if youre in this picture send me your url!!

I’m doing a fandom family!

If you’d like to be added please do the following:

- must be following me
-reblog this post
- send me a picture that you’d like to use for your blog (you can send me an URL/the pic via ask or message me directly)

That’s it. And if you don’t know what a fandom family is it’s just like a blogroll - a page where I’ll have other blogs including yours and if someone presses on your picture it will take them to your blog.

If you have any questions just ask me x


I whipped up a quick commission sheet since my old one was out of date, I dont like this one that much either but oh well! I need some money for a new tablet cord. also im hungry

How to commission me

  • send me an email at AlyssaEleftheriou@icloud.com
  • please include: commission type,full body character reference (unless its a bust) I will not take commissions if I need to draw your character completely from description, your tumblr URL, and the email linked to your paypal
  • After you receive the approval from me, please send me the correct amount of money to my paypal at Alyssaeleftheriou@icloud.com
  • I will draw it for you and I will send you process sketches if it is a full drawing, with your permission I will post the drawing on my tumblr.
  • thats it!!!

Can i request multiple characters in the same picture?

Sure! We can discuss the payment over email!

Why should I pay your before I get my product?

I am a poor college student and I have a lot of trust in you guys, but sadly there are a lot of dishonest ppl on the internet, plus if you pay me first you will 100% get your product ASAP due to my morality and me feeling guilty for not giving you anything back

How long will it take to get my art?

Like i said! Im a college student! so I have loadsssss of work to do, its first come first serve! So be patient with me! But i can guarantee that it will not take over a week once youve been approved

What dont you draw????

NSFW, complicated robots,  thats about it, I can draw suggestive things though!

What can you draw?

Gore, furries, people, animals, demons, mythological creatures, ocs, canon characters etc etc,

If you have any questions please contact me on my tumblr

hi sunshines!! first things first, i would like to thank you for the constant love and support that you’ve been giving me since day one! as i reach 28k, i would like to give y'all virtual kisses n hugs for sticking up with me for the last two years!! in line with this, i decided to conduct a lot of fun activities and parties for everyone!

what you must do:

  • must be following me (@peachisty)
  • reblog this at least once (likes = bookmarks only; more reblogs=greater chances)
  • send me a 🍓 + cute asks!! tell me about your crush, your day, stuff that you would like to tell me, ask me random questions or ask for an advice, a lil cheerin up, a lil about you, what are your pets, their names, what makes you happy, and who your favorite people are, anything else that you would like to share!
  • ends on: probably when our classes start (in a month or 2?)

how it works:

after sending me your message, you will be getting a surpise gift from any of the stuff below! sometimes, when im feeling happy, i will give you more than one gift!

surprise gifts:

  • url doodle
  • blog rates
  • doodle over your pics
  • a follow back!
  • blog suggestions and comments
  • reblog some of your stuff and selfies
  • a quick graphic
  • mood board based on your archive
  • lots n lots of queue
  • any sort of promos
  • a personalized playlists
  • random cute anons

other stuff that you could do:

  • join my unlimited selfie party! tag me on your selfies: #peachisty
  • share your pet pictures to me i love seeing them!!!
  • advice? tips? etc? feel free to ask me!!!
  • self-promo!!!!!! if u want me to rebloop something, or you want my followers to check out my blog, feel free to leave me a message!!!

okay that’s it, y'all! pls dont let this flop because i swear im going to cry hahahhaa!! thank you so so much for helping me reach 28k, love lots!

What is Sandy’s 3000 follower competition?

It is a friendly competition to celebrate Sandy reaching 3000 followers on tumblr! Let me know what you think of this idea and I might do more of these in the future! 

How to enter:

  • Choose at least one CAS screenshot from this imgur folder to edit! 
  • You can choose to edit either Marley, Nick, Andrew, Sandy, Kit, Saskia, Yuriko or Pasha. 
  • There are no rules surrounding how you choose to edit your submission! The more individual the better! 
  • I will choose my three favourite edits on the 20th of June! 


