if you're having a bad night just look at these goobers

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if you're still taking things for the shipping meme: jack/geoff --ryanthepowerbottomguy

falls asleep on the couch:

  • geoff’s got that “i don’t give a fuck” attitude that’s unfortunately paired with the “my back will TOTALLY give a fuck” attitude
  • so what happens is he falls asleep on the couch and then has to be hauled protesting sleepily to bed by jack or else everybody’s gonna have a bad time

makes friends with the neighbors:

  • jack somehow manages to rope half the apartment complex into weekly games of poker and consistently hands their asses to them
  • but jack is also capable of being The Sweetest and therefore nobody really seems to catch on
  • plus jack brings booze and baked good on occasion so it’s all good
  • “you still owe me fifty bucks,” jack says in the elevator one day to mrs. hanson, who is approximately forty million years old with white hair and a wooden cane
  • the old lady cheerfully flips jack the bird and says, “i’ll win it back from you tomorrow night” as she gets off on her floor
  • geoff’s staring incredulously. “what the fuck kind of neighborhood are we living in?”

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“There’s a storm rolling in. You scared?” Rucas

After much convincing their senior year, Cory and Topanga Matthews finally allowed their daughter and her friends to spend the weekend up at their Lake House. Alone. They went in pairs - Riley and Lucas, Maya and Farkle, who, while they weren’t labeled, they still weren’t seeing anyone else, and Zay and Vanessa. Vanessa had moved to the city her senior year, partially to be closer to Zay, but also because New York had Julliard, and that’s where she wanted to study. They figured it would be a great last huzzah before they all part ways to go to college.

Lucas pulls up to the house in his Jeep and everyone empties out. It’s been a long drive, almost two hours. They all grab their respective bags and Lucas glances up at the sky, then back at everyone walking into the house. His eyes meet doe brown and he smiles warmly.

“There’s a storm coming you know,” she smirks, lacing her fingers with his. “You scared?”

“What? Riley, I’m not afraid of anything,” he says, rolling his eyes and locking the jeep, following her inside. “Movie to start off the night?” he asks everyone, looking at the analog clock that reads 7:45 pm. “I don’t think with this storm rolling in we’ll be able to do much.”

“Who says rolling in?” Maya laughs. Lucas ignores the comment.

“Yeah,” Zay agrees, taking a seat on the L shaped couch in the middle of the room. He drapes an arm around her shoulders as she nuzzles against his neck.

“Oh! We’ll make popcorn!” Maya exclaims, grabbing Farkle’s hand and running into the kitchen. “Any request for seasonings?” she asks.

“We all know how you are with spices, Peaches,” Riley laughs, briefly reminiscing on their seventh grade adventure in the cafeteria. “Nothing in particular?” she looks around and no one responds. “Just don’t burn it!”

“I would never!” Maya says, throwing a hand over her heart in mock pain. Riley giggles at her best friend before bring her bags into the master bedroom. It’s spacious and the bed is big, equipped with a walk in closet and view of the lake, Riley always loved coming up here.

Lucas sets their bags down and smiles. “I can take the couch tonight,” he says and she rolls her eyes. “Your dad wouldn’t be happy knowing I spent the night in your bed.”

“My dad also wouldn’t be happy knowing what we did last weekend,” she whispers, leaning on her toes and giving him a kiss. “But there are some things he doesn’t have to know. Plus, our friends are here. Nothing like that will happen, Lucas. It’s just sleeping.”

Lucas chuckles and kisses her. “It was a really good weekend.”

“Mhm,” she hums, lacing their fingers again. They walk back out into the living room and Riley smiles at the respective couples chatting away with each other, Farkle and Maya throwing popcorn salt at each other. “Don’t make a mess!”

“No promises Riley!” Farkle exclaims as he wraps his arms around Maya’s waist and twirls her around.

“So comedy or horror?”

“I don’t know, Luke,” Zay chuckles. “If we watch a horror movie are you gonna piss yourself like last time?”

“No,” Lucas scoffs, hoping over the back of the couch and plopping down. “And I didn’t piss myself, Zay. I just got scared…. it was a suspenseful movie!”

“I thought big bad Ranger Rick said he wasn’t afraid of anything!” Maya calls from the kitchen as Riley sits in a chair adjacent from the couch.

“I might be a little scared of things,” he mutters, crossing his arms.

“Okay so comedy it is,” Riley giggles, going to their movie cabinet. “Do you guys want to watch Daddy’s Home?”

“Yes!” Vanessa exclaims. “Someone wouldn’t take me to see it!” she says pointedly at Zay.

“Excuse me,” he says, raising his hands. “For not wanting to watch you drool over Whalberg.”

“Have you seen his abs?” Riley asks and he shook her a look, as well as Lucas. She laughs and moves to sit next to Lucas, Maya and Farkle coming back in with the popcorn. They sit together in the chair that Riley had just been in and Riley gets up to put the movie in.

Afterwards, Lucas opens his arms for her and smiles. She giggles and climbs on the couch, cuddling into his side and resting her head on is shoulder as it begins to rain. Riley glances outside for a moment before turning on the movie.

There’s a lot of laughter and thrown popcorn throughout the movie and as the night has passed, the storm has only intensified. The rain is pouring loudly on the rooftop, but thankfully there hasn’t been any lightning or thunder yet.

“Look at his abs!” Vanessa shouts and they all look at her and laugh. Zay stares at her for a moment before throwing a handful of popcorn in her face. She gasps and picks up scattered pieces of popcorn playfully shoving them in his face.

“Okay I give!” he exclaims as she sits up and smirks triumphantly.

“Guys,” Lucas whispers. They all look to them and he presses a finger to his lips. “She’s really tired.”

“Got it,” Farkle whispers, holding Maya closer. She kisses his cheek. “Aw, lil’ Maya Hart.”

“Watch it, Minkus.”

Time passes and they’re toward the end of the movie when a loud crash of thunder is heard throughout the house. Lucas jerks his shoulder, clobbering Riley in the nose and waking her up.

“Oh my god! Riley I’m so sorry,” he says, as she’s coming to and holding her nose. It’s already bleeding as she tilts her head back and laughs. “Are you okay?” he asks, standing up and running to grab tissue. She pinches her nose.

“Well, I was happily asleep when some goober hit me in the face and made me bleed,” she laughs sarcastically. “I could be better,” she finishes, with a nasal voice.

“I’m so sorry.”

“You basically just punched your girlfriend because you were scared,” Zay coos and Lucas shoots him a look.

“It’s fine,” she laughs. “Let’s not forget how easily I get nose bleeds. I mean last month when Zay hit me in the face with a ball,” she says, raising an eyebrow at the other brunette. He hangs his head.

“I said I was sorry!”

“And I’m sorry too!”

“It’s fine,” she says, leaning forward and blotting at the blood. “I’ll be fine, I’m a big girl.”

“Do you need ice?”

“Calm down, Lucas,” she giggles. “I’m fine. But next time? Just tell me you’re scared of storms…”

“Haha, will do.”