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⇁ nudes, not flowers | 01

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pairing⇁Hoseok x reader x Jungkook

genre⇁smut || fuckboi!au

warningspublic sex, slight voyeurism/exhibitionism, dirty talk, dom!junghope, demeaning names during sex if you aren’t into that, jealousy

word count5.5k

You’re not supposed to fall for Jung Hoseok and his repertoire of awful pick-up lines—but you do. The problem is: he’s afraid of commitment, and bolts at the idea of settling down. After that, you decide to stay far away from fuckboys, but his friend decides to test your new found resolutions.

or : Jungkook wants to see how far he can push Hoseok until he snaps 

01 | 02  ⇁ sequel 

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movies that should exist: a pride & prejudice modern adaptation
starring mindy kaling as elizabeth bennet & jessica chastain as darcy fitzwilliam

“ugh. you LOVE me?”
“don’t make that face. it’s not like i want to. you’re loud and you talk too much about television for an adult and every single member of your family has friended me on facebook despite the fact that i’ve never spoken to most of them, and most of them have very poor punctuation. in fact, this whole situation is very embarrassing. like herpes. but like herpes, i don’t think it’s curable without taking action. so here i am. telling you. i love you.”
“can you even hear yourself right now?”
“so … what are your thoughts?”
“what are my thoughts? about your i-love-you-like-herpes speech?? which, p.s., herpes is incurable. that shit’s always gonna flare up again.”
“exactly. the metaphor is appropriate.”

—does this make sense? | 01 (m)

pairing min yoongi x reader , college! yoongi
genre/warnings smut, future drama, future angst
words— 11,310

:: summary you meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt? 

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Hello friends!  I don’t know where you all came from, but I am so glad you’re here!

In the last 24 hours you have overwhelmed me with kindness and kinship, and 2000+ new friends! Seeing you all tag your loved ones and followers in reblogs, and the messages of support so many of you have sent, has been so touching and encouraging. I can’t wait to continue this little project and see where it takes us <3

I intend on answering every message you’ve sent privately, but I thought I’d take this moment to answer a few of the questions that kept popping up:

Where else does Kitten Witch post?
At the moment, only on facebookWe have an instagram and twitter, but right now they are placeholders for other parts of the Kitten Witch project, and probably won’t be active for some time.

Can I buy this as a print/Any plans for merch?
I am sorely under prepared for this! The best I can offer at the moment is that I have created a Red Bubble, where I’ll upload some of the post art as I go. I apologize I can’t provide more at the moment, but I’ll definitely look into it as Kitten Witch grows!

Do you take requests/commissions?
I am always open to suggestions! I can’t guarantee all of them will be used, but I welcome any ideas or concerns you’d like to see addressed by the Kitten Witch girls. If you’re after something non-Kitten Witch related, I’m happy to give out my art blog/personal to anyone who asks.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I can’t wait to make more artwork for you, and to see this little community of bad vibe kickin’ and healing spell brewin’ grow!

Softness and warmth,

I Hate You : Jack Maynard Smut

(basically jack and y/n hate each other but cant seem to keep their hands off each other)

i may do a part 2 to this so if you’d like me to just ask/request :)

“Move.” Jack nudged you as he walked by to get to the fridge. 

 "Wow, some manners would be nice.“ You shot back, rolling your eyes at him. 

“I’ll use manners when i’m talking to people I actually give a shit about.” Jack replied, moving back to sit on Caspar’s sofa. 

“Can’t you two just be nice to each other for 5 minutes?“ Joe groaned, sick of yours and Jack’s bickering. 

It wasn’t a surprise that you and Jack were like this, you have never liked each other. Since Joe introduced you - his cousin - to all of his friends last year, Jack has always been so annoying and pathetic towards you. No one really knew why, you both just never really clicked. However, the rest of the guys love you. You and Conor were super close but it was complicated as he’s Jacks brother and you tried to avoid Jack as much as possible.

"It’s not my fault he’s so immature.” You told your older cousin.

 “You’re both as bad as each other, to be fair.“ Conor laughed. 

 "Please,” Jack scoffed. “I don’t understand why I have to put up with her all the time." 

 “Because she’s our friend!” Conor defended you. 

“And she’s my cousin.“ Joe laughed. 

“I wish she wasn’t.” Jack took a sip of his water. 

“You do realise i’m right here?“ You asked Jack. "Grow up." 

 "Me grow up?!” Jack raised his eyebrows. 

 "Come on you two!“ Caspar laughed. 

You gave Jack the evils before going back to your laptop, scrolling through facebook. 

“So what are we doing?” Joe asked. “Ice skating?”

 "Yeah, buddy, how excited are you?“ Caspar exclaimed as he put his arm round Joe. 

"Get off me!” Joe pushed him away. “Well when are we going?" 

“Now, I think. The car’s here.” Josh told everyone, getting up from his chair. 

“So am I getting a car in 20 minutes yeah?“ Jack asked Josh. 

 "Yeah, you and Y/N are getting that one.” Josh replied. 

 "Why me?“ You groaned. 

“Because you two are being annoying today and need to sort your shit out.” Josh told us.  

“Josh, don’t be a dick head.“ Jack warned, eyeing Josh. 

 "I’m not. You two talk. This car is full.” Josh told us, everyone leaving.

 Everyone said their goodbye’s and eventually it was just you and Jack in Caspar’s apartment. Jack was in the same spot on Caspar’s sofa and you were still stood up, on your laptop, which was on the work top. 

 "You don’t always need to be a prick, you know.“ You spoke up, causing Jack to turn his head in your direction. He raised his eyebrows at you.

 "Yes, I do.” He replied before turning back to the TV. 

“Why?“ You asked, walking towards him slowly. 

“Because I hate you.” Jack replied, standing up quickly and walking past you. He placed his bottle of water on the side before slipping out his phone and leaning against the side. 

“I hate you too.“ You scoff, going back to your laptop. 

 Even though you really disliked Jack, you didn’t hate him. You hoped he didn’t hate you either. He’s just very annoying and has always been annoying. If he hadn’t held some sort of grudge against you since day one then you would probably get on really well. 

 You suddenly had a really good idea as you spotted Jack’s water bottle that didn’t have a lid on. Slowly wondering over, Jack’s eyes stayed on his phone, you went right next to him. As you leaned towards him to go for the water bottle, he spoke. 

 "What are you doing?” He snapped. 

“Uhh… Just getting…“ You started, leaning over and knocking the bottle towards Jack. The water went all over his white t-shirt that he was wearing and he immediately jumped away. 

 "What the fuck are you doing?!” He shouted. 

 "Oops, my hand slipped.“ You shrugged, a small smile on your lips.

 "You’re such a fucking bitch!” He groaned, trying to pull the back of his t shirt round so he can see the wet patch. 

“I wouldn’t wear that out if I were you.“ You giggled, watching Jack. His blue eyes were now narrow and angry, giving you the evils. 

“Fuck off.” He muttered, storming off into Caspar’s bedroom. Within a few seconds, he came back and walked to the corner of the living room where Caspar’s clothes were hanging up to dry.

 Jack picked up one of Caspar’s black t shirts, feeling it to see if it was fully dry. You guessed it was as Jack then took you by surprise and pulled his wet t shirt up and off. You immediately lost your breath as you saw Jack’s body. As you saw his glistening skin, you could feel yourself go bright red and tried your hardest not to look. It didn’t really work though as Jack caught your eye. 

“Stop checking me out.“ He teased with a grin. 

 "I-i’m not.” You quickly replied.

 You looked down at your laptop, trying to avoid the conversation. But you could see him in the corner of your eye as he just wasn’t putting on Caspar’s t shirt. Suddenly he started walking over to you. You gulped nervously, not trusting yourself. Jack went behind you, getting closer and closer. You felt yourself getting hotter as he placed his bare chest against your back. Why was he doing this? You hated Jack, why is he messing with you this way? You felt his crotch against your bum and his hand on your hip. He placed the t shirt down on the work top before moving all your hair to one side. 

 "Like what you see?“ Jack whispered in your ear. His hot breath sent goosebumps all over your body and you suddenly lost your voice. You turned around so your facing him, meeting with his grinning face. 

 "W- what are you doing?” You stuttered, not knowing where to put your hands as Jack kept getting closer and closer. His hands went to the work top either side of you, blocking you in. His body was now pressed against your own as he was getting closer again. As his face was just inches from yours, he muttered something. 

 "I really fucking hate you.“ 

 "I hate you too.” You mumbled back as his lips brushed against yours. You didn’t like him - you really didn’t - but the hatred had created this tension between you and he was standing there with no shirt on, his blond hair was messy but looked perfect, his bright blue eyes were dark and narrow and his lips were almost on yours. You couldn’t help yourself. 

