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Shakarian: things you said when you were drunk

getting this out before I fall through a Jaal-shaped hole I mean what

A stray beam from a star, a sun, falls into the cabin and highlights the dust particles drifting aimlessly around. Shepard shakes her head as if to shrug off the light and one of her hairs floats to the ground. Garrus’ eyes follow, as in trance. Her hairs… he’s begun finding them everywhere once he started paying attention. Yet Shepard insists that it’s not like fur and it’s not shedding.

The hair curls up on the floor. So incredibly thin. It should be barely visible, logic would dictate. But today, in this random beam of light, the red hair shines like a tiny beacon.

“I love your hair.”

Shepard laughs, her shoulders moving against his.

“Why do you always say that when you’re drunk?”

“It’s beautiful.”

She laughs again, slightly tinged with disbelief and then she swiftly moves and before he can say more, she’s in his lap, her chest pressing into his carapace and his hands are full of her ass as he nuzzles against her neck, her hair, her lips.

Whenever he wakes, she’s usually already up and gone. An entire galaxy demanding for her attention. All that’s left is her hair on her pillow. A reminder that she’d been there next to him, more than a dream or a memory. Not like on Palaven where he couldn’t stop wondering whether she still was… She still was. She is.

Garrus closes his eyes and deepens the kiss, presses her closer and carries her to the bed.

It doesn’t get easier the more he has to watch her disappear. Down into the depths of freezing water, linked to the fucking Geth consensus… She just has to keep doing things like that.

Weighing millions against billions… This is what the war has done to them.

Yet her life… He knows. He’s not able to think of her like that. To reduce her to a number. Not her. He needs her to make it through all the fucking dangers she throws herself into.

He dares to ask… A foolish hope, naive even. But she has to… he needs her to…

“Come back alive.”

She once caught him trying to pick up one of her hairs with his gloved talons from the seat of the Kodiak.

“Don’t have enough reach for that one, Big Guy?”

“My awesome sniper precision doesn’t seem to be of help much here, surprisingly.”

She’d just snorted a laugh and not even asked why he bothered with picking up her dead protein filaments. He was grateful.

So… he holds her close and presses his face against hers.

Because he needs her here, he’s so grateful she’s alive and that the strands she loses is all that’s lost its life and… he needs her… and…

He laughs and says “I love your hair.”

The Only Marks You Need.

could you do a Peter Pan one where Felix gets mad at [yn] and slaps her bruising her cheek and Peter finds out and fluffy smut after? thanks xoxo

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TRIGGER WARNING: The following imagine will contain physical abuse/ assault.

WARNING: The following imagine will contain minor graphic sexual material. 

[yn] = your name

It was supposed to be full on smut, but I’m not completely comfortable writing smut yet… Sorry, I know everyone wants it, I want it too! But I’m not there yet. :)


I wiped the tear that slide down my face as I stood over the steaming pot. I flinched when I touched my cheek. It hurt and it felt like it wouldn’t stop hurting for a while. “[yn]!” Felix’s voice shouted as I chopped up some carrots. I turned around to look at Felix. “What is it?” I asked confused, his face was red and his nostrils were flared. “One of the lost boys said they saw you take some bread.” he sneered as he stepped closer and I scrunched my face. “I took bread for-” I started but was cut short by the slap of Felix’s hand. The impact made me stumble and I was too in shock to say or do anything. Felix grabbed my shoulders and got in my face. “If I hear you're taking any more food, it’ll be more than a slap” he hissed and pushed me to the ground. 

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“People are growing up in an interesting time right now where social media dictates our image of perfection. We have all of these social media–famous people now who have set this bar, and it’s a very unrealistic bar. I start following models on Instagram and I get in this spiral where I follow one and then follow the next, and I’m like, why do I follow them? Every day, you look at that when you’re scrolling through your feed, and you start to feel like it’s normal. Everyone is different.
“We’re in the generation where we feel like we need to be doing something at all times. We’re obsessed with productivity, and it makes everyone incredibly anxious. I always feel like I’m not doing enough and I’m always hard on myself. Yesterday, I was in the car with Cole Sprouse, and I was saying how I get home and I don’t do anything. I just go to sleep and I feel so useless, and he was like, ‘You’re the lead in a TV show, you’re working 15-hour days, your show is about to air, you need to chill. You’re 22 years old, you just got out of college, you’re right where you need to be.’ Because of the way we grow up so fast now, we start to think we should be at a higher place. We don’t appreciate where we are in our process, and we always feel we need to be on the next level. We can’t just take a second. In doing this show, I’m starting to learn how to just let myself go home and go to sleep—and that’s okay. We can only appreciate where we are in our lives by taking it day by day. Stressing about feeling like you’re not trying hard enough doesn’t help; it only makes you less productive and less inclined to push forward.” — Camila Mendes

Luthors, Supers, and Nighttime Flights

Got an ask, wrote a little Supercorp fic in response, re-read the ask, realized I read it wrong. Whoops. Here it is anyway.

What if the DEO wanted to take Lena in after the cops arrested her mother?

“We’re detaining her until we can be sure of what happened.”

“That’s insane, I’m telling you what happened. She was the one who stopped the virus.”

Kara was standing in front of Lena protectively as the agents inched closer. Supergirl flashed her heat vision and they stopped in their tracks.

“Supergirl,” the highest ranking agent said, prompting Kara to wonder where J’onn slipped off to, “She’s a- well, she’s a,”

“A Luthor,” Lena said with all the bite her surname would suggest. Kara wanted to turn to her, reassure her that she’d be safe, that she knew that she was more than just ‘a Luthor’. But she kept her eyes on the DEO agents in event that they tried to make a move.

In watching them closely, Kara could see intimidation flash across some of their faces. Kara wondered if it was the name or the venom in Lena’s voice that struck them. The agent whose name she thought started with a ‘c’ spoke again.

“A suspect.”

Lena was quiet behind her, but Kara could hear her heart. It had been steady the entire time she was betraying her mother and when she released the defective virus, but now, it raced.

“You’re not throwing her in one of the DE- um, one of your cells until you can figure out if she’s innocent when I already know she is.”

