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Laps and Naps

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Pairing: Sebastian Stan x female!Reader - Cast x female!Reader

Request: So my idea was a fic with seb and reader on the set of Infinity War. Reader likes taking naps on the casts laps, and after a while seb notices that she’s never napped on his lap and gets a bit jealous. A few cast members notice his crush on the reader and one day reader finds seb and the rest of the cast sitting together and goes straight for his lap. The whole cast looks up in awe and snap multiple pictures and seb is all flustered and blushy. You can change it up if it didn’t make sense lol ☺️ (-anon)

Warnings: none, really!! just pretty fluffy stuff

Word Count: 1.2K

A/N: it’s been such a weird week, and i really hope today will be good. but i’ve been havin’ a pretty bad mental-problems sort of day streak, so any memes sent to me are and will be greatly appreciated !!

“Y/N,” a distant, low voice sneaks through your sleepy mind. “C’mon, Y/N, I have to be in the suit in five minutes.”

The groggy veil of sleep slowly lifts off of your as you begin to wake-up. You could feel a heavy hand beginning to gently shake your shoulder.

“But I was so comfy,” your tired voice grumbles.

“I know,” Chris’s soothing voice drifts through the room. “But you’ve been sleeping on me for almost an hour, and I really have to get ready.”

Fine,” you groan, lazily pushing yourself up into a sitting position, snuggling into the corner of the couch as you pry open your heavy eyelids. “But you should know, that was a good nap.”

You blink away the sleep from your vision and look around the room, your gaze locking on Anthony.

