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The Best Hero (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Can I have a Peter Parker one. With the prompt. Come over here and make me. The reader says this but doesn’t expect Peter to suddenly become so bold and all.:):) thank you. I love your blog

Warnings: Make out?

Word Count: 724

A/N: Sorry this is short but I hope you like it.  

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Having an argument with Peter Parker was the hardest thing to do for you. Especially when it was something he couldn’t stop but fangirl about. The Avengers.

“Look, Peter. All I’m telling you is that Iron Man is just okay. He could never be a Captain America. Just admit it. I know you have posters of him in your room.”

Peter threw his hands in the air, he was in shock. He knew he was also in love with Captain but not more than Tony Stark. “Oh please!” He crossed his arms in his chest, looking at you in disappointment. “You clearly have zero knowledge about The Avengers. I’m not going to argue with you anymore until you just do your research,” he grinned at you and turned around to leave the room. You yelled: “Like you could know better than me Peter! Don’t act like you hang out with them every weekend!”

Peter stopped. In that moment he didn’t want anything but to tell you that he really did hang out with them every weekend and after school. He walked backwards to you and being the dorky person he is he tripped and nearly fell on the ground. Turning his face back to you he whispered: “For the record, Iron Man is a genius unlike Captain America and his 90 years old mind.” You shivered because he was closer to you than he ever was. Your chests were touching and you could feel his breath on your neck and ears. You tried to ignore the sudden feelings he just gave to you, considering you have always seen him as your best friend.

Your mouth was in the shape of ‘O’ and you were looking at Peter in pity, how dare he?: “I feel sorry for you. For the record (you mock him), if they were ever in a fight, just the two of them, Captain America would crush him,” you smirked. You couldn’t believe you were genuinely having an argument with Peter, over something seriously dumb. You wanted to laugh at your situation but you just held it back, knowing you couldn’t just ruin the mood. He had a mischievous expression on his face. He looked deeply in your eyes. You just didn’t know why you felt your heart fluttering when looking into his beautiful brown eyes, it was not the first time you were staring at them. Your cheeks were burning because of the thoughts running in your mind. All you wanted to do was kiss his soft lips in that moment. You shook your head and took a deep breath. What the hell were you thinking?

“And what is your evidence for your argument?” He knew he got you. You didn’t have any evidence; you just had a giant crush on Captain America. So you decided to use your secret weapon, something that would make him really mad.

“Oh Peter come on. Will you stop defending random people against Captain America? What will you do next? Tell me Spiderman is the best hero in the world?” You laughed. You knew he was going to forget all about the argument you had before, after hearing the name, Spider-man, mocked by you.

Peter stood there for a moment; he didn’t know what to say. That was clearly an insult. His stupid grin was wiped off from his face. “Shut up.” He mumbled.

You walked backwards and smirking, you whispered: “Come over here and make me.” You crossed your arms on your chest. You didn’t even realize what you had just said. Your cheeks were burning and your hands were trembling, but your made sure Peter hadn’t noticed.  You leaned on the wall behind you and waited for Peter’s response. As much as you were anxious about what was going on, you were also clearly enjoying it. Without a doubt Peter’s lips crushed onto yours. You squealed at the sudden reaction of Peter but went with it. You felt relieved since all you have been thinking about was l-his lips on yours. His one hand was holding your leg up by grabbing your hips and the other was holding your neck vigorously, not wanting to let you go. Your hands were roaming all over his chest. “Now, I’ll show you how Spider-Man is the best hero in the world,” he moaned into the kiss.

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Prompt:  deli prompt #19 with mr. j? thank you!! 


“Maybe…It’s my fault. That you’re not happy. That I’m not happy.” Those were the last words you expected to leave his lips, and surprised you glanced up– a thoughtful expression riddled his face as his deep eyes blankly bore into you. He didn’t sound remorseful though, his tone never heaved, was always leveled and even a bit ironic. You could tell he was mimicking you, which did not sit well, and so you stood up from the pile of cash you decided to rest on after the heist. With your head held high you stalked to him, eyes narrowing when you noticed a smile pick at the corners of his lips.

“What you said was actually quite accurate, though I am disappointed you’re mocking me even now.” You told, bitter.

“…mocking you?” He raised a brow, amused. He shook his head, chuckling as his gloved hands landed on your bare shoulders. The cool leather sent a shiver down your spine, making you gulp. “Pumpkin I assure you, if I were mocki—“

“Save…save your sweet talk for later.” You cut him off, “We have a bank to get out of. Alive, preferably.” He grinned.

“And here I was trying to mend our relationship.”

“We can mend it back home.”

His voice dropped, “In bed?”

“Couch…floor…you name it.”

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Papers littered your bed, desk and floor. You were tired beyond belief, brain on hyperactive as you forced yourself to continue studying. Your parents had recently wrote a letter to you, mentioning that they were disappoited with your grades, saying that they wished you would do better in your classes. You were devasted because you work your ass of, how the hell do they expect you to work on your mutation and get all A’s and B’s?

You huffed, shoving your papers and books on the floor with a loud thud. “Why can’t I get any of this right!” You covered your face, tears of disappointment and frustration streaming down your face.

“Baby?” A husky voice said from the entrance of your small room.

“Not now, Warren.” You sniffled, but that only caused the angel to step in and shut the door behind him gently.

“Baby, are you okay? Talk to me.” Warren kneeled down beside your bed, his wings sprawled out behind him.

You sniffled, wiping your face. You looked at your boyfriend with red, puffy eyes. “I’m stupid.” You whimpered.

Warren laughed, shaking his head. “Princess, you’re not stupid, trust me.”

“Well my parents make me feel stupid. They always expect so much from me.” You were so mad.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. Shh. Shh. Okay what do you need help with?”

“Calculus honors.”

Warren groaned. “We’ll study together. Although I can’t promise I’m any good.”

“I love you.”

“I love you more, now let’s get going.”