As soon as his lips were pressed against yours, your hands snaked up his body and round his neck. He kisses you desperately, as if his life depended on it. As if he needed you more than anything. His lips were soft and felt good against yours and when he bit down gently on your bottom lip you couldn’t help but let out a moan. 

 "Jack.“ You gasped as his lips went to your neck, sucking the skin and leaving wet marks. 

“Up.” He told you. Within seconds you were up on the work top and he was kissing the life out of you. He moved himself so he was in between your legs and his arms were around your waist. His tongue entered your mouth and your hands went to his hair, running your fingers up and down the back of his head. You were immediately snapped back to reality when Jack’s phone started to ring. He let you go within seconds and fished his phone from his back pocket. 

 "H-hello?“ Jack breathed out, clearly short for breath. You were exactly the same, out of breath. It took you a few seconds to actually realise what had just happened. Jack had kissed you. And you really liked it. The loss of contact from him made you realise how intimate you had been.

 "Now?” Jack spoke into the phone as he reached for the t shirt that was on the side. “OK, see you soon.” Jack slipped the t shirt on after hanging up the phone. 

“Uber’s here.“ Jack muttered to you, not even looking in your direction. You both grabbed your things and made your way down to the car in silence.


“Hey guys.” Caspar greeted you both as you and Jack met them by the ice rink. 

 "Hey buddy.“ Jack spoke to him. You were angry, to say the least. Why would Jack kiss you like that then not talk to you? So, what happens now… You’re just going to go back to hating each other. 

 "You guys have fun?” Caspar asked Jack.  

“Its never fun with her.“ Ouch. As Jack’s words left his mouth he answered your question. Yes, back to hating each other it is. 

“You alright, babe?” Conor asked you as you all picked up your skates. 

“Yeah.“ You sighed but Conor realised you weren’t. 

 "Y/N.” Conor warned, giving you a look. 

“Don’t worry, i’ll tell you later.“ You brushed him off, sitting down as you pulled on your skates. Your thoughts were clouding up your mind you didn’t even realise how long it was taking you to put your ice skates on. 

“Y/N?” Conor nudged you. 

“I can’t get them on.“ You groaned. The situation was stressing you out. 

“Would you like some help?” A male voice spoke up. You looked up to where the voice was coming from. It was a man, who worked on the ice rink, who was rather good looking. 

“Oh- Uh, yeah please.“ You smiled at him. He bent down to his knees and did up your skates. You stared at him the whole time, his dark hair was perfectly styled and his hazel eyes looked up at you when he had finished. 

“Thanks.” You spoke. He responded with a smile and held his hand out to you. At first you didn’t realise what he was doing but soon caught on and placed your hand on his. He pulled you up and flashed you a grin. It was good timing as the bell went off, signalling that it was ready for everyone to go on the ice. You thanked the man one last time before turning back to the boys. The first person who caught your eye was of course Jack, who was stood in between Joe and Josh, with the dirtiest look on his face. When your eyes met his, he began to shake his head. You shot him a questioning look but he just looked away. 

 All of you finally got onto the ice and you immediately grabbed onto the edge. So did most of the boys. Joe and Jack were quite good though as they skated off past you. You, Josh, Caspar, Mikey, Oli and Conor were all holding onto the edge for a little while until they all started getting more confident and skated by themselves. You were still holding on, moving your skates slowly on the ice but still slipping every now and then. You were no where near confident enough to let go. 

“Here.“ The same voice from earlier said as the man reach for your hand. 

"Second time you have helped me today.” You laughed as him help your hand tightly, going around the ice. 

 "You’re good at this, why are you holding onto the side?“ He laughed, running his gloved hand through his hair. 

“I don’t know, i’m just scared of falling over.” You replied. All of the guys were skating confidently round the rink, although Mikey and Oli kept falling over due to the others pushing them. 

 "I have to go.“ The man spoke after skating with you for a few minutes. Of course, he had to do his job. 

 "Well thanks, again.” You laughed. He winked at you before skating off. You decided to skate in the middle of the ice for a bit even though your heart was beating like crazy - nervous of falling over. Conor and Josh were just a little bit ahead of you so you caught up with them. You went in-between them, grabbing onto their hands. 

 "Well there she is!“ Josh laughed as he saw you. 

 "Whos that guy?” Conor asked as you all skated together, hand in hand. 

What guy?“ You asked. 

“That guy you were just with.” Conor replied. 

 "Oh, i don’t know, he just helped me.“ You shrugged.

The three of you skated together for a while until Josh tripped and pulled you both over with him. You were not happy with him but couldn’t help but laugh. You decided to skate by yourself for a little while to get your balance right. Until you felt someone behind you, nudging you out of the way. You reacted quickly by grabbing onto their arm so you don’t fall. You were met with two bright blue eyes that you loved to hate. As you gripped onto him, you were still unsteady so Jack grabbed onto your waist, helping you gain your balance.

"Why did you do that?” You asked, looking into his eyes as he grinned. 

“Funny.” He shrugged. 

 "I hate you.“ You groaned, getting out of his grip and skating off. 

"Where’s your boyfriend?” He asked as he skated beside you. 

“What are you talking about?“ You snapped. 

 "That guy.” Jack replied. 

“He was helping me, Jack, grow up.“ 

 "Whatever, babe.” He teased as he grabbed your hand, which took you by surprise. 

 "What are you doing? Get off!“ You pulled away but he didn’t let you go. You both lost your balance on the ice and Jack pulled you down with him as he fell. It was so embarrassing as you fell right onto the ice next to Jack, making your clothes soaking wet. "For fuck sake Jack!” You whined. 

Getting up, you were so angry with Jack. Why does he always wind you up? Its like its his mission to annoy you. 

 "Sorry, babe.“ Jack laughed as he got up. ”

Fuck off!“ You snapped before going over to tell the boys you were leaving. 


 You had finished your shower - at Joe’s, where you were staying - to realise everyone had come back here.

They were all so rowdy you could hear them a mile away. As you got out, you realised that your clean clothes were in the washing pile that was in the wash room. Everyone was downstairs by the sound of it, so with your towel wrapped around your wet body and tip toed out of Joe’s spare bedroom go the wash room. 

“Y/N.” Jack’s voice made you stop dead in your tracks. You turned to see Jack at the top of the stairs, in the same black t shirt he was wearing earlier. His hair was messy but look good as always and he held a tight expression on his face as he looked you up and down. 

 "I- i’m just getting some clothes.“ You told him as you sped walked to the wash room and picked up some joggers and a t shirt. When you walked back out onto the landing, you were thankful to see that Jack wasn’t there. However, when you went back into your room, Jack was stood there waiting for you. 

“What do you want, Jack? I’m trying to get dressed.” You sighed, placing your clothes down on the bed. 

“Are you still angry at me?“ Jack asked. 

 "I’m always angry at you.” You sighed. Jack ran his fingers through his hair and also sighed. 

“I need to get dressed.“ You told him again. 

 "So get dressed.” He shrugged. You rolled your eyes at him. 

 Thinking about it for moment, you realised you could get him back for teasing you earlier. Walking over to the chest of drawers that had your underwear in, you faced away from Jack. Taking a deep breath, you dropped your towel to the floor. 

 You quickly opened the drawer and grabbed some underwear. Before you could even put them on, Jack  pushed you up against the drawers forcefully - not too hard though. 

“Don’t fucking tease me.” Jack groaned in your ear before turning you around and crashing his lips onto yours. Your naked body was pressed against him as he kissed you harshly. Your hands were around his neck, fingers touching the bottom of his hair. 

“Clothes. Off.“ You muttered in between kisses. Jack broke away from you quickly as he pulled off his - Caspar’s - t shirt. As he went back to kissing you, you ran your hands down his chest and along his toned stomach - the contact causing him to moan against your lips which was quite possibly the hottest thing ever. 

 Jack pushed you back so you were laying down on the bed. This was the first time he properly saw your naked body. His eyes scanned you up and down as his tongue poked out of his mouth and swiped his bottom lip. 

 "You’re so fucking sexy.” He said as he leaned down, kissing your neck, your collar bones, your chest, your stomach, your thighs. 

 "J-Jack.“ You moaned out as he kissed closer and closer up your thighs. 

“Mmh.” Jack hummed in response. Before Jack could do anymore, you leaned forward and undid his belt - hoping he’d get the message. Within seconds Jack’s trousers and boxers were both off. 

Your mouth watered when you saw the size of him. You’d always thought he was big - but not that big. You were a little worried about how that would even fit inside of you. 

