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tonight i realized how much i love you
watching you there,
seeing you smile.
tonight i remembered the past,
it’s been awhile now but my feelings have only grown.
i can’t talk about these emotions,
but i think about them all the time.
oh, what a wonderful memory,
when i was yours and you were mine.
—  i am so in love with you,
it’s okay that you don’t feel the same.
as long as you’re in my life, i’ll be okay.
but i can’t help but keep hope.
maybe one day.

So I thought about doing this for a while, but recently I reached 500 followers and it’s also a brand new year so why not!

I want to thank every single one of my mutuals and followers for finding this blog worth following, really thank you! I see and I love every one of you!

I have had this blog for only two months tbh, I had another one before this but I lost it, so I decided to make this one. I can’t believe how much this tiny thing has grown in just two months and how many amazing people I have met in such a short time, I am very grateful for that.

To the beautiful souls who have been friends with me for longer and have followed me through various blog changes:

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Really, thank you all!

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Otp Prompt #26

A and B are lounging around their house on a Sunday morning. A is sipping their morning coffee/tea and B is on their phone. Out of no where B starts giggling. “What are you laughing at?” A asks, leaning over to look at B’s phone. “Nothing!” B says, defensively pulling their phone away. A and B end up wrestling on the couch over the phone.

“B, let me see.”

“No thanks!”


“It’s nothing A, I swear.”

“Give me the phone!!”

A ends up getting ahold of B’s phone and looks at what’s on it. Uncomfortably they look up at B and say:

“Are…are you reading Warrior Cats fan fiction?”

so, it’s great and all that disney decided to finally let will & elizabeth reunite BUT obviously there are things in canon at this point that i take great issue with, so this post was pretty much inevitable.

  • elizabeth does not stay on that godforsaken island while will is away. the fact that they’ve chosen that narrative, or a narrative at least close to it, irritates me to no end. she’s the bloody pirate king, not some housewife. this literally DEFEATS the purpose of her character and her story arc. the whole idea was freedom from her cage. she thrives as a pirate. why would you take all of that away from her and reduce her to being a woman that had a child and lived romantically alone for twenty years?? 
  • will turner would never expect elizabeth to wait for him. will turner would never expect elizabeth to wait for him. WILL TURNER WOULD NEVER EXPECT ELIZABETH TO WAIT FOR HIM. he would never want elizabeth to be alone and / or unhappy. regardless of how much he loves her and she loves him, that would be such a selfish expectation to put on her shoulders, especially given that he’s immortal and she isn’t. eventually, he’s going to have to live without her anyways. he would want her to move on and find happiness, even if it would kill him not to be able to be there and provide it for her. and even if elizabeth did move on, she would always return every ten years with henry to meet will and spend the day with him.
  • the fact of the matter is that elizabeth wouldn’t even be accepted into civilized society again. she was at the head of the pirates’ war against the east india company with a warrant hanging over her head. just because cutler beckett is dead doesn’t mean that all of that would just go away. she would have wanted posters out there for her, same as jack does. 
  • speaking of jack, elizabeth would literally TALK ABOUT HIM ALL THE TIME. because those adventures, while dangerous and devastating at times, are a HUGE part of her life and her history. they helped to shape her into the woman she is today. what possible reason would she have for not telling henry about all of that? she has no shame in being a pirate, or being involved with pirates. henry would know all about jack, he would know all about barbossa, he would know all about the things that the lot of them accomplished and experienced together. ( and in fact, the line “like the tales of you and captain jack sparrow” actually irks the hell out of me because it more or less erases elizabeth from that narrative as well but wHATEVER )
  • plus i still firmly believe that both jack and barbossa would keep in contact with elizabeth because despite everything, she and jack are still friends, and barbossa is still a mentor to her, albeit an unofficial one, and you don’t just dROP PEOPLE LIKE THAT, especially knowing what she’s been through and how her story was left like???? c’MON
  • it bugs me, too, that henry is even slightly involved with the navy, regardless of his reasoning, like how absolutely dangerous. if anyone found out his parentage, he’d be in way more trouble than he ends up being in, my god.
  • elizabeth remains a pirate, and continues her duties as pirate king. she doesn’t wear dresses. she would be INVOLVED if there was a notorious pirate hunter, dead or alive, who was tormenting pirates all over, and would definitely know if jack was one of the ones threatened by him. the fact that she’s been sidelined makes me SO ANGRY, even more so now, knowing that keira DID come back. she could easily have been included more. in some respects, i’m glad she wasn’t because they’d just ruin her character, but at the same time, HER CHARACTER IS RUINED JUST THE SAME
  • tl;dr i’m salty and elizabeth swann deserves better.