Daddy S.Coups

This took wayyyyy longer than expected, and it’s not even that great guys! Sorry to disappoint, I know you’ve all been waiting for this one. Please try to enjoy without killing me xx ~

Warnings: Language, Daddy Kink, Spanking, Teasing

You were sitting on the couch, your boyfriend next to you playing his game. He hasn’t gotten off for hours and it was frustrating you. He was ignoring your desperate cries for sex.

“Seungcheol,” you whine, slightly bouncing your body on the edge of the couch.

“What babe.” He says bluntly, teeth digging into his bottom lip as his eyes flicker over the TV screen. His thumbs work the joysticks, fingers pulling left and right triggers and he lets out a shout of victory when he kills someone. He looks at you briefly. “Did you see that? I no scoped the little bitch.”

“Who are you even playing?” You ask.

“Jeonghan,” he answers and you roll your eyes. It was always Jeonghan. Jeonghan this Jeonghan that. Of course it was Jeonghan, if it was anyone else he would’ve noticed you were only wearing panties and one of his large t shirts.

“Stop playing and spend time with me.” You didn’t mean to sound whiny or clingy, it just came out that way. “Seungcheol… Seungcheol..”

And now he was back to ignoring you.

“Scoups!” You try louder but he doesn’t even flinch. You smirk. He wanted to play that way? Fine. “I’ve been a very bad girl daddy..”

Your smirk grows when your boyfriends fingers freeze on his controller, his head slowly turning to look at you. He stares, his eyebrows scrunched in complete confusion before speaking.

“What did you just call me?” He asks you, waiting for your answer.

“Daddy,” you whisper to him and you watch his pupils dilate, blowing up bigger than his iris’ until his eyes are black with lust.

“Daddy it is then Princess,” the corner of his lips lift and he drops his controller to the carpet, grabbing your hand and yanking you into his lap. His hands find your ass and yours go to his hair as your mouths crash together. Finally, you’re getting what you want. “You said you’ve been a bad girl baby?”

“Yes daddy,” you breathe, sliding your tongue against his.

“Daddy’s gonna have to punish you then baby,” he mumbles into your mouth.


He smacks your ass once before he’s squeezing you with his big hands, bringing your body closer to him.

“It’s not really a punishment if you want it now is it?” He asks, pulling away from your kiss and looking up at you.

“No,” you murmur, shaking your head with drooped eyes.

“Hmm,” he hums, “Should daddy fuck you baby girl? Or tease you until you’re screaming?”

“Fuck me,” you answer quickly and Seungcheol sighs, shaking his head.

“If that’s what you want baby girl that’s what daddy won’t give you,” he says. “You were naughty remember? You have to work for what you want.”

“No. No no no I didn’t mean-”

“Shhh,” you’re lifted up into the air as he stands from the couch, and thrown back onto the cushions. He kneels in front of you, between your legs, and you watch him. “Just be quiet and take it baby girl. Don’t be even more naughty. You want daddy happy right?”

You nod.

“Good baby. Good. Daddy will be very happy if you listen to everything he says.”

Slender fingers wrap around your ankles and your legs are bent up and spread open, the heels of your feet digging into the couch edge. Palms smooth their way down from your knees, making their way to the inside of your thighs and softly massaging. You curl your hands into fists by your sides out of frustration. You weren’t going to last long with his teasing.

“Daddy,” you whine, reaching for the sides of his face to pull him closer and he smirks up at you, his eyes shining.

His lips softly push to your core, his tongue flicking out for a little taste. He hums and cleans you up on the outside before dipping his tongue between your folds, making you moan and grip at his hair. He slowly licks at you, teasing your clit with gentle sucks. You impatiently tug at his locks and whine out his name.


Your boyfriend pulls away and turns his head, nipping the inside of your thigh harshly. You sit up straight, releasing a muffled cry into your arm.

“What did you just call me?”

“I’m sorry,” you whimper, trying to pull him back to you. He pulls away and stands up.

“Turn around. On your knees.”

You flip your body without question, kneeling on the cushions and leaning over the back of the couch. You look over your shoulder and watch as Seuncheol drops back to the floor behind you, his large hands gripping your thighs.

“Spread your legs baby. Let me see your pretty pussy,” you moan and open your legs a little bit. He hums and kisses your lips sweetly, causing tingles to run up your spine. “Beautiful.”

His fingers dance up your skin, kneading into your ass roughly and giving you a light smack.

“Such a pretty view,” he murmurs.

“Daddy please,” you push yourself back, silently telling him you couldn’t take anymore.

“Daddy teasing too much?” He asks and you nod, biting your lip when only the tip of his tongue dips between your folds.

You gasp as he circles your entrance, his thumbs holding your cheeks apart. Just when you think he’ll push his tongue inside of you, he pulls away again.

You mewl, hanging your head and he chuckles behind you.

“Alright baby alright. Daddy’s done playing around.”

Finally you get what you want and you moan out loud at the feeling of his face pushing deep into your pussy. He sloppily laps at you, his fingers following his mouth and dragging through your wetness slowly. He gently pushes them inside and you keen, squirming away from him. His hand harshly grips your hip and pulls you back, delivering a sharp smack to your ass that has you yelping.

“Wait baby what was that noise you made?”

“Huh-” you cut yourself off with another yelp when he slaps your ass again, this time harder.

“Oh baby. Daddy likes that. Daddy really really likes that,” he spanks you a few more times, earning his favorite noise from your throat with each one and his cock twitches in his pants. “Alright Princess. Time for something else. Turn around and get on your knees for daddy.”

You quickly do as he says and switch places with him, kneeling on the floor in front of the couch where he was sat. He shucks his basketball shorts down to his ankles, his legs spreading wide as he gestures you forward with his finger. His hand is on the back of your head, forcing you down until your lips are pushed up against the outline of his hard cock.

“Tease daddy baby,” he whispers and you mouth at his member through his thin boxers. He watches you with hooded eyes as you lick from his base to his tip, your lips wrapping around and suckling on his head. You tongue at the wet spot of his precome and he groans, gently pushing you away. He hooks his thumbs into his waistband and pushes his boxers down to his thighs, his hand wrapping around his thick shaft and pumping a few times. You watch in a trance, your eyes glued to his dark red tip and prominent veins.

