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Marco was enjoying his shower. Janna: Pass the soap. Marco: What? *He turns around to find Janna. He quickly tries to cover himself and look away* Marco: What are you doing in here? Janna: Taking a shower? Marco: While I'm in it? Janna: it's called conserving water. Now, if you're not gonna pass the soap at least do my back.

So plausible, and yet it’d never air on television.

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Hi friend, would you explain to me why everyone is saying WDBWOT is about Josh because I cant get my head around it, thank you in advance, you're unlit

hooooo boy allrighty kids buckle up bc this song is my shit and its def abt joshua william dun wow wow wow (BLURRYFACE spoilers below the cut)

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one direction // preference // he gets jealous
  • harry: 'he's actually so good looking. i'm guessing he's a male model.' you said as the two of you stared at your phone screen. it was displaying a facebook profile picture of a guy your friend had bumped into. 'yeah.' harry muttered, moving from your side and toying with his fingers. you furrowed your brow at his disinterest, looking up at him and realising he was grumpy. 'what?' you asked, keeping your eyes on him. 'nothing.' he muttered, but you could only chuckle, 'are you jealous because i called this guy hot?' you asked, raising your brow. harry can only nod, letting out a sigh. 'aw babe,' you start, 'well i think you're ten times hotter than him.'
  • zayn: the two of you had gone along to a fashion show - mainly because you wanted to go and see the pieces that were being shown - but zayn didn't mind the designer all that much either. a few pieces had been shown by the models, and then some of the male clothing was being presented. one of the models that walked down caught your eye, and you couldn't help but whisper to zayn that he was pretty good looking. zayn furrowed his brow and looked down at you, 'you think he's hot?' he asked, to which you laughed softly, 'i think he's attractive. one of the better looking models here.' you said, before smiling, 'oh cheer up zayn, i'm not gonna go date the guy.' you smiled, making zayn roll his eyes.
  • louis: it was a huge event - the birthday party for one of the biggest celebrities; beyonce. you and louis had been invited, and now you were standing in her apartment, mingling with the celebrities. when one of the upcoming vogue male models walked past, you grinned and turned to louis. 'oh my god! i didn't know he was here!' you squealed quietly, making louis roll his eyes, 'c'mon babe. he looks like a dick,' you grinned and poked his side, shaking your head, 'you're just jealous!' you sung teasingly, which made him grab you around your waist before tickling your sides, 'oh whatever.'
  • niall: the two of you were sitting at home, watching television after you'd eaten dinner. a singing-competition show came on, and it was one that you had been keeping up with since you found one of the contestants extremely attractive. there were a few performances before he came onto stage, and you couldn't help but grin, 'he's really good looking, don't you think?' you asked, niall only rolling his eyes in response, 'and he's an amazing singer.' niall let out a sigh and shook his head, 'you only like him because he's attractive.' niall muttered, keeping his eyes on the screen. you grinned in response and looked up at him, 'jealous hm?' you murmured to which niall sighed, 'maybe a little.'
  • liam: the boys had just finished at a photoshoot and the magazine had another photoshoot to run straight after. you were a little shocked to hear that it was one of your celebrity crushes - that you'd had before you even knew liam existed - so when you'd told liam that you wanted to stay and meet the guy, he agreed. after waiting ten minutes, he walked in, and you couldn't help but go into complete star-struck mode. liam had definitely picked up on it, but he hadn't said anything yet. that was until, the guy took his shirt off for the shoot and you let out a sigh of contentment. 'alright, we're going.' liam said quickly, gathering his things and leading you out the door. you laughed, shaking your head 'aw, jealous liam? it's okay. i promise i think you're much hotter than him.'
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You're not trying to see it though? You are biased. The chemistry between Danielle and Grant is palpable and it's been evident from episode 1. TV critics and the like noticed it, too. Nothing against WA in this but if you are STILL denying their chemistry, than you are choosing not to pay attention and are finding any excuse to write them off. You're trying to turn people off of snowbarry when westallen is so boring they interest so few ppl that you have to go badgering snowbarry shippers.

Nope. I’m not trying to do that at all. You notice how I didn’t step into the sn*wb*rry tag in that post? I stayed in my lane and here you come, swervin’.

