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Silly Mob Psycho Head-cannons. 

In which I try to be funny as today is Trolls Day.

  • Mob watches a bunch of those cheesy teen drama shows.
  • Reigen sings in the shower.
  • Ritsu owns a book on rare spoons.
  • Teru has a bunch of hard to get Yu-Gi-Oh cards.
  • In college Reigen dyed his hair black.
  • Shou has a jar of googly eyes.
  • Mob owns socks that have every day of the week written on them.
  • Teru plays a bunch of poorly received video games, and leaves good reviews on them.
  • Ritsu has fallen asleep in class more than once.
  • Mob watches a bunch of dumb YouTube videos and tells everyone about them.
  • Reigen owns an inflatable flamingo that he won at a carnival.
  • What the great writing vs feedback debate actually is: The lack of kudos/comments/reblogs means my fic doesn't get out there and thus I get little to no feedback that would immensely help me develop my own writing. I also cannot tell what the fandom would like to read that correlates with what I would like to write.
  • What people think the great writing vs feedback debate is: You all suck, even people who are leaving reviews, and I deserve more because of reasons.
Submission: welcome to rarepair hell

(so uh i was reading up on the faerie court for a project i was doing earlier today and then read your shisunaru fic just before bed and had a…….. strange dream.)

One of the guards nudges open the door to the Pair-y Court.

“Another has come, my queen.”

The woman on the throne pauses from scrawling in her notepad. “I see. Let them in.” The guard nods, ducks out, and returns with the latest one silly enough to find themselves in her realm.

“I need- That is, your Majesty- I’m not entirely sure how I got here, but I would like to go home. One moment I was at home, and the next–”

The queen narrows her eyes. “You wandered into a Collection and thought you would come out unaffected, did you?”

The person wilts. “I, I, I just want to leave, your Majesty, please…”

The Felid Queen shakes her head. “It seems the outsiders have learned nothing. There is no exit to this place, wanderer. This place has existed since the first story was told, and will continue to exist long after you and I are dead.”

“Y-you mean that.. You don’t control this place?”

Kat (though none would dare to call her so familiarly here) nearly laughs. “Oh, no, I do. But I damn well earned my rule. The thrall can be your greatest enemy….. Or it can be your dearest friend.”

She pauses. “Leaving is not a possibility, but I suppose things can be done to make your stay more, shall we say, comfortable.”

“Do you want my soul?”

“Oh, don’t be barbaric. That hasn’t happened since the Old Court went out of favor. No, what I want,” here she leans forward, a smile with entirely too many teeth consuming her face and a glint in her eye. “is reviews.

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My biggest pet peeve for fellow writers? When they leave comments pointing all the bad parts of another person's fic with no other commentary. (seriously, it was just only 'Bad execution. You did a really bad job and your grammar is horrible') I don't care if the person you're reviewing is a veteran fanfic writer or a brand new newbie, YOU SHOW A SPECK OF HUMAN DECENCY AND ACT NICE! POINT OUT NICELY THE PROBLEMS! DON'T BE SUCH A DONKEY!

NCT Dream taking an Exam
  • Mark: looks okay but is actually almost dead. probably haven't had any sleep for 2 weeks. claims to have not done enough review. aces the exam
  • Renjun: completely collected. is sure he reviewed enough. confident in himself. found the exam easy
  • Jeno: finished the test ahead of everyone. is he a genius? or did he give up and left everything up to fate? ya never know. all you know is that you're completely jealous because he gets to leave an hour early
  • Donghyuck: asked you for a pen. stared at the blank space for the first thirty minutes of the exam. nosy af after the exam. asks the others how they found the test. "what was your answer for number 5? what about the essay?"
  • Jaemin: went to school carrying a pile of textbooks. actually watched netflix last night. only remembered to review this morning. he screams "mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell!" and it echoes down the hallway
  • Chenle: you barely even saw him in class. says "i studied a bit". probably didn't even study at all. tops the exam. is a genius
  • Jisung: appears inside the examination room looking lost. is not sure if he found the right room. panicking inside. still managed to get good results
ghosts - bonnie/damon -1/1

title: i wanna live with you (even when we’re ghosts)
category: vampire diaries (tv)
rating: pg-13
ship: bonnie/damon
word count: 5,500
status: complete
warning(s): character deaths (but it has a happily ever after, i swear)
prompt: “Time passes slower without you.” - @gray-jedi-scavenger-rey
summary: "You were my favorite love story.“ ~ of life, death, and after ~

"It’s not too late to turn,” Damon tells her.

