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chirrut + baze as yr chinese dads


  • wakes you up at 6am every day to train before school
  • pulls your ear when you’re being a shit. does the one finger shake in your face while he lectures you
  • knows every other dad at the dim sum restaurant, somehow, every time
    • remembers all their names and all their kids’ names and what they’re studying in school
  • your friends love him
  • tells your friends lots of embarrassing shit about you
  • never coddles you until you’re sick, then won’t leave you the hell alone
    • you swear he brews your herbal medicine more bitter + disgusting than it needs to be on purpose
  • will never give you allowance and indignantly asks what you even need money for every time you talk about it
  • bad presents. it’s always fucking socks or a screwdriver or something
  • stands and watches you doing homework
    • ETA: you can try to text on the dl. but he knows. he smacks the phone out of your hands.
  • interrogates all the partners you ever bring over (but waits until you’re out of the room to do it)
  • bad cop


  • good cop 
  • constantly talking shit in mandarin around non-mandarin speakers
  • secretly spoils ya when chirrut isn’t around
  • your friends are terrified of him
  • gets you + your friends to stand on his back when he does pushups
  • buys cheap stuff in bulk. ‘you don’t know when it’ll be on sale again’
  • interrogates all the partners you ever bring over (but you can tell exactly what he thinks of them because he’s staring you dead in the eyes while he does it) 
  • doesn’t care how well you’re doing in school except that you’re doing better than that next door kid whose parents he hates
  • incense burning all the time in the kitchen and bathroom
  • dumpling making machine. hand-minces the meat with a bigass cleaver
  • always trying new recipes from the cooking channel
  • PDA all the time. both you and chirrut are lowkey embarrassed but you’re used to it by now
  • ask him anytime for a piggyback ride and he’ll give it to ya
When you’re trying to be positive

but tumblr can be one of the most negative places on earth

No I don’t read Hyrda!Cap

I don’t acknowlege Hydra!Cap

Until that storyline resolves to be something else….I won’t touch it with a 10ft pole.

i know it’s hard to accept compliments as anything other than lies. but when somebody blurts, “you’re beautiful,” take a breath. think of your dog, panting happily and covered in mud. think of your mother in her bathrobe with her hair in tinfoil while the dye sets. think of your best friend with her face streaked with tears and makeup. think of your little brother when he was sick and his face was a red puffy mess. think of how, even then, your heart swelled up with love of them. this is i think where compliments come from: when they look at you, no matter what, they see somebody beautiful, not some body, beautiful.


For @sodomymcscurvylegs Reasons why he’s problematic and needs to delete (long post btw)  

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KITTY: here, read [the letter]. this is from my mother. can you see what she says? I’m dead to her. she says I’ll never see my daughter again. there are people who won’t get back any part of their sons, and their brothers, and their husbands. they won’t get back anything from the life before. but you have children. you have a home. you have so much more than most. you’re wanted, you’re needed. everything is n o t  o v e r.

Science Fair
  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *enters, holding his daughter; excited* Guess who won first prize in a science fair?
  • Baby Holmes: *chewing a winner's ribbon*
  • Molly: *reading; looks up, smiles* Hi.
  • Sherlock: *kisses her cheek* Hi *gestures at the ribbon* First prize. My clever little girl *kisses his daughter's cheek*
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* You managed to find a science fair...for babies?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Babies, children. She entered, she won.
  • Molly: *folds her arms* She's four months old.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *digs in his pockets* And a five hundred pound voucher! *removes the money; waving it slowly*
  • Molly: *trying not to smile*
  • Sherlock: *innocent* Love you.
  • Molly: *sighs* God help me, I love you too.
  • Sherlock: *smug*

It Comes and Goes in Waves/It Always Does by roaroftheninth
words: 50,748 | chapters: 15/15

“He says that he’s grateful for that ending, because he always wanted to imagine it like that and you were always a better storyteller than he was. But that’s not the ending that should be published, because it’s not the truth.”

Summary: It is 1953; Louis makes that nine years since they won the war (eight if you count the Americans, which he never does). His first novel, a best-seller set during wartime, is due for a sequel - but Louis doesn’t want to face the ending.

anonymous asked:

i love tgatnw and your writing with all my heart! i'm sorry to trouble you with this, and please ignore this ask if you want to (i won't mind!)! i'm often triggered by sex scenes, even just reading them makes me really nervous and uncomfortable. if i wait until the next chap to continue reading will i miss anything important (other than They Have Sex)? thank you so much <3

Hiya anon!

Sorry to hear about the trigger! They’re definitely the worst. And my stuff can definitely be triggery. You wouldn’t be the first to not be able to read some of what I’m writing (and there’s definitely been people who’ve had to nope out entirely).

But I can definitely give some basic information :D And you can decide what works/doesn’t work for you going in with the rest of the story.

