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Puku how do you feel about the new episode?! You're the biggest Kentin stan I know, so I need to know your thoughts! What do you like about it? What do you hate about it? What would you change? How would you change it. I need to know!

Ooh what a lovely surprise! I’ve been working myself into the ground trying to finish up my projects for graduation that I’ve literally made myself sick. (Before last night, the last two days I had 6 hours of sleep total. XD ) Today is truly the first day in a long time that I can give myself a break, and your message made me get my butt out of bed today. Thank you for the message, and it’s so kind, too! I don’t think I’ve been called Kentin’s biggest stan/fan in a long time! I haven’t had a proper ask in forever either! :D ♥♥♥♥

Ok, ok, for the question at hand; haha… okay. How do I type words to express the utter anger and disappointment Kentin has made me feel in this episode!?
Really thank you for asking, because I have a lot of ranting I have done about this episode that I kind of wanted to share…

Also, I made an initial reaction video of this episode. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever post it, because my videos don’t get a ton of traffic these days, but if I get enough interest, I’ll post it. It wouldn’t be too edited, so it can go up faster than a usual video. (this means I would just seam the video together and possibly take out long pauses. No fancy background and no music, just my poor audio recording and a playthrough.) That would best share my reaction to this episode. X9 Warning: it has quite a bit of cursing and jokes that may be considered distasteful to the Tumblr community.

Because of this indecent; I still have this feeling in my heart that the real Ken from before military school is trapped somewhere in a closet, and now I’m led to believe that this Kentin and Evan beat him up and shoved him in there, calling him a weak nerd along the way. You can take this literally or figuratively…

I’m so mad at Kentin, I did have a small moment where I thought I may not like him anymore. I did eventually decide that I would give him a chance to redeem himself. He’s being soo uncool.

I hated his little man crush on Evan, and I hate that he chose him over his friends and me/ Kentin girls, the person who’s known him the longest and is the one he was supposed to be head over heels in love with. I really expected more out of him. I really did. Actually, this level of disillusion and disrespect is a pretty out of character, even for new age Kentin. He may be Mr. too cool for his britches from time to time, but would he ever disown his queen? I don’t think so, not even for a military school bff.
How in the HECK can a 26-28 year old man be in military school anyway? Was he a teacher?

Kentin is just… is really pissing me off right now.

I may add more to this rant, but this pretty sums it up for now. (´•ᗣ •`,
Thank you again for asking! ♥ Hope you are having a wonderful day!

EDIT: Wait, wait, wait. I forgot to answer the other questions!

How do I feel about the episode? I kind of hated it, but it also made me feel, so that’s good, I guess. I was pretty spirited about it.

What do I like about it? hm… We get to spend some time with Iris and Thomas for a little bit! Too bad bullies came and ruined the moment. *cough*Kentin*cough* I also liked that we talk more about sex! Even though it was laughable how everyone was expecting porn/ thought the lecture was pretty much porn (the sex-ed class). Gotta love youthful minds. 

What did I hate about it? Well, the whole Kentin thing certainly tops the list. He’s being such a little bitch right now. I’m so mad. I din’t really hate this, but I did find it weird that our character’s, what do you call it, ‘first’ sexual thought was of a total stranger. You know, that jerk Evan. What else did I hate? It’s been a few days since I played the episode… I plan on playing again, but the video reaction says it all best.

What would I change? and how? I mean, the biggest thing would probably be how out of character Kentin is being and how unbelievable the scenarios with Evan were. I mean, just up and beating up anyone who looks at you wrong? How can Kentin really not see what he was doing? I’m not 100% sure how I would change it, I mean there has to be a way to do this arc with out botching it to this extent. He can have his little bitch fit, but can’t he do it in a more Kentin way. I mean, it could have been worse. Better he’s ignorant to how he’s being than aware.

If anyone has any questions about anything, always feel free to talk to me! :D

One more note, I chose Lysander to sit next to during the episode, so you can expect that he was the one Kentin beat up. Lysander, Kentin? Really? This gentle faun? The boy who is just recovering from head trauma? How? Why would you do this? It’s Lysander, Kentin. Lysander. You go beat up Lysander, probably the most gentle boy of the group of boys. One does not just beat up Lysander. There is never a reason. You’re being as bad, if not worse than the people who ever bullied you!