And you’re not biased? Really?

Seriously? Forreal? “Westallen is so boring” but “nothing against WA”?


Also, I give a fuck about what TV critics think because…..? They dictate my interpretation of the story in what way…?

“Palpable chemistry”? Nonny, please.

Barry loves Iris and has BEEN in love with Iris forever. How can Caitlin compete with that? Because she’s the “conventionally-attractive-nerd-girl that sees Barry for who he is”? Tbh, even if the ship happens, they will both be one another’s rebound anyway, why y’all want this to happen so bad?

Sn*wb*rry shippers reach like no other, I swear.

*Edit: Actually, no. Ichatrina shippers reach harder.

#19: You get him hooked on a TV show
  • Requested! Just a note-- these are TV shows that I know a lot about because I watch them a lot. The person who requested didn't give me any shows so I just used some that I like. I hope you like them too! x
  • Ashton: Beavis & Butt-head; "I heard this show was for people with weird senses of humor..." Ashton trailed off as you pushed the DVD tray in. "Well if you say that you don't like this show I will assume that your sense of humor is horrible," you said, walking back to the couch and cuddling into his embrace. Ashton chuckled and kissed the side of your head, pressing the play button. The dorky laughs of the two idiots in the show sounded and you smiled. Ashton smiled and shook his head, "Well if Beavis and Butt-head make you happy, I will give them a shot," he said. You smiled and pulled his mouth against yours to kiss him before turning your attention back to your favorite show. When the show was over, you turned to Ashton to see him smiling. "I want to binge watch all of these seasons. Can we do that? Please Y/N?" he begged, making you giggle. Of course you agreed, spending the rest of the day cuddled on the couch with Ashton as you watched the poorly animated adult cartoon.
  • Calum: Happy Days; You weren't surprised that Calum hadn't heard of your favorite television show when you had told him about it; you were sure it was only really popular in America. "It's a bit of an older show," you warned when Calum pressed the play button. "I'll give it a shot since you gave me a shot," he smiled, pressing a kiss to your forehead. You giggled and cuddled into his side, resting your head on his shoulder as the show began. You hummed along to the catchy theme song when it came on and Calum smiled at you the whole time. While watching the show, you would glance up at Calum to see if he was enjoying it and it looked like he actually was. He would chuckle when a joke was made and only look away from the screen if he felt your eyes on him. "So what did you think?" you wondered, biting your lower lip in anticipation. "Well, I know I'll be watching Happy Days when I can't sleep on the bus now," Calum answered with a smile, pressing a kiss to your nose.
  • Luke: The Big Bang Theory; You weren't positive that Luke would like your favorite television show, but since he was willing to watch an episode you excitedly agreed. When the theme song was playing, you noticed Luke chuckling. "Do you like it?" you asked with a timid smile. "Of course I do. Thank you for watching this with me," he said, turning his attention back to the television when the show started again. During the show, jokes were made and Luke would laugh at each of them, making you giggle. This was your favorite television show, but it was more entertaining to watch your boyfriend's reactions to it. When the show was over Luke turned to you with a smile. "You're the Penny to my Leonard," he said, making you laugh out loud. "Oh please," you brushed off. "I'm serious! You're this gorgeous girl I met by coincidence and I'm this awkward guy that has no business being with you, but here we are," he said. You smiled at his words and pulled his lips to yours.
  • Michael: Full House; "I've heard so much about this show, but I haven't watched it," Michael stated, making himself comfortable on his bed as you pushed the DVD tray into the player. "Well you're in for a treat then," you smiled, cuddling into his side when the show began. After watching the first episode, Michael couldn't contain himself and begged you to watch more until you had reached the sixth season. In the episode you were watching, Jesse and Becky had their twins and the entire family was at Disneyland. "Those kids are so cute," Michael smiled as the twins came into view, walking around in their matching outfits. "They are," you agreed, resting your head on Michael's shoulder. "We should have twins. Let's have twins, Y/N," Michael stated. You turned to Michael and gave him a look that made him chuckle. "Only kidding, sweetheart," he smiled, pecking your lips and turning his attention back to the television.