“Be a good girl for daddy Princess.”

His list filled eyes give you the okay to dart forward and take him into your mouth, swallowing him down instantly. Eagerly your head sinks lower and lower until your nose is poking into the soft hair center between his hips. You take a deep breath, sweat and Irish spring soap burning through your senses. You swallow around your boyfriends tip before dragging your head up. You pull off with a pop and grip him in your small hand, jerking him slowly.

You look up when his hand cradles your jaw, his thumb brushing over your lips; which you willingly part for him.

“Such a cute little mouth.”

His hand moves to your shoulder, you leaning back forward and enveloping his cock again. His stomach clenches when your tongue twists around his sensitive tip, his nails digging into your skin as his grip tightens. You lightly suckle on him, your tongue teasing his vein on the underside and he sharply intakes a short breath, his hips jerking up. He holds you in place, your mouth going slack as he thrusts up. Your hands brace on his knees, your throat aching while he assaults it over and over. Soon enough he’s pushing you away completely, desperately trying to catch his breath.

“Fuck,” he pants. “You’re so good with your mouth baby, daddy almost came.”

You sit patiently and wait for your next order, which was to crawl onto his lap when he pats his knees. When you straddle him though, his hands have you spinning around.

“Hold on to daddy,” he instructs and you do so, your hands gripping his thighs. He spreads your legs further apart over his hips, his knuckles running through your wetness before something more stiff does. Your boyfriends cock slides through your dripping lips, the head lining up at your entrance. Seungcheol’s hand finds your hip, gently guiding you. “Slowly.”

You push back, moaning when he pops in passed your tight rim. You easily slide down the rest of the way, your ass flush against Seungcheol’s thighs. You softly circle your hips, stretching yourself out on his thickness before lifting up and lowering back down. You admit it was a littler harder to ride him backwards, the strain on the muscles in your thighs so much tighter and burning so much more as you rose and fell again.

Your boyfriend was groaning deeply behind you, his fingertips bruising your skin with his tight grip. As the pain subsides and pleasure takes over, you’re quickening your pace and pushing back onto Seuncheol’s cock.

“Daddy has the best view baby,” you hear your boyfriend sigh. His hands smooth over the globes of your ass, holding them open to watch himself disappear into you. “You’re taking me so damn well, stretched so wide..”

“Daddy,” you moan, throwing your head back and riding him harder.

“Keep fucking yourself back onto me baby girl, doing so perfect,” he praises you, his hands lightly tapping your ass. You whimper as you roll your body on top of his, his fingers tracing patterns up and down your spine.

With your chin tucked to your chest, you do as he says, desperately bouncing on his lap until he’s grabbing at your sides. He pulls you so your back is against his chest, his hands holding you still as he starts thrusting up into you. You throw your head back onto his shoulder, moaning and clawing at his strong arms around you.

“Fuck, fuck,” you whine and grind down to meet him.

“Don’t swear baby girl,” one of his hands trails up to your mouth, his fingers deeply pushing between your lips and almost choking you. “Suck.”

You multitask between sucking and whimpering as Seungcheol’s speed picks up underneath you. Your body is rocked, his cock pushing in and out of you so good and making everything white. You come without warning, shakily intaking a sharp breath as your body tenses. Fingers are pulled from your mouth and you moan loudly while you’re fucked through your orgasm, hands spreading your legs wide. He cups under your knees and pulls your legs up to your chest, your guys’ skin slapping together loudly as his hips speed up.

“Daddy,” you shake with over sensitivity when he continues to roughly fuck up into you.

“Daddy’s about to come baby,” your boyfriend grunts. You try your best to squeeze around him and he gasps, biting into your shoulder as his cock pulses inside of you. “Shit.”

His hips jerk before he stops completely, both of your chests heaving. Panting, SeungCheol gently pulls out of you, both of you hissing at loss of contact.

“Well,” you purse your lips and just let him hold you on his lap.

He laughs, pushing kisses to your back. “I love you.”

“Love you too daddy.”


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Imagine Eliot reassuring you that he loves you

Reader wakes up after spending the night for the first time and has a mini panic about Eliot not being serious about her (cos he’s kind of a womaniser) but he reassures you that he’s really serious ~ANON

Waking up to the startlingly feeling of nothing but cold sheets beside you, you bolted upright, feeling a surge of panic and disappointment.

“Eliot?” You called out desperately, not entirely expecting a response but wishing hopelessly for one anyway. Eliot appeared in the doorway, a nighttime silhouette tucked among the shadows, and you felt so infinitely relieved.

“I-I was worried you had left me,” You whispered shakily as Eliot curled up into bed beside you.

“Now, don’t you worry about that, y/n.” Eliot hushed you, coaxing you down to the pillows. “I’m all yours.”

“You sure? There’s nobody else?”

Eliot chuckled, his eyes already beginning to flutter closed, “I’m afraid your stuck with me.”

Anon Request: The ask with the not so great parents really hit close to home. Could you also do it with Reinhardt, Junkrat, and Roadhog please?

So, this is my first attempt at Reinhardt. I hope I did his character justice, and I hope you like this, anon. If you have any questions, message me. 


• Reinhardt wouldn’t understand why any parent would treat their child in such a way, especially since they don’t seem to understand the effect their words had on you.

• He’d notice your disappointment each time you messaged them, but he didn’t know why until he asked Winston about it.

• After that, you would have to expect thousands of hugs and praises each and every day. He’d make you feel good about yourself, even if that meant spending every waking moment with you.

• Expect the grandpa to pick you up when you’re feeling bad and twirling you around until you laugh.

• This sweetheart doesn’t want you hating yourself or feeling worthless, so he’d probably confront your parents about it, knowing you wouldn’t.

• This man loves you too much to let you go around with a sad look on your face.


• I feel as if Junkrat would know how this feels. Maybe his parents were the same way or worse?

• He wouldn’t notice right away. If anything, it’ll take Roadhog saying something for him to see that you weren’t feeling great about yourself.

• When he found out why, his instinct would kick in, and he’d want to confront your parents. You’d have to convince him otherwise because he would probably take it too far.