Bonnie lets out a rattling laugh and stares up at him with a twinkle in her green eyes. “Who are you kidding?”

He grins. “Probably some kind of record for oldest human to go vampire.”

With a roll of her eyes, she mutters, “Just what I want to be remembered for.”

He rubs his thumbs over her knuckles. “Think you made quite a legacy for yourself, Bon-Bon.”

Her answering sigh is wistful. “I did, didn’t I?”

read: ao3 | ffnet
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Tag you're it! Please read a chapter, drabble, one shot, or whatever and leave a review for the writer with your thoughts! We could all use a little positivity as we head back into another week :) Tag five others when you're done! Thank you 😙

I love this idea so much and smile every time I get one of these in my inbox. I’ve left this neglected for so long because I wanted to actually have it done and post links to the stories because we could all use more love and more Everlark in our lives. Ugh, so sorry. Okay, so here are the most recent fics that I’ve read and highly recommend you read them too if you haven’t already:

Silver Thaw by @eala-musings: I am a total sucker for a well written Everlark in the Dark Days fic. If you are, too…READ THIS NOW. Silver Thaw is a delight to read, emotional and poignant. The world building is drool worthy, and she somehow managed to give them a believable happy ending.

Wanted by @peetaspikelets: This was a re-read as I first read it for @mores2sl this past October, but it is so worth multiple readings. The relationship development accomplished in a relatively small word count is astounding. And the smut…have your fire extinguisher ready. You’re going to need it.

Karma by @pookieh: Another re-read, but again, totally worth the time. This one started as a drabble here on tumblr and is finally posted to AO3 and FF for ease of access. Love, love, LOVE the flirting and the banter between them. Characters are on point, and again…smoking hot smut. Right now, it’s three chapters, but there are rumors of a fourth, and you will not hear a breath of complaint out of me if pookie delivers that fourth chapter.

Quicksilver by @finnicko-loves-anniec: This one is a WIP and my latest find, but I dove in anyways because historical/Regency era trashy romance novels have long been my guilty pleasure. No seriously, I used to read them like they were literary crack. Sadly, at this point, I’ve read so many that it’s difficult to find one that feels unique or special. Apparently, the trick is to add Everlark because I am already in love with this story. Katniss has this fabulous inner monologue that’s already led into great banter with Peeta. Let the sparks fly off the screen!!!

The Firebird and The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude by @wanderleave: Give me five million ballet fics and I’ll be a happy camper. These are here together because I read The Firebird last year??? but anyways, Vertiginous Thrill is it’s sequel, and although it is not completed yet, it’s off to a great start. There is so much emotion packed into the descriptions of them dancing together it is basically like watching the dance unfold on the page. She literally had me in tears at several points in the first installment. Also…the DRAMA!

Unconditional by @titaniasfics: A touch of supernatural, a splash of soulmates, lots of love, gorgeous prose, and Everlark on borrowed time. My kind of fic, but not for the faint of heart.

If you’ve not done so already, go check out the wonderful pieces being put up through the @everlarkficexchange, which also has an AO3 collection HERE, and also over at @loveinpanem. Bless the ladies running these sites for keeping up stocked with fresh content and inspiration.

Other than getting caught up on the stories posted for the two challenge sites mentioned above, here’s what’s next up on my reading list:

The Firebird by @thegirlfromoverthepond

Hello by @peetabreadgirl

Capitol Life by @javistg

Portrait of a Victor by @sponsormusings: A reread, but I was really bad about leaving comments the first time around. Boo.