“How do you know she is innocent?”

“Well, she told me that-”

“She told you?”

Kara restrained herself from flashing her heat vision again, but not from imbuing her words with that same fire.

“Yes. She told me that she gave her mother a fake toxin to release so that she would be fully convicted. She was the one who called the police!”

Lena’s heart rate picked up further, and Kara wondered if she was scaring her, or if there was something else going on.

The agent didn’t look convinced, despite what Kara considered to be solid reasoning. Kara hadn’t believed that anyone could meet Lena and just assume that she was up to some evil plot merely on behalf of her last name. Kara figured that she was just the beginning of Lena’s friendsBut the veiled hatred she was beginning to notice in this agent’s eyes and his intolerance to her reasoning made her reconsider.

“I understand that you feel strongly about this, Supergirl,” Kara wanted to punch him, “But If you are wrong, she has the means to leave the country. Easy as pie for someone like her.”

“I’m not wrong.”

The agent shook his head, but she continued,

“And you’re not taking her.”

The agents all tensed around her, recognizing the phrase for what it was.

A threat.

Kara knew she could easily take them all out, that without Kryptonite, the bullets in the guns they were suddenly clinging tightly to would do nothing to her. But Lena could get hurt somehow, or, more likely, agents who were only following orders could end up dead. She wouldn’t even have to move to accomplish that, if their bullets hit her at the right (or wrong) angle.

Not to mention that what had become her second workplace might get kind of tense…

“But,” she continued, and half of the agents were already relaxing in relief, “I’ll chaperone her.”

The agent whose name started with a ‘c’ and Lena spoke at the same time,


“Until your investigation is over, I’ll stay with her and make sure she doesn’t flee the country.”

Lena spoke up now, the anger in her voice directed at Supergirl for the second time today, “You can’t just-”

Kara turned her head slightly toward Lena and spoke so only she could hear, “And to make sure no black vans stop by in the middle of the night to have a chat.”

Lena sighed.

Kara returned her focus to the agent, who likely didn’t enjoy the idea, but was no longer required by his pride or some misplaced sense of duty to engage in a fight he would most definitely lose. He nodded once, and gestured for his men to relax.

Kara would tell J’onn to take a closer look at this guy when she figured out where he raced off to. Kara sent one last, vaguely threatening glance at the men, and finally turned toward Lena. She looked, not scared, but perhaps… apprehensive?

“Well now what, Supergirl? Netflix, popcorn and hair braiding?”

Kara didn’t say that that sounded kind of wonderful, but instead, in a moment of boldness, said, “Wrap your arms around my neck.”

“Excuse me?” She replied, at a glance looking scandalized, but upon closer inspection, amused.

“I presume you’d like to go home now, Ms. Luthor?” Kara said, to which Lena simply raised an eyebrow.

“I am the fastest transportation service around, if you disregard inter-dimensional services…”

Lena’s eyebrows came together at ‘inter-dimensional’, but she settled into a quiet excitement.

“I suppose now is a good a time as any to cross something off my bucket list.”

Kara inched closer, “Your bucket list?”

Lena swallowed and smiled, “Yes, well, this might be the closest we mere mortals can come to the sensation of flying.”

Kara didn’t mention parasailing or theme park rides or any of the man-made devices created for such a purpose. She knew they could never come close.

“Well, I suppose I am at your service,” Kara said, bowing her head slightly, grinning.

Lena chuckled, “Imagine that.”

They smiled at each other, agents and toxins and mother issues forgotten.

“Well, are you ready?”

Lena nodded, still smiling. She eagerly, and yet more timidly than Kara was accustomed to seeing from the CEO, ran her hands under Kara’s hair and clasped them behind her back. As Lena looked slightly up and into Kara’s eyes, Supergirl was shocked to realize that they were green. Something about her dark look had made Kara subconsciously assume they were brown. 

But then again, Lena was always surprising her. Always lighter than expected, but few would get close enough to see.

Kara was close enough now.

She lifted Lena into a bridal-style hold, suddenly. It was the easiest way for them to fly, after all. As Lena’s heart raced again, Kara figured she must suddenly realize the danger.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you.”

Her heart rate only increased.

“So, Supergirl,” Lena spoke, voice low in that way it sometimes was, “up, up, and away?”

Kara smiled, bent her knees, and they shot up into the night sky.


Arya Meme: (10/10) Scenes
↳ Wolves. Arya went cold. Robb’s men, and my father’s. She felt drawn toward the cages. The bars allowed so little room that prisoners could neither sit nor turn; they stood naked, exposed to sun and wind and rain. The first three cages held dead men. Carrion crows had eaten out their eyes, yet the empty sockets seemed to follow her. The fourth man in the row stirred as she passed. Around his mouth his ragged beard was thick with blood and flies. They exploded when he spoke, buzzing around his head. “Water.” The word was a croak. “Please… water,..”
“Pay them no mind, boy,” the townsman told her. “They’re none o’ your concern. Ride on by.”
“What did they do?” she asked him.
“They put eight people to the sword at Tumbler’s Falls,” he said. “They wanted the Kingslayer, but he wasn’t there so they did some rape and murder.” He jerked a thumb toward the corpse with maggots where his manhood ought to be. “That one there did the raping. Now move along.”
“A swallow,” the fat one called down. “Ha’ mercy, boy, a swallow.” The old one slid an arm up to grasp the bars. The motion made his cage swing violently. “Water,” gasped the one with the flies in his beard.
She looked at their filthy hair and scraggly beards and reddened eyes, at their dry, cracked, bleeding lips. Wolves, she thought again. Like me. Was this her pack? How could they be Robb’s men? She wanted to hit them. She wanted to hurt them. She wanted to cry. They all seemed to be looking at her, the living and the dead alike. The old man had squeezed three fingers out between the bars. “Water,” he said, “water.”
Arya swung down from her horse. They can’t hurt me, they’re dying. She took her cup from her bedroll and went to the fountain. “What do you think you’re doing, boy?” the townsman snapped. “They’re no concern o’ yours.” She raised the cup to the fish’s mouth. The water splashed across her fingers and down her sleeve, but Arya did not move until the cup was brimming over. When she turned back toward the cages, the townsman moved to stop her. “You get away from them, boy -“
“She’s a girl,” said Harwin. “Leave her be.”
“Aye,” said Lem. “Lord Beric don’t hold with caging men to die of thirst. Why don’t you hang them decent?”
“There was nothing decent ‘bout them things they did at Tumbler’s Falls,” the townsman growled right back at him.
The bars were too narrow to pass a cup through, but Harwin and Gendry offered her a leg up. She planted a foot in Harwin’s cupped hands, vaulted onto Gendry’s shoulders, and grabbed the bars on top of the cage. The fat man turned his face up and pressed his cheek to the iron, and Arya poured the water over him. He sucked at it eagerly and let it run down over his head and cheeks and hands, and then he licked the dampness off the bars. He would have licked Arya’s fingers if she hadn’t snatched them back.