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headcannon prompt: Fitz and Simmons both lead a superhero double life, they're best friends, but don't know that about each other!

Oh my gosh, I am so excited for this one!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  • So, we’ve got Fitz and Simmons.
  • Mild-mannered scientists/best friends by day.
  • Up-and-coming superheroes by night!!!
  • Jemma has healing powers.
  • Fitz can manipulate electronics and electric pulses.
  • They both create weapons/gadgets in order to enhance their abilities.
  • They both want to be called “The Doctor.”
  • (It gets a little awkward when they realize there’s another superhero who wants their name.)
  • (I mean Jemma actually cures people and stuff.)
  • (But Fitz has better gadgets I mean.)
  • (There is a lot of fan meta online for and against, let’s just say.)
  • People keep trying to call Fitz “Turbo,” but he refuses to acknowledge it.
  • And they’re technically on the same side, but they technically aren’t on the same side, either.
  • Fitz keeps trying to get to the bad guys first so people think that Jemma’s just good at helping the wounded.
  • But, you know, our genius biochemist has created all kinds of chemical compounds with all kinds of uses.
  • And she does her fair share of showing him up.
  • But one day, the bad guy comes out of NOWHERE.
  • And goes straight for Jemma.
  • And Fitz, out of instinct, steps in the way.
  • He fights off the attacker, but he gets his heart literally ripped out of his chest, so it’s not looking good.
  • Luckily for him, Jemma is there to help him grow a new heart.
  • And let me tell you, when Fitz is snatched out of the jaws of death and the first thing he sees is her cowl?
  • And she watches him reclaim the life he gave for her?
  • They are goners, my friend. 
  • Absolutely cuckoo for each other.
  • But the thing is that Jemma Simmon has no idea that The Doctor/Turbo is actually her best friend/lab partner Leopold Fitz.
  • And Fitz has no idea that The Doctor/The Angel of Death is also his best friend/lab partner/inconvenient crush.
  • So when Fitz starts to have similar feelings for two women, it gets very confusing.
  • It gets even more confusing when he sees that Jemma has started doodling his symbol into her notebooks.
  • With hearts around it?
  • And, I mean it IS him.
  • But it’s also not and he’s more than a little hurt by it.
  • I mean, how can you compete with yourself?
  • What can you do when the girl you love doesn’t notice the real you, the guy who’s with her day in and day out?
  • But he tries to respect her feelings and move on.
  • After all, this The Angel of Death is super cute and she’s kind of flirting with him?
  • That’s flirting, right?
  • He has no idea how to flirt, but he tries.
  • Meanwhile, Jemma is falling deeper and deeper for him every minute.
  • She saw his blue eyes look up at her like she was life itself and she just wants to get close enough to see those eyes again.
  • But she doesn’t know why Fitz is suddenly so moody?
  • Or why he spends late nights in the lab when he says he’s visiting his mum?
  • He must be working on something cool.
  • And you know, she’s his lab partner; she has every right to see what he’s working on.
  • But what is Fitz doing with these hi-tech boots?
  • What on Earth does he think he could use them for?
  • It’s so perplexing that she almost forgets that she has a most perfect opportunity to run into Turbo a few days later.
  • But it’s a good thing she remembers and heads out into the night because what is Turbo wearing?
  • Fitz’s boots!!!
  • And he can use them to fly!!!!!
  • She panics for a moment. She is so confused!
  • Turbo is obviously trying to impress her but …
  • Turbo is Fitz?
  • Her Fitz?
  • How does that …?
  • But then, he is loyal.
  • And kind, and brave, and selfless, and absolutely brilliant and …
  • It’s really confusing.
  • She lays low for a while,
  • Maybe she even fights crime somewhere else.
  • (I mean a flying Turbo can do quite a bit of crime fighting on his own.)
  • (But that doesn’t mean he likes it.)
  • Fitz doesn’t understand why the woman who likes him and the woman who didn’t both withdrew from his life.
  • Until one day, he bites off more than he can chew, and he ends up tied to a chair, and it looks like it’s really going to hurt.
  • And then, out of the blue!!
  • The Angel of Death appears!!
  • She releases out a knockout gas that somehow doesn’t affect him or her and SAVES THE DAY! 
  • She unties his rope and faces him.
  • And he stands up.
  • And let me tell, you, he’s already lost her before; he’s not taking any chances.
  • He kisses her.
  • Her hands travel up his neck to his cowl, and he knows what she wants. He takes it off, eyes closed. He hears her cowl fall to the ground.
  • And when he opens his eyes, the woman standing before him is his very best friend in the world.
  • It takes his breath away.
  • And when he finally finds the words, he says:
  • “I hoped it was you!”
  • (They become a superhero duo called The Doctors.)
  • (They live happily ever after.)
i want a sip of what you're sippin' on (are you picking up what I'm putting down?)