• He would take it too far. Like, bombs in their mailboxes and all that.

• When you convince him not to go, he would curl around you and cradle you, though it may a bit awkward since he’s so tall. Like, look at those legs.

• He’d also have Roadhog bring you treats of all kinds to make you smile.


• Roadhog might not react the way you expect. If anything, he looks like he didn’t care.

• Oh, you were so wrong. He cared. Maybe too much. The next thing you know, you’re getting texts from your parents saying that two strange men in Mad Max clothing had attacked them at work.

• You’d talk to him about it, and he’d gruffly explain that no one deserves to treat you that way, especially since he loved you so much.

• He’d hold you if you wanted him, too. And that meant you resting on his belly.

• Roadhog isn’t the most affectionate, but he’d want you happy. He wants you to know how much you mean to him.

• A lot of hugs from the big guy. Maybe even a piggy back ride if you asked him nicely.

Boom Box to my Heart

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Badboy!Taehyung x reader

Word Count: 3K

Summary: Taehyung screws up and surprises you at night.

“Can you tell me what I did wrong?”

You angrily scoffed in disappointment, fisting your clothes and makeup into the purse that laid opened on top your bed. You were rushing back and forth into the bathroom as Taehyung stood there, gripping on his brown locks to watch you pack your things.

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request: x 

Today [expectedly] would be the second year in a row you’d be spending Valentine’s Day on your own. Your boyfriend Slash happened to be on tour when the couples holiday rolled around again and you were disappointed, though you knew not to expect any less. “It’s just a dumb holiday anyway..” You half-heartedly attempted to convince yourself upon waking to an empty bed this morning. 

The first person to give you a call wasn’t even your boyfriend–it was his friend Axl’s girlfriend, Erin. “Oh my god, Axl had a beautiful diamond necklace and earring set send to my door this morning!! Don’t you just love Valentine’s Day?! He’s flying me later today!” 

As much as you adored your friend, you couldn’t help but to feel down and somewhat resentful about everything she was getting today, meanwhile your boyfriend couldn’t at least wake you with a sweet phone call. “That’s great, Erin. You’ll have a great day–I’m happy for you.” Your tone was bland as you laid upside down on your couch with the red receiver to your ear, sighing under your breath to yourself. 

“Well–what’s Slashy doing for you today?” She inquired while painting a fresh coat on her long nails. “I haven’t talked to him yet–anyway, I have some errands to do, I’ll call you later,” 

“Maybe he’ll be flying you out! I talked to Mandy and Duff paid for her ticket too–keep me updated!” You hung the phone up and screamed into one of the plush decorative pillows before glaring around the room. How come the other boys are inviting their ladies and Slash hadn’t bothered to mention it to you? Is he secretly seeing somebody else? This day is unraveling to be worse than you had expected with the news of your friends flying over to be with their boyfriends, without you. 


You had showered and blow-dried your hair, styling it in loose curls before applying your makeup and picking out a cute outfit for your casual outing. With or without Slash you planned to take today into your own hands and treat yourself to a day of shopping out on the town–too bad you couldn’t invite Mandy or Erin because they were preoccupied packing for their romantic weekends. 

All dolled up, you locked your home up and headed for your car. As you got in, you peered to the passenger’s seat to see a beautiful bouquet of two dozen blood red roses. You were more than shocked, and it still didn’t click who could’ve left them there until you read the note–considering Slash was half way across the world on tour. Opening a small beige envelope, you unfolded the note tucked inside and recognized the familiar sloppy handwriting before you even got to the signed bottom. 

Hey sweetheart–I know I missed this day last year and this is my way of making it up to you. Head to West’s house and pick up the gift I sent him back with for you. Call me when you get home. I love you, Slash

It was a step up from the lonesome day you thought you’d have, but you’d much rather see him in person than pick up a gift from his pal. You were somewhat disappointed but grateful that he was making an effort, so you made your way through Los Angeles to his friend’s house. 


You parked on the street and put your sunglasses in your bag before walking up the steps to the front door. You knocked a few more times after not being responded to. “West? It’s Y/N, Slash told me to stop by?”  

A rustle in the bushes caused you to turn just as a man lunged out and wrapped his arms around your waist, making you scream bloody murder. When he let you turn all the way, you beamed at the sight of Slash’s smile and pounced on him, wrapping your limbs all around his body. “Babe! What the hell are you doing here!” You were close to tears as he chuckled and kissed your head a few times, holding you up on his hips. “I couldn’t let you spend today alone again, could I?” 

The front door finally opened and West swung it open, revealing the entire band to be in the living room, along with all of their girlfriends. “Surprise! We all came down here to get our girls.” Axl hollered over the cheering upon your arrival as you and Slash walked in hand in hand, wide smiles on every face in the room. “I thought the girls were going without me, I was pissed!” You griped, pinching Slash’s arm as he made a face at you and pulled you into his side. 

“Slash wanted us to make it seem like you were left out–because he’s a jerk like that,” Mandy admitted from her spot on Duff’s lap. You all laughed as Slash shrugged, wrapping his arms around your shoulders from behind. “We’re all flying together tonight–we’ll go back to the house and pack your shit in a few.” Slash said with an adoring smile as he leaned his head by yours. 

Everyone split up for some alone time before the flight and Slash was now driving your car as you sat in the passenger’s seat reveling appreciatively while smelling and admiring your beautiful flowers. You looked up when he unexpectedly parked outside of the mall and took your flowers from your hands, setting them gently on the back seat. “C'mon, get out,” Slash mandated as he got out and slammed his door, walking around the car to your side. You got out with a smile on your face, looking over him leaning against the door. “Why are we here? I need to pack.” Slash shook his head and took your hand in his as you began to walk. “You are packing. We’ll buy that nice travel case you’ve had your eyes on, a nice evening gown for dinner tonight, outfits to wear to the shows, some panties, whatever you need and want is yours today.” He squeezed your hand while grinning at your radiating expression. 