Bambam on the streets.

Kay, does this look familiar? Hmm?



…… I blame Waze for everything

(it's transparent btw ) 

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this is for talia since you're new admin: your favorite smut fics (as dirty or semi fluffy as you like) it's basically a right of passage that you have to make a favorite smut list so cough it up :P

whooo boi ya girl likes filthy af smut, pls get the holy water ready :)

use me, abuse me by cocksluts [jikook, E, 5k] this. the dirty talk in this. godbless cocksluts she gives me reason to love smut

Color? by pornographicpenguin [minjoon, E, 18k] wow, I love bdsm

Principle of Behaviour by rix [taegiguk, E, 12k] I have read this so many times and I’m still not tired 

Waiting by cryinghobi [jikook, E, 6k] Ah yes, I love it when jungk cries.

My Violent Valentine by Humansunshine [Yoonseok, E, 1.4k] this is…yeah this is a good one.

put your hand upon my neck and feel the pulse (its like a trigger getting ready to shoot) by ireallydontknowok [vmin, E, 1k] power bottom tae and slapping wow i l o v e vmin

let them see you (camboy!au) by sweetlyblue [yoonseok, E, 14k] this is probably the softest but I love it heh

yeah, these are some of my faves!! tbh I have lots more but im v picky about smut and all of these are well written and gr8 so pls enjoy :*

Fuck! BOOM! Auch.
  • Series: Overwatch
  • Pairing: Boombox (Junkrat x  Lúcio)
  • Chapters: 10/10
  • Words: 19.270
  • Subject: Soon after you are born, on the palm of your right hand a text will appear, a tattoo if you want to call it that way. That will be the first sentence your soulmate will tell you upon meeting you.
  • Check it also on AO3 + 2 bonus oneshots

It’s here! Finally finished the Soulmate AU! Ten chapters of… probably too much Junkrat’s point of view… you are warned for the stream of thoughts, now enjoy.

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Remember this Totally original self insert star nomad oc from this drawpile ?
Well… actually I kinda like how she looks ? I’m keeping her as my actual WOY OC ??? Oh jeez this oc was supposed to be a joke how did I end up liking her

ANYWAY her name’s Cannelle now (It means cinnamon in french) 
(Messy sketches under the cut) 

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{{july 4th, 2017}} // 1/100 days of productivity

I decided to start the 100 days of productivity challenge today on 4th of July (happy birthday America!) and I decided to just organize and clean my room. I organized my desk (please tell me if you recognize from which book series half of my pictures/quotes are from!!) and I watered my succulents as well! I’m also studying for the PSAT so I have some review books + some classics to read.

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Okay, number one, you're freaking amazing. All your writing is just, AHHH I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND I LOVE YOU AND JUST YES. You keep me going. Hard week? I read your smut. I love it. Anyway, idk if sleepover is still going, but could you do headcanons with Remus where you're like, "Fuck everyone." And he just says, "How about you just fuck me instead?" And you grab his hand and pull him out of the great hall into his dorm and just... I'll leave the rest up to you.

Wow, thank you very much! xx

  • So you’d just be in a very pissy mood and you’d just mutter under your breath, “Fuck this.”
  • And Remus, in a surprisingly smooth way, leans in and whispers, “Why not fuck me instead?”
  • And you both just end up a blushing mess, but you grab his hand and head back to the doors.
  • As soon as the door is closed, you two are tearing each other’s clothes off and leaving them in heaps on the floor. 
  • And this has been a long time coming, so the chemistry between you two is just through the roof. 
  • And it’s clumsy and passionate and oh so wonderful. 
  • And by the end you’re just collapsed on the bed, wrapped in each other, and it’s sweet and perfect and everything you’d ever dreamed. 

anonymous asked:

thank you so much for all the amazing writing!! if you're not too overwhelmed with prompts, could you write something with andreil + protectiveness??

