if you're not reading this comic you are also wrong

call-my-master  asked:

even if you end up deleting everything & not posting the remaining parts of chapter 18 i still wanna THANK YOU for your amazing work till now❤ you're awesome!^-^

This really means a lot to me you know. Like I know it’s just a blog and it might not even happen ( it being taken down) but it makes me so happy knowing that I helped others enjoy what they liked, the killing stalking comic. Deep down I knew it was wrong. I truly did but I also knew how hard it is to not be able to read a comic just because simply you can’t afford it it your parents won’t let you buy it. And also balancing that out with wanting to support koogi. I know how hard it is cause I too was in that position. But I now pay for the chapters and made it as far as posting them in hopes that I would help others and maybe establish some friendships. This is long but it’s been a month with this blog and I’m honestly so fucking happy I made it. And that I got followers as amazing as you guys. You guys are so sweet and caring. So precious and so loyal. But with the length of this, I just want to encourage you all, or those who can cause it’s understandable that not all can, but I want to encourage you to contribute into koogis art. We all here love it and enjoy it. And it’s the last thing I can do( cause I’m sending more cause I feel horrible) to make it up for her. U don’t have to, but just a reminder that this is what koogi does for a living

I really hope u all have a great day and yes I’ll still run this blog of course I just want wanted to vent a bit