Do not cringe and make yourself small if you are called the black sheep, the maverick, the lone wolf. Those with slow seeing say a nonconformist is a blight on society.

But it has been proven over the centuries, that being different means standing at the edge, means one is practically guaranteed to make an original contribution, a useful and stunning contribution to her culture.

When seeking guidance, don’t ever listen to the tiny-hearted. Be kind to them, heap them with blessings, cajole them, but do not follow their advice.

If you have ever been called defiant, incorrigible, forward, cunning, insurgent, unruly, rebellious, you’re on the right track.

Wild Woman is close by.

If you have never been called these things, there is yet time. Practice your Wild Woman.
—  Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: The Advent Ball

7.5k words, G rated

By @xoruffitup

When Albus and Scorpius hear that two fourth year boys are going to the Advent Ball together, their minds start racing with all sorts of wild new possibilities. Could they go together too? Is it still Scorpius’ dream to spend an evening with Rose? And how do you even get over the terrifying hurdle of asking your best friend to a dance? 

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reducing dark artifacts and noise on edits with a fill layer on photoshop

see all those artifacts on her coat? the little uneven chunks of black pixels? let’s get rid of those.

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🔅I just love your imagines!!! Could you do a Daryl x reader where they are fighting about Daryl being overprotective of her and they don’t know their feelings for each other just yet and during the fight Daryl ends up suddenly kissing her passionately… you can add anything else, hope u like it 😘 thank you!! 💗🔅

 I hope you like it! 💕 

-Ugh! I hate it when you do that! —you slammed the door open and walked inside the house. You threw your backpack in anger to the floor. —Why do you always have to follow me when I go out these walls?
-You’d be dead if I didn’t. —Daryl said simply. You couldn’t help but feel a little offended by his words.
-Excuse me? —you took a hand to your chest. —I can take care of myself!
-Didn’t look like it back there. —he told you. You had gone beyond the walls because you wanted to be alone, everything was going just fine until you came across a bunch of hungry walkers. You started to kill them, but they were too many and you only had a small knife. Suddenly, they all started to fall to the ground as arrows stabbed their heads. Instead of feeling relief, you rolled your eyes and sighed loudly. Daryl saved your ass, and it wasn’t even the first time, that’s what was pissing you off. Every time you left the community, Daryl followed you and watched over you, and it annoyed the hell out of you.
-You’re not my father, you’re not my boyfriend, I’m not your responsibility, so stop following me around! —you yelled at him and walked out of the house.
You felt the anger still running through your veins, you glared at the gates and a soft grin twitched in your lips. Purely out of spite you wanted to leave to community, to make sure Daryl wouldn’t follow you and let him worry his ass off; you were like a kid throwing a temper tantrum.
-Are you authorized to leave? —an Alexandrian asked once you reached the gates. She leaned on the gates and crossed her arms, waiting for your answer with an eyebrow up.
-Authorized? —you almost laughed at her question. She nodded but kept her straight face. You rolled your eyes and turned around. So now you had an alibi. If Daryl went to the guard and asked her if you left the community, she would say that you wanted to but she refused to let you go. Daryl wouldn’t even know where to start looking for you.

You went to a street of town in which the houses were not occupied yet, you climbed up the wall and landed on your feet at the other side. There was a little hole in the fence, you placed your eye there and saw that the street was still lonely.

You wandered about, breathing the fresh air and trying to be as silent as you could. There were many things running through your head, specially that fight with Daryl. He didn’t regret saving you or following you even when you were screaming at his face for it. He had remained so calm while you were yelling at him, as if he told you he would do it again just to keep you safe. You shook your head at that thought, he was just as stubborn as you, that’s what you chose to think instead. But why would he drop everything he was doing every time you went out, why would he risk his life when you were in trouble? Many questions popped in your head as you walked through the woods.
You were awaken from your thoughts with the sound of crushing leaves behind you. You turned around, grasping your knife tightly, expecting to find a walker but instead there was Daryl.
-You have to be kidding me! —you yelled at him as you rolled your eyes. He didn’t say anything. —Does it look like I’m in danger right now?
Daryl only raised his crossbow and shot it at a walker that was a few feet away from you. You sighed and turned back to Daryl.
-Great, a walker, I would have died without you, thank you. —you told him in a sarcastic tone. He went towards the walker and took his arrow back.
-Ain’t that hard to say ‘thank you’, is it? —he said as he walked past you back to the community and it only made the blood in your veins boil.
-I have never asked you to come save me! —your voice raising with every word you said. —In fact, I asked you to stop doing it!
-What if I don’t? —he turned around and look at you defiantly.
-You will. —you told him sternly. You saw him raise an eyebrow under dark strands of hair. He took a step closer to you.
-Or what? —he asked hoarsely, staring straight into your eyes. Your cheeks turned red.
-Or I-I will-
Before you could finish your sentence, Daryl grabbed you from the back of your head and kissed you fiercely. Your eyes widened at that, you had no idea what was going on but you liked it. You started to give in slowly, closing your eyes and placing your hands on his chest as kissed him back, tiptoeing so you could be closer to his mouth. His fingers tangled in your soft hair as he held you strongly.
He pulled away from you, breathing heavily.
-Or you will what? —he asked with a smirk, his lips were still red and slightly swollen. You bit your moist lower lip and chuckled as you rolled your eyes.
-Shut up. —your ordered and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him back to you. His lips danced smoothly with yours as your tongue entered his mouth hungrily. Daryl took your waist inside his hands and pulled you closer to him, getting rid of any space that existed between you.
You smiled faintly against his lips, “if every time he follows me around ends like this”, you thought, “then he should do it more often”.