  • You can only submit one edit (you can use multiple cas images in one edit, but you can only submit one actual image) so choose carefully!
  • The edit you submit must be your own!
  • You must post your edit and tag me so I can see it!
  • You must send me an ask/message once your edit is posted! (I miss a lot of posts that I’m tagged in and don’t want to miss any of you!)
  • You must submit your edit by the 20th June!
  • You must have fun!
  • If you have any questions don’t be afraid to send me an ask!
  • If you don’t want to enter the competition but you still want to edit a picture for me that’s perfectly fine, just don’t send me an ask after it’s posted and I won’t include your URL on the list of entrants! 


  • 1st place: A game pack of your choice!
  • 2nd place: A stuff pack of your choice!
  • 3rd place: A stuff pack of your choice!


  • If editing is not your forte you may instead choose to submit a short (less than 500 word) piece of writing based on this song. You can interpret it however you like! You may use up to two sims screenshots (edited however you like) to accompany your writing, if you wish!
  • If you already own all the game packs or stuff packs your prize will be the simulation game Orwell, and it will be gifted through steam.

I will be tagging all posts related to this as #3kcomp, so if you don’t want to see any of these posts block that now! This competition isn’t associated, sponsored or endorsed by Tumblr yada….yada… etc. and so forth!

Now, have fun and get your friends involved! Good luck!


Hello! I’m Nicole and these are some printables I made! These are just pictures, so they aren’t the best quality on here.

The link to download/print them for free (noncommercial use) is here:  https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bz3i4KODEWprRGktUFoxTGJpOG8&usp=sharing

(btw on the study organizer printable, the “time” column symbolizes how long I’d estimate it’d take me to do that assignment. I like estimating so I can decide which assignments to do first & which ones to do last if they take the most time)

If you use my printables & like them, I’d really appreciate it if you take a picture and link my url/blog in your caption, or simply just mention me to your followers! I’m a new studyblr and I hope to connect with more studyblr’s as well :) 

Have a nice day everyone! 

(btw if anybody has suggestions as to how I can make the printables better/more convenient, feel free to send me a message on here and I will upload an updated version to Google Drive!)

First off, Thank you all so much for your support! If I could do something for all of you, I totally would!! I’m gonna do my best to make something for those of you who want to be included!

A lot of you like the idea of one large picture featuring a lot of followers, so here is your opportunity to be included in my 500 follower celebration!

How to Enter:

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Harassment in this fandom is a huge fucking problem. Man, do you know how many people I dislike? Do you know how many people I have blocked and how many urls blacklisted? But why would I ever fucking send hate or harass someone for having a different opinion, unless I feel threatened by it? Like you don’t believe Harry and Louis are together? I don’t fucking care. It changes nothing for me. So why a larrie believing Harry and Louis are together is such a difficult thing to overlook? Block, blacklist and move on. Go talk about your fave and your otp. Write some fanfics. Post pictures you like. Create fanart. Make plans and projects to support your fave. And let the other side do the same in their own way. Some of y’all are despicable (well, this applies to all sides of the fandom). We’re all here to have a good time. Why take it away from someone and yourself? How desperately afraid are you to prove a point to yourself and then to others? No one will change their mind, because you send hate. You only do it, if you’re a vindictive person. And that’s not a good look, bruh. Not the kind of character any of the boys would like and admire. On the other hand, people who love them genuinely and just want the best for them are people who the boys appreciate the most, no matter what they believe. 

hey guys! i’ve had this in the works for a while and i feel a little guilty about not hosting it sooner! i decorated my island getaway house so i could host a little beach party!! there will be games and crowns prizes for the winners!

WHEN: july 20th around 5:00pm EST!

WHERE: we will meet in the ice tower on realm troll then go to my island getaway house! we will be leaving around 5:30-5:45, please make sure you have a way there!

ACTIVITIES: there will be zeke’s scavenger hunt, sinning, wu invasions(?), and a fishing contest! this will be explained further down. prizes are a pack of your choice!

OTHER STUFF: please don’t beg for packs, cause drama, or try to spoil the fun! we’re all just hanging out to have a good time! if you take pictures, tag my username so i can see them!!

ABOUT THE FISHING CONTEST: the fishing contest will be all about length of the fish! whoever catches the longest fish will win! we will fish for about 30 minutes to an hour and after fishing is over, you can send a screenshot of your longest fish (full screen please!) and i will decide the winner! if your w101 blog is a side blog, please tell me your url! you can use any fishing spells and we will be fishing the in the commons only!

anyway thank you all for reading this far, i hope you can make it!! <3

helLO my lovelies!!! Alright so last night we hit 3k!!! and i’m !!! excited !!! thank you all so so much (again)! Having this blog is something that i love/enjoy and having so much support makes it 10x better. 💖 So to thank you all and celebrate this milestone I decided to do some name edits and url edits!