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Mom if you'd source your videos better noone could say you're stealing shit. Pls mom I love you don't leave again

This has nothing to do with copyright, these are community guidelines strikes which mean people flagged videos they considered offensive; Youtube then reviews them and decide if they’re offensive or not.

And let me tell you that Youtube is really easily offended so just the smallest things become offensive, they delete your videos and then they “punish” you without a warning.

I never credit videos because they’re never sourced and I’m not going to waste my time looking for the source just so that I can post that shit tbh.

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You're a published author??!!! What is the name of your book? I know I want to read it!

Yeah, I am.  I have two ebooks actually under the pen name Tasha Silva.  One is called V. and the other one is Snowed In.  They’re both on Amazon.  You can check ‘em out ~~~~>here<~~~~~  

If you happen to buy any,  can I ask that you please, please, please leave a review???  Thanks babe!

so timezones are a bitch and i didn’t get to fully get involved in Fanfic Author Appreciation Day as much as i wanted to. so I’d just like to give a shoutout to some wonderful writers and creators who just continue to inspire me, whether it’s through their unique plotlines, new outlooks on canon, their deep and rich characters, or simply their ways of writing that move me with every sentence. You all make me want to be a better writer and reading your work keeps me motivated to write my own fics. I’ve fallen behind on a lot of fics this year because life got the better of me, but I do want to leave more reviews to acknowledge all your hard work. In the meantime here are some lovely people who deserve a mention:

@papermoon262 @recklessyouthinme @emiliachrstine @dubonet @duuvals @lydamartin @kadyodiaz @roan-kom-azgeda @bellamysgirl @catgrant @susiesamurai @garbageliteracy @matterofcircumstance @whindsor @whittymores @missjanuarylily @missunderstoodxoxo @drbobbimorse @stydiaokaybye @alpha-demon-queen @the-random-fictionaut @fanficanatic-tw @httpscoot @eleanoraargent @wereallie 

if i’ve missed anyone i’m terribly sorry but it’s midnight here and i’m falling asleep but i love and appreciate you all very much and i can’t wait to see what you all create next!

safe haven - scalia - 1/1

title: when the world is caving (you’re my safe haven)
category: teen wolf
genre: family/romance
rating: teen
ship: scott/malia
summary:  Years later, Beacon Hills has become a safe haven for supernatural creatures, led by True Alpha Scott McCall. It has a tendency to draw in the most desperate looking for a safe home and a welcoming pack. Scott and Malia do their best to help, while also balancing their own life and family as they go. [future!fic]


“I don’t like her,” Malia said.

Scott looked up, brows hiked and mouth set in an amused half-smile. "You don’t know her.”

“Neither do you. She shows up in the middle of the night with hunters on her tail, but it’s all somebody else’s fault. Falls for a hunter’s daughter who wants to kill her…? That sounds a little too familiar for my tastes.”

“Maybe it is. Or maybe she’s just a scared kid looking for a place to belong.”

Malia clucked her tongue. “Not everybody needs saving.”

“The last sixteen years of my life might say different…”

read: ao3 | ffnet
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erlijaha reblogged your post and added: “A Perfect Storm”

That was absolutely PERFECT
You have no idea how much i needed this
Erin was my reason for watching the show and when she left i just felt empty
You fixed that for me - You are one awesome writer and i love every single fic of yours

You have absolutely no idea how happy this makes me. THANK YOU!

You're My Morphine ~Phan~

Oneshot. Phil’s mind has been broken; whenever anything worries him, his body reacts with some kind of injury. He begins to push away those he loves, but what will happen when the person he loves most of all threatens to leave forever? Based on this prompt.

