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Star Trek ongoing #43 - Eurydice, Part 1
(how to be a romantic dude vulcan style)


Jimin, you could read rice-making instructions to me all day and I still wouldn’t be bored


you’re breaking my heart T^T


Reaching Out

Mama Tatsumi offers Naoto her shoulder to cry on because she knows what’s she been through and the fact that she lost both her parents. 

Sequel inllustration: [x]

Sequel comic part 1: [x]

Notes: There should be more dialogue, but I discard them because they would be unnecessary as the picture themselves tells the story. 

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This is my art for the Summer in Gravity Falls exchange!
I hope your expectations weren’t too high for me to reach, asherlion!

Wow, be careful everyone; looking at the gif for too long makes really dizzy…
Further comments in the tags

I made a few changes!

So here, take a look at my blog’s tags!

They look the same, but the “Check out the comic here!” tag is different now. 

Instead of taking you to the whole comic’s pages, you will be in this other page instead:

Here I will put the covers as the chapters keep coming! I also added this fact to the F.A.Q tag! Thanks for reading and for being awesome!! ^^