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overwatch starters

 i play to win.  
❝  this is my curse. ❞ 
❝  wait for me! ❞ 
❝  your mother would’ve been proud of you. ❞
❝  let us hope for a different outcome. ❞ 
❝  sorry it’s such a mess in here. i-i wasn’t expecting company. ❞
❝  this is going to make you feel better. ❞
❝  the true enemy of humanity is disorder. ❞ 
❝  a steady blade balances the soul. ❞ 
❝  this is just like old times. ❞ 
❝  even here i feel an outcast. ❞ 
❝  think you can do my job, do you… ❞
❝  all eyes on me! ❞ 
❝  ooh, this is my jam. ❞
❝  got your aim from your mom, i see. ❞
❝  i’ll feast on your soul. ❞ 
❝  cheers, love! the cavalry’s here! ❞ 
❝   our paths cross for now. as to the future, we shall see. ❞ 
❝   we could’ve built an empire together. ❞ 
❝   ah. just setting foot here sets my soul at ease. ❞ 
❝  this time, stay down. ❞ 
❝  can i get your autograph? ❞
❝  why are you so angry? ❞
❝  ever get that feeling of déjà vu? ❞ 
❝  i am a different man now. i am whole. ❞ 
❝  over my dead body. ❞ 
❝   i’m on top of the world! ❞
❝  i’m patched up. ❞ 
❝  kids today with techno music. you should enjoy the classics, like hasselhoff. ❞
❝   what’s wrong? don’t you recognize me? ❞ 
❝   aren’t you warm wearing all that? ❞ 
❝  can’t stop, won’t stop. ❞
❝  i’ll race ya! ❞
❝   mock death at your own peril. ❞ 
❝  this time, i will finish the job. ❞ 
❝  death is an illusion. ❞
❝  look at this team! we’re gonna do great. ❞
❝  i am beyond redemption. ❞
❝   it looks like we will be working together. ❞ 
❝   you’ve rescued me again. ❞ 
❝  i will not be defeated so easily. ❞
❝  treasure? s-sure, i don’t know anything you’re talking about. ❞ 
❝  so this is what has become of you? a pity.❞
❝  you’re so amazing! you inspire me. ❞ 
❝  i miss him greatly. ❞ 
❝  there is nowhere to hide. ❞ 
❝  whatcha’ lookin’ at? ❞ 
❝  woo, nothing’s gonna stop me. ❞
❝  that was your dream, not mine. ❞ 
❝  what you call freedom is an illusion that causes more harm than good. ❞ 
❝  hehe, there’s something on your dress.. ❞ 
❝  you have been judged! ❞
❝   i have the upper hand this time. ❞ 
❝  traitor! ❞
❝  you will never amount to anything! ❞
❝  i’ve got my eye on you. ❞
❝  lot of memories of this place. they weren’t all bad. ❞
❝  the heart of a man still beats inside of me. ❞ 
❝  stay out of trouble. ❞
❝  step into my parlor said the spider to the fly. ❞
❝  one shot, one kill. ❞
❝  don’t think i’m happy about that. ❞ 
❝  now this place? makes me wanna be an atheist. ❞
❝  our world is worth fighting for. ❞
❝  you haven’t aged a day. what’s your secret? ❞
❝  ooooh, shiny! ❞
❝  oh, did that sting? ❞
❝  heroes never die. ❞
❝  where does it hurt? ❞
❝  you’re just a no-good bully. ❞
❝  i’m a one-man apocalypse. ❞
❝  you should look somewhere else. ❞
❝  you said you would arm wrestle me. nervous? ❞
❝  i learned that from my brother. ❞ 
❝  i hope nobody saw that. ❞
❝  on a scale of one to ten, how is your pain? ❞
❝  i’m not a miracle worker. well… not always. ❞
❝  this was once my home. no longer. ❞
❝  sorry! sorry, i’m sorry. sorry. ❞
❝  i remember being here. it was good for my tan. ❞
❝  wish i’d practice my japanese more, konichiwa! ❞
❝  you need a time out. ❞ 
❝  you might not want to tell your friends about that. ❞
❝  guess we know who’s really on top, don’t we? ❞
❝  with every death, comes honor. with honor, redemption. ❞
❝  a punishment for your crimes. ❞ 
❝  i will be on my best behaviour. ❞
❝  you think there’s something worth stealing in that temple? ❞
❝  people should be free. ❞ 
❝  you were never my equal. ❞
❝  death walks among you. ❞ 
❝   last i checked, i didn’t ask for your opinion. ❞ 
❝   you can’t be serious. ❞ 
❝   they’re back. ❞ 
❝   armor? how positively primitive. ❞
❝   now this is my kinda city, everyone’s free to live as they choose. ❞
❝   you need a time out. ❞ 
❝   die! die! die! ❞ 
❝   to think i would have to work with a street ruffian. ❞ 
❝   death comes. ❞ 
❝   one of these days someone is gonna to put an end to you. ❞ 
❝   that which doesn’t kill you…makes you stronger.. ❞
❝   well. you sure take to this bad guy thing easily, don’t ya? ❞
❝   aren’t you supposed to be dead? ❞
❝  i’ll tell you my secret if you give me your coat. ❞
❝   sleep. ❞
❝  never liked you much. ❞
❝  never leave a teammate behind. ❞
❝  together we are strong. ❞
❝  you won’t get rid of me that easily. ❞
❝  i don’t even think children are afraid of you. ❞
❝  i taught you everything you know. ❞
❝  it’s hard to just sit around knowing there’s someone out there that needs to be blown up. ❞
❝  i’ll put an end to your sad story. ❞
❝  you havin’ trouble keeping up? ❞
❝  i have destroyed more of your kind than i can count. ❞
❝ it’s a perfect day for some mayhem. ❞
❝  we’re all soldiers now. ❞
❝  give me your best shot. ❞
❝   you knew exactly what were you doing. ❞
❝   knock me down, and i’ll keep getting back up. ❞
❝   you always did have a high opinion of yourself. ❞
❝   i’m not a young man anymore. ❞
❝  still trying to play hero? ❞
❝  i sometimes wonder if your height is why you’re always in such a bad mood. ❞
❝  this is no place for children. ❞
❝  the world could always use more heroes. ❞
❝  looked in a mirror lately? ❞
❝  Me one, bad guys zero. ❞
❝  i’m gonna have to shoot you down. ❞
❝  this old dog has learned a few tricks. ❞
❝  another one off the list. ❞
❝  i love your glasses, so cute! ❞
❝  if at first you don’t succeed…blow it up again! ❞
❝  that’s for my family back home! ❞
❝  i’ve got you in my sights. ❞
❝  i’m the one who does his job. i’m thinking… you’re the other one. ❞
❝   you weren’t given those guns to toss them away like trash. ❞
❝   i will protect the innocent. ❞ 

having a mental illness is so wild bc like some days u just wake up like ‘oh hey look at that my body doesn’t belong to me again, let’s just… ignore that and hope it goes away lmao’ or spend days feeling every little thing like your emotional intensity’s been dialled up to eleven and then feel absolutely nothing for days or have a full on emotional crisis and want to die but you can’t feel any severity in the situation bc that’s just how things always are?? basically what i’m tryna say is it’s scary as hell and i sure as hell did not sign up for this

calculate your mentally ill college student score

each absence from a class counts as 1 point*

*(bonuses: absences caused by sleeping in are 2 pts if the class starts before noon, 4 pts if it starts at 12 or later)

all nighters (24h or more) are worth 5 pts and have a 2x multiplier for each additional 12hrs you stay awake after that

showing up to class drunk gets u 3 pts each occurrence

getting drunk in class by sneaking alcohol in a water bottle is 5 pts

every concerned email from a professor is 5 pts*
*(bonuses: if they express their concern face to face its 7 pts, if they mention ‘getting help’ its 10 pts)