Unhoarding this superrrrr old fic that I never posted b/c i thought it was stupid. Coffee shop/Pickup line AU. Stiles hitting on the new barista with his mad macking skills yo. This is stupid. SO stupid. Don’t read this!!

It wasn’t every day that one walked into one’s local coffee shop only to discover that an Adonis had taken residence behind the counter. Stiles had been in desperate need of caffeine that morning but was now rejuvenated after having caught sight of the new barista. Talk about morning wood.

“Who the heck is that?” Stiles asked Scott the second he got behind him in line. They both had 8ams that morning, and even though Scott appeared to be standing and upright, he was actually half-asleep and snoring.

“Who?” Scott jumped, and Sleeping Beauty awoke from her little nap.

“The guy.”

Scott furrowed his brows. "What guy?”

He did his best to motion towards the man standing behind the counter without getting caught. He subtly nodded his head then darted his eyes in that general direction, adding a quick point of his finger, then practically waved a flag and lit a neon sign over the guy’s head, all for Scott who just wasn’t getting it.

“Oh, my god! Are you fucking blind! GQ model behind the counter!”

He watched the light bulb switch on in Scott’s brain. “Ohhhhhhhh, you mean the barista?”

“Yes, the barista,” Stiles said tersely, although the guy was so much more than that. Scott wounded him by calling him such. “What happened to Jackson?”

“Dunno. Think he got fired.”

That put a damper on Stiles’ good mood. He’d been a regular at the coffee shop since freshman year and he’d gotten to know Jackson pretty well. There were lots of reasons as to why Jackson could’ve been fired. He was late constantly, took years to fill orders, and was pretty much the reason the place had horrendous customer service reviews on Yelp. Still, Stiles’ heart wrenched at the thought of poor Jackson selling his ass on the streets for mere pennies.

He couldn’t worry about Jackson for long, though. Not when the events that had led to his termination had been an act of divine intervention. The gods had spoken. Today was obviously the day they’d chosen to bring Stiles and his soulmate together. And who was Stiles to question the gods?

He must’ve been drooling. There was probably a giant puddle at his feet. The closer they got to the front of the line, the more beautiful the barista became in his eyes. It was tortuous, like waiting in a long line at an amusement park, and Stiles definitely wanted to ride that rollercoaster.

Enraptured as he was, he hadn’t noticed Allison come into the shop or walk up to them in line.

“Hey guys,” Allison said too cheerfully, giving Scott a quick kiss on the cheek and flashing Stiles a blinding dimpled smile. Allison’s biggest character flaw was that she was a morning person. “What’s up?”

“Check out Stiles’ GQ model.” Scott gestured towards the counter.

Unlike Scott, Allison knew immediately who they were referring to, which proved why she was Scott’s better half. She smirked as the barista thrust a to-go cup at the woman in front of them then snarled when she asked for her receipt.

“He does look like your type, Stiles,” she hummed. “Tall, dark, and bitch-faced.”

“Yeah, well let’s see if his coffee can keep me up all night.” Stiles winked. “If you know what I mean….”

Scott groaned. “Stiles, please don’t!”

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I Noticed Something

At the beginning of Tear In My Heart, Tyler says this:

Which under further inspection (i.e. going on Google translate because my foreign language skills are limited to High School Spanish), means this in Korean:

Now, you could say, “Hey, maybe they just threw that word in there because they travel a lot, picked up the word, and thought it sounded cool or something!” Which is completely a possibility, but also a little unlikely if you know everything this band stands for and how much thought they put into their work and music. 

