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How can I be happy?

- let go of the past. 

- forgive yourself.

- live in the present. 

- do things that make you feel good.

- be optimistic, focus on the good.

- surround yourself with people who love and care about you. get rid of the people who don’t.

- whatever your current situation is, learn to appreciate it.

- stop comparing yourself to others.

- stop being so hard on yourself.

- enjoy the little things - like the sunset, the warm weather, your favorite tv show, etc.

- know that good things will happen to you.

Hey Jack did you know

you’re gonna grow up and play great hockey and find peace with yourself

and your boyfriend is gonna call you “Sweetpea”

and you’re finally gonna feel as lovable as you’ve always been

(@littlestpersimmon made me art about chubby kid!Jack and sweetpeas!)

I Do
  • I Do

Contains: A happy little kitten (he’s crying from the happy), and lots of breathy words and such

Otabek wanted to surprise him. Yuri wanted to know what was going on. Ft. Barcelona, young love, and a promise of forever in the form of two rings. 

A/N: I was legitimately crying doing this it was so sweet I can’t even. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! However, if you wish to purchase a commission, you may do so here! Also, we reached 500 FOLLOWERS today!!! That’s incredible and I cannot thank you guys enough for your love and support. Thank you so much for listening! I love you all so much!!

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You know, I came to this blog for rinch but I must say seeing your posts on my dash is so much more than that. There is the quality fic and the adorable gifs but then there is also the text posts that remind me on a daily basis that it's ok to be who i am. It's ok to say fuck the gender binary this shit is not for me. So thank you! Following your blog makes my days a bit better on a regular basis and I appreciate it so much! <3 <3 <3

i… i’m…… sitting here absolutely stunned and crying literal tears you wonderful anon. I don’t even know what to say to something like that. For me this is by far the nicest anon message ever and i have to gather my thoughts a bit to figure out how to reply.

After several hours of trying to gather my thoughts (emphasis on the word ‘trying’ lol) all i can say is you have absolutely no idea how much this message means to me, really! i am so incredibly happy to hear my blog can remind you that it’s ok to be you! (i have tears in my eyes again btw) Because it most definitely is ok to be exactly who you are! Please always remember that ok. You are good enough and valid whether you have a gender or not and whether your possible gender is binary or non-binary. It has absolutely nothing to do with your value as a person. (i know you know all these things already but i feel like i want to say them anyway)

I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to send me this ask! I’m more touched than i can say. please drop by any time if you feel like talking, on or off anon, it doesn’t matter, which ever is more comfortable for you! I hope you’re having a wonderful day/night my dear anon.

BTS Reaction to You Winning at an Award Show

Anon asked: BTS reaction (or Act) when you just started dating and Be at the Same Award Show (Idol s/o)

I hope you dont mind that I sort of tweaked your ask just slightly. -Spice


Seeing you up on stage looking absolutely radiant as you accepted your award made Jin want to cry from happiness. He was so proud of how far you had come he could barely contain himself. Jin’s eyes would never leave you throughout your entire thank you speech, and he would rush over to you as soon as the ceremony was over to let you know just how proud he was.

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Rap Monster:

As soon as he heard your name called for the award he shot out of his seat and began to cheer for you enthusiastically. Namjoon would flash you his dimpled smile as you began your acceptance speech, getting embarrassed when you mentioned his name. After the show was over, he would congratulate you over and over again and let you know just how much you deserved to win.

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When he heard that you had won best artist at first he didn’t believe it. “Huh? Did I hear that right? Did they say Y/N?” But once he saw you up on stage, Yoongi’s heart would swell with pride. He didn’t show very much excitement outwardly though until after the award show, where he gave you sweet congratulatory words with a soft smile on his face.

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Let’s face it, he would be the ultimate hype man. The announcer didn’t even have time to fully get your name out before Hoseok started cheering as loud as he could. Any time you looked at him in the audience you were greeted with a beaming smile and a thumbs up. After the show he would give you an almost bone crushing hug and scream about how proud he was of you, although expect a few tears as well.

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V would be a little shook upon hearing your name, “Was that my jagiya they called?!?” Once over the initial shock, he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling, and might even break out into a celebratory dance. He would constantly brag to everyone around him how you were amazing enough to win an award.

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Jimin would be very surprised that you won an award. Not that he didn’t think you were good enough, but you definitely weren’t the most popular idol in the running. He would probably get a little emotional seeing you receive your award, knowing just how hard you had worked for it.

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I feel that out of all the boys, he would be the least surprised at you winning, he has enough confidence for the both of you. Jungkook would have a huge grin on his face as you walked on stage to receive your award, telling everyone that he knew that you would win. After the show he would likely peck your cheek and say how proud he was of you.

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Witchy Recs

So @annaveth was talking about wanting to learn more about witchcraft and since I’m a baby witch who has to keep their practice pretty lowkey and study mostly from reliable tumblr blogs I offered to make a rec list for them. Sorry it’s so long but all of these blogs are amazing and super helpful. Even if it seems like a ridiculous question that you should know the answer to, they’re more than happy to help. So enjoy!!
*=personal favorites
+=fellow baby witches
@eclecticwitcheryafoot *
@insertcheesywitchypunhere *
@lepuslunamgrimoire *
@orriculum *
@recreationalwitchcraft *
@sigilathenaeum *
@teapartyforthewitches *
@theitsybitsywitchling *+
@trans-galaxy-witch *+
@urbanspellcraft *
@witchtips *
@witchy-woman *

To the girl he will choose to love:

It is obvious that you are lucky. I’ve done everything that I can just to be in your place but guess it is not enough to be you. I can tell you right now how much I ache everytime I think that there’s other skin that could touch his soul. It is not my eyes anymore that he finds fascinating. It is not my energy anymore that keeps him going. It is not my presence that makes him think of me spontaneously. It is yours. He submitted himself to you when I knew so well that he was scared to take a risk. It broke me because I am aware that I gave my all to make him feel important and loved— all you did was to exist.

But I realized, instead of hating the fact that you came into his life. I should thank you. You maybe the biggest nightmare to me but you are the most beautiful dream for him. You are his answered prayers. You make him happy and knowing that he is happy, it is more than enough for me to say, my pain is worth it. Thank you for making him believe in love again— I swear, I tried. You are the risk that he would take, and I knew how afraid he was to take risks. He did on you. Thank you for making him smile and for giving him a will to live. Tell him everyday that he will make it. Tell him that he is good. Take a walk with him and talk about random things. Take him to the roof deck and watch the stars— kiss him underneath the constellations forming up just to witness the two of you falling in love.

Tell him, you love him the moment you feel it. Do not wait anymore. Do not chicken out. Do not hide it. Tell him honestly about how you feel— because that’s something I did not do. That’s something I wish I did when I had the chance.

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You seem short in the vids. What is your height? •○• isn't it 5'4 or something?? *if yes then I'm happy to know I'm taller XD

i’m 5'2,,,,,,,

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How do I become as happy as Dan Howell and Phil Lester?

fall in deep and mutually fulfilling love with someone who knows and accepts every part of you and someone with whom you can not only be your full and unapologetic self but also express yourself creatively to your greatest capacity. find someone randomly  online and talk to them mostly because they’re cute and their superficial interests align with yours but then discover that they are an unending well of inspiration both creatively and in life and realize that you will never need anything or anyone more. 

and then become millionaires 

good luck!

Fifty-Nine Days

This is an extra part for my imagine Two Months.

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Summary: Derek wants to spend more time with (Y/N), he wants to get to know her biggest and darkest secrets but with (Y/N) refusing to be in a public relationship; he has to deal with that. (Y/N) only wanted a one night, maybe two night, stand.

Word Count: 989

Prompt: -

A/N: There is smut, you have been warned.

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“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to (Y/N), Happy Birthday to you.” The gang sang around the kitchen of your house, you couldn’t stop blushing staring at each one of them smiling broadly at you. “Make a wish,” Lydia squealed, shoving the cake closer to your face. You caught the dark eyes of the werewolf through the candle’s fire; you smirked at him before blowing the candles out – not breaking eye contact with Derek who shifted awkwardly in his chair.

Scott switched the lights back on and patted you on the back. “Congrats for making it to 18.” You thanked him silently with a smile and stood up from being centre of attention. “Now cut that cake so I can eat it,” You teased, flattening your short black dress more and taking a sip of the alcohol in your red cup. It wasn’t a massive party that you were having; you only wanted your closest and dearest friends to come and celebrate with you. You were confused when Derek walked in with Scott at the start of the night, the pair of you weren’t close; of course, excluding the night that you spent with him in his loft. Other than then, you would only exchange small talk and smirks from across the one.

No one in the gang has figured out what happened between you and him, you were sure to keep it that way. Lydia cut the cake; ten slices for the eight guests that were here. You thanked her for the slice and wandered off to the living room where Stiles and Isaac were sitting playing video games. Derek’s gaze was transfixed on you as you wandered around the kitchen and then to the living room; talking and smiling at everyone you passed. Derek never noticed how kind and down-to-earth you were until he had you wrapped up in the sheets breathing heavily.

When he first met you, he didn’t think much of you. You were pretty but he had no intention due to the age gap. You kept him on his toes; he was walking around eggshells with you, but once that night happened, all walls collapsed and he wanted to get to know you and be with you more – preferably alone.

You waved goodbye to Lydia who was the final person to leave your house at around midnight. You shut the door and took a deep breath realizing that you were home alone. Your parents booked a night out of town so that you and your friends could have the house all to yourselves without parents butting in to the conversations. Walking to the kitchen, you near jumped out of your skin when you say a tall, handsome man with a trash bag in his hand cleaning up after the party.

“Derek, what are you still doing here? Other than trying to give me a heart attack.” You chuckled, picking up the other black bag and stuffing the nine pizza boxes in it. He mumbled an excuse causing you to roll your eyes and continued cleaning. The silence between you two wasn’t awkward, it was relaxing and it put you at ease knowing you weren’t alone.

“You’re something,” He mused, turning to face you in the chair that he sat in now. You looked at him with a raised eyebrow, “I mean, I never thought that I’d start falling for a younger girl – that was until you convinced me otherwise.” You looked at him with wide eyes, he was falling for you? You didn’t want that to happen. You wanted a one night, maybe two night, stand and leave it at that. “Derek,” You muttered when he started towards you, “I didn’t want, I don’t want a relationship.” You pointed out to him, gasping when he placed his lips straight onto your sweet spot.

He nibbled the spot – sucking, and licking, “Who said that I wanted a relationship?” You rested your head against the fridge, giving him more access to your neck. He kissed down your collarbone and towards your breast which the dress made look amazing. You felt his hand slide down your side, to the hem of your dress and slipping under it. His finger slipped under your panties and he rubbed his finger along your clit, feeling how wet he was making you with simple kisses and suspense.

You let out a moan as his fingers moved in circular motions until they reached the entrance. You bit his neck when you felt one finger enter you, pumping slowly until his middle finger joined in. He started to pump faster, your insides tightening with each movement, “That’s only two fingers.” He whispered into your ear, licking your earlobe. “Will I add another?” You nodded eagerly, his eyes darkening, “Beg.” He demanded causing you to moan at how sexy he sounded.

“P-Please Derek,” You bit your bottom lip, trying to sustain the scream that was trying to escape when he entered the third finger. “Scream for me, princess.” He hissed in your ear, he stepped closer to you and you felt his bulge rub against your thigh. Derek started pumping faster, the veins in his arms popping out and you felt yourself coming to your high. “Cum for me, (Y/N).” You let out a scream as he surprised you with one more finger and you felt yourself coming to your release. You moaned as you came down from the high, and he slowly slipped his fingers out of part.

He looked you in the eye as he sucked on each finger individually. “I don’t want a relationship, but I do…” He started, placing his hands on your waist, “I do want to do this more.” He whispered, placing a sweet kiss on your lip.

You looked at him, amused, “You didn’t want to do this two months ago.” You teased which made him shrug, “Seeing you naked changed my mind.”

To Be Enough (Lin/Reader)

ayo, first hamilcast x reader fic! please leave a review and feel free to send in a request (prompt list here if you want to use that) for anon who requested it.

Prompt: You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?

Warnings: None

Length: 629 words

Note: I’m sure Lin’s dad is really nice but for the purposes of this fic, he’s a bit against things. 

Reviews are better than musicals! 

You arrived home late that afternoon — slightly worn out yet happy all the same. Over the course of the day, you had discovered your new habit of placing your hand on the small, barely visible bump of your stomach. This brought you a new sort of excitement, knowing your baby was in there.

Your baby. Your child. You and Lin’s creation, the small part of yourselves you were going to give to the world.

Again, you smiled, unable to hide it as you stepped through the front door, pulling the key out the lock and kicking your shoes off. You heard a small littering of voices throughout the house and decided to keep quiet, knowing Lin had probably invited someone round to keep him company on his day off. For the past week, he had been endlessly energetic, constantly trying to pamper you and shower you with affection.

Sure, you loved it, but the feeling was sometimes overbearing. That, and the small glimpse into how he might react when the baby actually arrived.

You still had a long way to go until then.

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True love really exists. It may not be with the person you envisioned in your head. It may not come at the time you want it. It may not feel the way you think it should. But it does exist. When it comes, you’ll know it. You won’t be able to deny it, control it, explain it or escape it. It’ll consume your thoughts, it will consume you. It’ll make your heart beat differently. Love will alter your breathing, even the way you smile. True love is realistic, sweet and overall beautiful. So just because someone that wasn’t for you, hurt you, doesn’t mean that love isn’t waiting for you.
—  Treka L. House

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you're being really soft and full of love for dan 2night and that makes me rlly happy because you said that you sometimes don't like him because he reminds you of yourself?? and this may not be true, i don't want to over analyze you as that would be a terrible invasion of your privacy, but i really really hope that means you feel good abt yourself today. :) or if you're just rlly soft for dan tonight for no particular reason, that's also good. i love dan, & i love u a lot jas. <3

ily2 i def am feelin nice u know? dan makes me feel nice

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Your comics are so cute and dumb and funny. I out my dog down a few days ago and your goofy victuuri adventures still made me laugh. I'm rrally glad for them.

i went through the same thing a couple of years ago too. i want you to know that you gave it a life full of love and happiness, and i’m sure it couldn’t have asked for anything more. it loved you so much and they’ll always be a part of you.

i’m glad my silly little scribbles were able to make you feel a bit better, even if it’s in a small way ♥

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Your art means a lot to me. Your colors and environments make me feel peaceful, like a dream. I love your personality and your musical preferences and I think if the world were slightly different, we could have been very good friends. But that's just speculation. I'd love to buy a print of yours and frame it one day. I know this is all very embarrassing now that it's written together here but I feel compelled to say it. Please don't ever stop creating!

Hello anon! Thank you very much for writing this all to me, whether you consider it embarrassing or not, I really appreciate it. Things can be shit lately but I’m really happy for you who decided to write to me. I wonder why if it was a slightly different world we could be friends? In a way I kind of get it though. I am not good at making friends. Again thank you very much. If you create anything, visual art or not, I hope you don’t stop as well. Have it bring you as much happiness and fulfillment as needed!
Prints are stuff I never actually think about for some reason but thank you for being interested. I mean maybe some day lol.

I pulled a Roy and finished this birthday fanart for @the-flame-and-hawks-eye two weeks late *sobs* SO HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SHAY!!! Not as fantastic as your ‘Thiqué as Thievés’ pie, but here’s a cake made by your beloved couple with sprinkles shaped as Black Hayate  ✧・゚:* \(◕ω◕✿)

You’re a beautiful ray of sunshine and the fandom is so lucky to have you <333 I wish you the best 25th as well as success for another year’s worth of veterinary achievements!! 

Listen here you stupid ass bitch.

I’m a pacifist.
I don’t usually Fucking call people out.
Because even if not everyone deserves to be happy.

The good people do, Dragon is my best fucking friend. She’s one of the coolest sweetest people I’ve ever met, and you are such a lowlife if you’re trying to destroy her life.

Yeah your life might not be good, it might not be perfect. But your stupid snobby emo kid ass has no right to hurt one of the sweetest people I know.

You have a problem with Mexicans? Why? Did your mommy leave this hurt ass child for one? Awww poor thing. Gay? Are you gay and have no one to lean on? Poor little thing.

I was raised in Mexico. I grew up there, I have a lovely girlfriend. I’m a pacifist, no one deserves to be treated like shit when they’ve done nothing wrong.

You try and come after one of my friends again.
I’m not afraid to reach out to my old gang members.
I was raised by gang members, lots of drugs, fights and guns. Yet our law was that no good person deserves bad things.

But people like you were the ones we went after. How is your small little mind so bad even Mexican Gangs think better of people than you?

How is your mind so fucking small that you’re still alive? You don’t deserve death. But you deserve all the pain the world has stored for you.

Karma is a bitch.
And that bitch.
Is coming for you.

Do yourself a favor and stay out of Dragon’s life.
We’re dragon’s friends. And we are here to protect her.
We are good friends. Where are yours? Did they leave you too?? Poor worthless piece of scum @teddy–roastvelt

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A A AA WO W THANK U!!! I’m so happy ur so enthusiastic abt my art aaaa :’)) 

what’s my art trademark?

I want to be somewhere far from this place
I want to see the ocean like drowning through the unknown of your face
I’m trying to recognize, Confusion is my prize
I feel you near, yet so far
I don’t have the answer, but all I can get is the destined war
Either become my nightmare or the love of my life
In my head, these dark fairy tales are rife
Should I stay, should I go
You may never know, I’m scared to let go
Kisses tasting like a lullaby 
Heartbeat through the night that passing by
I haven’t wished to feel this nothingness
I fall asleep, and you’re a definition of happiness
I know your smell, the way you shake and I’m so affected
Feels like I’ve known you forever, and you’re the only one I wanted.