Firstly, they didn’t have sex. It was a BDSM scene. So the ‘They Have Sex’ scene hasn’t technically happened yet. Though it was definitely a sexual experience.

But there was some character development between Pitch and Jack. From increased praise from Pitch (and Jack realising how much he likes it, and finding in some cases it relaxes him or calms him down), to some neglect at the end that will have Jack relating to Pitch in a new way from here on in, since Pitch didn’t adequately care for Jack afterwards (because of his own emotional issues), and Jack accepted this as ‘normal’ even though he found it upsetting.

Jack will also be reflecting on his experiences from here on in, so while not every chapter will have sexual content in it, there will be times where Jack is thinking back on explicit experiences in some detail even if they’re not happening in the scene. I mean the sex between Jack and Pitch is sort of integral to how they grow together as characters - their most intimate moments will happen mostly in these chapters, on an emotional level, and this will potentially include emotional breakthroughs and similar.

I mean you can skip the chapters sure and still get the plot, but I don’t like to write ‘throw away’ sex scenes, which means you’ll definitely miss things from here on in, especially if it’s also necessary to skip chapters where Jack is reflecting on sexual content even if he’s not necessarily having it. I.e. - Jack will have carry over bruising from an event in the chapter, and he’ll be experiencing pain / thoughts around that in the next chapter, for example.

I suppose it just depends on what you like most? If you love plot and plot developments, then you’re mostly only missing character development/growth and emotional expansion/growth in the sex scenes and so that won’t matter as much. :) If you love character development, then…I’m not sure how the story will read given the sex scenes will likely increase (though not a great deal) and they still actually haven’t had sex yet, so that’s still coming. The explicit rating has been there since the beginning and the NC-17 rated stuff is - for me - kind of integral. So it just really depends on what you find important. And that’s different for everyone. What I find I absolutely need as a reader, is what other readers find they don’t - so that whole ‘your mileage may vary’ thing. :)

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- Nanbaka; Warden, Samon, Mitsuru, Hajime, Liang, Rokuriki and Honey.
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- Kingdom Hearts; Vanitas, Roxas, Ventus, and Aqua.
- Final Fantasy; Genesis, Zack, Prompto, Cloud, Hope and Lightning.
- Boku no Hero Academia; Bakugou, Dabi, Deku, Tokoyami, Shinsou and Overhaul.

× Top three ships; I actually don’t like ships since they create various (toxic and nontoxic) effects on people. So I would rather not have any but platonic ones.

× Books I am currently reading; “The Art of War”, “Tao Te Cheng” and “An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding” (I know it’s a weird selection but I like reading and learning.)

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tell our stories on these walls

A/N: Here’s more from my “You’re In My Heart” series. You don’t have to read the others for this one to make sense, but I won’t stop you if you decide to anyway! This is set sometime vaguely s2-ish, but note that it is largely AU compared to TV-canon. Established relationship!Bellarke.

The Hundred move to the sea in the summer, and for once, things are finally good. 

For @prosciuttoe.




Bellamy struggles to keep his eyes sharp while he’s on patrol, his steps faltering under the midday sun. Exhausted, he wants nothing more than to go back to camp, crawl into his tent, and sleep for the next hundred years.

The last few weeks have been so tiring, but so, so worth it, especially when he thinks of the looks on the faces of his friends as they finally arrived at the ocean, ready to start a new chapter in their lives.

Turning on his heel, he looks down at the watch on his wrist, one that he picked up on their last supply raid. He’s hoping the batteries don’t die soon, because that’s the only thing they haven’t found yet at any of the abandoned towns along their route to the sea. The watch reads two o’clock, and he sighs in relief when he realizes his shift is over.

It takes him ten minutes to get back towards the gate of their camp, one that is almost permanently open now, not like it was at the dropship site. When he gets there, Miller is waiting for him, leaning against the outer wall, his gun slung across his back.

Bellamy claps a hand on his friend’s back when he gets closer and Miller smiles wearily. “I’m thinking… a swim, and then sleeping for two days.”

Bellamy grins. “I’m with you. I’ve got something I need to take care of, first.”

Miller rolls his eyes. “Uh huh. You’re not fooling anybody. She’s in medical.”

Bellamy smiles sheepishly. “That obvious, huh?”

“Nauseatingly so.”

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For my beautiful @bellalou5 whose birthday was yesterday, she has give me the beautiful gift of her friendship and I wanted to make something special for her. I know I am a day late but this is for you, Happy belated birthday, sweetie. You’re wonderful and you deserve everything.

He cried, he won’t lie. He cried when he got the acceptance letter. He was going to college, Percy Jackson was going to college. Annabeth and his mom were screaming and cheering while he held the letter in his hands, reading over and over the words.

He never thought this day would come, he honestly thought he didn’t had a chance getting accepted in college, but the proof was in his hands. Percy Jackson was going to start his freshman year in Ithaca next fall.