GOBLIN BOOST: your longest record for days spent without going outside, squared.

feel free to add on

lunarbeat27  asked:

Okay, so i absolutely love your art and not many people draw star trek anymore and im obsessed with bones (always a childhood crush and AOS got me back into him) haha but dont stop! Your so talented and no matter how much im havin a bad day your art makes me squel haha so thank you

I am so glad to hear that! If you are having a bad day right now, have a little AOS bones, worried about you when you came to sick bay ill c: (he secretly has a crush on you whoops)

Niall Horan - “Sweet Dreams”

I’m not too sure about this but.. I feel like it’s still cute and who doesn’t love Niall with kids?? Enjoy! Feedback is always appreciated!

You had been working on your laptop, a glass of wine resting beside it as you focused on the page before you. You’d put your 4 year old daughter to bed hours ago, cleaned up from dinner, did some laundry, now it was time to do a little bit of work until you decided to call it a night yourself. 

When your husband was away on tour you usually put off going to bed for as long as possible. The large bed was always so cold and empty without his tall body wrapped around yours and the room was always far too quiet without his snores in your ear. So you always took to staying up late and getting up early just to make the time you had to be in bed alone as short as possible. 

Your phone buzzed with a text message and you smile as you go about reading the long message Niall sent you, having just gotten off stage, and telling you all about the show. You hadn’t heard the small footsteps, the quiet sniffles or the quiet whisper of ‘mommy’ until there was a tiny hand on your arm. 

You jump a bit but then calm when you see it’s just your daughter beside you, her cheeks wet with tears and her small lip jutted out in a pout. You took in how she was clutching at the small teddy bear Niall had gotten her on tour a two years ago that she never parted with while he was away, and how her blue eyes that matched her fathers perfectly, were still filled with tears. 

“What’sa matter, love?” You question her, putting down your phone and reach out to pull her up and into your lap. She curls into your chest and begins to suck on her thump a bit. “Bad dream?” You question, brushing her brown hair from her face. She gives a nod and you sigh, kissing at her forehead. “It’s alright, momma’s got ya.” You reach for your phone as you sway her back and forth a bit, typing out a quick text to Niall. ‘facetime? lil bub had a nightmare’ almost as soon as the message sent your phone began to ring with a facetime call. “Look, now daddy is here too.” You tell your daughter as you answer. 

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Dating Roman Reigns would include:

× He was shocked the first time he saw you.
× “damn uce, who’s dat girl?”
× “i guess she’s (y/n) dude, she’s new”
× Him being very quiet whenever you’re around
× asking yourself if maybe he hates you
× Dean and Seth would tease him relentlessly
× like “well, (y/n) isn’t Roman just the greatest?”
× “oh, shut up, Dean”
× “Reigns, guess who is training right now?”
× “oh, be quiet Rollins… where is she?”
× He didn’t realize that you were flirting with him.
× You saying stupid things everytime he’s around.
× “so… why you hair is so amazing? I mean, mine looks like a rag”
× You being tired about him being so shy
× He being scolded by Dean, Seth and his cousins for being so stupid.
× While both are training, he asking you if you want to go out on a date.
× Havin’ a lot in common
× Once you started dating, he’d become so comfortable with you.
× He’d want to hear all about your day.
× I mean, like every.single.detail
× when you had a bad day, he’d stop whatever he was doing and bring you so much chocolate and cuddle with you
× Him being the big spoon like all the time
× “c'mon babe, just today I want to be the big spoon”
× “but you are so small princess, it’s gonna look so weird”
× Sex when you win your fights
× Sex when he win his fights
× Sex every fuckin’ time
× “you know you’re daddys girl, right princess?”
× Him being worried everytime when you had rough sex
× “It’s everything right, love” “Yes Ro, I’m ok” “Ok… are u sure”
× You’re his rock afted that shitty crowds.
× “You know and I know that you are amazin’ Roman, just let them talk”
× He fallin’ more and more in love with you
× Think about starting a family with you everytime he sees you with a baby.
× Him being super cute
× “you know that you are the most beautiful girl in the world, right”
× And he always makes you blush
× He LOVE IT everytime you wear his shirt
× “oh babe, you look so hot”
× Him being so cocky
× “what did I do to have somebody like you in my life”
× “oh, I know that im amazin, (y/n), you’re so lucky”
× “…you know that im the lucky one, right? so… will you marry me, babygirl?”