After hours of modeling expensive gowns and lingerie for your amazing man and him lugging all of the bags back to the car, you had neatly pressed it all into your new luggage and were now comfortably settled on the flight out of town with Slash to your right and the girls to your left.  Today you felt more special than ever, and tonight couldn’t be disappointing in any way as long as you had him by your side.

“(Not a) Daring Woman” Jungkook/You

sorry this took so long, and it ended up being pretty short >.< (it was a case of ‘this is as good as it’s gonna get’ and the fact that Daring Woman kinda bummed me out, so don’t be looking for a happy ending..sorry anon lol)

Being with Jungkook, used to be easy, like breathing. Now it’s like someone shoved a brick down your throat and is waiting for the same results.

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Imagine Dean overhearing you telling Charlie about your sex life...

“So, what’s he like?” Charlie asked.
“Dean? What do you mean? You know what he’s like.” I answered, a little confused by her question.
“No,” she giggled, “What’s the sex like? Come on, let me live vicariously through the sex lives of my friends.”
I laughed. “It’s…good. Really good.”
“Really good? That’s all the detail I get?” Charlie seemed disappointed, and I laughed again.
“It’s amazing, actually. But he’s not what I expected.”
Charlie raised an eyebrow at me. “He’s not?”
“Not in a bad way. I expected him to be good, of course, but I guess I also expected him to be a little…rough.” Charlie didn’t say anything, but was clearly enjoying listening. It was nice to have someone to talk to, so I decided to open up.
“Dean is surprisingly gentle. Really passionate too. He’s a fan of the slow build, takes his time and pays attention.”
“That’s kind of hot,” Charlie grinned.
“Completely hot,” I agreed. “He doesn’t let up until I forget my own name. But he’s always so sweet about it, too. And then there’s the cuddling.” I waited for Charlie’s reaction to that piece of information.
“Wait- the cuddling? Dean Winchester is a cuddler?”
“Absolutely!” I laughed. “It took me by surprise, too. At first I thought he was doing it because he assumed I wanted to. But I know better now. If we are in the same bed, he’s all over me. His legs and arms are tangled with mine, head buried in my neck, as close as he can get.”
“Aww, Dean loves to cuddle,” Charlie mocked in a sing-song voice. “Do you ever wish he wasn’t so sweet? Playing rough every now and then can be fun.”
“I guess I never thought about it. I mean, if he wanted to, I’d be into it. Dean could pretty much do whatever he wanted to me and I would melt into a puddle.” I could feel the truth of my words as I said them. Maybe I should talk to Dean about it.
Charlie and I moved on to other things. We laughed and talked for another couple of hours before deciding that we should get some sleep. I undressed in the bathroom, washing my face quickly and putting on one of Dean’s old t-shirts, not bothering with shorts or sweatpants. I crossed the hall into the room I shared with Dean, expecting to find him asleep.
Instead, as soon as I closed the door behind me, I was pressed up against it, Dean’s hands gripping my waist.
“So you think I’m too gentle?” he growled in my ear.
My stomach fluttered with nerves. “You heard us?” Dean just nodded, a dangerous gleam in his eyes.
“Dean, I never said that I wanted- I mean, I didn’t say that I didn’t like…” My voice trailed off as his tongue found my earlobe and he began sucking. His fingers dug into my hips, underneath the shirt so he could feel my skin.
“I know. I heard what you said. If you wanted to try it rough, all you had to do was ask. I’m more than happy to oblige.”
I moaned at his words and the warmth they created inside of me. Dean leaned back and pulled a neck tie from the back pocket of his worn jeans. He pulled my hands together in front of me and grabbed both of my wrists in one hand. He made to tie my hands together, pausing before tying the knot.
“You sure about this?”
“Oh, yes. I’m sure.” My voice was low and needy.
“If it’s too much, just tell me.”
I nodded and held my hands out to him. He grinned at me and kissed me quickly.
Then, as he tied my wrists with his tie, his whole demeanor changed. He quit smiling, stood straighter, and his face seemed harder. I couldn’t help the electric current running through me.
Damn, he was hot like this. I was suddenly very glad that Dean had eavesdropped.

Lost Control [ft. Rap Monster]

OMG!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever received  like IRGNVEURGOIRENHGOIRNGIRIREOG. lol

WARNING!: Might content some sexy stuff since this girl right here aka me - misread ‘don’t do anything more dirty’ as  ‘do anything more dirty’.

Just saying.


sexual tension;

the tension felt between two people who want to do something sexual together but hold back.

Waking up from your nap, you turned to your right, half-expecting to see a sleeping Namjoon. But to your disappointment your boyfriend was nowhere to be seen. Glancing at the clock on the wall, you sighed heavily  before unwillingly got out of bed. You went to the wardrobe, in search for something more comfortable to wear since you were still having the pair of skinny jeans and your favorite shirt you had on yesterday.

You must have been really tired by the fact that you could actually go to sleep wearing such uncomfortable clothes.

You began to change into an oversized shirt that was just big enough to cover your bum. You didn’t exactly mind wearing relieving clothes in front of Namjoon since you guys had been dating for over two years by now. Even though you had never done anything more than making out before, you trusted him enough to know that unlike other guys, Namjoon knew how to control his hormones.

Or so you thought.

After doing your morning-routine, which included brushing your teeth and trying to brush that bird’s nest-lookalike-hair of yours. You tip-toed into the kitchen where Namjoon was standing, obviously cooking your lunch. When you were close enough to reach him, you threw your arms around his waist and pulled him into a back hug.

“Oh my- Yah!” He yelled. “I almost got my fingers chopped off because of you!”

His yelling made you hug him even tighter as you giggled like a little child. You tried to hide it by pressing your face against his spine. Amused by your cute action, Namjoon turned around to face you but soon enough, the smile on his face dropped as his eyes scanned over your beautiful body.

Everyone with senses would be able to feel the heavy sexual tension that only increased between the couple as seconds passed by. Gulping nervously, you noticed how his eyes lingered at your smooth-looking legs before they darkened with lust.