So after realizing this, I got to thinking pretty deeply about it because I love this song with all of my heart (pun totally intended) and I was listening to Vessel a little while ago and when I got to Trees, something clicked. Because what does Tyler say, over and over, repeatedly in that song?

Which could be completely be a coincidence, since both of these songs have similar topics and themes: being afraid, opening yourself up to someone or something, exc. But I just felt like they were too similar to not be related in any way.

So sit back kids, make some hot chocolate, get a cozy blanket, we’re about to get into some deep (and probably convoluted) analysis of some great songs because why the heck not?

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lesbeani-deactivated20170506  asked:

Hi. If you're accepting asks, I really want to be an animator, but I can't get up enough confidence when I start to draw,bc I always compare my drawing to others. What do I do? I'm sorry, and I really really love your art.. sorry..

I always accept asks ! 

Real talk here when it comes to the confidence thing..its a tough thing to learn and it takes time. For me…I didnt become as confidant in my art as I became..factual. I compare myself to artists too..heck , WE ALL DO. These confidant issues dont just go away when you get to a certain level so here are the things I try to do on a regular basis and i hope they help you out too. 

1 ) - Accept that your art is your art and it will always be your art - and embrace it

Your art will always have a ‘you’ness about it that will stop it from looking like other peoples art. Thats AMAZING. Why would you want that to go away ? A lot of the times I wish I drew like someone else but then I think of the people who support me and I know that they like my art for what it is..and thats why they enjoy it. The people who inspire me , inspire me BECAUSE they have a uniqueness about their art that I admire…I wouldnt want them to lose it , and people wouldnt want me to lose it either. So embrace the you ! As cheesy as it sounds. 

2) Accept that you probably wont see your art in the same light that you see other peoples art. 

Gosh what a bummer huh ? When we see peoples art we see it all finished..we dont see the trial and error , we dont see the years of frustrated crumpled drawings and we dont see the late nights that they work on their craft. We see this wonderful finished picture and we go WOW, I WISH. Well when you see it with fresh eyes its always a beautiful reveal. I bet you if you worked really hard on a picture , lost all your memory and looked at it again you’d be stoked to find out you were the one that did it. I keep this in mind 

3) Accept that there will always be people better then you , and people who wish they were you. 

welcome to the neverending cycle that has no end ! We just need to get over the fact that people are more skilled then us..the world is huge ! But as they make process forward so do we , and behind us is a lot of people who are just starting or see us as the ones they see as better..and we all step forward in this kind of NEVER ENDING (story) CYCLE. But whats so bad about that ? It means we’re all learning. There is no BEST  , there is just improvement to yourself :) All you need to do is keep taking those steps forward ! 

4) Accept that artists you admire and look up to feel the same way

Theres no level where you suddenly feel like the best - or that you KNOW everything. This kind of goes back to that never ending cycle thing..we ALL do it. I’ve worked in the animation industry for 8 years now and on every new project i double guess myself and stress that I’m not good enough for it. I’m surrounded by crazy talented people . we -ALL - have steps forward to take and this goes until the day you drop the pencil forever. And that not to discourage anyone by going ‘ wow if these artists I like struggle then theres no hope for me ‘ NO THERE IS SO MUCH. because we all deal with this shit and we can make it through :) we’re all human. Great art and the confidence in it isint just gifted to people , it comes with work ! And everyone can work at it…which brings me to

5) Accept that someone else’s success does not mean you are a failure. 

seeing someone with more advanced skills does not mean your art suddenly sucks - it doesnt take away from your art..your art was at the same level it was before you saw anything that person did. What it means is that person has a different skillsets , and skillsets can be earned!  Dont compare yourself to other people - learn from them instead. Find the thing you love about their art , about the pics , and make notes on how to learn it. If its their anatomy then study up on anatomy , if its their coloring then you know what you have to do…ect ! Pushing yourself to learn instead of getting down on yourself gets you much further but stop thinking that you’re worthless because someone is different then you. That mindset just leads to a lot of unhappiness and according to the other points PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER . so why fight it ? Work with it to improve your own skills ! if they can do it so can you.  

