if you're not watching this show you're missing out

I would just like to point out, Pitch is on it’s money when it comes to representation.

This show is NEEDED and NECESSARY. So, tell your friends, and the people posting on here about representation to get in formation and watch this show:

  • It’s got a black female lead who’s allowed to be a person, who is deeply cared for by the people around her, who is respected, who’s allowed to be all the things SHE wants to be.
  • It’s got a black married couple with black, carefree boys
  • It’s got an Asian male who stood up to his white woman boss. A character who is being given depth and a voice.
  • It’s got a Cuban refugee catcher who casually comments about how hot men and women are and doesn’t balk at the fact his pitcher is a woman.
  • There are platonic male/female relationships.
  • There are REAL female/female relationships.

This show is it, fam. So if you’re waiting for something to be perfect, I’ll caution you that you may be waiting forever. Support this show. It’s so good, and it’s so worthy, and it needs to be seen.

Get your fix of white boy man pain on the CW if you need a break. 

Colored sketch

I’m practicing sketch commission for the upcoming Otakuthon (one week left already!!! OoO)

I really, REALLY liked the Mr Greg episode. Such good song. Such good pearl. Man that show is awesome.


You’re thinking of doing something, aren’t you?