if you've ever wanted to know what a popular text post is like

5sos preference #1; he sees your twitter and you're are just a fan

ASHTON; [his pov] it was just another boring day in the studio, like always. song writing sucked, and to make it even better, i had a huge writer’s block. michael was in the recording booth trying some lyrics out he wrote down while i sat there on the couch, lazily scrolling trough my mentions on twitter. as i clicked yet again another follow button, my eyes fell on some beautiful girl that asked if i could follow her for like, the 1000th time. i clicked on her profile and soon enough was blown away. i sat up straight as i clicked on some of her selfies she posted. she wasnt like a famous twitter person, like the one’s with almost as much follower’s as me. she had about 1.225 followers, but she deserved millions. i was still scrolling trough her photo’s as i felt someone standing infront of me. ❝who’s that?❞ i heard michael’s husky voice as my head snapped up. ❝i have no idea mate, but what i do know, is that i have to get her number❞

CALUM; [his pov] for the seventh time this week, i scrolled trough her tweets again. Y/N, aka the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. her tweets were the most funny thing i’ve ever seen, and it always made me feel a little better inside to know that i was her fav. i wanted to dm her so bad and maybe get to know her a little better, but ofcourse, i was to scared. funny, isnt it? the big celebrity it to scared to ask out a girl, who happened to be a fan aswell. ❝ask her out❞ i heard a voice behind me. i jumped up in shock, nearly dropping my phone in response. ❝w–what?❞ ❝ask that girl out you’ve been drooling over the past week❞ ashton muttered as he rolled his eyes, grabbing my phone out of my hands. he was typing something, and i knew exactly what he was doing, but i didnt stop him. ❝there ya go mate, now lets wait till she freaks out and replies❞

MICHAEL; [your pov] with my heart beating fast so that it nearly exploded from my chest and my hands shaking badly, i stared at my phone with wide eyes. did michael clifford, THE michael clifford from 5 seconds of summer just tweet me? and to top it all, he told me that i looked beautiful in all my pictures and that he really liked my tweets?! i tried my best not to cry, or scream, or throw my phone against the wall. with my hands still shaking, i typed out a reply, trying to act as chill and relaxed as possible. @YourTwitterName @Michael5sos well thank you kind sir, you look really good in all your pictures aswell i probably sounded like a total weirdo, but honestly, i didnt give a shit on the moment

LUKE; [your pov] i let out yet another deep groan as the teacher started talking yet again about some boring shit about math. taking my phone from my pocket, like most people by now, i scrolled trough my mentions instead of listening about some shit about shapes or whatever it was about. i tweeted one of my best internet friends, who i obviously met trough this popular band called 5 seconds of summer. i had loved them ever since i found out about them like one and a half year ago. laughing at one of her tweets about how she wanted luke hemmings to fuck her really badly, a 1 popped up above my messages. i opened it quickly, since i never really got dm’s often. and i swear my heart stopped for a second as i opened it the message. i read it again, and again, and again until i let out a loud squeal, which startled everyone around me and caused the teacher to stop talking. ❝miss Y/N Y/L/N would you like to stop being such a girl and please pay attention to me?❞ i nodded quickly, my cheeks brighting up as i looked down at my phone again. luke motherfucking hemmings just asked me for my number? was this real life or was i just seeing things since this lecture from the teacher was making me sleepy. obviously, i replied straight away, giving him my number, sending a winky face aswell because why not. and within minutes, i got a new text message —-