if you're looking for ransom i can tell you i don't have money


TAURO: National Anthem

Money is the anthem of success, So before we go out. What's your address? I'm your national anthem, God, you're so handsome, Take me to the Hamptons, Bugatti Veyron. He loves to romance them reckless abandon holding me for ransom, Upper echelon. He says to be cool but I don't know how yet. Wind in my hair, hand on the back of my neck I said: "Can we party later on?"He said: "Yes, yes, yes" -Tell me I'm your national anthem- Can you baby bow down making me so wow now. -Tell me I'm your national anthem- Sugar, sugar, how know, Take your body downtown. Red, white, blue is in the sky, Summer's in the air and baby, heaven's in your eyes. I'm your national anthem-”

VIRGO: Carmen

“Darling, darling, doesn't have a problem. Lying to herself because her liquour's top shelf. It's alarming honestly how charming she can be, Fooling everyone, telling how she's having fun. She says: "You don't want to be like me, Don't wanna see all the things I've seen. I'm dying, I'm dying". She says: "You don't want to get this way, famous, and dumb, and no age. I'm, I'm dying... The boys, the girls, they all like Carmen, She gives them butterflies, but too cocainize. She laughs like God, her mind's like a diamond. Buy her tonight, she's still shining, like lightning, light, like lightning”

CAPRICORNIO: Million Dollar Man

Someone as dangerous, tainted and flawed as youOne for the money. Two for the show, I love you honey. I'm ready, I'm ready to go. How did you get that way? I don't know. You're screwed up and brilliant, Look like a million dollar man so why is my heart broke? You've got the world, But baby, at what price? Something so strange, hard to define”


the signs as some of my favorite fire emblem awakening quotes
  • Aries: "If you're looking for ransom, I can assure you I don't have any money. But, what I do have are a very particular set of honey cakes..." - Gaius
  • Taurus: "Naga can kiss my butt." - Brady
  • Gemini: "You taste salty." -Inigo
  • Cancer: "Why do folks say 'hit the hay'? I don't punch hay." -Miriel
  • Leo: "My body is ready." - Frederick
  • Virgo: "I've never been so manhandled." -Gerome
  • (Bonus: "I WANT TO BE MANHANDLED!!!" -Inigo)
  • Libra: "You don't need some weed to tell you what to do, Sumia." - Cordelia
  • Scorpio: "You know! Your figure! Like, your hips and your...other parts! Boingy!" -Nowi
  • Sagittarius: "I want you to slather my body with oil." -Tharja
  • Capricorn: "DON'T TOUCH THAT DOG!!!!!!!" -Olivia
  • Aquarius: "Aw, hamburgers!" -Henry
  • Pisces: "Is that big, legendary weapon, or are you just happy to see Gregor?" -Gregor