“Please, Jack.“ You moaned, pulling him down to by the back of his neck. 

"What do you want, baby?” Jack breathed out, grinning at you. 

 "I want you to fuck me.“ You surprised yourself as the words left your mouth, but you couldn’t help it. You needed him right now. 

 "Do you have a condom?” He asked, kissing you again. 

 "On. The. Pill.“ You told him in between kisses. 

 After kissing for a minute, Jack’s hand went to his member as he pumped himself a few times before rubbing his tip up and down your core.

 "Fuck.” You moaned into his neck before sucking and kissing his soft skin. Jack finally eased into you. Your arms went around his neck as you held yourself close to him whilst he thrusted in and out of you. 

 "I’ve waited for this for so long.“ Jack mumbled between thrusts. 

 Your moans and groans echoed throughout the bedroom and the fact that this wasn’t even your bed turned you on even more. One of Jacks hands went to your clit, rubbing it to add more pleasure. 

As you looked up at him, you noticed beads of sweat starting to form on his skin and his dirty blond hair sticking to his forehead. 

 Both your hands went to his cheeks as you looked into his eyes. His breathing was in sync with his thrusts and he stared down at you with eyes full of lust. 

 "I hate you.” You reminded him as he rocked in and out of you. 

 "I hate you more.“ Jack replied, pressing a sweet kiss against your lips which made your stomach do flips. You could feel yourself getting close as your stomach felt tight. Your legs started to shake and your toes curled. 

 "Faster, Jack. I’m close.” You muttered as he kissed you again. 

“Me too, baby.” He breathed out. 

 The way he called you ‘baby’ whilst fucking you like this made your heart melt. Jack picked up pace and the bed began to rock. 

 You moaned out loud as you came around Jack, digging your nails into the top of his back. It didn’t take Jack long to finish either, releasing inside of you. As Jack pulled out of you, he kissed you again. 

 "Think I need another shower.“ You laughed. 

 "I’d be happy to join.” Jack smiled. 

 "Nope.“ You shook your head at him as he rolled off of you. 

 "Why?” He raised his eyebrows, still trying to catch his breath. 

 “I still hate you, remember.“ You reminded him, getting up off the bed. 

“Wow, Y/N, I never thought you’d fuck and chuck me.” Jack laughed as you walked into the bathroom once again. 

BTS - he found something really kinky in your laptop.

Request: Hey hey could I get a bts reaction to them finding something really kinky on your laptop and you catch them looking at it??

Seokjin: "Can I use your laptop, babe?“ "Yes, of course, it’s in the bedroom.” “Thank you.” He smiled and walked over there. A while later you hear a scream and run to the bedroom. “What happened?” You ask. “Were you watching porn?” He asks, showing the site that had been left open on your computer. You blushed. “No, that’s virus.” You laughed. “I’m so shocked! I never thought my princess watched these things.” He laughed. You thought he was going to start teasing you, but he ignored it and went to do his things.

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Yoongi: You entered the room and saw your boyfriend looking to your computer. You went to see what he was doing and he had found the fanfic you were reading. You froze. “Hm … So … You want me to be your daddy as I am in this?” He smirked at you. “Are you really going to embarrass me like that?” You looked at him. “I’m not doing anything. You know … I like the idea of hearing you calling me daddy …” He pulled you by the waist.

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Hoseok: As soon as you saw what your boyfriend was seeing on your computer, you tried to leave the room immediately. “Hey, hey, hey! Come back here.” He spoke and you came back. “What?” “So … I read a conversation with your friend on facebook.” He smiled. “And you were saying that you get really turned on when I pull your hair, is it true?” He asks and you blush. “Well … A little.” “Hmmm, really?” “Yes.” “Good to know …” He smirks.

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Namjoon: He was looking around your computer and found a folder with several porn videos. And most of them, the woman was being dominated. He came to you with a smile. “Hey … Do you like to be dominated or is it just in the porn?” “WHAT?” You asked. “Don’t be like you don’t know … Tell me … I’m your boyfriend and I want to know, just to give you more pleasure.” He smiled.

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Jimin: He asked to use your laptop and you gave it to him, of course. But you realized he was being very quiet, you went to see what he was doing and he was looking at your tumblr. “JIMIN, NO!” You closed it immediately. “What, you don’t want me to know you like to be marked by me?” He smirk. “Fuck you!” You said and he laughed. “You know … If you want I can give you how many hickeys and bites you want …”

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Taehyung: You entered the room and saw Taehyung smirking at you. “What?” You asked. “I was reading yourposts on tumblr. And you were saying you like to give me blowjobs… Good to know that.” “Who let you look at my tumblr?” “ No one. But, look … You can blow me when you want, okay? I’m always here. ” He laughed and you rolled your eyes.

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Jungkook: He was looking at your facebook and your friend sent you a message. He read the messages and started to laugh. He came to you and started teasing you. “Hey baby girl…” He smiled. “Hey.” You smiled back. “Sit here on my lap.” He said. “Why?” “Just sit down.” You did as he said and he ran his hands on your thighs. “I love your thighs too …” “Thanks…?” “I was looking at your facebook, and I read your messages with your friend, saying that you love to ride my thighs and that they’re enough to give you an orgasm.” He smiled. “Did you read this? I told you to not read my messages!” “I know, I know, but she sent you a message and I was curious.” “Fine, and yes, I love ride your thighs.” You said and shrugged. “Do you want to do it now? I want to see it.”

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Help! My former math teacher is a creep!

External image
I hope this story gets accepted when I submit this, and if it does it’s actually a serious one; A bit of a warning actually to be wary of some of your former teachers who try to get back in touch with you. If anyone would like more info or screenshots even, just hmu on here @honeyhazey.

Alright, so it was around March when my former math teacher (let’s call him Lou ) got back in touch with me via Facebook. I accepted the friend request and he immediately sent me a message; It was like 11 pm though so I decided to reply again later the next day cos I was tired. At first it seemed as if he was checking up on me, asking about my future and what do I have planned; He was a decent teacher too and he was always really intrigued by me in a way. Around 2014, he retired from CPS since the system was going downhill and he began to hate his job. Around my 8th grade year, you wouldn’t be surprised if he had a breakdown and yelled at us saying that “we’ll end up working in minimum wage jobs like Mcdonalds if we don’t listen to what he’s teaching." 

So after the first text that he sent, things seemed chill and I was happy that he cared for me that much. Eventually, he’d text me everyday (usually during the evenings and late nights) but after a couple of weeks things got very weird. He started trying to offer me large sums of money, at first it was $500 but he wanted to lower it "because his wife would notice”. Lou even asked what did I want for my birthday, and since I figured his intentions were innocent at first I just said an Amazon gift card. After we stopped communicating, it was sent in the mail and it was a pretty large sum for $50. I didn’t even ask for a present from him. Next, he mentioned taking out a $100K loan on his house because he wanted to take me out to this Harolds shack near this high school and I declined cos he wanted to meet at like 9 am while I was busy with my family. (The chicken shack wasn’t even near the school…btw he claims that “he loves dark meat <3 and that he’s not being prejudice”..btw I’m Black.). Then he saved a photo of myself that was in my sophomore year (at least from Spring 2016 and it was just a photo of me posing with skinny jeans and a tank top.) and accidently sent me to me. Finally, he would send me messages obsessively and would even stalk my status to see if I was awake or not (One time, I woke up early in the morning and I checked my facebook. A minute later he messages me if I was “Up for the day.”).

Don’t get me wrong, but we did talk on the phone a few times and he’d always bring up memories from when I was in middle school. I got bullied like hell and my school was trash at the time when I was there. Lou was going through a rough time as well since the public school system was trash and he would always have these mental breakdowns teaching in my math class; SO he’d use this and my experience in middle school to relate to me and build a connection since we were both “angry tortured souls”. He even mentioned an incident back around 2015 in which one of the girls (Which I found out that it was someone I knew from him when he brought the situation up) were having a sexual relationship with a substitute teacher who was teaching there. Then, he goes on about how he felt as if she was trying to flirt with him and that he was paranoid for some reason on getting fired since the administration were thinking that he was a bad teacher at the time. He would always talk about how beautiful I was, how I looked like a goddess, and he even tried to get me to go to college in his state (he currently lives in Indiana).