“Hey (name) you ready to go out?” Rebekah called. Klaus smiled evilly as he leaned against the door frame.

“What are you smiling about Niklaus?”

“Just your reaction for when it happens…” Klaus smile grew.

“What the hell did you bloody do?! Did you hurt (name)?!” Rebekah yelled in a panic and threw your door open. You sat on your bed startled by the sudden noise. Klaus followed in closely.

“Don’t you worry sister I didn’t touch a hair on her head.” Klaus smiled yet again.

“What is it then Niklaus what did you do ?” Rebekah now more annoyed rather then frantic like before.

“Um excuse me…” your voice piped up. The two siblings turned towards you. “Who might you be?” You asked.

“What who?”

“You.” Rebekah stared confused.

“Your joking right?” Rebekah turned back to Klaus who wore a shit eaters grin. “(Name) can you name the Mikaelsons?” You look skeptically before answering.

“Mikael, Esther, Freya, Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Henrik … and Hope.” You answered counting your fingers.

“What about me?” Rebekah asked dumbfounded.

“I’m sorry but I don’t know you … did we meet at a party?” Mouth open Rebekah stood back in disbelief.

“HOW DARE YOU TRY TO MAKE HER FORGET ME!” Rebekah vamp sped towards you ready to compel you to remember. As soon as she touched your arms you screech in pain.

“Ah yes I compelled your dear friend to feel unmeasurable pain when you touch her, hear and ear piercing sound when you try to compel her and to forget every memory she’s ever had of you…” Klaus smiled looking at the tears starting to stream down her face.

“How dare you brother! I hate you! After every horrible thing you did I stood beside you! And the love you return is riding of me of my best friend ?! My ONLY FRIEND AT THAT! YOUR SICK AND YOUR TWISTED BUT THIS IS A NEW LOW EVEN FOR YOU!” She turned to you as you looked back with sadness swelling in her eyes.
“GIVE ME MY SISTER BACK!” Rebekah screamed collapsing to the ground crying over the loss of a friend.

“Oh common Rebekah I’ll get rid of the touching compulsion and you can try and be friends with (name) all over again, starting from scratch. You were friends before and you can be friends again.” Klaus said carelessly.

“I’ll create new memories with (name) and make her remember our old ones then after that we’ll never see you again!” Rebekah barked, Klaus scrunched his face in anger before smiling again.

“Oh my dear sister you think I would make it that easy for you after all this is punishment for betraying me.” Rebekah looked questioning how this could get any worse. The clock struck mid night and (name)s voice cut in again.

“I’m sorry but who are you?” She asked at Rebekah yet again.

“You see sister once every 24 hours (name) will forget you.” Rebekah stared in disbelief. Your confused form looking at them. “Now you know what you can do to (name) you can either leave (name), your only friend, to live out the rest of her human life or you can turn her, and she’ll be with you for the rest of her life. But then again how well would (name) cope as a vampire, she may resent you or become a completely different person and leave you behind.”

Rebekah stood there with two options.
1. Leave you alone at the expense of your friendship.
2. Turn you to undo the compulsion but become a monster.
This situation was not an easy task. Rebekah was your friend so she can’t make a selfish decision but how can she not ? Rebekah was left with two options and eventually she choose…

Freezing Cold Part 2

whatcha-gonna-do-about-it-huh  requested a part 2 of Freezing Cold and since I really enjoyed writing the first part, how could I say no to a part 2? 

You’d slept with your boss every night for a week. Okay, no. That was the complete wrong way to put that. You were not sleeping with him, you were sleeping next to him. In the same bed. Under the same covers. And you had yet to discuss it in the slightest.

You’d confided in Emily first thing the following morning and now all week you could feel her eyes on you every time you were so much as in the same room as Hotch. You suspected she told JJ as well, because you seemed to be on the constant receiving end of her motherly knowing looks. Even Dave seemed to be paying extra attention to the two of you. 

But now the case was wrapped up (with a relatively happy ending), and you all were staying one more night and you were itching to say something, anything to him, so you were more the happy to have everyone said goodnight before heading back to their respective rooms, planning on getting on the plane by 9 the next morning.

Hotch unlocked the door and let you go in first and suddenly you were far too aware of the fact that this was quite possibly your last chance to talk about what was happening. At the same time you were worried that if you articulated what was going on it would be ruined.

“Shower?” Hotch asked shutting the door and you smiled slightly, shaking your head.

“Nah, not much happened today, I showered yesterday, I’m just tired. Unless you think I’m going to be too stinky to sleep with..” You joked slightly, good. Smooth. Slowly breach the subject, at least now it was outloud. Hotch chuckled and shook his head.

“I’m sure I’ll manage. I’m however going to at least shave and wash off.” You nodded in understanding and watched him to gather his shower supplies, waiting to hear the water turn on before turning around and starting to get ready for bed yourself.

You quickly tugged off your sweater you’d word out today, along with your work slack, tossing them over a chair before pulling on a pair of sleep pants and looking around for a clean…ish shirt. You were standing the the middle of the room frowning when the bathroom door opened.

“Did you see my- oh. Oh (Y/N) sorry.” Hotch flushed, immediately putting a hand over his eyes, “I left my bath towel.” You felt your own cheeks flush but bit your lip, shaking your head.

“Ho- Aaron, come on it’s fine.” You shrugged, grabbing a clean towel housekeeping left you and walking up to him, laughing and pulling his hand from his eyes with a slight smirk. “Come on, we’re not in junior high, I’m sure you’ve seen a woman in her bra before.” Aaron averted his eyes and took the towel.

“Well not.. You.” He answered lamely and you smiled slightly. This was it. Go big or go home, right?

“We’ve shared a bed all week.. With two beds in the room. I’m sure if I minded all that much I would have said something.” Aaron blinked at you, surprised.