 (info under the cut)

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Thank you everyone who attended <3 

The big meet-up sadly only lasted about an hour because many left for other events in the con, but it was so great meeting all of you and I had a wonderful time!!

Can everyone send me your pictures (by IM or to tinhy@hotmail.fr), I’ll put everything in a drive and send you the link afterwards! (Also might make another post with some pics, all with credits to the photographer ofc)

Also, please tell me if you feel uncomfortable being identified on a pic online! (as in, if I put your URL with an arrow pointing to your face)

I hope we’ll meet again soon, hopefully this time with more time to chat and create nonsense!

(We are lacking @glkprminyard on the pic, our baguette we lost early to booth attendance duty *funerals music* , and @coldcigarettes who was busy roller-derbing)

(Also met @jensuisdraws who is a Great!)

@cielleinthazure @mixeurants @glkprminyard @aozorasoann @leefyeart @chitsuu @hellyana @saria-alkiniria @coldcigarettes


Welcome to swladies!

A blog dedicated to all the ladies in the Star Wars universe (movies, comics, series and more).

Member application

I’m looking for member to keep this blog active with original content, wanna join? If you’re interested send your application here

  • name:
  • country: 
  • link of your stuff (gifs/edits): 
  • how often can you update the blog weekly?:
  • any question do you have:

(I prefer vibrant/simple colorings but it’s not mandatory)


Also, I’m looking for affiliates!  Please fill this form and send it here:

  • Blog URL:
  • What is your blog about:
  • How often do you update?:
  • A picture would you like to use in the section?(dimensions are 50x80);

If you have any question or comment, you can message me if you want :)

As a celebration for nearing 700 followers and completing my uni course, I have decided to host my every first Tumblr Awards!


♡ must be following me (I will be checking)

♡ must be an animation blog to qualify for the categories

♡ reblog this please / likes count as bookmarked

♡ this post must get 50+ notes (if it doesn’t, you saw nothing!)

♡ there will be one winner and one runner-up per category

♡ will be choosing 5 blogs per category to compete in the voting

♡ reblogging period ends Monday, 12th June, 12:00am (AEST)



♡ My unconditional love and friendship!

♡ A follow back from me (if I’m not already following you)

♡ A promo on request at any time for three months!

♡ A spot in Disney Family (optional)

♡ One saved URL (optional)

♡ A special mention on my upcoming follow forever list!

♡ A sketch of your favourite animated character by yours truly! (opitional)

♡ An edit of your choice (moodboard, collages, photosets, etc)

Runner Ups;

♡ My unconditional love and friendship!

♡ A promo on request at any time for one month!

♡ A spot in Disney Family (optional) 

♡ An aesthetic based on your blog!

♡ One saved URL (optional)


♡ Jasmine Award; Best URL

♡ Baymax Award; Best Theme

♡ Anastasia Award; Best Icon

♡ Vanellope Award; Best Edits

♡ Elsa Award; Best Gifsets

♡ Toothless Award; Best Moblie Theme 

♡ Rapunzel Award; Best Blog Colour Scheme 

♡ Moana Award; Best Underrated/New Blogger (less than 300 followers) 

♡ Jack Frost Award; Best Sidebar/Header

♡ Cinderella Award; Kindest Blogger

♡ Stitch Award; Best Disney Family

♡ Walt Disney Award; Best Overall

♡ Judy Hopps Award; Personal Favourite (cannot vote for this)


♡ For the Moana Award, please send me a picture of your follower count!

♡ For the Elsa Award, please send me links to some of your best gifsets!

♡ For the Vanellope Award, please send me links to some of your best edits!

♡ For the Stitch Award; please send me a link to your Disney Family page!

♡ For the prizes that say “optional“ you don’t have to claim them, you can message me anytime you want and ask for them!

♡ message me if you’re entering a sideblog

♡ I’ll take a few days to choose the nominees, so voting should last for a week

patrick’s blogrates (oh no)

hi! so i’ve been stuck at around 492 followers for a while now, and since i’m also bored i have decided to do some blog rates!

to enter:

follow me

reblog this post

send me an ask containing your favorite song!

i will rate your blog based on:

url: it’s cool, but not really my thing | nice | love it! | im so jealous | who did you have to kill???

desktop theme: default | so nice | html master???? | really pretty | BRB STEALING

mobile theme: default | its ok | very nice | pretty!! | you should redo mine..

profile picture: don’t know who/what that is sorry | LOVE IT! | we should do matching ones sometime… | give me that picture please?

content: not my fandoms | not my thing | nice | cool! | AMAZING CONTENT! | i think of you as the best blog that fandom has to offer

overall opinion:

Send me a symbol

☮ - what do you do when you need quiet time?

✿ - if you were a cartoon character what would your outfit be? 

✈ - where would you like to go most?

♥ - have me write your URL and why I follow you

✌ - have me draw you a quick picture 

✖ - what is one thing you absolutely can’t stand? 

☢ - color of toothbrush?

☤ - what is your dream job?

Ω - what book/show am I currently watching/reading? 

♠ - have me write you a quick story 

✦ - dream outfit?

♔ - Have you ever been out of your own country?

☾ - what would your perfect day consist of?

☀ - play inside or outside?

☂ - do you have siblings?

☃ - what would you want as a superpower?

☺ -  what is your first childhood memory?

♪ - how many pillows do you sleep with?

✄ - what color(s) would you want your hair to be? 

▲ - have me answer with what I think of your blog

₪ - post a pic of my room 

✓ - pick a random question for me to answer

beesplaybanjos  asked:

Ahhh ok so i just got done looking through your tag with Otto and b o y lemme say that i heckin love him with all of my heart. Your art style is so smooth and pleasing to look at!! Have a good day!

Ohmigosh!!!! You have no idea how much that really means to me to hear that!! Thank you so much!! You’re so nice omgg!! < 33
Otto loves you too!!
And I absolutely will have a good day thanks to this!! I hope you have a good day too!!!

mikocchii  asked:

ok i've been trying forever now, but how did you make your background have stars and stuff? plz help i'm a noob.

Hello~ It’s actually pretty simple. Ok so, for the background, i didn’t add stars to it, it’s actually a whole background.

1) How to change it: After you click “edit theme”, click on the “edit HTML” next. Then copy and paste this code:

body { background-image:url(’http://www.otomate.jp/binarystar/img/topbg_4.jpg’); background-repeat:repeat; }

right before the </style> tag. If you can’t find it, use Ctrl + F and type </style>, it’ll show you where it’s located. Then replace the highlighted url with the url of a background that you want. In my case, that’s the url for the starry background you asked me. (remember right before the </style> tag, not under or above). ^^

2) If you wanna add falling snowflakes to your blog, copy and paste this whole code under the <head> tag, not </head>

<script type=‘text/javascript’>
sitePath = ‘http://vanessaluiza.com/_utilidades/script/let-it-snow/’;
sflakesMax = 0.15;
sflakesMaxActive = 110;
svMaxX = 1;
svMaxY = 1;
ssnowStick = 0;
sfollowMouse = 1;

<script src=‘http://vanessaluiza.com/_utilidades/script/let-it-snow/script/snowstorm.js’ type='text/javascript’></script>

then save and your blog should have snow falling down now. ^V^

3) If you wanna change your cursor, copy and paste this code at the veeeryyyy top of your html page

<style> body, a, a:hover { cursor:url(http://i62.tinypic.com/x5wqqc.png), auto }</style><a href=””></a>

-Then upload the picture/ icon that you want on tinypic.com
-For me, i always choose Avatar (100x75) for the “resize” part, cuz you know, cursor should be small. Haha~
-After it’s uploaded, copy the “direct link for layouts”, then replace the highlighted url with the one you just uploaded.
-Then click “update preview”, then save. Now you have the cursor you want.

If you want to add music to your blog, feel free to send me an ask, i will be glad to help you~

~Much love from Hiyori~

robron blog love!


I’m still so glad you came off anon to me that day because now you’re a wonderful addition to my dash and you’re just so lovely! I love seeing all your pictures about what you got up to on your holiday etc :) You definitely benefited this fandom by joining because my dash is that bit brighter whenever you’re on it! I think you’re great. I hope you’re having a lovely day because you deserve all the love and happiness! 💜

send me a URL for some love.