“You did it, sweetie.” he raised his eyes to meet his mother’s. She was looking at him, she was crying and he bet that if he turned to see Annabeth, she would be crying too. “You got it.”

“I’m going to college, mom,” Sally put her arms around him. “It’s actually happening.”

Growing up with a single mother who worked 3 jobs just so they could survive week by week was nothing he was ashamed of, he was proud of his mother for everything she did for him, but living like that make college not an option. He started working since he was little, first it was little jobs like dog walker or paperboy, jobs that didn’t pay much but they paid for his lunch and his school notebooks and pens.

He tried his best at school but it was hard when he barely slept because of his work and his dyslexia didn’t help him at all, that’s when Annabeth came into the picture. He was failing miserable sixth grade, he was crying in the library, hidden between bookshelves, he had just gotten another F and he had to tell his mom, that’s how Annabeth found him, she sat next to him in silence until she took the failed text from his hand and told him she was going to make him get a B, she did.

Annabeth became his best friend and as sad as it sounded, she was his first friend. She helped him with his homework, even doing his when he had double shifts. Annabeth, unlike him, grow up rich, her parents were divorced so she always got twice of everything, her parents trying to buy her love with material things, even if they never were home or went to her piano recitals.

Annabeth opened a new door for Percy’s life, she helped him with school and she gave him the best gift he could ask for: friendship. Annabeth became close with friends a year younger than them, and those friends soon became his friends too.

High school started and Percy got a new job at a small café not far away from his place. His situation at home was getting a little better, his mom had gotten a better job and they moved out to a better apartment. Sally had two jobs now and had more free time, while Percy had a job that gave him a better income, but it wasn’t enough for college, he knew it and Sally knew it, she always apologized for it but Percy didn’t hold it against her. He didn’t mind not going to college and he was okay with that decision.

Annabeth convinced him to join the swimming team in their sophomore year and that’s when the small window of hope opened. He was really good at swimming and with time he started listening to his couch drop the “swimming scholarship” more and more often. But still he didn’t want to let hope in his heart, he didn’t want to try and believe he could make it only to have his dream crushed, he always knew college wasn’t for him, but now? Now he couldn’t afford to think different.

But Sally and Annabeth thought different and they begged him to try, they believed in him, they knew he could make it, why he couldn’t see it?. Annabeth dragged him to colleges, asking him to please considerate, he was smart and he was talented and he could help the sea life if he studied marine biology. So he did, he applied, because Annabeth and Sally wanted him to, and they were his girls, how he could say no to them? He couldn’t lose anything, he had his mind set on not going to college.

But now, now he had a letter in his hand telling him he had a swimming scholarship and they were more than happy to have him in their college next fall.

“I had to go to Ithaca and look for jobs near campus,” Percy said.

Annabeth laughed. “As long as it is closer to Cornell than your campus. I want you near me.”

“Greedy, aren’t you? You will have me in the same town, now I have to be extra close to your campus?” Percy said.

“Now kids, you two will have time for that later,” Sally said. “We have to call Paul and tell him we are going to go out for dinner.”

“Mom! No.”

“I’m not taking no as an answer. My baby boy is going to college, the hell I’m not going to celebrate it.”

“Annabeth, you support me, right?”

“My boyfriend just got accepted into college, I kinda feel like celebrating it,” Annabeth said and Sally gave her a high five.

Percy wanted to argue about spending money in something as silly as taking him for dinner, but Annabeth and Sally had this huge smiles on their faces, smiles he was sure he was mirroring, and against all odds and against what most of his teachers thought, he got accepted into college. Sure, it was not a full scholarship like Annabeth’s but it was a pretty sweet scholarship indeed and for one night, he allowed himself not think about money and the future and just celebrate that he was going to college. 

Imagine being tipsy and deciding to chat with Sam about his hair...

You were not drunk. The term was… merry? Yes, ‘merry’, that sounded like as good a word as any to go with.

“Sam, I have a bone to pick with you,” you said putting on a look of mock seriousness as you walked (stumbled) through to the bunkers’ library.

“Err, are you drunk?” He laughed, raising an eyebrow in amusement.

“No, I’m perfectly fine. Dean and I had a bet running, I won, what can I say,” you winked, letting out an airy laugh, “but back to my proper point. I wanted to ask you why you how your hair always looks nice and yet I never see you brush it? I mean, do you even own one? It’s weird, what did you do? Sell your soul?”

You muffled a giggle, still trying to maintain the look of seriousness that was slipping quickly. He smirked and stood up, picking up his books and things to walk out.

“Aw, you’re leaving?” You pouted.

“Yep, can’t get normal conversation out of you like this,” he grinned, making a move to walk past you before stopping and leaning close to your ear, “and my secret is I steal your hairbrush when you’re not looking.”

You turned around with a playful glare but he was already retreating towards his room, laughing at you as he went.