if your skin tone matches this sign

The signs as things the football team did at the varsity volleyball matches
  • Aries: one of them shouted "Annika your shoe's untied" in the middle of a set. It was not.
  • Taurus: a surprisingly loud pterodactyl screech during a rally
  • Gemini: all aggressively stomping and clapping the rhythm to "We will rock you" only slowly increasing the speed
  • Cancer: all wore shirts that said "We ♡ Our Volleyball Girls" with the heart drawn in a color resembling their skin tone. One person chose to cut a hole in his shirt in the shape of a heart.
  • Leo: in monotone voices, in unison, saying "no" whenever the opposing team touched the ball and "yes" whenever our team touched it
  • Virgo: dabbing
  • Libra: one caught one of the fist-sized volleyball toys being tossed out, and some attempted to play volleyball with it after the match
  • Scorpio: one picked up a garbage can in the aisle and held it above his head while cheering
  • Opiuchus: the whole group singing a few lines from "All the single ladies"
  • Sagittarius: all doing an aggressive cheer and movement on the bleachers. One fell off and caught himself using a cheerleader
  • Capricorn: all showed up in all purple when the theme was white. The theme that night may as well have been purple.
  • Aquarius: group ominously chanting "Twinkle twinkle little star" whenever the opposing side was up to serve
  • Pisces: after the match, one person attempted to spike a volleyball, unfortunately his pants fell down while he tried

concept: hospitals start programs where trans men and women can sign up to be operated on at the same time and have their genitals and sex organs directly swapped with appropriate matches. oh whats that, youre about my skin tone and youre also looking to have srs? would you be interested in a trade: my baby bag and organic milk lumps for your crotch cylinder