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Some YOI motivational stickers to brighten up your notebooks and wherever you choose to paste them on! ^^

i have given up on my sticker-cutting addiction and went with a die-cut service, so these are all nice and ready to paste! 8DD They’re also of a thicker paper material than what i used to print on. Fortunately, i have AMPLE sets for these stickers and they’ll be available on my Tictail by 9AM SG time on Saturday (8pm EST)! (: 

A lame club, for lame people

I’m thinking of making a blog or an instagram page or a website, maybe all three. 

I have an idea, it’s not very original, but it’s something. 

I want to create a place, a company, a brand,  anything, to showcase what being a person is all about. What different people do regular, their problems, their likes, their dislikes, hobbies, anything. A place where there is no filters, no taboo subjects. Where people can connect and talk, something that will never forgets its audience. I want this something big, but not in a way where I’ll stop listening to the people who support me. 

I feel like that’s the problem with big named companies. They don’t care anymore, they only care when the money is there. I don’t want that, and I hope that I never will. That’s why I want to do this, because I want to have a place/company/anything that listens to their audience and cares about them.

I’m not sure what they’ll be, but the biggest things start out as small ideas. We’ll write articles about life, social media, literature, and whatnot. Maybe we can make videos, create art, anything really. Anything we can do, we’ll do.

But before that, I want a team. A team of people who can work together and accept each other for their differences. Because I’m a youngster, I’m going for high school age members, but I’m also open to anyone. Male, Female, none, both, lgbtq, religious, atheist, anything. I want you for you.

I believe that as long as you’re not hurting someone. You can have opinions, as long as you’re not violent or disrespectful. Of course, there are rules. You can’t bash anyone for what they label themselves, but you can bash them for who they are as an individual (there’s a difference). I want people who are true to themselves, but aren’t afraid to grow and learn. 

I’m still setting up everything, but I want the opinions of people I want to work with in the future. That’s why I’m asking for members before I begin. 

So, please message me if you’re interested. Tell me about yourself, what you want this ‘thing’ to be, what your dreams are, tell me about you.

I’ll be taking six people, I’ll accept more when we figure out what this ‘thing’ is. 

Have a nice day!! Sorry, I’m super lame.

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

who gets sick more often:

who is the better caretaker:

who is the most needy when they’re sick:

who gets startled/worried every time the other sneezes:

who stocks the house with cold medicine and orange juice:

who is more careful not to spread their illness and who doesn’t care:

who gets cuddly when they’re feverish:

who tries to pretend they’re fine:

who tries weird/old-fashioned remedies:

Kingdom Hearts Asks: "If I Was A Wielder" Edition! Send me a number
  • 1. Where would have been your home world?
  • 2. What would be your starting keyblade?
  • 3. How many allies would you have with you as you travel?
  • 4. If in a party, what would be your main role (e.g. tank, healer, synthesizer, etc.)
  • 5. What would be your command list if you were a D-Link? Limit to 5 commands!
  • 6. What would be your fighting style?
  • 7. What would you prioritize? Power, Magic, or Speed?
  • 8. What would be your ability as a support medal? BONUS, state if it's a single-target or all-target attack, and your SP cost!
  • 9. If you could be partners with one character in the series, who would it be?
  • 10. What KHX/KHUX union would you belong to?
  • 11. What is your favorite magic spell?
  • 12. Doublejump or glide?
  • 13. Cure or esuna?
  • 14. What would be your dodging move?
  • 15. What would you have forgotten in Castle Oblivion?
  • 16. Would your nobody be just another creature? Or would they belong to the Organization?
  • 17. What would your costume look like in Halloween Town?
  • 18. What sea-creature would you be in Atlantica?
  • 19. If you could have one dream eater with you in your travels, what would it be?
  • 20. Would you want to travel with a heartless/nobody/unversed with you as a buddy?
  • 21. What would you do if you had free time in a world and didn't have to fight?
  • 22. In battle, do you prioritize speed or accuracy?
  • 23. What would be your command style? (2 max!)
  • 24. What would be your keyblade transformation?
  • 25. What drive form would you use?
  • 26. What would you mainly use flowmotion for?
  • 27. Would you rely on cure magic, or items for healing?
  • 28. What would be your break time move?
  • 29. What are you better at? Ice cream beat, rumble racing, or fruitball?
  • 30. Would you know how to pilot a gummi ship?
  • 31. Would you use the darkness as a weapon?
  • 32. WILDCARD, ask me anything!

