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Hey! I wanted to ask you if you have any good Obitine fanfictions that you can recommend? Maybe if you could name 10 fanfictions. Besides your own because I've already read them and they're amazing! If you can make a list of 10 Obitine fanfictions I would be grateful! It can include Qui Gon, Anakin or whoever. You just have to like it. Uh, and they can also include smut ;) maybe you should make that 11. Anyway, I love your blog and please never stop! You're my personal favorite <3 stay awesome

Let me start by saying I have fucked this up twice now, accidentally deleting my response after I had written a shit ton of stuff. I am thoroughly enrage at my own stupidity!!

Thank you so much for the lovely compliments, @yellowwandsaber!! I am so happy that you like my blog and my fics!! Connecting with Star Wars/Kenobi fans is one of the best parts about running this blog. Star Wars fans are the BEST! Thank you, my friend!


I am flattered that you are interested in my opinion. To be honest, I am very choosy about my Obitine fics. I haven’t found that many that I love, which is why I started writing my own. I HAVE read some pretty fantastic Obi-Wan fics and would be happy to share my general recommendations. I’ll include some Obitine fics just for you. So here we go (I’ll break it down by era):

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>> Stained by Qwae29 - This is an excellent snippet between Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon about the first time Kenobi kills someone. I tend to really enjoy almost everything written by Qwae29, especially their retelling of the Jedi Apprentice series.

>> Pain by ObiWannabe - An incredible piece about Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon learning the same brutal lesson decades apart. It’s Qui-Gon heavy, but I like his character so I don’t mind.

>> Padawan Obi-Wan’s Secret Mission on Mandalore by CramerGirl - A delightful piece of Obitine smut that is light and kind of funny. Highly enjoyable :)

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>> Missing Stars by flute25 aka @legobiwan on Tumblr - This was the first piece I ever read by flute25 and I’ve been a fan ever since. This is a beautiful piece of little snippets from Kenobi’s perspective. Short and lovely, this gave me “feelings.”

>> Undoing Dichotomy by flute25 aka @legobiwan on Tumblr - If you can’t tell, I really love flute25’s writing :) This is a fucking amazing retelling of the Zygerrian arc and it gives me life!

>> Leaving Kadavo in Chains by EwanMcGregorIsMyHomeboy12 - This was a very enjoyable retelling of the Kadavo arc (deliciously wicked). This author writes A LOT of Obitine stuff that is pretty fun with plenty of smut. I would recommend perusing their stuff.

>> Reawakened by Winter22 - My friend wrote this as a second chance for Obi-Wan after Satine. The original female character she invented is a total fucking badass and she’s a great compliment to Kenobi’s personality. This story has some delightful smut and some great action. It reads like a Clone Wars episode, but for adults.

>> Someday When I’m Gone Away We’ll Be All Okay by dendral aka @dendral on Tumblr - A major Star Wars divergence that looks at what might happen, particularly to Anakin, if Obi-Wan were killed in combat by General Grievous. Beautiful and sad and wonderful.

>> Feral Moon Trilogy by CheshireCatSmile3 aka @cheshirecat333 on Tumblr - This is a Kenobi/Original Female Character story where Obi-Wan discovers a young lady living in the wild. The prose are just lovely and the story is deliberate. Very Clone Wars Kenobi.

>> Luck of the Jedi by pronker - A totally heartbreaking and amazing piece where Anakin and Obi-Wan are trapped and don’t make it out alive.

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>> On the Way to Tattooine by LurkingCrow aka @lurkingcrow on Tumblr - I ADORE this piece! It’s a moment where Obi-Wan discovers he can sing (with Ewan McGregor’s voice!) while he’s trying to comfort baby Luke as they travel to Tattooine. This piece is just one of the greatest fanfics ever!

>> This Mess of Sadness by kasuchans aka @skywalker-anakin on Tumblr - A really tenderhearted, odd story about Kenobi hooking up with a lady on Tattooine.