“Sorry, maybe I miss read that situation.” You gave a small shrug, using a similar phrase that he used the first evening. 

“No I just-” He paused slightly and set the towel on the desk, moving closer, “Just, tell me to stop if you want me to stop.” He grinned, one hand going to cup your cheeks, the other resting on your bare waist as his lips quickly found your own. Your hands went up to rest firmly on his chest, clutching the material of his shirt slightly to keep his body close to your’s. You kissed long and sweet for a while before Aaron pulled back grinning still, “Did I read that situation wrong?”

“No I think you had that one fully under control.” You laughed, patting his chest, “So this bed thing.. Not a one time thing?”

“I sure hope not. I have to admit… I’ve already become slightly used to having you close to me. I had to remind myself all day not to just.. Touch you for the sake of being close. Not to mention you in my sweatshirt was driving me insane.” He winked, and you laughed easily, a heavy weight lifting from your chest.

“Go shower.” You patted his chest again, giving a playful push towards the bathroom, but Aaron smirked, grabbing your wrists and pulling you with him.

“Join me? After all I don’t want you stinking up the bed.”


Am I Worth It?

Originally posted by pleasingpics

Part I /  Part III / Part IV / Part V / Part VI

Requested: Yes! By the lovely besttmrshanks

Prompt: “ Hey love!!!! I loved your imagines!! Can you please do a part two on the she’s not worth it?? It would mean so much to me! Thanks

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Character: Liam Dunbar

Word Count: 1.288

Warnings: Bad body image, Liam Dunbar cuteness, bullying

Type: I don’t think it has a type… Fluff, I guess? You decide.

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anonymous asked:

[SPOILERS FOR 707'S ROUTE] can i request hcs for when after Unknown is out of the apartment after he breaks in (and seven is there in the apartment) after a few minutes MC just looses it. they're trembling and sobbing and having the "bad" (questioning whether they should just die) thoughts and just overall a really bad anxiety attack? if you don't feel comfortable answering this, feel free to skip over it!

Hey anon! Thanks for your request. :) I personally haven’t played Seven’s route yet, but I have a pretty good understanding of his route. This is a bit angsty, but goD KNOWS I LOVE ANGST.  Also, I would proudly like to introduce a second mod onto this blog! Lucy is a very good author and I know you guys will like her stuff ^^! Also, thank you all for 700+ followers! 1k is just around the corner and i’d love to do something special for you all (maybe a large fanfic or face reveal?? ooo). Again, thanks so much and hope you enjoy these headcanons!  (psa: this is 10x as sad when you listen to sad music so if you’re a dumbass like me who listens to sad music while writing angsty fics, PUT ON SOME SAD TUNES).


♥ Once you are told that Unknown is gone after he had just broken into Rika’s apartment, you’re glad, but, you feel so overwhelmed. You start to breathe heavy and you begin to cry.
♥ Seven will hold you close and wrap his hoodie around you, he hates seeing you so upset.
♥ The joking, memer Seven is not present right now, it’s all serious Seven. And oh boy, serious Seven really gets concerned.
♥ You’re crying?? oh no, you’re crying. please no, don’t cry. He will start to wipe your tears away and kiss your cheeks, but it doesn’t take him long to lose his composure and start to cry with you.
♥ “I’m just, a burden to you, Seven. All I’ve brought to the RFA was trouble. I don’t deserve you or any of the RFA members. I should just … die.”
♥ His eyes go super wide and he begins sobbing. He’s holding you so tightly, his fingernails are making marks on your skin.
“Never, EVER, say that. You mean so much to me. I will do everything in my power to protect you. If you die, I will have no choice but to follow you.”
♥ You both are on the ground bawling your eyes out. You are both a trembling mess.
♥ He’s constantly mumbling “I love you” and “You’re so important to me” between sobs.
♥ Eventually once you’re done crying on the floor, Seven and you get on the couch and cuddle daaaawwww
“MC, I wasn’t joking when I said you are important to me. You’re the most important person in my life.”

wizard!hyde headcanons

… Surprise! If you haven’t read ‘Absolute Beginners’, I just ruined the surprise with this. But anyway, these headcanons belong to my Witch Verse! (Jackie’s, Donna’s)

  • He hates witches. And wizards too, what the fuck.
  • Growing up thinking your mom is witch and then finding out she is truly one wasn’t exactly Hyde’s idea of ‘fun’.
  • Yet, he got his item from Edna in the form of the eyeball ring he never takes off. He was there when Edna did it and put her energy on it. He rubs it before doing a spell.
  • He is the messiest of the wizards. He had to learn by his own and sometimes, he didn’t followed as said in the books. Other times, to know what was real information and what was human fiction was too hard.
  • Really good at potions, sucks at spells because words.
  • Also, he is the one who put the protection spell on Eric. There is a whole, long, angsty story behind it.
  • Has always been afraid of peole finding out about his power, not because of the law about humans knowing about them, but because he knows people will be afraid of him. 
  • Betsy knows he is a wizard. She was about to fall from the stairs of his building when he stopped her mid air. She promised to not say anything.
  • His special ability is fire. He can produce it out of any flammable thing, in exchange he has to eat a lot.
  • When Jackie sent Fez to investigate him, the cat stole abstract of a very old and powerful love potion he got from an ‘uncle’, that’s how he ended following the damn cat to Jackie’s room, getting busted in the moment.
  • Also hates media about wizards and witches, but knows every single one of them. Secretly likes ‘Practical Magic’ and ‘Witchcraft’, and also enjoyed laughing with ‘The Covenant’.
  • Gets all of Jackie’s pop culture references about witches.
  • After the whole “YOU ARE A WIZARD!!!!” mess, he accepted to learn with Donna and Jackie.
  • Like Jackie, he once did a love spell but never got to use it. He was too chicken to do it. Once Jackie tells him about what she did with hers and on who she used it, he told her about the stupid thing Fez had stolen.
  • Even though he isn’t romatic and doesn’t believe in any of that crap, he did an item for Jackie. Wizards that do items for their couples are usually married ones because to do that is an union beyond vows. He truly didn’t thought much about it but just one thing: she, smiling.

Do you feel like a hero yet?

