up she exited the room. Taking a deep breath she guided her legs towards the living room which was on the floor below. As she reached the glass door she looked inside. They were all scattered around the room – some on the sofas, some on the armchairs, and some on the floor. (Y/N) inhaled and exhaled deeply and then opened the door. The Avengers didn’t hear it because they were immersed in their conversation but e certain one did with his super senses.

The boy turned around and as the two lovebirds, as Tony liked to call them, saw each other they both stopped doing whatever they were for a moment. (Y/N) looked directly at Peter and for a moment it was only the two of them. The girl hated this feeling but as she had no powers in her emotions, neither on her hearth.

“(Y/N)!”, Wanda exclaimed and ran towards her to give her a hug. The Avengers looked at the girl surprised.

“Ms. (Y/N)!”, Thor came and ruffled her hair, “I am so happy to see you there.”, by his voice, the girl understood he had drank something but his relaxed behavior around her, the fact he was himself made her smile.

“Hello everyone!”, she greeted the gang and sat down next to Wanda and opposite Peter who was now giving her e reassuring smile. She smiled back, “Can I have a slice?”, she asked as the witch pointed at the three pizzas in front of her.

“Of course!”, Tony answered as he poured another glass of alcohol, “But hurry up because Thor is going to eat them all.”

(Y/N) laughed and joined the Avengers that night. At first she thought she wouldn’t fit there but she couldn’t have been more wrong. This was the first time from ages she felt happy again, she felt loved and welcomed. She wasn’t scared anymore, neither in pain. She was feeling young, carefree, free as a teenager should feel. The witch felt normal and for once in her whole life, she forgot about the nightmares that chased her each night.  

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