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you seem to really like China / Chinese history? I absolutely love your characterization of APH China (beyond words; I really dislike the canon version but yours is just great), but I wonder, why? Most people that aren't Chinese don't really have an interest in Chinese culture or history, unlike with Japan and Korea and several European nations; so I guess I was kinda curious if you're Chinese or something??

bingo! the consensus of people who know me irl is that i am somewhere in between A & B.

(jokes aside: yes. i have 5 billion feelings about the old man because Family History. there’s stuff i love about canon yao, but i don’t agree with everything. and i’m not on board with how he is at times depicted in a pretty orientalist way in fandom. i feel like my take is how himaruya said he originally characterised yao- ‘colder and a bit more cruel’. and i guess although the prominence of kpop and manga has increased interest in korean/japanese culture i do see a fair bit of interest in chinese? it’s a major and old civilisation.) 

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Tfw you're not 100% sure whether or not you're autistic, so you feel like you don't belong in the autistic community and you don't know how to navigate the terminology and stuff. Am I an ally? Am I a cousin? Am I autistic? Can I use autism-specific terms like "special interest?" But you also don't feel like you belong outside the community, so you just feel alone.

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I adore your mafia AU! It literally combines two of my favorite things. I think I have an unhealthy obsession for mob culture (I find it interesting) and then you decided to come up with the best YOI mafia au I've seen so far! If you want some of your stuff to be semi accurate to real mob culture, I highly recommend this documentary about the American mob family where actual former mobsters and police officers discuss it all! Either way you're doing a great job and I love all that you're doing!

Awww, that’s so awesome of you to day!! ;w;
Super happy that you like my AU so much! o3o
and that it appeals to both your mob interest as well as YOI ^w^
Ooooh, that does sound super interesting! :D
I’ll look into it, no guarantee that the AU itself will be realistic, since I already have so many ideas that I am going to do :O
But, I personally think it’s interesting and will look it up :3
Thank you for your support!!!

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listen im so sorry that every radfems is so aggressive. but i just want to help you. i believe you are a real lesbian so please hear me out. this is a tough world for women and today theres so much pro patriarchy propaganda which is why so many women fall in the trap of believing the trans cult but listen you can liberate yourself from this bullshit, you don't have to their pawn anymore these people will attack all lesbians the moment they disagree with them -friendly terf who wants to help you

hey this is legit the creepiest fucking message I ever received

“real lesbian” “trans cult”? “I want to help you” man, you called trans people a cult but they way you’re talking, sounds like an invitation to join your cult. Your cult which is currently attacking me, a lesbian, right now.

Look, I joke about wanting the same stuff you guys are on but I actually am not interested in drinking the kool-aid you’re serving.

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Mc Donalds anon. At this point I could make it an account name. Ok so you're saying That Misha is friends with the boss? Or that Singer likes Misha despite Misha running his mouth with no filter in the past? Or that Singer sees that Misha brings in money and/or interest in the show (as a secondary character yes, but quite a beloved one)? I put my money on answer three? Am I getting the code right, damnit i feel slow. As an aside, I don't always agree with u but your blog is so damn REFRESHING

Don’t feel bad feeling slow because I’m not helping. I’m avoiding saying certain stuff but *pinch nose* you’re going to make me say it.  

The official statement on why they kept Misha on is to give Jensen and Jared time off from their heavy filming schedule.  Notice, though, it’s to give both Jensen and Jared off at the same time.  If Jared wants time off then they could schedule Jensen and Misha scenes, or if Jensen wants time off then they could film Jared and Misha scenes.  But no, Jensen and Jared need to have their time off together at the same time.   Mmmmokay say I still believe the official statement, then why not further develop Cas’s character with new characters that fans have responded very well to, like Benny, Charlie, and Gadreel?  Why do they keep introducing and killing off interesting new characters while Cas is just kind of….there?   Can you honestly tell me that you’ve noticed a downtick of Sam and Dean scenes?  Sure there were episodes that are side-character centric, but all shows do this; they let supporting characters have their spotlight episode because creators/writers gets paid more when their character are used. Claire Novak was Carver’s creation from season 4 so he used her for 3 episodes in season 10 and gets paid more.