Saying that he caught you off guard would be an understatement. You were cut off by his lips slamming against yours with so much force that you were almost scared that it’d leave a bruise when this was over. You gave out a small whimper as you felt his hands on each side of your waist, pulling you up. You quickly wrapped your legs around his waist for support as he skillfully carried your towards the couch in your living room without breaking the steamy kiss even once. Namjoon sat down on the couch, causing you to end up on his laps, your legs were now wrapped around his hips.

The kiss deepened as you felt the tip of his tongue graze your bottom lip tenderly before prying it open. Nothing could possibly compare to what you were feeling right now. The softness of his tongue against yours made you moan loudly and your heart to race inhumanly fast.

Fuck, you don’t know how addicting this is, ____. How addicting you are. You’re driving me insane.” Namjoon mumbled against your lips before going back to kiss you again.

This time, your boyfriend couldn’t seem to stop himself from placing his hands under your fine ass and give it a handful squeeze, causing you jump in surprise. You pulled back from the kiss before punching his chest lightly and glared at him. But your adorable attempt to scare him only made him even more amused. Still blushing furiously, you felt his arms wrapped around your waist and your body being pulled against his until there were absolutely no place left between you guys. His lips started to attack the skin of your neck He began to place wet kisses all over it, you could feel his tongue here and there and then his teeth that left marks all over your skin.

“I love you so fucking much.” You heard him whisper against your neck.

“St-Stop cursing.” You half-moaned, half-scolded him.

He chuckled. “Yes, ma’m.”

All of a sudden, you felt the roughness of his hands against your bare back before they slowly went up towards the hook of your bra. Still dizzy from the kiss, you didn’t protest when he unhooked it and threw  the bra away.

“Oppa, you know I don-”

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. I won’t do that, ____.” He whispered softly. “Yet.”

His cute yet sexual words made you blush madly before getting attacked by his plump lips again. You couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous as his hands traveled upwards and were now dangerously close to your chest area.

So close…


The sound of the fire alarm cause both of you to jump away from each other. You almost fell onto the ground if it wasn’t for Namjoon being just in time to catch you.

“I spent almost two hours on that kimchi-stew.” You watched him whine childishly, the way he acted now made you wonder if this was really the guy who just promised to make love to you in the future. “It’s all your fault!”

“How is this my fault?! You were the one intending that kiss, you dumbass!”

“Well, if you hadn’t looked so fuckable then I wouldn’t have lost control.”

Seconds passed by before you couldn’t hold it in anymore and bursted out laughing. “Fuckable? Is that even a word?”

“Of course it is!” He gritted out before pulling you to him and kissed your lips rather roughly.

Touching your lips, you glared at him. “What was that for?! You hurt my lips!”

“A punishing kiss, of course.” He winked playfully at you.

That guy got some nerve, huh?


[Writer’s Note]: *covers face* that was so embarrassing to write, LMAO I have never blushed so much in my life like I did when writing this. That’s also why I can’t write smut. I’m jsut too awkward lol

But I still  hope you guys liked it, I tried my best and I hope anon is happy :)

The gif is not mine. Credits to the rightful owner.

imagine malec after 1x04

Alec sighed, rubbing his temples. After freaking out and embarassing himself in front of the people he loves the most, he just wanted to crawl in a hole and never come back. He just couldn’t believe what happened. He blames himself, even though it wasn’t his fault. He just wasn’t ready yet.

“Alec, please,” The warlock sighed and Alec’s head shot up, not being aware of his presence before. “Stop putting this weight on your shoulders. It’s not your fault you love someone.”

“Excuse me?”

“Really?” Magnus sat on the couch after getting a cup of whatever drink he had, and Alec was amused at how much he was a party guy but still looked so… elegant. “You actually think I didn’t know?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He looked down, expecting Magnus to just drop it.

“I’m not an idiot, Alec. A little disappointed, I might add, but not an idiot.”

Alec blushed, not wanting to make eye contact.

“When are you going to realize that Jasper kid doesn’t deserve you?” He took a sip of his cup, watching the shadowhunter curiously.

“It’s Jace.” Alec muttered.

“Whatever.” Magnus approached the boy carefully. “You deserve better.” He whispered and Alec gulped.

Magnus grinned, loving the effect he had on him.

“When you’re done with your high school crush, come look for me.”

“I don’t-”

“Goodnight, Alexander.”

The Valentine’s Day Series.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we brought you a scenario for each boy. Let’s celebrate the love with our lovely BTS cuties.

Jin: A Love Like This. Seokjin used this chance to remember you when you chose to spend the rest of your life with him.

Yoongi: Love Me Tender. Yoongi will never let his girl be disappointed on him.

Hoseok: Give me Love. Hoseok just wants to make you feel loved.

Namjoon: A Valentine’s Gift. Namjoon and you find each other Valentine’s gifts, not in the way you expected it.

Jimin: Love Me Like You Do. Jimin and you have a Valentine’s Day photoshoot, kiss shot included.

Taehyung: Strawberry Kiss. Taehyung is determinate to please you.

Jungkook: This Love. Jungkook gives you three options to spend Valentine’s Day.

We hope you all enjoy these scenarios! Don’t forget to go and check out the blog, we are back lovelies <3 <3 Love you all!

xoxo admin Mars and admin Em.

Boxed Wine (Michael Clifford)

(I’ve been having major Mikey feels for the past few days so expect one more )

“Please,” you heard him beg. A sigh left your lips as you stared down at the phone that was sitting on your desk.

“I don’t know” you mumbled “I have a few songs I need to finish, and I have a meeting this week” you added “You really caught me at a bad week” you frowned. Hearing as he mumbled into the phone you raised your eyebrow

“I’m only in town for a few days” he sighed you could hear the disappointment in his voice “You know before I leave for Australia” he added. Running your fingers through your hair you closed your eyes. As much as you wanted to see him you did have a busy week ahead of you

“Only for a few hours, I need to finish these songs” you replied. You heard as he giggled into the phone.

“You won’t regret it” was the last thing he said before the line went dead. Rolling your eyes you continued to work.

Running your fingers through your hair you heard your phone ringing. Ignoring the call you slipped on a pair of shorts and a plain t-shirt.