6) Accept art is what you put into it 

 There is no late,  there is no lagging behind , there is no set path besides the one you make for yourself. If it is currently a path of frustration then its up to you to turn it into one of learning, fun or whatever you want. It can take a bit to change , just like art takes time to learn but you have that time to learn it - so take that time ! Don’t focus on the end of the journey (because there is no end ) but try to embrace the learning process instead and take one step ahead at a time , before you know it you’ll be miles from where you started. 


This is all easier said then done, I know. But like anything it comes with time. Whenever I started wishing I could draw like someone else I try to think about this instead ..and believe me - I STILL DO IT. You cant just suddenly ‘love’ your own art if you lack confidence ,but these things to me make sense. Being at a different level doesnt HAVE to be a bad thing ! It just means you have room to grow , and thats just life in a nutshell , so why should art be any different :) ! <3 

hinatasgirlfriend-deactivated20  asked:

You're one of the few IR shippers I know who's on the same page as me about Rukia being the Dom in the relationship and.. You know. In bed. All of these Dom! Ichigo fanfictions are killing me. Do you know of any good RukiIchi ones? :'3

Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure Kubo is also on the same page as we are on Rukia being Ichigo’s assertive toppy shinigami girlfriend. I mean, he does make it pretty obvious and all :/

Besides, let’s be real here…top!Ichigo with girls is not only very Out-of-Character (this is the boy who nearly busts an artery whenever he feels attracted to a woman and can’t even say the word “kiss” and you think he’s a smooth womanizing ladykiller?? I mean…whut? THAT IS NOT ICHIGO) it’s booooring. How many times do we see the horny!boyfriend and virginal!girl in het fiction?? Overdone, annoying and not something IchiRuki needs to be associated with. They’re way too special and fun to be tied down to such cliché gender roles.

Anyway, after doing extensive research on the issue at hand, these are some of my favourite top!Rukia/sub!Ichigo fics (almost all of these are smut but I can also rec some lighter/fluffier ones):

Where Your Hands Were Missing by kubotits

Confrontation with a Kiss by kubotits

Salvation by her Hand by Alialka

Flawless…this fic is flawless. Not to mention I could probably kinda see something like that happening in the manga with the way things have gone between the two of them. 

Make My Fantasies Come True (chapter 3) by Chelle-chan7 

You can skip every other chapter, just go to chapter 3 for teacher!Rukia/highschooler!Ichigo goodness

Loosen Up, Ichiberry! by Canterbury Bell

I would definitely recommend this one- superbly written, hot, perfect smut with university professor!Rukia and student!Ichigo.

Daydreams Come True by magicsmith Just skip the first chapter (Kon/Orihime…just…no). Second chapter on is nicely written, intriguing Ichigo/Rukia erotic escapades. Rukia comes across a bit mean at first but it gets good, trust me

To Be Forward by la anjita This is great if you love shy/submissive!Ichigo. He’s even a tad bit too submissive here for my liking since I prefer a bit more spice and tsuntsun-ness for my Ichigo

Boom Desire by Laurie Bunter This writer is very, very good. All of her Bleach stories in general are brilliant. She just has this lovely way of capturing their personalities and their interaction. The fic isn’t strictly top!Rukia but she has her moments and it’s just all round good smut

Coitus by cricketchick1990 This one has a lot of cute, awkward, bumbling inexperienced!Ichigo, not exactly a definite top!Rukia or top!anyone story but I just love how funny and dorky these two are here and how it wasn’t all casanova!Ichigo and perfect sex scenes

Dream of Me by Fathom-x Here again, not a definite top!Rukia or top!Ichigo but the author writes Rukia with much more confidence and assertiveness than most others. Heck I just really enjoy how she writes them and the whole idea of succubus!Rukia in general

Emotional Experimentation by Tituba3 Speaking of just generally good smut…well she pretty much seduces him here and enjoys every minute of it so I’d say this is as top!Rukia-centric as most writers get

Thanks for your question by the way!!! I love getting these type of asks :O