Reading this back, I’m not sure this is quite the protectiveness you were looking for, but hopefully you still enjoy? Like wow did I diverge. Please message if you want a take 2. Also, fun fact: this is based off a true story in that I too thought Ratatouille was a safe and good movie to watch with my four year old nephew. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t and he cried.

Being a witness in the FBI’s trial takes more out of Neil than he anticipated. Hearing every detail and seeing the photos presented to the court leaves his stomach rolling. It leaves fear and dread crawling through his veins and gnawing at his bones. It leaves the itch to run sparking with each beat of his heart. Andrew is always there, though, to quiet the urge. With a look. With a touch. With simple but strong words. 

But when they finally make it back to PSU, Neil still feels off, like he hasn’t quite got his feet righted against the ground. The Foxes are both suffocating and overly cautious at the same time. They don’t leave him alone, and yet they tip-toe around him, talking in hushed tones they don’t think he hears and watching him with concerned eyes they don’t think he sees. Even if it does start to get under his skin after a few days, they’re his family, and really, Neil does appreciate the gesture. So when Dan suggests a movie night, Neil can’t find it in his heart to decline. 

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if you're still taking requests, could you draw redtail? i love your art!

I thought Redtail seemed so cool when i first read the series i was like wow…a cat with a red tail…far out. And i loved him entirely based on the dynamic of red tail + murdered.

georgetheblob  asked:


Wow I didn’t expect the first request to be this XD

Here you go George~

Oh god, this took longer than I thought too! And there are still 6 more requests.. @o@

I had much fun playing with the colors though. Undynetale is terribly awesome to draw XD

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I don't know if you're still taking Prompts, but can we have more sibling Pink and Blue Dragon shifters, with vampire white and yellow? Um maybe with some blue and pink in dragon form cuddling their tiny vampire mates?

Wow you guys have a lot of love for this series, I’m getting a ton of request for it. :D 

TW: Violence and Blood, so proceed carefully if that bothers you and you read it. 

Sorry for any typos, it’s late and I hate proof-reading. 

Yellow had always adored camping, especially in the days of the later 18th century. Being able to live freely without worry of humans discovering their secret was exhilarating.

Which is why Yellow found herself sprinting at inhuman speeds through the remote forest, nestled high in the mountains- away from prying human eyes.

White laughed as she vaulted herself high into the redwoods, jumping from tree to tree with all the grace of a acrobat.

Yellow took a breath before launching towards her best friend.

They collided in a series of screeches and laughs, crashing into a tree midair and falling to the ground.

They fake wrestled for a moment or two, before sharing a look and returning to the run.

The sunlight trickled down through the cracks of the branches above them, warming their cold skin.

Yellow was reminded of how warm Blue felt when pressed against her, the fire that burned within her ensuring she never went cold.

White had once told her Pink’s warmth was much the same, reminding her of when they were still human and had to huddle by their tiny makeshift fires- pressed together to hold as much heat to them as they could.

White shouted and pointed ahead, towards a break in the treeline in front of them.

Within seconds, they broke out of the forest and ran into a good-sized clearing.

It was a beautiful place, with a crystal clear lake spot in the middle of the opening. Small groves of tall trees dotted the edges of the lake, and Yellow followed as White approached the water line.

They chose a opening between two groups of trees to make camp, and White set down the large bag on her back before surveying the area.

A slight smell lingered in the air, something that had Yellow slightly on edge.

But she pushed the thought to the back of her head, it was probably just nerves.

After all, today was the day Blue and Pink had agreed to finally let them see their dragon forms.

Ever since that lunch four months ago, the two couples had been practically sewn at the hip.

Yellow was positive Blue was the one for her, and from the way White talked of Pink- she was sure her best friend was in the same boat.

The vampire stretched, letting out a content sigh at the crack of her neck and back, gave one more look around the clearing, before helping her friend pitch the tents and clear out the area that would serve as their camp for the next few days.

Pink and Blue would fly out to meet them soon, Yellow thought. The two shifters just had to finish up work for the day and make sure someone would be available to watch their property while they were gone.

White hummed to herself as they finished setting up the tents, and Yellow playfully joined along once she recognized the beat.

The two of them eventually broke out in song, laughing like idiots once their singing came to an end, before the two of them collapsed onto the large blanket they had brought and laid back down.

For a few minutes they were quiet, basking in the sun like a couple of cats, and Yellow was fairly aware that they might have fallen asleep in a short while.

