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nothing lasts forever - chapter 3

Summary: after 8 years of marriage, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are in the middle of a divorce being closely watched by the media. Between protecting their kids from the attention and moving on with the divorce, life (and truths) can be tougher than expected for these two superstars.

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Nuka-World Review (sorta)

Okay, so Nuka-World is, for me, definitely the best Fallout 4 DLC. It’s fun and it lets you be an asshole.

Also I’m pretty sure Nisha is voiced by Anjali Bhimani (a.k.a. Symmetra) and that apparently means I’m automatically attracted to her. (I may have bathed the Wasteland in blood just for her approval.)

But the one thing that kinda leaves a very bitter aftertaste in my mouth? Someone at Bethesda thought it was a GREAT idea to give us a new companion and make him male.


Let’s count, yes?

Male-identifying Fallout 4 companions (not counting robots/robo-synths or super mutants):

Old Longfellow

Male-presenting robots/robo-synths and super-mutants:


That makes 7 to 11 male companions for Fallout 4, depending on how strongly you fell the less human companions feel about their gender.

In comparison:

Female-identifying Fallout 4 companions:

Curie (after her quest)

Aaaand…that’s it.

We have three female companions and 7 to 11 male ones. (I count neither Ada nor Dogmeat because Dogmeat is, well, a dog, and because Ada is the only ‘companion’ who does not have an approval system or companion dialogue.)

Out of all the male companions, 4 can be romanced while all three of the female options are romanceable.

Apparently you can romance Gage as well, which brings it up to 5 romanceable male companions versus 3 female ones.



All I wanted from any of the DLCs was another female romanceable companion to balance it all out. That’s all. You could have easily made Gage a tough, ruthless Raider woman in her forties and believe me, I would have pledged my eternal loyalty to her right then and there.

So instead of enjoying my Raider days, I suppose I’ll have to go grab Piper and go back to saving every damn kitten in every damn tree in the entire damn Wasteland.