if you're still reading this wow

having idle time is not good for my brain… i start thinking of everything and can’t stop. like today i had a lot of time to just think and it got me so fucked up bc all i could think of was the shitty things in my life and i just can’t even deal with them so i need to keep my mind going i need it.

kingcfthieves asked:

[ somebody call an ambulance i can't breathe. you're flawless. absolutely spot on bilbo baggins. i am having so much fun reading your rps wow wow wow ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ this blog just made my night. ]

ringless o.O oh my goodness  w o w  thank you so much!! i’m like in shock this is such an amazing message to wake up to asdfasghlkj; -gathers u close to me- i’m so glad you like them //gushes