if youre feeling nostalgic

what you like to post online based on what house your venus is in

based on this post by @dickstrology

Venus in 1st: Mainly selfies or photos of yourself, or posts talking about what you did that day or what you think about things.

Venus in 2nd: Material possessions, such as new things you bought or something you made. You like to post things you find beautiful.

Venus in 3rd: You like to voice your opinion and you like to post photos of your friends and family. You like to post pictures of places you’ve traveled to.

Venus in 4th: You like to post pictures of your family or thing that make you feel nostalgic. You like to post about romance or things that make you feel comfortable.

Venus in 5th: You like to post about your hobbies or things you find fun. You like to post jokes or puns or whatever you find funny.

Venus in 6th: You post about your daily routine, or post about advice. You like to help others and talk to them.

Venus in 7th: You like to post about your relationship(s) or about love. You post about things you find beautiful or aesthetically pleasing.

Venus in 8th: What you like to post changes as you change your interests, but you like to post about your passions.

Venus in 9th: Inspirational quotes are probably your favorite. You like to post quotes, stories, or pictures you find interesting or intriguing.

Venus in 10th: You like to post about motivation or things that you think make you look good. You like to impress people with your posts, so they are usually orderly or have perfect grammar or theme.

Venus in 11th: Friends are your main focus in posting. You like to tag them in posts, post pictures of them, or talk to them online. You like to share inside jokes or have fun with them online.

Venus in 12th: You might not post very often or be all over the place with your interests, themes, or aesthetics. You don’t like to share personal information and you may not have a clear cut interest or theme of posts.

astro-iva  asked:

Hiii I want to make my room cozy but idk how. Any suggestions? Max budget is like $30 😬

  • Decorate with neutral shades and patterns - creams, grays, white, and pastels
  • An inviting and comfortable bed is essential. You can find cheap throw pillows and fluffy blankets at your local thrift store
  • Soft, warm lighting - fairy lights
  • Antique items (picture frames, lamps, figureines, etc) give your bedroom a cozy and nostalgic feel
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money on new decorations. You can repurpose old items 

Some pictures:

Good luck!

There are so many things I feel when I see you. I feel good, broken, sad, nostalgic and in love. How could I feel those all at once? I feel good because I know you’re doing well and well, I just get to see your beautiful face. I feel broken because when I see your dashing smile, I know it’s not for me. I feel sad because I know I want to be snuggled up next to you admiring your every move while you just live. I feel nostalgic because 2 years ago, you were with me and we were just meeting and figuring each other out and little did we both know it’d turn into something magical. I feel in love because ever since the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew. I knew you were the one and I waited for you, and soon enough our paths crossed and things just got better. And to this day, I still feel everything I used to feel with you and I miss having you here with me. I hope you at least feel something when you see me.
—  AG

Just wanted to let ANGELS and VIPs know that all of the feelings you’re feeling right now are valid. No,you’re not overreacting. You’re feelings matter and they’re your feelings to have. A lot of us are upset about what going on right now. T.O.P. leaving for the army and maybe the rest leaving at the end of the year and with L.Joe leaving TEEN TOP. All of your feelings is valid. Whether you’re feeling angry,upset,sad,nostalgic,etc ALL OF YOUR FEELINGS MATTER AND ITS OK. Both fandoms have to lean on each other right now for support or talk to someone you feel comfortable talking to. My inbox is always open if anyone needs someone to talk to.<3  Im sorry if i may not have the words you’re looking for,but i can only do the best I can myself since im also a wreak about all of this too.  

anonymous asked:

Your art feels very nostalgic to me like it reminds me of those early 2000s cartoons?? Like in between Doug and Kim Possible i love it so much

I grew up on 2000s cartoons so they def had a huge influence on me! Especially KP!! I still really love the art style to this day! I also used to have the message tone for call me beep me asafahja I miss kim possible :’(

anonymous asked:

You always give me these chill vibes,,, like when i read your answers, check your reblogs it feels so nostalgic but in a good way??? Like it's the same as summer holidays when u get away from everything, you go to sleep at 4am, get up at 6pm and just do nothing, but chill in your room, listen to animal crossing music and drink iced tea while looking at the orange sky of sunset,,,,,😌💕

thats…so specific and cute… thank u so much? ?im..omg idk i cant believe ppl have such strong emotions abt how i present myself on this blog sjdfksdjf its so nice nd surprising.. also i love being associated with animal crossing ,its one of my fav games ☘️

juney-chan  asked:

You are absolutely awesome I'm so happy you're getting the recognition you deserve because your art is so fucking amazing!!!!! I swear I jump up and down in joy every time I see you Joker x Harley art even if it's just a sketch!!! ♥♥♥

i dont even know where to start on how to thank u!!!!! ;_;
you deserve so much more, you’ve always been so kind to me n i appreciate every single energy n air that u use to be the sweet person u are
all of the colours i can imagine are my love for you (thats a lot!) 

i am very into the way you draw, i love your style, the brush strokes are everything, they feel nostalgic is some ways n i want everyone to see that!
i am much more than happy to have you as a friend! thank you ♥

(kind messages probably feel like harleen getting a kiss from j for the very first time idk bout u guys)