I hope you all have a great day today. Here are some tips from me cause these things make me happy.

Pet a dog
Tell someone you love them
Eat a good sandwich
Treat yourself
Make a new friend
Wink at a cat
Get a popsicle
Eat an apple
Hang out with friends
Or stay home and take time for yourself
Look up a picture of a lizard (they cute)
Tell someone you appreciate them
Go outside, hear the birds
Make yourself some iced tea
Eat a fruit
Eat a vegetable
Tell a joke
Message someone you havent talked to in a while
Sniff a flower (careful with bees tho)
If you see a bee in the flower, don’t kill it, save the bees 2017
Listen to your fav song
Listen to new music idk find something new
Listen to classical music
Take a nap
Put on sunscreen
Ride a bike
Try skateboarding (it hard but go for it)
Put on a helmet and safety pads please
Look both ways before crossing the road
Doodle something
Paint on your wall
Express yourself
Play with a kid
Smile at a baby
Look for lizards while outside
Appreciate nature
Use a face mask
Put on lotion
Buy a nice smelling body wash
Eat sushi
Look at the stars
Fly a kite
Get a glowstick
Blow a balloon
Sit down
Take a break
Use your glasses instead of contacts today (or vice versa)
Put your hair down
Or put your hair up
Do your makeup if that’s your thing
Put on that fuckin highlighter and be a glazed donut for a day.
Don’t put other people down
Stand up for yourself
Stand up for others
Find an old song that gives you good memories
Be nice to a kid (don’t be THAT person)
Try to be understanding
Be openminded
And most of: APPRECIATE YOURSELF. You are here. Right now. No matter what, that is an accomplishment. If you’re havin a bad day, message me. Even if you’re having a good day, message me. Tell me about it. I am here for all of you guys.

February 14th (Lin x Reader) Platonic

WC: 1092

A/N: Unpopular opinion, I actually don’t like Valentine’s Day. Wrote this out of frustration, kinda made me feel better. Enjoy!

You took a snapchat of your mug in your lap, adding the timestamp (12:43AM) and the caption ‘anxie-tea’. You smirked at your pun before sending it off to the one person you knew would be awake at this time. Immediately Lin’s face lit up your phone as your ringtone for him went off (Usnavi’s introductory rap from ‘Heights’).

“Hey,” your voice came out barely a whisper.

“What’s wrong?” Lin wasted no time.

“I have a date tomorrow… well, today I guess,” you said.

“That’s adorable,” he stated, “why’s it got you anxious?”

“I dunno, I just have a bad feeling about it. I keep thinking about all the horrible possibilities,” you were honest with your best friend. Your longstanding friendship had taught you it was useless to lie to him.

“Understandable. Who’s the guy? Or girl? You know I love you (y/n), I won’t judge, no matter which way you swing,” he quickly tacked on.

“It’s this guy I met at work. He came in with one of the school groups. Single dad, business man, seemed pretty smart. Stable too,” you mused.

“Stable is good for you,” Lin told you sincerely. You cracked a smile.

“What are you saying, Miranda? You think I’m not stable?” Lin immediately started backtracking.

“No no no! I’m just saying stable isn’t something that comes easy to you. You’ve been fighting battles as long as I’ve known you. Dating someone stable might just make it… easier.”

You mulled over his words for a moment.

“I guess you’re right,” you said.

“I know. Now, finish your tea and go to sleep. Close your eyes and count to 100 in Spanish,” he instructed. You sighed your agreement.

“Night Lin.”

“Night (y/n).”

In the time leading up to your date, you found yourself spending longer in front of the mirror than normal. You were wearing some nice pants, a pink and red sweater you only wore on Valentine’s day, and a good pair of boots. Your hair was done without a strand out of place.

You walked to the restaurant and got a table for two, sipping a glass of wine as you waited for your date to show up. You lost yourself people-watching, seeing all the couples around you and the various interactions occurring.