So fast forward to spring break, and he continues to text and call me. I began to ignore them cos I was busy with testing and with my family. I told my mother when he first texted me, and she was happy. But I started telling her how he’d obsessively stalk my facebook status and message me multiple times if I did not answer. So she was very concerned and disturbed by the messages he would send, and told me to cut it off immediately. I told Lou that his behavior was beginning to disturb my family and I, and that it was becoming creepy. I informed him that my mother was next to me as well as I was texting him, and it took him at least 45 mins to reply back after he read the message. (He knew that my mother was a cop, and that she’d do lots of damage to his rep if he continued this.). He immediately apologized for his behavior, and made an excuse on that he just really misses his children. After I read it, he just told me that we should just forget about all of this and that he was happy to have me as “a buddy” for a month.

The next day, I informed two of my counselors about it and one of them had called 311 to report it. They told me that I should probably end up making a police report about it, and so I did. Later on that day, My mother and I went to the police station to discuss the incident with the investigators. So there was immediate action, and asked me for all of his information since some of the things that he attempted to do were very disturbing. They felt bad that I had to go through that, and his intentions made me very angry; I’ve known Lou since I was 7, and to be frank he did give me some really creepy vibes. Since then, the investigators still need to get back in touch with me since they have a large case load; But now, I’m just telling most of my friends that went to middle school with me to avoid him so the same thing won’t happen to them.

*If anyone wants screenshots of our correspondence, please message me @honeyhazey!!*


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Summary: Y/N sees their best friends from high school and Tyler gets a little jealous.

Word Count: 1000

Pairing: Tyler Scheid x Reader

“Y/N, guess who’s here?”

I looked up from my phone and was shocked to see my best friends from high school standing in the door way. I hadn’t kept in touch with them as much as I wanted to so we hadn’t seen each other since our senior year, and now that they were here I couldn’t keep in my excitement. 

“Oh my god! Ian, Brandon! What’s up guys?”

“Your friend, Bella, here found us on Facebook I guess and invited us over.”

I got up from my seat on the couch and gave them both a huge hug. We sat back down on the couch and they told me about how Brandon had gotten engaged to Kiana Walker, A.K.A the girl he had a major crush on since freshman year. We talked for almost a half an hour until the door rang. Bella walked out of the kitchen and opened the door, allowing Tyler to walk in.

“Hey Tyler!” He smiled at me but it fell when he saw the two guys sitting next to me.

“Who’s this?”

“Oh, these are my friends from high school, Brandon and Ian.”

“Mhm.” Much to my surprise, he dropped the grocery bag he was holding and walked over to me, pressing his lips to mine. He held my head still with one hand but pushed me back into the couch, using the other hand to hold himself up. I raised an eyebrow but kissed him back. He pulled back for a second only to press his face into my neck. I giggled as his stubble tickled my skin but when I saw the weird looks I was getting from the others, I pushed him back lightly. He didn’t move at first and pressed a kiss to my ear.

“If they touch you I’ll kill them.” With that he stood up, grabbed the grocery bag, and walked into the kitchen.

It took a while for what happened to process but when it did a wide grin enveloped my face. I slowly stood up and Bella stared at me oddly from the kitchen doorway.

“What was that about?”

“He was jealous.” It was said in somewhat disbelief. Tyler always showed affection, even if we were just watching TV alone, he’d always wrap his arm around me and whisper cute, little things into my ear. Like when we watched The Notebook, he told me that he would build me something way better than just a house, like a castle. That’s when I’d smirk and tell him to shut up and watch the movie, to which he’d just laugh into the crook of my neck. Whenever we went out for coffee he would tell the barista to make a heart with the steamed milk and he would act like he didn’t, and it was just fate telling us that we were a perfect couple. When I come home from a long day at work I’d go into the bathroom to find a bubble bath made and tons of candles lit all over the room while Tyler laid on the bed with nothing but a bath towel and a shit-eating grin on his face.  

Even so, he never got jealous. He made it a point that everyone knew that he wasn’t the jealous type. So now that I’ve caught him being exactly what he’s tried so hard to prove he’s not, I’m a little excited. Ian looked back and forth from me to the kitchen.

“So I take it that’s your boyfriend?”

But I was already making my way into the kitchen where Tyler was angrily shoving pepperonis onto the pizza that Bella was previously working on. I tried to force down the smile that wanted to appear as I wrapped my arms around his torso and pressed a kiss between his shoulder blades. He tensed up at first but quickly relaxed and leaned into my embrace.

“Those poor pepperonis didn’t do anything to you, you should go easy on them. You sometimes forget your ability to intimidate with a simple look.”

“How do I know those pepperonis aren’t planning on doing something to me?” I almost snorted at the fact that we were using pepperonis to symbolize this situation. Despite the somewhat seriousness of it, I couldn’t help but snicker.

“Well one of those pepperonis is engaged and the other one is gayer than my uncle Frank.” I ran my hands up his sides so that I could cup my hands on his shoulders. “And this pepperoni is taken, so there’s no need to be jealous.”

He suddenly flipped us so that he was pinning me against the counter. His face was hard and his jaw was clenched, which made it incredibly hard to resist the urge to run my finger along his jawline.

“I wasn’t jealous.”

“Mhm. Sure you weren’t, babe. Don’t worry, I was kind of cute.”

He bent down and wrapped his arms around my waist, easily lifting me up and setting me on the counter, making sure to move the pizza first. A small squeak of surprise left my lips but I was cut off by Tyler once again pressing his lips to my own, this time more forcefully. His hands reached up the cup the back of my head and I wrapped my legs around his waist. His hands tangled through my hair and a small groan escaped my lips when he tugged at the hairs at the nape of my neck.

“Um, guys? Please tell me you’re not making out on top of that pizza that I slaved over.” We pulled apart and I felt the blood rush to my cheeks but Tyler only grunted and lifted me up. He put a hand on the back of my thigh to keep me up and began to walk up the stairs. I sent an embarrassed look to Bella but she was too busy silently laughing to acknowledge my distress, bent over with her hands holding her stomach.

i added a really old friend from primary school on facebook and the first thing he said to me was “YOURE ASEXUAL TOO??” and im sitting here trying to act cool like lmao ye nice!! when inside im just

Long AF post about BPD

So after years of suffering, I finally feel like my BPD is under control. I used to be so chaotic and I couldn’t function. I know there are plenty of BPD sufferers who feel the same, and who may not have access to therapy or medication, which sucks because its not our fault we’re suffering.
So just a post to my fellow borderlines, for the ones who can’t get the help they need or the ones still waiting.

1. It is beatable.
There are going to be days where you feel so out of touch with yourself and so helpless you think that you are beyond any help at all. I’ve been there so many times and take it from someone on the other side, you will be able to manage it one day. Its a long hard road but it is possible ❤

2. Be open and honest.
The first time I said the words borderline personality disorder out loud I felt ashamed, and guilty and embarrassed. Its a disorder that’s been stigmatized for too long and its such a shame, because the borderlines I know are the sweetest people I’ve met. The only way to break the stigma is by educating those around you and by talking about it openly.
You feel like shit and feel like your about to freak out? Tell someone.
Those moments of uncontrollable rage? Talk to them and explain, you’re angry right now and it may not be rational to them but you can’t hide it And its something you’re working on.
Splitting? Be open about it, explain you struggle to find a balance between god and bad and sometimes that means your best friends, parent or partners are going to be Satan to you for a while before going back to being angels sent from above. If you explain, it can help them understand and it could very well save your relationships with them.

3. Look up resources
Read about other peoples experiences, the mighty is a website that I’ve found helpful in finding comfort knowing I’m not the only one living with this. There are DBT and mindfulness worksheets that can help you, living with BPD means preparing tools to help cope so that when you split or freak or meltdown, you have something to go to to try and help you get back to standard.

4. Visit your GP
Sadly mental health is underestimated by health professionals, and because of that our symptoms are brushed aside as depression or bipolar, the more you go to the doctors and tell them what’s going on, the better chance you have of getting the help you need. Be it through therapy, medication or a combination. we live in a world where we have to push for help these days, it shouldn’t be that way but it is. If you feel your GP isn’t helpful, switch, keep seeing different doctors until you find one that you feel comfortable with.

5. Be kind to yourself.
Its not easy, and there’s are going to be bad days even when you feel like you can manage. Holding down a steady job, home and relationship is difficult. So don’t be hard on yourself if you have a setback.
You can fix whatever happens.
It might not be the way you want or think it will be but it is fixable.
There’s a lot of struggles living with BPD but there is beauty too.
Those moments that you feel so damn happy you could cry, over something anyone else just smiles at? Treasure it. You feel everything intensely, including joy. if that’s the one blessing we have its that we can experience such happiness and fulfillment when things go well it makes BPD almost not cruel.
Love yourself for who you are, there are negatives but there’s a positive waiting for you to focus on too.