You raise your hand and watch as reality takes an unexpected turn and starts to run backwards.

You don’t know it yet, but you try to go back to save what anchors you to a past of brighter days and pirate tales.

There is anger in her features but not hate and you can’t help but feel like no time has passed; like it was just a pause and resume and even if her anger burns cold it will melt. A photograph with a blue butterfly is all that takes.

Like in a loop, following a path you saw before in your dreams, a doe guides you to the end of the way. As her voice breaks with the word “Destiny”, snowflakes fall and you can’t understand how something that beautiful can be the chrysalis of a massive disaster.

But now she’s safe, alive and right next to you. And you smile every time she calls you SuperMax.

Do you feel like a hero yet?

Warm memories and mysteries to solve. You test your powers as a red drop caresses your lips. Bottles and bullets are not good companions, untold stories travel with you by train. You see the warning behind your eyelids and a panicked voice screams your name. The train comes and goes and even if you tried and failed, tried and failed, you think you did it.

You saved her again. Bonded for life, partners in crime, partners in time.

Do you feel like a hero yet?

You can’t imagine that as rain starts to fall, you’re running out of time.

You arrive just in time to see an angel fall over and over, proving how twisted the world has become. How innocence is crushed and cold smiles turn into horrified mocks. They record it over and over, as if the image of the falling angel could ever leave your thoughts.

Try. Fail. Repeat. Try. Fail. Repeat.

And the world freezes like it was captured in a polaroid.

The angel looks at your face stained with red; an accusing look on her eyes because even if you have powers, you’re no goddamn hero .

One mistake and there will be no way to fix what’s now broken under the rain.

The eclipse dyes the sky red, and maybe, in some timelines, a candle for the angel is lit.

Do you feel like a hero yet?

You see bright days and pirate tales differently under the night sky, under the moonlight. You can feel how they change now, as her lips touch yours under the morning sunlight and you can’t deny, you want her safe, happy, fixed.

You see her fall apart as she faces reality and you can see how deep the cracks run, how deep the wound is, how it’s still bleeding fear, like anger fuel. You promise yourself to fix it, out of love, out of friendship, because she deserves better than the pain that you bring.

But chaos theory is a funny thing.

Reality collapses, the universe is torn apart and your own little world falls to pieces the moment you realize your love hurt her again, this time beyond repair. In your desperation to help, you caused so much suffering that the image of your love asking you to end it is too much for you to take.

Do you feel like a hero yet ?

Try. Fail. Repeat. Try. Fail. Repeat.

And the universe is ripped to shreds as you try to fix it, but every time you try, it ends up more broken . The consequences are more than you can confront and you escape to fix it, one more time, leaving part of you behind with her. A part of you that will never recover.

A polaroid burns into the fire as he leaves through the door to die a second time. Pause and resume, reality around you becomes again what it was supposed to be, but at what cost?

A trail of blood, photographs and a doe lead you to her grave, remnants of what once she was. The irony of her unadvertised presence right under your feet.

She’s gone and no power can fix it. You see your best friend collapse again, the weight of the whole universe clashing against her shoulders and making her small and vulnerable. How many times do you have to see the person you love suffer like that?

Because what doesn’t kill you makes you wish you were dead and either way, you can’t let go of her. Not again. Because you did before, twice. And part of you died with her, too.

Try. Fail. Repeat. Try. Fail. Repeat.

Max , do you feel like a hero yet ?

Madness takes over, hate breaks the dam and the lost lamb will pay the Price in blood. You don’t know what to do, so you just tag along becausewhat else can you do?

Two moons are bright in the sky. And an unanswered phone call will claim defeat.

Second in a row, you have one more to go. A bullet to the head - and she again is gone.

You see your lover escape between your fingertips like future dust, once again her blood taints your hands.

You failed. You failed again . You keep failing . But you keep trying .

Tell me, Max. Do you feel like a hero yet ?

You keep trying because you want to fix it. That’s what you do. You break it. You destroy it. But against all odds, you are trying. You are still trying.

Try. Fail. Repeat. Try. Fail. Repeat.

The door of the Dark Room, where your nightmares live, is wide open, welcoming you.

She’s dead. She’s gone. And that’s the only thing you can think about. The dark around you is oppressive, it cages you. His sadistic smile makes your blood run cold and the madness, bright in his eyes, makes your skin crawl.

And against all odds, you fight . Because there is no way everything will end like this. There is no way she’s dead. There is no way you’re dying, too.

You force yourself to your last breath. Your head is spinning; realities confuse you until you reach a point where you don’t even know when you are. It doesn’t matter how much blood it takes. It doesn’t matter if you have to walk through the haze. You push, you fight, you tore it apart until there is nothing left of you . You see the destruction you caused, you see the storm unleash all its force around you.

Even if reality must be destroyed in order to achieve what you want, what you need… there are higher prices to pay.


Answer to me, do you feel like a hero yet?!

A farewell hug and one more time jump. You see her beautiful pissed off face and she’s alive.

She’s alive. Breathing fury. Broken inside. But the simple act of air filling her lungs is all that matters to you. Because she’s your number one priority now. And you already made your choice.

Whether you keep trying to fix it, even if it kills you, or if you defy fate once more and claim not any more , it ’s a decision only you can make.

No matter what you chose, there is no right decision to make. She says that you’re her hero, you always were. What’s left to decide? If it doesn’t kill you now it will kill you later. You will end up polarized either way.

So you chose the thing you can’t live without . Whether you make the decision with your heart or with your head, either way the price is paid . You will always have the voice in the back of your head. And there is no way to forget the horror here.

Because there are thousands of deaths on your hands.

Or only one that matters all the same.

Because a troubled boy was murdered in cold blood.

Or ended up in jail.

Because a bullied girl couldn’t take it anymore and jumped.

Or you brought her back to life.

Because you avenged one death with another.

Or with a lifetime in prison.

Because you tried to help at first, but your dark side took over and you didn’t even notice.

Because nobody should have this power, ever . You didn’t want it. You didn’t ask for it.

You didn’t ask to be a hero.