“Ma’am, are you sure you’re waiting for someone?” Your observations were interrupted by the waiter. You looked at your watch, noticing that you had been sitting alone for over an hour.

“I guess I’m not,” you said, throwing some cash on the table (that was quite a bit more than the price of the one glass of wine you had drank) before gathering your things and walking back out onto the city street, fighting back tears. Your phone was immediately at your ear.

“He stood me up,” you didn’t even let Lin finish his greeting.

“He what?”

“He left me waiting at the restaurant for over an hour without showing.”

You couldn’t decide if you felt anger, frustration, humiliation, or sadness.

“I’m sure he had a good reason. You said he has a kid, right? Sometimes things come up. It was a dick move to not even text you that he wasn’t coming though,” Lin said. You took a deep breath, trying to collect yourself.

“Lin, this is why I hate Valentine’s day,” you reminded him.

You and Valentine’s Day had not had a very good history. You were single for most of the ones that had occurred in your lifetime. Out of the few that you had been in a relationship for, one you were broken up with during your date, one was with a guy who ended up being abusive, one gave you extravagant gifts and made you feel guilty that the gift you gave him was hand-made. You had given up trying to make Valentine’s day a good day after the third year in a row Lin had invited you to go to dinner with him and Vanessa.

“I’m not third-wheeling.”

“Come on. We both know you’re just going to sit at home and eat ice cream. You’ve gone out with V and I before! She likes you!”

“I’ve gone out with you guys to the store, to the theater, to the park, to our favorite pizza place, but not on an actual romantic Love Day dinner date. I’ll leave the mushy gushiness outside, thanks.”

“V told me she doesn’t mind.”

“That’s not going to change my mind, Lin. I’ll be happy at home. Besides, you’ll be making sex eyes at her the whole time, which is gross in my opinion. I don’t mind being home. Go have a nice dinner with your wife and get laid after.”

Lin had ended up having sex with Vanessa that night, as you had predicted, and nine months later were blessed with a cute baby, which made your next Valentine’s Day much easier to plan for.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude on any plans.”

“When have I ever had good Valentine’s day plans? Of course I’ll babysit for you. Sebastian will be a better date than I’ve ever had anyways.”

“Can you take care of a three-month old?”

“You forget I get paid to hang out with tiny humans. You and Vanessa need a night away anyways. Seriously, with Sebastian and Hamilton, when was the last time you guys had any alone time?”

Lin paused.

“Ok you’re right. I’ll see you at 5:00 then? On the 14th?”

“You got it.”

Back at your apartment, you kicked off your shoes and dug around in your freezer until you found the tub of ice cream you had been saving for the weekend. You sat down on your couch, pulling a blanket over you as you turned on Netflix and started up the show you were currently binge watching. You were only ten minutes into the episode when your apartment door swung open and little Sebastian ran over to you, launching himself into your lap.

Lin and Vanessa were standing in your entryway, holding paper grocery bags full of who-knows-what.

“Valentine’s day isn’t just about dates. It’s about love. We love each other, but we love you too,” Lin said.

“We’re havin’ a picnic!” Sebastian said happily.

“I brought all of the pink food I could think of,” Lin grinned along with his son. You and Vanessa locked eyes, exchanging a look that mutually said “why do I love this man” (though you meant platonically).

Maybe Valentine’s day wouldn’t be so bad after all.

anonymous asked:

LaSalle and Leggos? <3


The concerned voice of Chris LaSalle is what made you look up. He was watching you carefully, hands behind his back. You knew this was bound to happen; coming into work in a bad mood would prompt everybody to ask if you were alright. You already got the ‘I’m here if you wanna talk’ speech from Pride. It only made sense that LaSalle would approach you next. “Hey, Chris.” You replied, straightening up in your chair.

He sent a smile your way before coming even closer to your desk. “Look, I know you’re havin’ an off-day. But I’ve been makin’ something for ya, and seein’ you in such a sour mood put my butt in gear.” LaSalle smiled before he brought his hands out from behind his back.

In his hands was a little statuette made from, of course, Legos. Despite your low mood, the present made you smile. Especially when he placed it on your desk so strategically that everybody would be able to see it.

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Harry Styles - Rude To You At The Gym Imagine

[Enjoy the third imagine up for the day!]

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Does Art Block keep coming back because it wants to be noticed? Is it a demon without friends?

