if you're interested in this stuff like i am


AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~! I’m OPEN for commissions again! Gave myself a raise SO double check all the prices if you’re a returning customer.

ANYWHO, NEW YEAR, NEW STUFF. I added Chibis as an option. I’m treating Ref sheets a little differently. They’ll still come with a front and back view of your character but anything else will cost extra (like a headshot or close up details of something or a chibi etc). Everything else is the same tho. ouob

I’ll draw practically anything as long as it’s SFW (some gore is ok tho), I like a challenge so don’t be too shy about asking me to draw like. . a robot or something. 

If you’re interested hit me up by emailing me at abueno12(at)msn(dot)com or messaging me here on tumblr. (I’d recommend emailing me tho because sometimes tumblr eats my messages.) And if you’re new check out my Art Tag for even MORE examples! Feel free to share with your friends! <3

EDIT: Added a background option~! I can also do simple BGs like this that won’t cost extra. ALSO if you want something a bit different than what I offer feel free to email or message me! I’m SUPER open to unique commissions. *u*