Needless to say I don’t buy their official statement.

I’m taking futher speculation under the cut because this could get long.

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Dear Lana, if you have the time and the mindset, could you please suggest some books written by linguists? Maybe not specifically about discourse markers or syntax, but more like discours amoureux, I'm sure you know. I find them fascinating and inspiring, and I am sure you're the right person to ask. Thank you so much! Xx

It thrills me to hear that you’re interested in such work! Here are a few of my favourite pieces written by linguists and linguaphiles:

Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different In Other Languages, Guy Deutsche 
In Other Words, Jhumpa Lahiri 

Lover’s Discourse, Roland Barthes
The Stuff of Thought, Steven Pinker
Metaphors We Live By, George Layoff
Yellow Pages: A Catalogue of Intentions, Nicole Markotić


“Running off so soon, Captain Jones?”

Killian Jones spun on his heel, his sword in hand and pointed at the curvaceous figure of a woman in a red hood. Her lips turned into a smirk as she lifted the hood from her mess of silky curls and braids. His mouth watered, an involuntary action, but he couldn’t deny the sensation. “How do you know who I am?” He found it interesting, how she had addressed him, her eyes seemed to read him like an open book.

“I saw you leave the tavern, alone, so unlike yourself.” She pulled at the strings of her hood and he watched the bright red fabric fall to the forest floor with rising interest. “Thought you could use the company.”

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Hi there!! I've been a huge fan of your writing so far and I'm not quite sure if you're taking anonymous requests at the moment since I am on mobile but, since it's such an interesting topic, I was wondering if you could possibly write a scenario about when MC realizes that huedhaut is the one she loved, and still loves? I just think that it's a beautiful story!!

Firstly, I am terribly sorry for the delay! Writers block has been hitting me like a pile of bricks lately and I was quite busy with RL stuff too but ahhh I wonder whether you’ll still be a fan of my writing since I literally just turned your sweet fanfic request into something angsty. ;n;

When I was trying to think up of fluffy plot ideas, nothing came to me and I ended up losing the motivation to write but when this particular angst idea popped into my head.. I knew I had to do it and I’m really sorry if this wasn’t what you expected or wanted but I truly hope you’ll like it one way or another. (But if you don’t, i totally understand ksnckwndlla)

“Aren’t you glad you came?” Teorus grinned, eyes fixated on the beautiful flowers that surrounded the area.

“Yeah, it is indeed lovely out here.” You nodded, smiling warmly.

Teorus had asked you to join him on an evening stroll and though you were indeed enjoying yourself, you couldn’t help but feel distracted by the thoughts that were running through your mind.

You had come to notice how odd and uncomfortable Huedhaut would act whenever you were in the presence of another god(today was no exception either)and how he would ask you strange questions like whether you had any memory of certain events or other things which you literally didn’t have an answer to. It bothered you that you couldn’t give him the response that he wanted but more than that, you couldn’t understand as to why it troubled you so much.

Why was Huedhaut the only one you paid most attention to? Why did every little thing he did or say affect you personally and why was it that whenever he looked sad, your heart would automatically hurt? As if you felt a connection towards him? It was truly something that you couldn’t wrap your head around.

A defeated sigh escaped your lips as you absentmindedly looked around, only to have a particular flower catch your eyes; It was one that you hadn’t seen before but something about it seemed oddly familiar.

“Hey, what is that?” You asked, pointing at the lilac colored blossom which had tiny cute flowers growing amongst it’s petals.

“That’s a Globe Amaranth. Quite an unusual yet pretty flower, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it sure is..” You muttered whilst reaching towards it, the tip of your fingertips brushing against its petals.