Heroes are people we look up to. Heroes are those that push, against all odds, whatever the cost, to do good. But you’re no hero , you’re human . You have your flaws, dark tones, and lovely bright spots. You suffer, you struggle, you smile and you love…

And either you’re an anonymous hero like her, to a town of strangers.

Or her only real hero in life…

Answer me, please…

Do you feel like a hero yet?


Happy B-day, Max.

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soonyoung + 66 ;)

66. First time dancing together and ending up having mirror sex

Song lyrics: Jay Park - Mommae (remix)

I thought I told you going broke is what we won’t do. Young honey in her prime like Lee Wan Koo.

You were quickly starting to build up sweat as you tried to follow Soonyoung’s moves, feeling your breath hitching the more energy you used.

“You’re doing surprisingly well,” Soonyoung commented as he paused the music and handed you a water bottle. “But this was only the easy part” he added, taking a few sips of his water as well. He hadn’t even started sweating yet and you probably seemed like the most unfit person ever to him.

You looked at the mirror covering the whole wall and fixed your hair, trying to get it out of your face. “Here, let me help,” Soonyoung offered and opened your ponytail only to re-tie it tighter this time. You thanked him and threw your water bottle to the corner of the room, signalling that you were ready to start again.

“Okay, so now -“ Soonyoung instructed, showing you your next pair of moves which you found relatively easy after repeating them a few times. You could feel Soonyoung’s eyes on you but you didn’t bother thinking about that too much, he would probably say something if you were doing anything in a way he didn’t like.

“Aha, and then, you gotta get used to me coming behind you and doing this. And when I count to three you roll your body to the side, okay?” He said, explaining a lot with his hands before letting them fall on your hips. His grip was rougher than you expected, causing you to jump as he caught you off guard. “Oh, I’m sorry” he apologised and immediately took his hands off of you. “No, it’s fine. You just moved a bit too fast,” you laughed, trying to hide your nervousness around him.

You were a total newbie when it came to dancing, yeah sure, you had “danced” alone at home and if you happened to go out but this was your first time learning a choreography. You had told your friend that you were interested in taking some lessons a few months back and she had hit you up with Soonyoung.

From there on, you had met Soonyoung every week but you two didn’t dance together. He said that it was better if you two got to know each other a bit first before jumping into dancing together. And you couldn’t lie to yourself and say that he wasn’t good looking because damn, every time he picked you up, it was like he was glowing.

Now that you were dancing with him, he showed you a different, more professional side of him that made you a little nervous; his dominant side came as a surprise because of his usual sweet and soft personality. Also, you couldn’t help but to think about how good he looked with his wet hair sticking to his forehead, and the way you saw him bite his lips through the mirror whenever you rolled your hips.

He put his hands on your hips again, this time letting his hands rest on your hips lightly. Your reaction was still the same, it was like his touch was electric, making you blush immediately. This time you tried harder though, and just focused on moving in the right rhythm.

As Soonyoung was counting to the beat close to your ear, you pushed your ass a little too far, accidentally pushing yourself against Soonyoung’s crotch. Your body stiffened from the sudden contact, heart pounding in your chest so that you could hear it echoing in your ears.

“Relax,” he whispered soothingly into your ear, as he swayed your bodies side to side. You were surprised to see that he wasn’t even blushing at this point, his gaze was just on the mirror and probably on your body by the looks of it. “You’re doing great, let me put the music back on,” he said quietly, his fingers lingering on your hips for a few seconds longer.

You’re like a beast, it seems like you’ve been starving a few years longer than me. You lie on your stomach and plead, your figure is totally bootyful

You start moving by yourself, taking glances of Soonyoung to see if he approved of the way you danced but by the look on his face, you couldn’t tell. His eyes were definitely on you but you couldn’t be sure what was going on in his head until he runs to pause the music. “Alright that’s it,” he said, leaving you utterly confused.

You sat down on the floor to catch your breath because he wasn’t saying anything but instead he was looking at the floor, tapping his foot. Your stomach felt like was in knots, anticipating what he’d say.

He coughs awkwardly and walks up to you, offering you a hand to get up. You take ahold of his hand and pull yourself up, giving him an expectant look. “The way you move is honestly one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen,” he managed to say.

A charged moment of you looking at him, trying to process his words and him eyeing you passes before you can’t hold back anymore. You throw your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you and capture his mouth with yours.

He was quick to react as he lifted you up onto his lap and stared kissing you from your shoulders to your neck. You wrapped your arms around his neck and threw your head back, letting him have more access to your neck. He backed you up against the mirror, lifting you up more so you wouldn’t fall and then continuing to attack your neck with heated kisses. You took the chance to play with him, so, you moved your other hand from his neck to his crotch, rubbing him through his pants. “Oh fuck,” he moaned, throwing his head back, letting his fingers sink deeper into your thighs.

With a roll of your eyes, you leaned down and captured Soonyoung’s lips in a sweet kiss, breath growing heavier as you two kissed harder and harder. “You talk too much for someone who clearly just wants to get in me,” you whispered against his lips. Soonyoung grinned and mumbled, “Your fault,” against your lips before he sealed them yet with another kiss. He knew that you wanted him just as much as he wanted you, but he was contemplating on whether he should make one of his fantasies come true with you or not.

With that thought firmly in his mind, his fingers trailed up from your hips to the underside of your bra, running along the fabric for a moment before he slipped them inside. Instead of saying anything, you arched your back into the touch, leaning your head against the mirror to encourage him and slipped your fingers beneath the hem of his t-shirt. You trailed them along the waistband of his sweatpants, teasing for a moment, before you ran them along his chest, pausing to place light scratches here and there.

“I want to watch you,” Soonyoung said under his breath, kissing your neck and squeezing your breasts lightly. At first, you weren’t sure of what he meant but when he mumbled mirror while kissing your neck, you quickly picked up on the thought of Soonyoung fucking you against the mirror.

In no time, you were undressed in front of Soonyoung, facing the mirror, ass backed up and your core waiting for him. He smoothed his hand over your ass before pressing a light kiss on her back while pumping his cock a few times. He let his cock drag along your folds for a moment, juicing every moan out of you that he could. You begged him to start and he finally obliged, bringing the tip of his cock to your entrance.