Well then I’ll give it a go, lets be friends A-B!
Welcome to the OC life!
I’m sure you’ll have lazy days where you wont want to be drawn, but I understand… its in your nature!

anonymous asked:

I was havin a bad day and I just saw your klance art and it made me feel so much better 💕 Thank u so much for existing I feel a warmth in my heart every time your art shows up on my dash bcus you're just so sweet and ily

Warmth in your heart…omg…..Im so glad ♡♡♡

i’m havin such a bad pissed off day i can¨t remember he last time i was this pissed off i can’t draw shit im out of ideas and motivation even for KOBB and that’s something i just feel so alone in this man i don’t really have anyone to talk to abt and i’m just throwing it all to this black hole, that im just a machine

anonymous asked:

5? .x

5. Don’t touch me right now.

Send me a number from this post and I’ll write a blurb off of it!

“Harry, this was something we were going to do together!” You toss your hands up in frustration as you look at the freshly painted walls of the nursery that your baby girl would be occupying in 3 short months. “We hadn’t even decided between the two colors yet!”

“You were tired and havin’ a bad day. Though’ I would take some stress off ya and get this knocked out of the way.” Harry explains, giving a shrug. 

“Maybe this isn’t the color I had decided on, Harry!” You weren’t sure why you were getting so upset over this. Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones. You couldn’t help but think how, while it did look nice, you didn’t take part in making this room what was to be your first child’s nursery. The place you would rock her to sleep, change her, play with her and then, when she was older, put her first big girl bed up and read her bedtime stories with your husband at your side. 

“Then we’ll repaint it. You and I, we can decide on a color and re-do it.” Harry told you, giving you a frown. He knew you were just hormonal and were getting uncomfortable as the pregnancy progressed so he had learned to be as understanding and calm as possible when you got in moods like this. 

“Stop treating me like some child who you’re trying to appease so they don’t throw a tantrum.” Harry sighs then, unsure of how to continue or what to say. He didn’t want to make things worse and upset you. You were in a fragile state right now and he understood that. So, he reaches out for you and tries to take you up in his arms as that’s what usually ended arguments like this but you swat at his hands and step back. “Don’t touch me right now.You tell him. 

“Oh come on now, love.” He sighs, pushing his hair back from his forehead. “I said I was sorry and we’ll fix this. I admit I was wrong, I was just tryin’ to help and take some stress off of you.” You sigh then, starting to feel bad for how you reacted. What Harry did actually was very thoughtful and you knew he was just trying to help. 

“I’m sorry.” You say then, giving a sigh and shaking your head. “I’m just a bit emotional lately. Being pregnant really makes your emotions a bit all over the place.” You give him a soft smile and reach out for him. He cracks a smile then and wraps his arms around you. He pulls you close and kisses the top of your head. 

“It’s okay, I forgive you.” He tells you. You laugh and pull back to look around at the walls. 

“This is actually the color I had decided on.” You confess, giving him a smile. He actually rolls his eyes but laughs all the same, leaning in to press a soft and gentle kiss to your lips. 

“I figured. You just like your dramatics.” He pulls back to say, reaching down to rest his hands on the sides of your stomach. “So we don’ need to repaint?” 

“No, we don’t.” You answer, shaking your head. “I love it, thank you.” You both share a smile before joining lips once more. 

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Pen havin a bad day an just kinda grumpily fallin asleep in your lap while y'all watchin some cheesy old horror movie.

That’d be cute! You could play with his hair while he was sleepin. 

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Tbh I have just been havin a bad day too so can we talk about ho. sonny or barba or any of the men you mentioned would sit you on the dresser/vanity and pull one or both of your legs around them, hand in your hair pulling your head to the side, kissing your neck/dirty talking while grinding and rolling their hips into you holy moly but like I can just hear the grunts that would come from them and every time you whimper/pant they just smirk and roll their hips deeper oh shit i gotta chill

!!!!!!!! GAAAAHHHHH YES they would want to tease you with how hard they are and feel your panties get wet and test how far they can go with teasing till theyre ready to explode and youre dripping and begging them to fuck you GOD. They ALL love teasing their s/o its a FACT.

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(daddy kink mentioned, brief) i've been getting into a lot of arguments with people about daddy kinks and age play and shit and why its bad and gross and i was wondering if you had any resources/sources that you use in arguments to back your arguments up? I'm having trouble finding reliable stuff ;__; i hope ur havin a good day!! <3333

Honestly my dude, while I am anti-d\d//l//g, I don’t spend most of my time in that anti community, so I don’t really get into arguments about it. I’m more an anti-pedo anti so I don’t really have any sources for you