“I’m coming” you groaned into the phone hearing him giggle in the other line “I just needed to change I’m on my way,” you said.

You made your way up to the gate and clicked on his apartment number. Hearing the door buzzing you quickly pulled the gate open and made your way down the sidewalk. Walking towards the last building you went around the corner and knocked on the door.

“You’re here” he squealed as he wrapped his arms around you. Giggling you wrapped your arms around him quickly before stepping inside his apartment.

“Whats the plan,” you asked as you placed your purse on the table.

“I thought we could just chill here” he shrugged, nodding you smiled at him and made your way towards the couch “How was work,” he asked as he joined you on the couch

“Eh, its a normal Tuesday” you replied shrugging slightly and looking up at him “How was the tour,” you asked. You couldn’t help but smile when his smile grew. He turned slightly towards you and started explaining everything that happened. 

You could feel a warm feeling inside as he spoke, your heart jumped for joy as you heard him talking about his fans. Everything he told you took your breath, actually, he was the one who took your breath away. You love hearing his tour stories, you can see how happy he is being on stage and how happy he is doing what he does.

Looking over you watched as he tilted his head back laughing at one of your lame dad jokes. His lips parted as the giggle escaped from his lips. The coffee mug held tightly in his hands. Looking down into your cup you noticed the red liquid was about halfway over. Swirling it a little you heard as he chuckled nervously. Looking over at him you raised your eyebrow

“Sorry” he mumbled a little blush creeping up on his cheeks

“For what,” you asked before taking a little sip from the cup

“Not having those fancy wine cups” he added with a small chuckle, shaking your head you handed him the cup over and motioned towards the boxed wine that was sitting on the counter.

“I like the coffee mugs” you giggled as you grabbed the green mug from his hands. He laughed and shook his head as he poured himself more.

“Also sorry I don’t have the bottled wine” he added. Smiling you winked at him and took another sip.

“Michael you don’t need fancy stuff” you replied shrugging “Boxed wine is pretty good” you added with a smile. “I don’t hang out with you because you have fancy stuff. I hang out with you because I like you” you giggled. He smiled at you shyly and nodded his head scratching the back of his head. Scooting across the kitchen floor you sat down next to him. Laying your head on his shoulder you sighed and played softly with the mug in your hands. Closing your eyes as you felt his lips on the top of your head.

“I leave on Friday” he whispered, nodding slightly you slipped your leg slightly over his. You watched as his smile grew, his green eyes focused on your leg.

“When will you come back,” you asked looking up at him, he turned towards you and smiled

“You want me to come back” he whispered. Giggling you nodded your head quickly

“Of course, I do Mikey, I go crazy without you here. When you leave for the tour its hell, I mean I’m glad you’re going home your mom will be very happy but I miss you so much” you replied leaning back against the wall. Staring down at the white tile floor. You could feel his beautiful green eyes on you the whole time. Looking down at the mug you frowned noticing it was empty. Sitting up slightly you reached over him and grabbed the box from the counter. A giggled left your lips as you set it on the floor. Looking up at the clock that sat on the wall, you quickly sat up.

“Holy shit Michael it 9,” you said as you gripped the counter wobbling a bit. “I need to get home,” you said as you made your way towards the table to find your purse.

“Whoa hold on there,” he said as he made his way towards you. Grabbing your wrist he stood in front of you. He was a bit blurry to you, you could see him smiling down at you. “Why dont you stay the night,” he asked as he rubbed the back of his head “There’s no way you’re driving home and I cant drive you” he chuckled a bit “I had a few too”.

Watching him go through his suitcase he finally pulled out a black blink 182 shirt. Holding it out to you with a small smile on his face

“Just tonight” he whispered to you, nodding your head you turned around and headed down the hallway towards the bathroom to change into the shirt. Looking in the mirror you tugged gently on the shirt, your hair was messy from leaning against the wall, your cheeks red from the alcohol. Slight mascara streaks down your cheeks from laughing and tears rolling down your cheeks. Running your fingers through your hair a bit so it wouldnt be too tangle, you ran your hand slightly over your cheeks to get rid of the little gray streaks. Taking a deep breath you stepped out of the bathroom and made your way towards the living room. He sat on the couch, his feet up on the small coffee table, his arms crossed over his chest as he focused on the screen in front of him.

Michaels P.O.V

She tilted her head back and laughed. Her laugh was music to my ear, she gasped for air a bit before he wiped the small tears that rolled down from her cheeks. Her eyes focused on me as she took another sip from the wine.

“I mean Calum is really handsome” she giggled, smiling I nodded my head before taking another sip from the wine. Her hair was messy but yet she is still the most beautiful person I’ve laid my eyes on. The simple fact that she sits on my kitchen flood drinking boxed wine from coffee mugs with me. She fangirls over my bandmates and doesnt find it weird that I join in with her. She smiled down at the coffee mug in her hands. Both of her hands wrapped around the ceramic cup.

“I promise I’ll get actual wine cups” I laughed, she shook her head and looked over at me. Her stare sending shivers down my back, it made my heart beat faster.

“This is perfect” she replied “It wouldnt be the same without the coffee mugs” she giggled a bit. She bit down on her bottom lip and looked over at me again. “I like this” she smiled as she scoot over towards me, she slid along the white tiles and sat a bit closer to me.

“You just cleaned my floor” I smiled over at her, watching as she laughed before looking over at the floor

“You’re welcome” she giggled.

She leaned her head on my shoulder, her lips slightly parted, tiny snores leaving her lips. Her small hand in mine, our fingers tangled together as she held them on her lap.

“Lets get you to bed” I whispered, she shook her head and moved a bit, her eyes barely opened she focused them on the TV.

“I’m awake” she replied, laughing I shook my head and pressed my lips to the side of her head.

“Sure you are” I laughed watching as her eyes closed again, moving slightly I stood up and made my way towards the bedroom grabbing the blanket. Sitting back down I moved her a bit and slipped my leg behind her. She cuddled to my chest, her hand gripping my t-shirt as I drapped the blanket over the both of us. “Goodnight” I whispered looking down at her, her head nuzzled into the crook of my neck. Wrapping my arms around her tightly I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.


You had to admit - you were a little disappointed. When you woke up this morning, you were expecting a loud ‘happy birthday!’ from the boys, so naturally, you were confused when you walked downstairs to see them acting as if it was just another day. 

You waited the entire day, constantly checking your text messages, your emails to see if you had gotten any texts. A part of you hoped they were going to throw a surprise party or something, but it was nearly 10 at night - there was no way in hell they’d throw a party at this hour. (Not Harry, anyway. He was like an old man, always falling at sleep before 9.) Maybe this was your fault? You shouldn’t have automatically assumed the boys would throw a party. They were busy doing their own thing. 

“Happy birthday to me.” You breathed out, slamming the car door shut as you made your way towards the front door, keys jingling in your hand. Even if they weren’t going to celebrate with you, it would have been nice to hear one ‘happy birthday’. You tried texting them earlier, asking if they wanted you to bring something home for dinner, but none of them responded. They were in the middle of their break, obviously they didn’t want to stay cooped up at home with you! 

As you pushed the door open, you were immediately greeted with the sound of cheers, your face assaulted with glitter and confetti. 

“What the-” 

“Happy birthday, Y/N!” A smile spread out on your face as you saw the boys standing by the door, clutching a clearly homemade birthday cake. 

“What’s happening? I thought you all forgot..” 

“Forgot? Why would you even think that, silly?” Harry laughed lightly, pulling you in as he pressed a kiss to your head. “Sorry for not texting you back, by the way - we were figuring out how to bake the cake. We had asked your mum for your favourite cake recipe - and it’s pretty complicated..” 

“We made dinner and everyt’ing! We’re piggin’ out tonight!” Niall cheered, helping you take your coat off as he led you over to the dining room table, where there was an array of your favourite kinds of food. 

“Louis almost burned the mac n’ cheese but I saved it just in time.” Liam smiled, grinning as you gave each of them a tight hug. 

“Aw, you guys are the best..” 

“We know.” 


gifs aren’t mine!


“Honestly Pietro, what did you expect?” you said, your voice filled with disappointment. “That you could walk in here with a big smile, hoping that it would wipe everything away? You’ve been gone for seven years. I’ve been worrying for seven years. You were just gone and I never knew what happened to you.”

Pietro stepped towards you.

“Listen (y/n), I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, and you have to know I didn’t have a choice. During these past years, I haven’t stopped thinking about you. And I know that you are angry at me, but I’m hoping you might forgive me”. He waited a second before adding: “I really… don’t want to lose you.”

You starred at him for a couple of seconds, still feeling mad, but also incredibly glad to finally see him after all this time. You finally opened your arms with a little smile.

“It’s okay. I forgive you. Come here." 


You were captured by Grounders and Bellamy goes after you he fights his hardest and does his best, only to find out that the love of his life was dead. 

 “Bellamy did you find her-” Octavia quickly shut up when she saw your motionless body lying on the cold stone ground of the cave, that the grounders were holding you in. Bellamy was standing over your body all bloody and bruised from fighting many Grounders to get you, but when he found you, he was expecting you to jump into his arms, kissing and squeezing him with love. He was sadly disappointed when he found the love of his life’s body lifeless on a cave floor. He had let a single tear fall before, he punched the cave wall in anger, but soon fell to his knees, the pain in his heart overwhelming him.

 “I fought so hard. I gave everything for you. YOU GAVE UP ON ME!”  He started with a whisper, but then began to scream at you as if you were listening. Octavia quickly ran to her brothers side and tried to comfort, but was pushed away.

 “Bell she’s in a better place.” She tried to reassure her brother, but he was too broken to be comforted. You had promised him that this earth wouldn’t tear you two apart, but that’s exactly what it did. It took you away, but left your love to suffer the agony of losing you.


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 1,510

Warnings: Swearing, Angst

Requests: Badass Reader

A/n: Inspired by one of my favorite Halsey songs. Also left open for continuation.

Song: Hold Me Down - Halsey


The first time you’d stepped into your apartment in months and you were greeted by dust on virtually every surface and a sad amount of disappointment, the latter not something you’d been expecting to feel so strongly, all that gloom and doom and bitterness at the life you used to lead. With a shrug, you tossed your bag in a chair by the door and dropped your keys on the counter, reaching beside the coffee pot to press a button on your answering machine and listening to the automated voice recording as you went to grab yourself a cold bottle of beer from the fridge.

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I thought I’d just apologise in advance.

I will hurt you, but trust me,
It’s the last thing I would ever want to do.
I’m gonna be so damn selfish
That you’ll want to keep separate rooms
So you can breathe your own air
And not worry about stealing mine.

I don’t know if I will ask for much.
Yet, I don’t know if I will ever stop asking
For everything.
I won’t expect much from you,
But you might disappoint me
I will disappoint you.
There’s no argument about that.

Please, don’t get angry
If I have to keep asking you why
You even bothered looking at me that day
Or damn, why you even strained your
Gorgeous lips
Talking to me.
Don’t get angry if I need to keep asking you
If you love me.

I thought I’d let you know I love you
Even if you don’t exist. 
Even if you are just a fragment of my imagination
Or an embodiment of my hope
That loneliness is not a chronic condition
My hope
Embedded in my stupid teen thoughts. 

I thought I’d let you know I hate you
So damn much. 
You’ll probably ruin me
And mend me at the same time.
I’ll probably scream at you;
I’ll cry, I say “You’re killing me”
But I wont tell you that
Feeling your heartbeat
Will sometimes remind me
That I am alive. 
You’ll keep me alive. 

You’ll keep me awake
I’ll keep you awake. 
You’re going to have to listen
To a lot of my favourite songs
And bear my singing voice
You’re going to have to dance with me
On Friday nights
Or Sunday mornings
Because that’s part of the contract. 

You’re going to have to give me time 
To write corny poems about you
And never let you read them
Because I write poems
So that I can tell you I love you
Without telling you I love you.

Sorry if I don’t keep you entertained twenty-four seven.
And I’m sorry if you get bored of me. 

Please, don’t ever get bored of me.