Warnings: Alcohol abuse, blood, and scenes of paranormal harm

Rating: T. Angsty hurt/comfort with a side serving of fluff

Please review for love and metaphorical socks <3

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Te vs Ti
  • Te: Hey, Ti do you have the expense reports?
  • Ti: Huh? Oh... yeah, right here... *hands Te a freshly printed report*
  • Te: Thank you. *Time passes* Hey, Ti, I'm not sure if you simply over looked this, but you only tracked 97.3% of these expenses.
  • Ti: *sigh* Look again, the other 2.7% are uncategorized.
  • Te: Ti, there is no categorized, all expenses go into a predetermined category.
  • Ti: *Glare* So you would have me just... find a place for the 2.7% and just shove it in there? The 2.7% was uncategorized, i wasn't about to bullshit the empirical result for the sake of neatness.
  • Te: That's not how we do things. Use your best judgement. Expenses do not just come and go out of the blue. Go through each one and figure out the source.
  • Ti: I did, they are unmarked and have no indication as to what they were for are where they came from. Therefore, i created a category for them. Does this just never happen?
  • Te: It happens. However, you can't just have unaccounted for expenses, so you find a place that makes sense.
  • Ti: That's stupid.
  • Te: Excuse me? There is a system in place, and it is very efficient. It's necessary to streamline results in order to maintain orderly consistency.
  • Ti: Do what you want, you asked me to do a task and I did. If your system is so lacking as to have no adaptability then i don't see why i should sacrifice my aptitude just to fit a mold.
  • Te: *disappointed look* I don't know who you think you are, but there are things in life bigger than yourself. We're all individuals here, Ti, with our own thoughts and judgment's. You're not the second coming of Christ. Tests were run, these things have already been considered, and it was determined through careful review that this was the best way to do it. This is the right way to do it, so that's why it's done that way.
  • Ti: *angry* So just seal all the lose ends leaving no room for innovation or deviation? I have a job to do, and regardless of whatever hot air you spout, i did it. I'll do it again, if you want, but numbers don't just magically change. This whole stagnant construct is pathetic. You all just want to make things more simple and easier for yourselves while punishing those who think different. Give me one good reason why I should subscribe to your dogmatic and rigid systems?
  • Te: Because it's the correct way of doing things. It's the right way of doing it and it's the only reason you need. This team is not you. You need to find ways of conveying information that mutually agreeable to everyone. The burden is on you to have the cognitive maturity to think of how information is received on others, rather than how it all makes sense in your head. The systems we're developed so that everyone on a team can understand the data to have them better work together as a whole. If your going to be apart of that team than you need to accept standardization, as a necessary evil if you have to.
  • Ti: *thinks for a moment, calms down* Fine. That doesn't change that the 2.7% remains without a source. It's ridiculous that we just sweep it under a rug. Accepting that there is an "uncategorized" data set can help us be more cautious of our spending, and find better ways of reporting spending in the future.
  • Te: That's a good point, Ti. Put together a presentation and present it to the board on Monday. I'm sure they'll think so as well.
  • Ti: ... *Thinks inwardly: "Nah, fuck that. Fuck you."* *sigh* Alright... will do.
  • Te: As you we're then. *Thinks inwardly: "Since when do we hire spoiled children?"*
The Signs As High School Musical Songs
  • Aries: Bet On It
  • "I'm not gonna stop, that's who I am. Give it all I got, that is the plan.
  • Taurus: Everyday
  • "Everyday, from right now. Gonna use our voices, gonna scream out loud."
  • Gemini: Scream
  • "I can't choose, so confused, what's it all mean? I want my own thing, so bad I wanna scream!"
  • Cancer: Getcha Head In The Game
  • "Why do I feel so wrong? My head's in the game, but my heart's in the song."
  • Leo: I Want It All
  • "I want it all! I want it, I want it, the fame, the fortune and more. I want the world, nothing less all the glam and the press only giving me the best reviews."
  • Virgo: Stick to the Status Quo
  • "No, no, no! Stick to the stuff you know. It is better by far, to leave things as they are don't mess with the quo, no no!"
  • Libra: Fabulous
  • "I want fabulous, that is my simple request, all things fabulous! Bigger and better and best!"
  • Scorpio: Just Wanna Be With You
  • "You're on my mind, you're in my heart, no matter where we are, we'll be alright, even if we're miles apart."
  • Sagittarius: All For One
  • "Everybody, all for one! This summer has just begun!"
  • Capricorn: Bop To The Top
  • "Yeah, we're gonna, bop, bop, bop, bop to the top!"
  • Aquarius: Breaking Free
  • "Yeah, we're soaring! Flying! There's not a star in heaven that we can't reach! If we're trying, yeah we're breaking free."
  • Pisces: The Start of Something New
  • "This could be the start of something new, it feels so right, to be here with you."