anonymous asked:

So how's Brii's story going? I remember a while back that you mentioned you were struggling with what type of ending to go with??

TBQH, I’m enjoying jotting down ideas for the middle-y episodic bits (i.e., the adventurin’) and for the bits during her journey back to the embassy, but I’m still stumped on the ending. I don’t think my original ending even works anymore. >:C 

The ending as I see it hinges on two key things: 1) my headcanons for Altmeri society (e.g., is running off with a Nord ruinous or is it like a Gap Year gone horribly wrong?) and 2) Nocteriil’s agenda as constrained and shaped by my headcanons for Altmeri society. Both of these things would be easy to tweak and adjust if I knew what the ending ought to be like, but I’m wrestling with myself there too…

who wants to be my friend?

Have you ever had a favorite plot that you’ve wanted to be made into a fic with your favorite boys? Now’s your chance! Welcome to the Harry and Louis Movie, TV, & Book AU Fic Exchange!

This is a post announcing the exchange to get a feel for who would be interested in writing, reading, or even becoming an admin!

Tentative dates and timeline:

  • Sign ups begin: Last week of January
  • Sign ups end: Week of the 20th in February
  • Fics due: End of May

There are obviously more details to work out and these dates aren’t set in stone, but if you have any additional questions send them here (or you can contact me personally, here).

Please reblog and spread the word if you’re interested in either participating or just reading! If there is enough interest to get this officially started then more specifics will be announced very soon! Thank you 💕

“Shit I’ve Said” RP Starters

“Wine is the only reason I want to grow up.”

“I can repel my friends!”

“A new baby! I’m gonna sell it.”

“Custard is complementary. Yogurt is free.”

“Humping is in the eye of the beholder…”

“But he’s going to get shot! And then his wife’s going to get shot! Then someone else is going to get shot. Then they’re all going to SMILE!”

“I sent the frog to God!”

“I think my feet can run for re-election, if they want.”

“I… support… anal.”

“Certain things I do… should not be shared.”

“I know, but… I don’t like drawing pictures!”

“I mean, we weren’t… much to behold”

“____ I’m dating a ROCKET!”

“Float on by, ____ ____… float on by.”

“It’s like you’re expecting a kitten and you see a TIGER!”

“I have a kink for being a grownup! It’s called GROWNUP KINK!”

“It’s not rage! It’s love!”

“My ____ gives shits, she just gives WEIRD shits.”

Don’t dread! Dread leads to dead.”

“I’m gonna retire and go straight to the 1800s.”

“My hair is like, a literal curtain of misery!”

“Ride the butt train! All the way to hell.”

“You know… that’s a stereotype. About skeletons.”

“Where is it? Where is your wish??”

“There was a full moon last night, so I had to do all sorts of crazy shit.”

“Put your horses back in your tits.”

“You can come get me and take me out to lunch! And then put me back.”

“Oh look, ____’s being spiritual. Or is he just waiting for the dog to poo.”

“There’s nothing you can do about falling off a bridge except not do it.”

“AAAAH! Baloogie Mellow saw me!!”

“I’mma cut a little goo boy.”

“Stop manipulating the menfolk!”

“I was gonna flip you off but then I realized you were right so then I just pointed at the sky.”

“I would love to fuck someone in here. But like, not sexually.”

“As I explore these lands… I look for children to abduct.”

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