But then the uneasy feeling returned to the clearing, and Yellow swore as a shiver ran down her spine.

She sat up quickly looking around the area for the source of the unpleasant feeling.

White caught her attention when the pale-haired vampire suddenly jumped to her feet, eyes locked behind her as panic crossed her face.

With as much ease as throwing a ball, she lifted Yellow up and tossed her to the side as something flew past her, barely missing her head.

It crashed into White’s chest with an insane amount of force, and her best friend let out an agonizing scream as she was thrown back nearly thirty feet, only stopping when her body crashed into a tree.

Yellow ran to her with inhuman speed, gasping with shock when she realized White was stuck against the tree.

A large metallic spike passing through the right side of her chest, near her shoulder.

Yellow felt a pang of relief when she realized it had missed her heart.

White coughed and blood splattered across her chin. It was still fresh from when they picked it up from their supplier earlier in the day, and Yellow felt pure hatred when she heard the whistling sound of another spike being launched at them.

She spun around and smacked it away with the back of her hand, snarling like a wild animal when more flew in her direction, and she repeated her previous actions- blocking each and every one of them.

Finally the barrage stopped, and she focused stubbornly at the treeline, watching with narrowed eyes as a group of humans walked calmly out of the forest stopping a few dozen meters away from her position.

White’s voice was deathly quiet as she murmured, “Hunters.”

Yellow raised her head in acknowledgement. For centuries, this tiny group of humans had dedicated their lives to hunting down any form of supernatural creatures. The two vampires had plenty run ins with them in the past, but that had been over a hundred years ago.

She had no idea they were still out there.

Yellow counted twelve of them dressed in black combat suits and ski masks, all armed to the teeth with various instruments capable of putting a vampire through a slow painful death.

But she was damned if she’d let that happen.

The apparent leader stepped forward, “I thought I’d be able to get both of you with that one spike.” Her voice was loud and obnoxious, with a cruel undertone, “But I’d happily kill you both slowly as well. You vampires are an abomination that needs to be cleansed of this earth.” Her eyes narrowed hatefully through the only mask opening, “I’ll send you both back to hell.”

Yellow distantly heard the sound of wings, from her guess she’d say they were two minutes away.

She had to stall for time.

White let out a pained groan when her legs gave out underneath her. Yellow would pull the spike out if she thought she could do it fast, but since she was surrounded- she’d have to hold her ground until Blue and Pink arrived.

And make sure not one of the damned hunters got anywhere near White.

“The only ones burning in hell today will be you,” Yellow sneered and took a defensive stance.

The leader inclined their head, “I’m going to enjoy this.”

Several of the hunters, probably newbies, made the mistake of charging her.

And Yellow viciously took advantage of their stupidity. Within seconds, they were lying on the ground dead- two were missing a head, while the others their legs.

She didn’t have time for clean deaths, and their were still several hunters left.

Her opponents pulled large bazookas off their backs, and Yellow mentally cursed when she saw they were modified to hold the spikes they’d shot at them earlier.

The first three were easy to block, but it was only when White yelled out in alarm that Yellow realized one had sneaked around behind her.

The spike impaled her through her lower ribs, thankfully missing her heart.

But the damage was severe, and her legs gave out as pain racked through her body.

She fell to her knees in front of White, still determined to prevent them from hurting her.

The sound of large wings were ringing in her ears now, the hunters too preoccupied with surrounding them to notice. Yellow couldn’t see them in the sky, so she guessed they were flying low to the tree-tops, no doubt they could hear the commotion.

With a grunt she pulled the spike out of her, pain blurring her vision, and when she came to her senses the leader was standing directly in front of them.

She could practically hear the smirk in her voice, “Any last words?”

Two large flying dragons suddenly appeared in Yellow’s range of vision, moving fast but relatively silently. They were locked onto their position.

Yellow smirked up at their assailant, and White managed a pained laugh when she saw their shifters approaching, “I would look behind you.”

Simultaneously, two massive roars broke through the clearing, and the last thing Yellow could remember was the terrified screams of the hunters as two magnificent dragons descended upon them.

She collapsed against the ground, the pain overriding her mind- leaving everything to go black as her body forced her to rest.