Lastly, and its a serious one.
6. If you feel suicidal, please seek help.
I’ve stopped counting the times I’ve felt like killing myself, really. But out of all of them the times that have been easier are the ones with someone at my side, talking to me and being there.
Don’t suffer alone, you deserve more than that.
There are helplines, Facebook groups, friends, loved ones, total strangers out there that would help you if you reach out.
Go to your local A&E or emergency room and tell them you feel suicidal. Whatever state you are in I can guarantee that they prefer you a sobbing mess than a dead body.
There are 7 billion people on this earth, reach out, find comfort, cry on a shoulder and talk about it to someone.
We are a rare breed, and for better or worse we are here, alive, for a reason.
There’s always hope ❤

If you need any more advice, there are some great blogs here on tumblr, the mighty is pretty good too, and there are charities and helplines that offer advice too.
You’ve got this ❤❤❤

A Breach of Trust: Chapter 20

(Act 1: Chapter 1-9 )

(Act 2: Chapter 10-18 )

(Act 3: Chapter 19 , Chapter 21)

Ritsu’s brow gleamed with the slightest coating of sweat by the time Black Vinegar Mid came into view. At 7:50 am, the sun had risen just a bit hotter, the humidity had settled just a bit denser, and though it made Ritsu angry to admit it, walking the mile distance between Salt Mid and Black Vinegar Mid took more energy than he’d managed to recover since his fight with Teru.

It left his body feeling flushed and shaky, his forehead slick and body sticky in his stolen uniform, but Ritsu decided not to dwell on it. Dwelling meant remembering, and remembering made Ritsu’s seething hatred for Teruki Hanazawa flare like fireworks in his chest. He needed to stifle that hatred if he had any hope of finding Teru now and not punching him in the face.

He fell into stream with the pockets of kids headed toward school, boys in the same lilac uniform that Teru had been wearing the other day, girls in something more periwinkle with bows instead of ties. The ties caught Ritsu’s attention first, bright and stark and green around every boy’s neck, and the sight of each of them filled him with an icy thrill down his spine, quickened his heartrate, made him sweat more. So Ritsu ignored the ties, especially once he noticed his staring prompted the boys to stare back. He wiped his brow. His sleeve came away smeared with wet chalky foundation. The cuffs, too long on this stolen uniform, concealed his split knuckles and bruised hands.

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Now that The Land is in safe hands, what's next? I don't know if anything like Michfest could survive in today's volatile political enviorment


So…Michigan ended two years ago.  TWO YEARS.  So that was “today’s political environment.”   And two years ago?  I worked with @redressalert (it was her idea) to make sure that young women would come to that last Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival to EXPERIENCE THAT WORLD.  To know that women’s spaces are here and are life saving.  So that, in a later time, they would remember, to paraphrase Sappho.  And at least one hundred came.  I met @shamelesslyunladylike and many others and it was amazing.

Michigan survived as long as it did because women vehemently said no.  They said no.  They said it loudly and over and over and over again.  In the face of unrelenting pressure and haterade.  But we fought to hold our line despite the shaming.

The Land may be in “safe hands” (i’m not even sure what that means), but women are still battling to keep it.  The not-for-profit that bought it owes 1.2 million dollars on it.  So now?  It may be in “safe hands” but a steadfast group of amazing amazons are BATTLING TO KEEP IT.  Every day.  Without PAID STAFF.

When I was in my 20s?  We were facing AIDS as our normal (and I mean skeletal, lesion covered people dying on the street from AIDS, AIDS) and a rampant cultural homophobia.  And then women started the Lesbian Avengers and fought dyke phobia–which was thick.  Thick.  Everywhere.  In spite of that, we loved ourselves and each other.  We showed up and out against the bullshit we got from gay men and straight men and from folks trying to shame lesbians in so many ways.  It was scary and sometimes dangerous, but we looked each other in the eye, and gathered in a room every Tuesday at 6 and we organized and created and were public and fought.  Even if there were only 10 of us.

So let me ask this…

How many young women have signed up to be on WWTLC’s mailing list?  How many young women have banned together to create in person (NOT ONLINE) fundraisers to keep the Land?  how many young women have submitted applications to hold events for young feminists on the Land?  how many young women have donated 5 dollars?  two dollars?  How many have proactively done something to make that Land available to young women and girls forever?  

One of the problems I am seeing is that a lot of YOUNGER WOMEN aren’t fighting for themselves as dykes.  Not against anyone:  other rad fems and trans folks, I am not seeing young women fighting for THEMSELVES as lesbians.  They aren’t acknowledging themselves as worthy and powerful and sexy.  I don’t see young women starting their own dyke-based things.  I don’t see you coming together as a voice for each other.  All the under 30s in my life are calling themselves queer.  All of the under 30s aren’t saying they want to be with BUTCHES, not trans guys.  All of the under 30s in my life are not shouting about the power of the pussy.  

I don’t see young women coming forward to fight for their own SPACES the way we fought for ours in the early 90s (google the Clit Club).  I don’t see young women at the forefront saying this is BULLSHIT and nope.  I don’t see young women organizing in person, face to face, on the ground, creating new ground troops on this.  

I know y’all are going THROUGH IT.  I know that.  I see that.  I am not ignoring that.  But every generation has gone through some serious shit.  Every generation.  You aren’t new or different.  For real.  The question is how did you stand up to fight it?  We’ve been told that no one gives a shit about women and dykes.  What are we doing to stand up for being a DYKE?  When do you stop caring about what other people think and stand for what you are?  

So here’s some super passive things you can do to fight for women’s space (actual women’s space):

  • Join WWTLC’s FB group (look up we want the land coalition)
  • Join WWTLC’s mailing list
  • On “Giving Tuesday,” that’s November 28, starting at 8 AM, the Gates Foundation is giving away $2,000,000 by MATCHING individual fundraisers on Facebook (up to $50,000 per organization) until that $2,000,000 runs out.  It is a race for funding.  If every woman on here who follows me held a $1,000 fundraiser and raised it from family and friends (that is 100 people giving 10 bucks each) starting at 8 am, you could collectively raise $100,000 for WWTLC which would basically make it possible for them to meet their April land payment of $180,000.  You want women’s space?  Here’s how you can help fight to get it:

— go to https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers/
— click on Raise Money;
— type in “Purple,”
— choose “Purple—Human Services, Lansing MI” (the fiscal sponsor for WWTLC)
— fill out the form
— Tell your friends why women’s space on The Land is important to you


All donations to Facebook fundraisers for Purple can be matched
• on GIVING TUESDAY, NOV. 28, beginning at 8 a.m. EST (this is important! it is a race and people need to start giving at 8 am ON THE NOSE)
• up to $1000 per fundraiser
• up to $50,000 total for Purple/WWLTC
• until $2M in matching funds from the Gates’ is claimed

  • And if you are in Brooklyn or near it?  On December 3, come to a fundraiser for WWTLC.  Come be in women’s space.  Dance.  Listen to female musicians and poets and comics lay it DOWN (this one and this one and this one and this one).  Make sure your deaf friends know it is going to be ASL interpreted.  That the space is accessible for those in wheelchairs.  Can’t afford the expensive ticket?  Pay $20 for the DJ at 9. Can’t afford that?  Ask on the FB page if there are any other options to attend.  

But fight.  Not each other.  No matter how annoying.  Don’t punch sideways and down.  Please.  Open your throats up and punch UP.  You may lose people in your life, but are they really your tribe?  Are they the people who hold you?  Who you love?  Who love you?  Bad and good?  You may lose, but you will gain others who are here for YOU.  Who love women.  Who love women’s community.  Who are dyke-based and dyke-focused.  But you can’t have it unless you don’t make the space for her to emerge.  You have to struggle to earn something good.

A 19-year old started a dyke festival in 1976, when those words were ABSURD and women still needed their husband’s permission to get a credit card.  Yes, y’all have it hard, but it has always been thus.  

The question is what are you going to do now.  

Imagine #4: Best Friend Luke helping you while on your period.

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Requested: Yes


Word Count: 644

Warnings: Nope

You were moaning and groaning rolling in pain from the sharp stabbing sensation that was coming from your ovaries, it was that time of the month when the bloody river came and visited. This time around it was worse than last months, you had threw up from the pain of it and while on an empty stomach. The only thing that was really keeping you from going insane was your cat that kept purring and rubbing up against me.

“Thank you butter,” You mumbled not wanting to raise your voice all that much, a purr along with a soft bite was returned back to you. Resting your hand on the lower region of your body, massaging the area thinking that would help.

“Do you need a heating pad?” A voice questioned in front of you, jumping from the couch falling on the ground. A moan and another groan slipping past, “Jesus are you alright?”

“I’m going to kill you Luke Hemmings,” You spat out, taking his outstretched hand, he pulled me up from the ground. “I’m going to go and get a heating pad for you,” He told you after laying you back down on the couch, making sure to move around the pillows and blankets for you. “What are you doing here?” You wondered out loud, moving butter off the couch since he would keep walking on my stomach. I heard some shuffling and something fall from the liny closest, followed by a ‘Fuck’ and something being throwing.

“If you must know, I tried texting you and calling you asking how you were since I had a feeling you weren’t feeling so well.”

“You mean the facebook status I made?”

“Yeah, seeing your best friend post, ‘Why couldn’t the guy be the ones with periods? A garden gnome is stabbing me repeatedly for not being pregnant,’ made me slightly concerned.”

Luke walked into the living space, with a heating pad, along with the one blanket that you really wanted to cocoon yourself in but somehow it had gotten to be on the top shelf. He plugged it in near the couch, handing it towards you turning away when you lifted up the shirt tucking it underneath it. Than next handing you the blanket, he choose to take the blanket that you did have, reaching over to take the remote off the coffee table.

“What do you want to watch?”

“You’re staying?” You were shocked half the time, he would just come over here and help you out and then leave. Drawing his attention back towards his best friend, “Cuz I can, and I’m not going to be here for that much longer. There is an album that needs to be put all together,” He gushed poking you on the nose, before turning back towards the TV.

“I knew, I liked you for a reason,” Giggling pulling the blanket tighter around you, Luke smirking at the comment you made. “Yeah, Yeah you know you love me. You can’t go three days without talking to me,” He fired back in a playful way, “Who was the one that cried when I wasn’t spending the night for the third night in a row when we were seven?”

His cheeks heated up at the memory of that, “Shut up.”

“Who texts me literally everyday just to know how I am doing?”

“Secret life of pets, maybe?”

“Admit it, Luke you can’t go three days without talking too ME,” You teased, before holding back another cry of protest, from Luke suddenly laying his head on your chest. “Or maybe we can watching all the X-Men movies all over again?” Moving his head to look up at you, waiting for you to confirm or disagree with it. But you couldn’t say no to your best friend of thirteen year, “Sure I guess, just get some popcorn and tea ready.”

Sharing Stage/2.5D Content

So there are some things I want to go over about sharing, reposting, and general distribution of content.  And while I’m going to talk specifically about Engeki Haikyuu, some of the more general stuff can be applied to most Japanese stage plays, musicals, and general theater.  

I wanted to make this post because I’m seeing a lot of frustration in fandom from both content providers and fans and followers butting heads on this issue.  First off, we have to acknowledge that there is an undeniable precedent that’s existed in fandom that makes fans feel entitled to all the content all the time, for free.  And there is knowledge of the industry that content providers have that I think we’re not communicating frequently enough to help fans understand our positions on these issues.

It’s lengthy, but please take some time to look under the Read More and read about this issue.  

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The Art of Falling In Love (With a Stranger): Part 2

Real life

Finn Wolfhard x Reader

e/c: eye color

h/c: hair color

h/t: hair texture

y/f/n: your full name

“Finn?” You’re not even aware your feet are moving.

“H-hey, Y/n,” he says shakily, running a hand through his hair. “Fancy meeting you here…” God damn it, Finn, you knew she was going to be here, he curses himself. “I mean… good to see you again?” Again? You’ve never seen her before in your life!

You’re such a dork,” you sigh, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck before leaning back slightly to look him in the eyes. “You know, it’s great to be able to actually do that.”

“Y-yeah,” Finn agrees and then curses himself some more. He sounds like fricking Bill Denbrough right now!

“Well, Y/n, we’ll get back to you in about two days,” Matt declares as you turn around.

“I think it’s safe to say you’re hired,” Ross murmurs as he shows you and Finn out. The door closes shut behind the pair of you and Finn shoves his hands deep in his pockets.

“Do you want to… I don’t know, have lunch?” you suggest.

“Yeah, sure,” Finn agrees two seconds too late, too busy staring at you. Your camera really hadn’t done you justice. Your sparkling e/c eyes, your h/t h/c hair waving slightly in the wind… you’re fucking gorgeous.

“Something on my face?” you chuckle, rubbing at the corner of your mouth with the back of your hand.

“No, no… it’s just… never mind,” Finn mumbles, flushing. “Shall we go, then?”

“We shall,” you giggle, taking his outstretched arm and maybe you’re laughing at his phrasing and maybe Finn doesn’t care. When you say, “Where to, good sir?” he knows you’re poking fun at him.

“What restaurant captures your fancy, madam?” Finn opens the door to the taxi he’d rented for the day and bows you inside.

“Hmm…” you muse, tapping your chin with your pointer finger while kicking your feet into Finn’s lap. “How about Noodles & Company?”

“Sounds great!”

Finn taps the driver’s shoulder.

“Yeah, yeah, I heard,” the driver snaps, not amused by their antics.

You frown as Finn reels back, affronted. The driver pulls up the barrier so the pair of you can talk in peace.

“Can you believe…” you gesture between the pair of you.

Finn shakes his head. “I’m ninety percent sure I’m dreaming.”

“I’m two hundred percent sure I’m not, because if I was, I would be stuck inside either It or Stranger Things like a bad self-insert fic.” You shiver as if the thought disgusts you that much and elaborate at Finn’s questioning look, “It and Stranger Things are pretty much the only things I’m reading, writing, and watching right now so that’s leaking into my dreams and making some pretty awful plots. I know everything that’s going to happen!”

Finn laughs. “I bet the only reason you’ve been obsessed with those shows is because I was in them!” He waggles his eyebrows.

You snort. “You wish.”

“You wound me.” Finn clasps a hand to his chest.

The two of you banter playfully through lunch, bowling, and ice cream, until you tell Finn you have to leave.

“What?” He looks crushed and everything about him droops, completely forgetting about his half-finished chocolate cone. “But you were only here a day!”

“I know, but I don’t trust my parents to feed Larry and Owl,” you explain.


“My lizard and my dog. I don’t doubt for a second the cats will go hungry; my mom loves them. But half the time I’m not really sure they even know we have a dog, let alone a lizard.”

“Which one is which?”

“Larry the lizard and Owl the dog.”

“You named your dog Owl?”


“You’re not supposed to answer that with a question, Y/n.”

“I’m pretty sure I was drunk when I named Owl, but it stuck, so…” You shrug.

“I can’t believe you have to go.” Finn pouts.

“Hey, if all goes to plan, I’ll be back soon enough to start reading lines!” you say cheerfully.

“Oh, you definitely got the part,” Finn reassures you and, taking a chance, laces his fingers with yours. You look at him, surprised, but don’t pull away.

“I’m sure the fact I have no experience did little good for me,” you fret.

“You still got the part, don’t worry,” Finn promises.

“You know what’s weird?” you say in the taxi.


“Now that I’ve auditioned, I don’t know if I want to get the part,” you confess. “I mean, I love Stranger Things. I love watching Stranger Things. If we know everything that happens in a scene when we film it it probably won’t be as exciting watching it.”

“Trust me, watching the final product is always amazing,” Finn reassures you, squeezing your hand. “You know everything that’s going to happen but the lighting and the music and the cuts where we didn’t burst out laughing… it’s different to watch than to act, even if it’s the same scene, you know?”

“I guess.” You squeeze his hand back.

Y/n: I can’t believe we only got a day together.

Finn: We’ll get longer when we’re filming. Sometimes the cast will take weekends off and take over an entire hallway of a hotel. If the filming crew and extras and lighting crew is there too we might even take up a whole floor!

Y/n: You know, I might not get the part

Finn: Nah, you will.

Finn: And if you don’t you can still come to the set to watch and come to the hotel crashes

Y/n: I can’t come to the set if I don’t make it! I wouldn’t be able to look the bros in the eye

Y/n: It would be so awkward

Finn: I’ll smuggle you in in a suitcase

Y/n: Oh yea bc i would totally fit

Finn: Well, yeah. you’re tiny.

Y/n: I’m not that short!

Finn: You really are.

Even if it was only for a day, Finn’s insanely grateful for the time he did have with you. You’re a full head shorter than him and smell like peppermint and lemon. Your hair feels like silk.

Just knowing that makes him feel a little less anxious, though why he would be, he doesn’t know.

At 2:42 a.m. Finn’s phone goes off. He reaches around blindly until he finds the vibrating object and then puts it to his ear. A loud squeal welcomes him into the world of the living.

“God damn!” Finn holds it away from his ear.

“Finn, I got the role!” you squeal, bouncing up and down (he can hear you).

“No way!” Finn exclaims. “I told you you would!”

“No, you don’t understand, I got both the Stranger Things and Broadway roles!”

“Holy shit! Really?”

“I can’t believe it!”

“I’m so happy for you! I told you you could do it!” Then Finn is reminded of a conversation he’d had with his mom: “Hey, Y/n?”


“So, you know, with both the Broadway and ST roles, you won’t be at home a lot, right?”

“So?” You sound ecstatic and Finn knows why: from what he’s heard of your parents, they’re not the best.

“So, no one’s going to be around to take care of Larry and Owl.”

You stop bouncing. “Holy shit, I can’t believe I forgot about that.” You sound so defeated Finn’s relieved to tell you the next part.

“So, I talked to my mom and she and Dad wouldn’t mind taking care of Owl and Larry.”

There’s a long pause and then: “You’re shitting me.” There’s no emotion in your tone. “Okay, this is too far. What the fuck is this, Finn? Donate-to-the-little-people-of-the-world-year?”


“Am I going to hear about this in the news tomorrow? ‘Young actors helping out less fortunate souls’? I can’t believe I thought you might actually—” you mutter something else but Finn can’t make it out.

“No, Y/n, I thought you would be glad,” Finn backtracks. “This is so you can do both Broadway and ST!”

“Okay, where are the drawbacks?” you snap. “Where do I start giving? This seems like I’m a charity case, Finn, and I’m not entirely sure you didn’t pick me at random to start giving and better your image.”

Finn’s speechless. All he’s done is helped you out and now you’re snapping in his face. “You don’t have to give anything to me! We’re friends, Y/n!”

“By chance! What are the odds you’d just see that comment and see that I want to be an actress?” you yell. “I can’t believe you had the wool over my eyes for so long! I’m just being made fun of right here! Why else would you hold my hand? Are there cameras in my room, Finn? Are you screenshotting our texts and posting them on Facebook? See, this is why I hate Hollywood. You all entertain yourselves at the cost of the little people’s feelings!”

There’s a click and you hang up. Finn’s still frozen.

Finn: Y/n?

Finn: Y/n please just talk to me

Finn: Y/n I’m begging you

Finn: I swear this isn’t a joke

Finn: I’m not making fun of you

This user has blocked you

Finn slumps against the wall, the tears coming faster and faster now as he types out one last mesage:

Finn: Y/n I’m in love with you

This user has blocked you

You hang up the phone, gasping for air as you sob harshly. You bend over at the waist because you can feel heartbreak inside you like a clawed hand, clamping over your heart with an iron fist. You can’t believe you were so stupid.

So stupid as to think luck would smile on you now.

So stupid as to think they weren’t making fun of you.

So stupid as to think someone might actually be interested in you.

If you can’t sleep tonight, sobbing into your pillow while saying ‘yes’ to both offers, well, no one will know.

Only you and Larry.

Finn: I know we’re only sixteen and we’ve only met each other twice but I’m so fucking in love with you it hurts

This user has blocked you

Finn: Y/n I miss you so much I don’t think you understand

This user has blocked you

Finn: Everything I see reminds me of you

This user has blocked you

Whenever Finn sees something funny, his first thought is Y/n would like this.

Finn was watching TV when an ad for Great Wolf Lodge came on. For obvious reasons, the remote is now broken.

You’ve got a boyfriend now, a boy shorter than Finn but taller than you. He’s got straight blond hair and blue eyes. He’s the opposite of Finn.

Finn used to think that when writers wrote about heartbreak they overexaggerated it for effect.

They didn’t.

Heartbreak is a living, breathing thing that’s nestled in his chest, wrapping its cold fingers around his lungs and squeezing, piercing them with its nails. It hurts and he can’t breathe and everything reminds Finn of Y/n.

“Did you ever make fun of her before?” his mom asked.

“No, not ever!”

Finn can’t say or do anything except stare at the picture of Y/n wearing her new boyfriend’s sweatshirt, her h/c hair rumpled underneath a baseball cap. She’s not smiling though, and her eyes look dull.

Finn selfishly hopes she misses him as much as he misses her.

“You met her once,” Millie tries to cajole him. She was the only one able to get the story out of Finn. “I don’t know why she thinks we’re making fun of her, do you?”

Then Caleb shoves his phone in Finn’s face. “Watch the video,” he instructs.

Finn watches the video.

“This is my best prank yet,” a boy says to the camera, his eyes dancing. “There’s this girl a year younger than me and I asked her to hoco and she said yes! I told her I’m going to pick her up tonight! Look at the loser!”

He turns the camera around and a girl is sitting on her front doorstep, shoulders hunched. Finn guesses it’s cold. The lights are on inside the house but not outside so he can’t see the girl’s face, only her outline, but he can vaguely see where this is going.

Then the boy’s face is in the camera again, but he’s not outside. People are shouting nearby and the lights are dim. He’s at the dance.

“Guys, she still came!” the boy exclaims excitedly. “I can’t believe how dumb she is!”

Then he’s in a crowded room as someone clambers onto a stage, yelling something about a Homecoming King and Queen.

The King is already standing on the stage, but then the announcer unmistakably shouts “Y/f/n!”

The music cuts off and everyone silent. A spotlight sweeps around the room, searching for you. Finally it finds you. You look stunning but also stunned.

“Y/f/n!” the announcer yells again. Finally someone pushes you forwards and you shakily clamber onto the stage, the stunned expression not wavering.

“Congratulations,” the announcer says busily. “If you’ll just stand right here…” He leads her close to the King but just far away enough so that whatever they’re going to do to you isn’t going to affect him.

Then a bucket of what looks like blood splatters onto you.

“Ha!” the boy crows. “Pig’s blood, bitch! You just got pranked!”

The video cuts off after that.

“I’d say that’s where her fear of getting made fun of stems from,” Caleb says.

Finn gets to his feet. “Don’t—ever—tell her you saw that, all right?”

“Dude—” Caleb starts but Finn cuts him off with a growl.

“All right?”

“All right, dude. I just searched her up on Google to find her Instagram account and this popped up.”

Finn walks off.

Things I Wish I Could Say To Finn:

  • I don’t know how but I think I’m in love with you

The day of the reading you walk in with a set jaw. Though you greet everyone with a smile, they all know it’s forced and something’s definitely off when you say nothing to Finn, who stares at you like a kicked puppy and misses half of his lines.

To no one’s surprise, he manages to corner you after the reading’s done and he’s assigned extra work.

“Y/n please talk to me,” he sighs, closing his eyes tiredly.

“You should get some sleep,” you say coldly.

“I’m not going to sleep until you talk to me,” he says defiantly even as you start to walk away.

“Fine, then!” You whirl around. “I’m talking to you! What do you want?”

“Y/n, I’m not making fun of you, I promise,” Finn sighs. “I saw the video on YouTube, all right?”

You freeze and stiffen.

“I get it now. I do. But please, what have I ever done that would make you think I’m making fun of you?”

Millie smiles when she sees the two of you walking out of the building. Maybe not hand-in-hand, but Finn doesn’t look as depressed and you don’t look as angry. She hopes you guys’ve stopped fighting because damn, Finn doesn’t do separation well.

Three Months Later…

“Hotel party!” Caleb cheers, cannonballing into the pool and spraying Gaten in the face.

“You dick, you got it up my nose!”

“Is this what they’re always like?” you ask, fanning your nails in the air with Millie, Sadie, and Sophia.

“Worse,” Millie answers. “Thank God you’re here. You run a tight ship, Captain Y/n.” She bumps shoulders with you and you giggle.

The last three months had been a rough transition into fame. Once news got out that you were a new star on Stranger Things, the video on YouTube blew up online… but unlike what you’d expected, people complained so much it actually got taken down.

You’re running your own campaign now, an anti-bullying one. Sadie helps with it, especially considering you’re acting in two shows right now that are practically 500 million miles away from each other (or that’s what it feels like on the flights, anyways).

“Y/n, watch this!” Finn waves wildly at you from the diving board and then cannonballs in.

“Nice, loser!” you call back in perfect unison with Jack. “If you’ll excuse me, ladies…” You shove the boys out of the way (except for Chosen, because he stepped out of your way) and climb up the ladder. “Watch and learn, boys.” Thank god for diving lessons, you think before tilting off the board, somersaulting twice, and entering the water without hardly a splash.

When you surface Noah’s cheering for you. You grin at him before being yanked underwater.

“Finn!” you yell, splashing the curly-haired boy in the face.

“Love you, Y/n,” he says sweetly, pecking you on the lips, before ducking under the water to multiple catcalls and swimming away as fast as he could.

The Nanny: Chapter 2

Author: @beckawinchester

Characters: Daddy!Jensen, Reader, Jared, Josiah (OC), Tom

Words: 1928

Warnings: None in this chapter

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A/N: I can’t believe the first chapter received so much feedback! Thank you guys so much! I hope you guys are enjoying this as much as I’m enjoying writing this! Here’s the 2nd chapter! P.S. There are some tags crossed out at the end that means I couldn’t tag you! Probably because you changed your username and didn’t tell me!

Reader’s POV

 You were eating lunch while reading the statuses from your friends on Facebook. You didn’t know why you were even reading them. All your friends from High School were having babies and getting married. Here you were in your mid 20’s still in college working on your early childhood education. You really didn’t know what you wanted to do yet you just knew that you wanted to work with kids. A notification popped up from the Nanny app. A friend from one of your classes from last year had told you about the nanny app.

“Jensen Ackles has requested you for an interview at The Coffee Shoppe at 1:30 P.M. today”

You clicked on Jensen’s profile. He didn’t really have much on his profile. You were a bit iffy but decided if you were going to get a job you should check it out. You clicked accept to the request and looked at the time on your phone which ready 12:30. You finished your lunch before going upstairs to find something nice to wear. You wanted to impress Jensen in case the job sounded like something you wanted to do. You picked out a cute striped blouse with a black jacket to go over it. 

Once you made it to the coffee shoppe you walked inside to order a small coffee. You grabbed your coffee when you it was finished and sat down at an empty table and started sipping your coffee while reading on one of your textbooks for class.

“Excuse me. Are you Y/N?” You looked up from your book not expecting to see a very handsome man standing in front of you with a coffee in your hand. You were taken back that your only response was a smile and a nod.

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I Can’t Remember (Part 4)

Hey y'all! Sorry for taking so long to get this 4th and final part posted, I got a little busy the last couple days and couldn’t but its finally up! I want to say thank you to y'all for supporting my writing! This is one of my favorite thing I’ve written so far! 

Y'all can read Part 1 here Part 2 here and Part 3 here  

P.S. this last part is kind corny, like an ABC Family movie kinda corny lmao but I think it wraps up the story nicely. 

Also I was kinda thinking about writing a prologue to this whole thing like on what happened the night of the party. Like you guys get the just of what happened based on what I told you in the story but I could write out exactly what did if y'all are interested in that?? Lemme know! Thanks again for the love!

Words: 1,546

Warnings: just language as usual!


“Alright, listen up!” you heard Ashton shout as you and Calum slipped into the Theta Chi house. Both Alpha Phi and Theta Chi were packed into the main entryway, making it a tight squeeze.

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You were at the mall, flying solo since none of your friends had today off, but no sweat.

You were headed to the food court when some mountain bumped into you and knocked you down.

‘Oh shit.’ you groaned as you processed the fact that you were indeed on the ground now.

‘Oh damn, my bad, let me help you up.’

You look up at the mountain of dude in front of you.

‘You good, I wasn’t looking, I obviously would have seen you if I was.’ you said as you took his hand and got up.

You looked up at the guy and really took him in, he was hot. Like covered in tattoos, blonde, lanky and sharp featured.

‘So…where are your parents?’ he asked.

‘What?’ you asked before you realized the situation.

This guy is like six something, you are below five foot, wearing a panda hoodie.

‘Right my parents…I left them upstairs, wanna walk me back to them?’ you said innocently.

‘Uh, yeah sure.’ he said.

You both walked toward the escalator.

You looked closer and something bugged you.

‘You look so damn familiar, its driving me nuts. Maybe high school, friend of a friend, Facebook or something?’ you said as you squinted at him.

‘Who knows.’ he smiled.

You walked and lead him into a certain shop.

‘This is a sex shop, tell me your parents aren’t in here.’ he said with wide eyes.

‘You are either really high or really slow.’ you said as you removed the hoodie and revealed a fully developed chest and tight black crop top.

‘I’m twenty one you genius.’ you laughed.

He seemed to get it and began laughing.

‘Shit, my bad, in my defense you don’t look it.’ he laughed.

‘I know, anyway my point is proven, go on about your business guy with the familiar face.’ you said.

You turned and headed deeper into the store looking around.

‘Well since we’re both here, together we might as well walk around. Talk a little bit, maybe try out some of this store’s product.’ he grinned.

‘Tell me your name first.’ you said.

‘Call me Kells.’

‘Kells? I guess I could say that in bed.’ you said as you took his arm.

‘What’s your name?’ Kells asked.

‘(Y/N).’ you answer as you and he headed toward the condom aisle.

‘I guess I could say that in bed, now what should we use? Ribbed for your pleasure, ultra thin, or extra sensitive?’

‘Just the usual, that way we can get the ultra sensitive lube, trust me its better for everyone involved.’ you said.

‘Alright, I’ll go pay.’ he said as he grabbed the things and headed to the counter.

‘That was Machine Gun Kelly.’ you said.

I don’t like to talk about personal stuff but I feel like I have to.

5 month ago my mom had a  brain haemorrhage. One second she was there, the next she was slowly fading in the hospital. She passed away one week later, on February 1st. I can’t say what was worse - watching my father sobbing like a child, being in total mess after the woman he’s spent most of his life died and knowing I can’t break because someone had to stay sane or ironing her dress she was going to wear in the coffin and trying not to spread snot all over it because I was crying so hard – basically, two worst weeks in my fucking life. But why I’m wasting your time writing it?

There were three things that kept me sane. My best friend, who has spent a lot of time chatting with me on facebook about the dumbest shit you can imagine, to keep my mind away from the fact the last time I spoke to my mother, I was pissed off. The second was my salty Teen Wolf squad here on tumblr. The third was Karamel. Why? Because these two space adorable aliens were my happy place. Watching them made me a little less depressed. They allowed me to keep my fucking brain from going to places I really didn’t want to go.

So, I went to the Karamel tag, to grieve in peace, but instead I have learnt that I am a Trump supporter, Kremlin, abusive relationship cheerleader, racist, homophobe, slave owner apologist and blah, blah, blah, the list is going, basically I have learnt all the things I wanted during being in a shithole *sarcasm* Thank you, Supercorp/Lena fandom, because most of the shit was (and still is) sent there by you, seriously thank you. I’ll probably remember it to pathetic end of my life. But, why I’m writing this?

Because dear Supercorp fandom, you don’t give a shit. No, sorry, you give a lot of shit (basically, throwing that shit at fan), blowing it out from proportion, when you are involved. Basically, when your feelings are hurt when the cast sing a song about two women being friends, even if the main actress said you can ship whatever you want few minutes earlier, even if the cast was bullied for months by your fandom with the grosses shit you can imagine. That’s it. That’s the cast’s crime. A joke.

And you know, I get why this joke could hurt you. Basically, jokes do shit like that to people, because we are all different, we have different experiences, so different things trigger us – that’s normal. The problem is, some jokes are just jokes. Or jokes that were meant to make you realize that some things won’t happen and there is no queerbaiting. I know, truth can hurt and you want to express that to the world. The problem is, you don’t act like hurt people but like a bunch of bloodthirsty haters ready to eat anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

And I know, there are nice supercorp shippers who just sit and like the stuff and have nothing in common with the nasty minority. But you know the problem, nice supercorp shippers? We all have learnt from the history that usually the most awful things were done by minorities, while the majority sat silently and didn’t move a finger.

Personally, I don’t care about the hate I’m getting. I survived that two weeks, because after all I am emotionally strong and I’m old enough to deal with my shit. But other people are not me. I remember that 13 year old girl who came here, to her first fandom, liking Karamel and Mon. And how Supercorp shippers treated her like shit. Her feelings didn’t matter because she liked Karamel? How many Karamel shippers who are members of lgbt community have to repeat they are not straight or homophobes? How many poc Karamel people have to repeat they are not racists? How many people who experienced abusive relationships have to repeat they don’t think Karamel is abusive? How long you are going to ignore the FACT we are normal people? Our voices seriously don’t matter because we ship something else? We are not true survivors, lgbt members, teenage kids because we like different ship? Because, you don’t care?

And you know the worst part? We don’t owe you explanation why we ship, why a ship makes us happy, why a ship helps us dealing with shit. We don’t owe you an explanation of who we are. I don’t owe you a description on my blog saying that I am asexual, white Polish, recently losing my mother and my life being a fucking mess. No one does. You know why? Because my fucked up life doesn’t make my ship better than other ships. My fucked up life doesn’t justify me being a freaking online abuser. My fucked up life doesn’t give me a right to be disgusting and to throw gross shit at the cast that did something I didn’t like only because it hurt my feelings. 

Especially when the cast is treated for months like YOUR property.

Rant over.