You gasped for air as Soonyoung thrusted into you with one rough move of his hips, oh, he definitely was a dancer.

“Move, dammit.”

Without warning, you pushed yourself back onto him, trying to roll your hips to get him moving. Soonyoung inhales sharply and glares at you in the mirror before setting a pace, slower than you had expected from his first thrust.

It’s easy to get lost in the motion and the tight and hot sensation, but he can see each and every expression across your face and it’s enough to make him growl and pick up his pace. He’s never thought much of his own body, yet here, watching himself fuck into you, he finds something appealing about himself. His thoughts are interrupted when he feels you clench around him, finally opening your eyes to meet his gaze in the mirror.

“See what you look like while I’m fucking you”

You let out a strangled moan as Soonyoung suddenly rolls his hips, closing your eyes by instict again. You were so close.

Soonyoung keeps thrusting into you, feeling his own orgasm building up fast as well. The feel of you clenching around him and the look on your face is nearly all too much for him. He pulls you up, hands playing with your breasts and his head resting on your shoulder. He was trying so hard not to come yet but when you started bouncing on him, he comes with your name leaving his lips as well as his is leaving yours.

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all the maps are blank (captain swan) 1/1

It’s impolite to stare.

teen | naked pirates and ogling princesses | ao3 & ffn

A long time ago I begged for shirtless!Hook fics set in neverland and promised I would write my own. I did(eventually). I miss neverland a lot you guys.


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I need your help. Racists are terrorizing my friend.

A friend of mine is being majorly harassed on twitter by Trump supporters. She’s Jewish and getting pictures of her photoshopped into the ovens and harassment for no reason.

Now they’re trying to destroy her livelyhood by posting tons of one star reviews on her upcoming debut novel GIRL OUT OF WATER (which isnt even out yet, still in edits!!)

Please do me a favor and flag the reviews. add the book to your tbr if you like. say something nice. tweet her something nice

I have so many followers, can you please for once, do this thing for me! Just this once. My friend needs you. The community needs to stand together to protect a marginalized woman.

This is the link to her book

please share this and help. please.

Let's Get Out of Here- The Mortal Instruments Imagine

Simon Lewis x Reader

A/N:  lol i have a ton of requests right now guys, but i’m still hoping to get to them all. also- i currently have a ton for Reggie, which is okay, but i would really appreciate it if you guys maybe didn’t request him until i get some of those reggie requests posted? that would be great ❤️ and thank you all for 500 followers!

Requested by: anonymous
“Hi! I really like your work would you be able to do a simon lewis x fem reader where they’re in an abandoned house or building or something but simon hasn’t told her he’s a vampire yet and he’s the scared one with prompts #8, 74 and 26 pretty please c:”

8. “I’ve come to the conclusion that this house is haunted”
26. “If you continue to do what you’re doing I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself”
74. “I swear to god I’m not scared”

Warnings: none, i think. unless you’re afraid of vampires?

Word Count: 833


Simon’s P.O.V

I don’t know why I let her talk me into this. She had been dying to sneak into this old building that apparently used to be a psychiatric hospital. “Please?” she begged over and over again. “It’ll be super fun!”

Eventually, I agreed, mostly because I knew I couldn’t really say no to her. On top of that, I still felt guilty about not telling her about my new status as a vampire.

So one night, once it got dark, she and I snuck in with flashlights and began to look around. If I still had a heartbeat, it would have been racing. I’m a vampire, for the love of-

“Did you hear that?” Y/N whispers to me.

“Hear what?” I ask, desperate to leave.

“I don’t know, it just sounded like something was moving. Probably just a rat.”

I groaned. “Well, that’s just great,” I muttered.

She wraps her warm hand around my cold one, and we continue looking around. I hear her giggle beside me.

“What are you laughing at?” I ask, a smile making it’s way onto my face.

“You’re adorable when you’re scared,” she mumbles, pointing the flashlight in front of her.

*** “I swear to God, I’m not scared,” *** I tell her.

“Oh, look at that!” she says, pulling away to admire some of the graffiti decorating the walls, left by someone else who was foolish enough to break into this place. I grumble as she walks away, leaving me by myself. “You’re such a baby,” she laughs.

I fold my arms across my chest, ready to get out of this place. Then, I hear something odd. It almost sounds like… fake ghost noises?

“Is that you?” I ask Y/N, trying to hide my amusement.

“Is what me?” she asks, not turning her head away from the art.

I just roll my eyes and give a little laugh, waiting for her. Then, I hear it again.

“OooOoooOOoo,” she repeats, this time not able to hold back her laughter.

*** “If you continue to do what you’re doing, I won’t hesitate to come over there and stop you myself,” *** I tell her.

She turns to face me, holding the flashlight under her chin the way small children do when telling scary stories. “I dare you,” she says, before clicking off her flashlight.

“You know I have one of those too, right?” I laugh, pointing my flashlight at her.

She walks back over and takes my hand, turning her flashlight back on. “You’re no fun,” she grumbles.

We walk around a little while longer, checking out the different rooms and making up ridiculous stories about what probably happened in each one. The way she laughs is intoxicating, and I love her more every time I hear it.

“Simon, your hands are freezing,” she says, pressing a kiss to the back of my hand. Immediately I feel guilty for not telling her the truth. But how do you tell the person you love that you’re not human anymore, that you’re a vampire?

Suddenly, she stops dead in her tracks. “Are you okay?” I ask, wrapping my arm around her.

“Did you see that?” she whispers. Now I’m terrified.

“No… what was it?”

She shakes her head, her Y/H/C curls bouncing. “I don’t know.”

Then, something starts beeping, and she jumps. “That’s it! That’s it!” she shouts.
*** “I’ve come to the conclusion that this place is haunted.” ***

“Let’s get out of here,” she mumbles, hopping onto my back. I piggy-back her back to the window we came in from, and we climb back outside.

Once we’re both out and standing, she smiles at me. “Thanks for coming with me,” she says, before placing a kiss on my lips. She tastes like sugar and lemonade.

“Anything for you,” I smile down at her.

As we drive back to my house, I may or may not “forget” to mention that the beeping we heard was just my cell phone.