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Want to make a bi person feel a little happier? We have a product just for that: BiHappy. Increase the happiness of your bi friend bi at least two or more percent - whether that has anything to do with the product or is just a biproduct of having made a pun, your bi friend’s happiness is guaranteed.

  • [At a RFA party]
  • Zen: Okay, who the hell butchered the dinner turkey?
  • 707: It seems we have a murder most fowl!
  • Jaehee: Zen, can you hand me that turkey knife?

Always the anxiety of posting my ‘artwork’ online because yes :-)

(Sorry that I only had the snapchat photo of it.. heeeeh.)

(also sorry that tumblr ruined the quality)

But Yuri!!! on ICE got me stuck so bad that I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. God damn I love this anime. Screw finding jobs, this is my job now.


Summary: These pranks are getting pretty out of hand… Enough said.

Pairing: Warren x Reader

Warnings: It might be intense fluff, it might be light smut… Who knows? Swearing, as always.

A/N: Currently super pissed off at tumblr right now. I had like 3 stories I was going to publish today and they all got deleted, so that was fun. If you guys have any alternatives to tumblr drafts could you message me bc I’m legit so lost… 😱 Sorry that this is super late. You guys should request for sure because this writer’s block is killing me. 😭 😭 

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“Shit!” You gasped as you felt the icy water soak through your clothes. In an instant, you felt another balloon explode against you, drenching you once more. “What the fuck?”

You wiped the water from your eyes, shivering against the wind. You had just come out of the mansion with Jubilee, heading to the pond for a nice, relaxing lunch with Jean, Scott, and Kurt. Instead, the moment you stepped outside, you were attacked. 


You looked up to find Warren and Peter, perched in a tree with a bucket of water balloons. They hi-fived before Warren swooped down and Peter skidded to a stop at your left side with a cool gust of wind. 

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FINALLY, here are the next pages! since i couldn’t get one out last week, i made it my life’s mission to get out two this week! i even finished ahead of time…how cool is that?! maybe one day i can get a buffer going again.

i can’t believe i’m FINALLY out of the living room. it’s been over 2 months! soon: the underground. get hype!! #outofthelivingroom2k17

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When I make too many pun jokes in front of my friends.