“Do you know the meaning of it?” He smiled, plucking one and twirling it in his hand. “This flower symbolizes immortality and—”

“Unfading love..”

“Oh? You know what it meant?” Teorus asked, clearly surprised but you weren’t paying any attention now because an overwhelming amount of emotions and memories had hit you.

This flower, the strange feelings you couldn’t quite put your finger on, Huedhaut.. Everything made perfect sense now.

“I remember.. I remember everything.” Gasping in surprise, you turned up to look at him. “Sorry Teo but I gotta go!”

“H-huh? _______?! Where are you going?!” You heard him shout as you ran and though you felt extremely bad for leaving him clueless, you needed to see Huedhaut.

Your heart raced as you swiftly jogged down the hallway, your eyes scanning for the man with dark blue hair; The reason as to why he acted so oddly when you were with other gods, why you constantly felt this attachment to him and why that flower seemed like it meant something to you.. It was all because you once loved him in another life.

You remembered the times where the both of you swore your love to each other, when he gave you a bouquet of Globe Amaranth to vow that both your loves would never fade for eternity, when you promised him that you would never leave his side even if the world were to crumble to ashes.

How could you forget such precious memories? How could you not remember the face of the man your previous self had loved so dearly? And how, after all this time, could he still love you even when you had broken such a promise?

‘Huedhaut.. Where are you..?!’ You silently cried out, wondering where in the world was he when you then heard a familiar voice coming from the common area.

“There you are..!” You beamed, ready to charge into the room but just as you were about to enter, you heard someone else speaking.

“I like you, Huedhaut. I truly do.” The soft, feminine voice said.

‘W-Who is that? Is this person.. Confessing her feelings?’ You wondered, your chest tightening by the minute. You honestly wanted to walk away, to stop listening and simply wait till they were done but no matter how you tried to move, your legs were simply rooted to the spot.

“Achelois.. I just– I don’t know what to say.”

‘Achelois.. Wasn’t that the sweet goddess that would visit Huedhaut from time to time?’ Not being able to resist your curiosity, you got a bit closer, taking a peek through the tiny gap.

“I know you loved her, Hue. And I am not asking you to forget or to love me like you did with her but just– Let me heal that wound in your heart.”

“Why..?” He asked, his voice slightly shaky.

“It’s because I care for you and we have practically known each other for ages. To see the person I have grown to love for be in so much pain.. It hurts, you know? I just want you to be happy again, I want you to move on from the past that has scarred you so badly.” She uttered, her tone laced with sadness. “I wouldn’t be doing this if I felt that the both of you would get back together or if I knew she’ll fall in love with you again but.. It seems like she’s moved on. And maybe, you should too.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, Achelois. I.. I might not be able to provide the love you are looking for.”

“I am fully aware of that.”

“And you still want me?”

“Like I said before, I dont expect you to forget her or love me just as much but what I do want is for you to try and let yourself be healed. I want you to be able to love and accept love again.” She stepped a little closer towards him, her eyes staring into his sapphire ones. “Even if in the future, the person you end up being with is not me.. That’s fine. As long as I know you’re happy, free and that we did enjoy some quality time together in the past.. That’s more than enough.”

“You…” Sighing, he shook his head in defeat before breaking into a small smile. “I can never understand how selfless you can be sometimes.”

“I am not the goddess of healing for nothing.” She laughed, a shy look on her face.

“But… Thank you.” He slowly took her hand in his. “Maybe you are right. Maybe it really is time to move on and instead of always feeling depressed whenever I see her with someone else, I want to be happy for her and I.. I want to be happy too. Will you.. Help me?”


Not being able to see or listen anymore, you finally found the strength to leave the area, your feet moving faster by the second.

You could feel your head spinning, your heart throbbing in pain and tears welling up your eyes.

What a cruel, cruel fate.