if you're not watching this show you're missing out


The President Show||05.04.2017

How is anybody surprised by me any more? I’m doing exactly what I promised to do during the campaign, dismantling this country piece by piece, and the first piece, healthcare! 

House Republicans finally slapped together a bill cruel enough to pass. They gave me my first big win and I’m giving them a giant political albatross.

And to my supporters, you’re giving up your healthcare for nothing. Zero. Zip. You’re not any safer, you’re not getting your jobs back, you’re not even getting that big, beautiful wall.

The billionaire oligarchs who really run this country are getting a trillion dollars in tax cuts and all you get is a stupid. red. hat. What a deal!

Colored sketch

I’m practicing sketch commission for the upcoming Otakuthon (one week left already!!! OoO)

I really, REALLY liked the Mr Greg episode. Such good song. Such good pearl. Man that show is awesome.

“The Seventh Floor” was the stuff of dreams and I will shamelessly fangirl over it.


You’re thinking of doing something, aren’t you?

  • The Fall: *Is a dark, gripping crime drama all about WOMEN*
  • The Fall: *Is pretty much what the feminist side of tumblr's been asking for from mainstream tv* (cast could be more racially diverse, but idk it's Ireland - what are the stats?)
  • The Fall: *deals with violence against women*
  • The Fall: *deals with the aftermath of violence against women*
  • The Fall: *shows the violence against women in a way that isn't made sexual or appealing for the viewers*
  • The Fall: *deals with how women can be misled into abusive relationships*
  • The Fall: *deals with prejudice in the workplace*
  • The Fall: *deals with victim blaming*
  • The Fall: *deals with toxic masculinity*
  • The Fall: *passes the Bechdel test So. Fucking. Hard*
  • The Fall: *references the Madonna/Whore complex*
  • The Fall: *contains a ton of random guitar puns*
  • The Fall: *has several characters that just had to be cast as women - and doesn't dismiss or oversimplify them*
  • The Fall: *has several characters/background actors that could (and probably would) have been male but are cast as women anyway*
  • The Fall: *has female characters that express their intelligence - and it's presented to the viewer as okay*
  • The Fall: *has female characters that express their sexuality - and it's presented to the viewer as okay*
  • The Fall: *has male characters that express their emotions - and it's presented to the viewer as okay*
  • The Fall: *does all this without being preachy or patronising*
  • The Fall: *Stars Gillian Anderson as super cool lady cop without turning her into some kind of perfect stereotypical 'Strong Woman (TM)'*
  • The Fall: *has so far featured Colin Morgan in all of two episodes*
  • Tumblr: OMG Colin Morgan's in it???

anonymous asked:

I respect you Rocco but reading your opinions on certain shows you've never watched only makes me believe that you pass judgement based on popular opinions on said shows. You're missing out. You're way off base on what GOT is about. if you think it's just about dragons and who's just got kill then maybe you wouldn't understand it anyways. Keep on big playa. Much respect.

I passed judgement on a show I’ve never watched except I legitimately just wrote that I watched a full season of it