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If you're still taking requests, Cecilos in 79, please? :)

“I don’t think we slept the whole night! Talking about our new old life together, all these memories and plans! We are back together in our home, and I am back with you in my studio.”

I doubt these two were able to leave each other’s arms for that whole night. And don’t tell me there weren’t tears.

nothing lasts forever - chapter 3

Summary: after 8 years of marriage, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are in the middle of a divorce being closely watched by the media. Between protecting their kids from the attention and moving on with the divorce, life (and truths) can be tougher than expected for these two superstars.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

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kc + "you're a celebrity incognito trying to hide from paparazzi and you're sitting right next to me and i'm the only one that recognizes you" au

For @candicemorgan, since she is delightful, and apparently spent a chunk of her day catching up on my stuff, and leaving life making reviews!

Two Strangers

She’s been debating saying something for a solid fifteen minutes. Pretty much since he’d come in, taken a seat at the bar, his eyes darting around the sparsely populated room like he was braced for attack. But it’s 3PM on a Tuesday, and the only customers are the regulars, more interested in their beers and heckling CNN then the fact that Klaus Mikaelson, actor, and last year’s People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, was in their midst.

Caroline had only noticed him because it was technically her job. And because he seemed a little crazy, with the twitchyness and the black beanie he hadn’t bothered to take off. But she’d recognized him, the firm jaw and full lips, the little hint of a tattoo peeking out from his collar. Controlled her inner thirteen year old girl, that wanted to squeal and ask for an autograph. He’d seemed stressed, and she really didn’t want to make that worse.

So she’d asked him if he wanted anything to drink, when he’d settled, casual as she could, and he’d ordered a glass of bourbon (the most expensive brand they carried) on the rocks, without even glancing up at her.

Rude, but not something she was unaccustomed to. She’d managed a polite, “Coming right up,” and had crossed her fingers that Mr. Hollywood wasn’t a crappy tipper like most of the customers who were dicks right off the bat.

She’d gone back to her textbooks, once he was nursing his drink, but had kept an eye on him, noted that he tensed up whenever the bell over the front door clanged, or someone walked behind him, on their way to use the restrooms.

Eventually, she can’t resist anymore. It’s a flaw, one she acknowledges, but Caroline had never been very good at keeping her mouth shut. She grabs a rag, and makes her way over, wipes down the section of the bar top nearest him. She murmurs, “You know, if you’re trying to be inconspicuous, you’re doing a terrible job at it.”

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hey, i just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you guys put into providing an awesome resource for destiel fans. you've been at this, what, 6 or 7 years? i know some mods aren't as active anymore, but that you're still updating and posting regularly is so incredible and so helpful. you're doing chuck's work :) have a good one!

Thank you!!

We are proud to say we have been here since 2012, organizing, tagging and reviewing Destiel fan fic! Gosh, 4 years on tumblr gotta be like…what… 20 in real life? We started this blog when fics were still mostly posted on LiveJournal. See our older reviews like Thursday’s Child, Hardcorewings.com and the epic Redemption Road with links going to many different platforms. We’ve seen first generation authors leaving, new authors arriving, rising to the top and leaving (sometimes with their fics).

We were here when destiel was in second place on AO3, right after johnlock (2013, 2014). And we are still here when destiel is in the first place on ao3 for two years in a row (2015, 2016). 

We have seen it all, mate, we’ve seen it all. 

like I’m not kidding, in my attempt to clean up the Keystone reviews I’ve encountered ~5 fake reviews about the show and what feels like 100s of just people complaining about fans being jerks whILE MAKING THINGS MORE DIFFICULT AND ANNOYING