The first thing she felt was the familiar sensation of White’s arms wrapped around her, much as she’d do back when they were trapped in that horrible orphanage.

The second thing she recognized, was the feeling of warmth washing over her, as if she was sitting in front of a roaring fireplace while reading her favorite book.

Then she remembered the clearing, the hunters, and being attacked.

With a sharp shriek Yellow shot up, pain flaring in lower ribs when she aggravated the newly healed wound.

White ran her hands through her hair, calming Yellow as only her best friend could.

And suddenly she realized that she was safe.

Two large reptilian forms were curled around them tightly, blankets and pillows scattered around them for comfort. When the dragons realized Yellow was up, they lifted their heads and looked at her.

Pink’s eyes greeted her own, complementing the dragons’ magenta color.

But what really captivated her was the icy white-blue eyes she turned to next, which were very striking when compared to the deep blue of her shifter’s scales.

A shudder traveled the length of their bodies, and both Yellow and White watched with wide-transfixed eyes as they shifted down into human forms.

They were both wearing simple tank tops and shorts, and together the sisters fussed over the two vampires.

“Are you alright?” Blue pulled Yellow to her, “Does anything hurt? We called your blood supplier over if you need any. They dropped off a few bags for you, said it would help you heal.”

“I’m alright,” Yellow gazed into Blue’s eyes, her heart fluttering sadly when she saw tears filling them. “There’s no need to cry.”

“They could have killed you two. We could hardly get White apart from that tree, the spike pinned her there and narrowly missed her heart. Then you were just laying there- not moving at all.” Blue’s voice was low with sorrow, “I thought I lost you.”

“It’d take more than that to kill me. My body just needed to heal,” Yellow explained. “I guess my mind unconsciously thought it was safe enough to knock out with you two there to protect us.”

“Always,” Pink said from next to them. She had pulled White into her lap, nuzzling her neck. “We’d never let anyone hurt you two. Those hunters, we wiped them off the face of this earth. No one threatens my mate, or my sister’s.”

White playfully cocked an eyebrow at her girlfriend, “Mate?”

“Well duh, that ass is mine.”

Blue smacked her sister upside the head, “Language Pink!”

“Sorry sis.”

Yellow looked around, “Is this your living room?”

“Yeah,” Blue sighed. “We had to move the furniture to make room for our shifted forms.We were too worked up to shift down with you two still unconscious.”

“That explains why it looks different,” Yellow leaned back into the pillows, Blue dutifully curling around her. “I still need to heal. I’m probably gonna pass out again.”

White yawned and rubbed at her healing shoulder, which was wrapped with bandages. Pink swatted at her hand, not allowing her to irritate the wound, “Me too. I woke up about 10 minutes before you. We’ve only been sleeping a few hours according to Blue.”

“Three hours, 34 minutes.” Said girl confirmed.

“Yeah,” Yellow joined in on the yawning. “Definitely gonna sleep some more.”

“Go right ahead,” Blue kissed her temple.

Pink gently helped White lay down, adjusting the pillows and blankets for her, before gently kissing her and protectively laying down next to her, “We’ll be right here.”

“You’re safe,” Blue murmured, and Yellow pressed her lips against hers in response. 

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Omg I didn't realize you wrote Don't Time Fly and, it's so good?? Like I was legit gonna ask if you've read it cuz you're all about cars- good job reading author names me- but anyway, it's amazing!!!

Aww, thank you so much, anon! And wow, you read it already? So fast! I especially appreciate your kind words, because that fic made me super nervous about posting it publicly. <33333 (But I’m still gonna somewhat shamefully plug it here… Don’t Time Fly. I’ll try to offset my shame by providing actual recs to other people’s work at the bottom of this post.)

And I also appreciate that you thought of me when you read it, and thought I might want to read it. Were I not its author, I surely would have. :D

Come at me with your fics, Cars fandom!! My preferences are for: 

  • the cars are cars 
  • the fic takes place generally pretty close to Cars canon 
    • THOUGH @frighteningmcmean posted about an idea she had for a Cars/Ace Attorney fusion that now I REALLY want, so I suppose all rules bend!
  • pairing-wise I’m basically just pure Salqueen trash, but I’m probably open to trying new things
  • but please no NSFW! No exceptions to this one.

AND If anyone else is looking for delightful Cars fic, here are some people whose fic I’ve read and loved these past few days: